Sapnon Se Bhare Naina


Sapnon Se Bhare Naina
Sapnon Se Bhare Naina

~17th Jan.Upd.:Yeh tera room,yeh mera room!~

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 7:46am | IP Logged

Hey guys!!>....This is your sabki pyaari,apni Meeeeenu!!>..*yeah*...Cool...Anyways,I'll be doing today's update,as our Bee darling is a bit busy today.She told me t do it "uske jeejz ka sadke" toh mein toh simply can't refuse.LOLEmbarrassed...I'll do the Dakshna scenes in Red,as this symbolizes looooooooooooooove!!!WinkEmbarrassed

  ~~Hit the Cha~~Chaska Meter~~ka meter~~

Is forum ke sab Lazy bones ki wajah se the show has slipped from #16 to #20!!!>...AngryLOLOuch...Chalo guys,wht are you doing?...It deserves to be in the top-10!!...So chalo,common,go on voting!!Big smile.....

 ~~Fan Appreciation~~

If you're drooling over your jeejz,Daksh aka Gaurav(LOLWink)....and if you're adoring Parvati as the sweet and cute Naina;then,please,go on,visit their FCs,join the clubs,and go on commenting!!>...That would increase their celebrity ranking;which is,I think really deserved by the two,as they're doing a veryyyy veryyyy fine job!!!Embarrassed

Gaurav Bajaj aka Daksh FC


With all the new names and new members it may get confusing for newer members reading the update so here a quick key to help u remember who's who in the update


N= Naina

D= Daksh

Om aka Old man= Daksh's Dad

Vibs aka Vibha= Daksh's mum

Kaka/DP = Daksh's Kaka

Kaki/Mr DP= Daksh's Kaki

Aks= Akriti= Kakas daughter

San= Sanket Daksh's Bro

Rohi= Rohini= Sankets wife

Baaki ishtyle toh apni Bee ka hi hai;bas,forgive me if I aint able to do as good and detailed as the others.This is my first ever tym,so please bardaasht me and my updateLOL!!>....

~*~17th January-Yeh Tera Room,Yeh Mera Room~*~
The episode starts with Baba telling Aai tht she shouldn't have taken the gift.Aai replies she couldn't refuse as Naina gave it out of love(awwwww,jaaanEmbarrassed)...Baba replies tht's ok,and she should also gift a nyc something to Naina in return(awwww,sasurjee sudhar gaye)....Aai nods and smiles.Here,enters Rohini.....(awein,over)....ok,she asks if there's anything to eat;aai replies the sabzi is finished.And asks if she hadn't eaten anything.She replies tht the dinner was not yet served,so she came back(tu toh bhoki hi achi hai re);anyways,Aai tells her she would make something for her...(awwwww,she's a darling.....quick-service sasu maa ki),enters Chintu(looking all cutie pie,not to mentionLOLEmbarrassed)..he akss for  a glass of milk.Aai says she'll bring it...*hugs and kisses....FOR AAI,guys;she's a jaan*.....
ANyways,here in the kitchen,Naina's making coffee,when Kaki enters.She says she would help her out but Naina says she would do it herself.Then,enters Daksh's mom,and later Kaka.(chalo jee||!..hogaya satyanaash)...he sees Naina making coffee and scolds her wife.Then calls for Aakruit(aagai shaamat bechaari ki),he asusual taunts her,and asks her to make coffee for Naina.Naina is like thanks and leaves,while Akruti and Chintu give her cold looks;not to mention,especially Chintu.LOL
Here,in the dining room,Rohini re-enters for "pate pooja" when she sees Vibhs' new watch.Baba tells tht it's Naina's gift.Rohini and Chintu slip into the "shocker of the life" modeLOL....Rohini taunts her about tht she loves "paraye" more than "apne"..(batameej...*slaps right and left*)..And we get to  know tht Vibha's last patethic watch was actually Rohini's gift.She mentions tht it was expensive and all;Vibha is all sad.She beings her old watch and "pehnofi-es" againLOL...But Rohini is like she doesn't need to show all this jhoota pyaar vyaar....(besharam..*slaps again*)....Chintu asusual jumps in b/w supporting his mom,that now Vahini should finish this off.Rohini taunts him that she doesn't need to learn manners from him(you certainly need to,lady!);and she leaves,without eating.Vibha is all sad,while Daksh consoles her.
He sees Akruti going to deliver the coffee to Naina memsaab(reminds me of SrK's movieLOL)....Daksh being the perfect brother he is(brother aisa hai toh hubby kaisa hoga*dreams*Day Dreaming).....takes the coffee and says he'll give it to Naina.Akruti leaves,and Daksh jee too.
Now,Chintu jee comes to deliver the coffee.Being the perfect gentileman,he is,ho knocks at the door twice but no1 replies.Then,he enters himself.The lights are off.He looks around and thanks God for Naina not being there.LOL...He leaves the coffee on the table,and leaves.
Next,he enters his room,just to find all net cloths spread all over his bed!Big smile..he picks up a green cloth,and is "jaanch-partaaling" when Naina says that the colour won't suit him!!ROFL..(Lol...Bee!!>..Kuch yaad aaya??LOL)...He turns just to find out Naina doing some kapda work all over his room.LOL...And he's what are you doing in my room??>...(future ki practice,bacha!LOL),and she's like I'm seriously thinking abt establishing some "cloth ki shop" hereLOL....she says she has a lot fo work to do,and did he come here to hlp her out??.....She says she's really busyyy.....and he's all irritated.LOL.....He goes forward to her,but slips off some cloth!!(ROFL...epic....par becharaa....Naina waina.tumhe toh mein..Angry...)....Anyways,she picks up the cloth and tells him to "take care">...*uffff,my heartbeat almost stopped*....she says it's expensive stuff,mera nuksaan mat karwaana...LOLLOL...and he's lyk don't forget,this is my room.She goes on that it's  a  boring room;does he want her to re-design it|??...LOL...(irritating to the coreLOL)..and he replies that wht does she have to with his room??>..(Oye!!>..She's future nai karegi,toh kaun karega??LOL)....he asks her to get lost with her "taam-jhaam"LOL.....and she goes onto say tht she and her "taam-jhaam" would be staying here,all night!!>...(oye,besharam!)ShockedLOL...and he's like Wht??>.....KYUN??...(Haha,must watch...I loved how he said KyunLOL)....and she's like her room's out of light...and he replies tht's not his problem...she should get electrician,or shift to another room....MERA KAMRA KYUN??...(Kyunki,yeh unka hone wala kamra hai,jeeLOL)...and she replies tht he "udao" her kamre ka fuse,so she'll be staying in his room!LOL..and he's like all-masoom,tht he dn't do anything|!Big smileLOL..and she's like "tum lawyer ho ka liar ho"ROFL....Mein "chashma-deed gawah" hoon tht you are responsible for the light fuse.( I aint sure...did he do it or not??.Ermm..)...She asks him to leave,as it's not right for him to stay here...LOL..and he's like you don't tell wht's wrong and wht's right!!>..(Haaaaaaa....does tht mean he wanna stay thereShocked...besharamLOL)..He asks her to get out with the kaam-jhaam.LOL..She then threatens him to tell Kaka abt,he gets scared...LOL.(..bechara,he doens't want all the nautanki thingy to get started again)...then,enters Kaka shrimaan....he talks of here and there,and Naina replies everytym,and looks at Daksh...who's hidden behind the curtains!ROFL...Kaka leaves and asks her to tell him if she has any problems..(sabse bari problem tu khud haai Kake!LOL)...Anyways,she again asks him to leave,he's reluctant;she goes on,"Kaaaa"....and he's like..."Naaaa";and he takes his clothes out of the cupboard and leaves...*hmphhhhh*....LOLLOL..
Here,Naina gets busyyy again,and decides to go to sleep.She finds  a photo album,and self-talks tht it must be Chintu's and goes on seeing it...(hmmmm....chori chori...chupke chupke..Embarrassed.)..Here,Chintu saab enters in  BROWN!!(Uffffff....killer).....he lies on the sofa...Here,Naina is all going "koochy koochy" seeing how cute akdu was in childhood!!!LOL..*awwwwwwwwEmbarrassed*...she goes onto say,"soo cute"...aur idhar,Chintu saab is trying hard to sleep...(Chintu saab ki saari cuteness dhari ki dhari reh gai..bechaaraLOL)....Here,Naina jee still seeing the pics.and in one of the pics,he's sleeping with mouth-open!ROFL...(Chintu sach mein apni aadatein change nai kartaLOL)...she goes onto say how cute bacha itna akdu kaise ban gaya....(does tht indicate his past relation or  anythingShocked...nahhhhhh,he's a good boyLOL)....Here,Naina goes to sleep peacefully,while Chintu jee is still trying hard!!LOL....
Next morning...Naina wakes up and is stunned to see Chintu's photo..LOL...(aankhon mein tera hi chehraDay Dreaming...dhadkan mein tere hi yaadein....Embarrassed...*uffff,mera phaberet song*...Bee,kahan gai....wuhuuuuu...Shahid ki 1st MV!!Embarrassed)...Anyways,she figures out it's akdu's room,and self-talks she must walk-out before any1 wakes up...(lol,koi ghalat na samjah le basLOL)...she collects her kaam-jhaamLOL,and thinks must see where's CHintu sleeping...*uffff,itni fikarEmbarrassed*....She enters the living room where Chintu's sleeping..(tell me abt seemed more of an aasanROFL)...with mouth-open!!LOL..Naina looks at him with  a smile...*awwwwwww...*...she moves abit forward,still nihaaaring(word credit-SameeraBig smile) him!!>..EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.....*awwwww...*...(cutest-part,ever!!Embarrassed)

PRECAP:Rohini in Daksh's room,takes some diary or sumthing,when sumthing hurts in her foot....(bohat acha hua);she picks it up only to find out Naina's earing!!!>....Shocked..(.Oye,hogaya kaam...mujhe toh lagta hai,yeh poore ghar k misunderstandings kahin don't force them into marriage!!!>Stern Smile....isse acha kya hoga jee!!....Wink....EmbarrassedEmbarrassed)...

Rating:It wasn't a must-watch,but wasn't worth giving a miss,even.I would give it  a7/10,coz of the Dakshna bits.The ending of today's epi.really forces me to expect some cute stuff,tomorrow.!!...Let's wait and see!!!>...Tongue

Sorry for any typo mistakes...Hope you enjoy!!!>....Big smile

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 10:52am | IP Logged
Thanks for the update
loved ur comments:)
-aweshome_moi- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 11:02am | IP Logged
Awww,thanks a tonnn!!...
Glad you liked it;i hope I wasn't boring!!
sandhya. Senior Member

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 11:09am | IP Logged
definitely not yaar...
ur comments made the update more interesting

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 1:06pm | IP Logged
Thnx for the update...
isomers IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 3:00pm | IP Logged
thanks for the update Meenu!!
haha, it was hilarious the way Daksh kept telling her to get out! and awww! Naina's becoming all soft towards Chintu! <3
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MWah mwah mwah , mein tere typing wale fingers choom loon!!!

great job hun!!!, n yes greaan isnt his colour!!!
 "ankhon mein tera hi chehra...dadkan mein teri hi yaadein
karti hain deewana" haan course i remember yaar ow could i forget

n yeh Daksh ki family na uski koi izat nahin karte warna they wudnt always jump to conclusions!!!
lagta hai Rohini n kaka will get Dakshna marries with children ASAP!

xXx Bee
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Thanks for the lovely update !

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