Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

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ObodroKargosh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 7:00am | IP Logged

Heya guyz..Hug
For ppl who love the show n love analyzing herez a common pour in & share your views/thoughts about the episode/show..

Few rules to keep the discussion flow nice. :)

1. No actor or character bashing. 
2. No derogatory terms to be used. 
3. Keep the discussion off of issues not concerned with this forum. 
4. Feedbacks appreciated not sarcasm or digs at the actors and the show.

Note:Permission given by the KMH2 Dev team.

will update mine later...Embarrassed


in a rush, so i'll just do a few pointers


- Arjun convincingly fooling the guests and the Ahluhwahliya's.

- the convo between Arjuhi...really liked how Arjun made her close the door...

- Arohi's confrontation with Dadu before going and talking to Arjun.

- Arjun-KSA were great once again Clap and the way Arjun said, you can help me ruin your families reputation Clap so Kartar had no other choice but to let Arjun sit there Big smile

- Lovedeep and Amrit talking to Arjun and telling him to stop ruining Arohi's wedding day.

- Karan and Kritika's expressions Thumbs Up

- the bg scores were great...

- Execution really well, thank you camerawaala for not moving the camera too much or zooming in alot!


- Arohi's make up Dead way too much!!! especially the blush when they zoomed in on her face Thumbs Down

- Ahluhwaliya men left Arjun alone...gave the responsiblity to the two lame police constables...they know Arjun so well, yet they weren't near him to guard Arohi.

- during the big tamasha Arjun created, where were the men?? everyone was listening to them, but the main people...

- Gauri went to call Rajvir, and what was he guarding at the door? when Arjun, his biggest enemy was inside Confused and how did he not hear Arjuns tamasha? he wasn't too far from there.

- 5mins? ummm that was more than 5mins...and how did Arjun go after Lovedeep and manage to lock up Cheeku, take his clothes and get ready?? Confused

- the marriage seemed way too fast for me...i wish they had shown a little of the Singhania's and Rashi as well...they rushed too it...i wish the marriage was done many a few days later or itself? Confused

- where was Rashi??? they still haven't shown her in the hospital, not one scene where Arjun is there with his sister...instead he's all ready to take revenge...

- Rudra? no scenes of his? i wish we saw him planning something

Highlight of the episode: Arjun's behaviour towards the Ahluhwaliya's and Arohi...if you think about it, it is their fault, Gauri is their family. For now Arjun thinks that Rashi fell because of Arohi...that is just how he will react

when he knows the truth he will be the first to go and manao Arohi Embarrassed

Arohi will not meltdown so easily...she will be planning on taking revenge...Biji should be a treat to watch now...i want to see how she handles this all...

Arjuhi both turning mean....this should be interesting LOL

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Res! Though I doubt I'll end up editing! this post will have the same fate that the Thurs and Fri ones hadOuch

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-tehreem- IF-Sizzlerz

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After watching this episode i have just this one expression OMGShocked
Not only karan but also arjun can act this goodROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
This all was hillarious to watch ROFLROFLROFL
But apart from all this i just loved karan/arjun eyes .They spoke volume Day Dreaming First they showed that hurt expression then when he was acting they totally conveyed what he was saying one can actually believe if they didnt know his intentions, no wonder those gud for nothing people believed himWinkROFLROFL
Mindblowing acting by both karan kritika Clap
But especially karan he was just dangerously hilarious ROFL
I love himEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
But we cant forget the bloopers they made in the episode DeadROFL
first those police man guys where the hell were they when all this was happening having chai paani from arjun's men or better they were in the heat of moment finding their police women ok that was a lame jokeROFLROFL
Ok leave police men why wasnt dadaji or tayaji or anyone else stopped him they stood there watching the whole fiasco like a statueConfused
Then  after this , what the hell was rajveer doing outside the house wasnt the marriage happening inside and dont tell me that their main door is 3 km away i mean he couldn't her all the comotion thats just weirdConfused A very much ekta blooper ROFLROFL
and then gauri acted as if she was the most concerned person right nowDead
I seriously thought that the wedding would take atleast some 3 days min but this one day marriage surprised meShocked i mean how could ekta let them marry in just one dayShockedROFL
Now i am waiting  for their banter then arohi's realization and after that the manaofy process preceding the realizationBlushing
All in all i am loving the way KMH is goingBig smileBig smileClap

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AmnaIsh Goldie

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 7:11am | IP Logged

ROFLROFLLMAO..seriously, todays' episode was suppose to be serious and all..BUT i just kept laughing at the whole situation..LOL
The look of victory on Karan's face after the shadi was done and EVERYBODY's faces and their looks..PRICELESS...JUST PRICELESS...whoop whoop...SillyParty
ok going back to the epi..Tongue
Kya Tashan se Arjun betha hoa tha BOSS...WAH!..mmmuah LOVED IT - Tamasha karne aya tha..aur ITNA acha tamasha kia...Aj se pehle itna acha tamasha kisi ne nahi kia..:-) LOLClapClap
LOVED the way Arohi JUST stood up and walked to Arjun and Daddu...Kind of reminded me of KMH1 ;-)Smile
"apne past ko apne pyar ko is tarha mat uchalo..." OH MY GOd..LOVED that dialogue...ClapEmbarrassed
haha and the way arjun convinced her to close the door..haha he's such an actor..LOLZ..."Maine kaha tha na dunya main kisi ka bharosa nahi karna chaey.."ROFLhahaha WOW..GANGSTER...ClapClap
The whole convo betwen them was JUST awsome and MEANINGFUL...
The way he was running his fingers on his lips..i guess everybody thought he kissed her..hahah...WOT A SMART bum..ROFLApprove
ROFLLMAO..the faces he was making after listning to Kartar..hahha..sooooo adorable..:-)Day Dreaming

Overall an awsome episode.StarStarStarStarStar
..Kitna drama karte ho yaar arjun.LOL(THE NEW DRAMA KING/QUEEN).ROFL.shadi to tumko arohi se karni hi thi, to ab karli..good..Congratulation Mr. & Mrs. Arjun Singhania...:-) wish you a happy married life..Thumbs UpWink

So here's wot I think will happen...Tongue
Arjun is going to leave arohi at her parent's house, so her family gets a bad name and so does she.."a lil harsh thing to do for someone you so dearly loved" BUt, it'll be the right revenge...And Arohi will turn Evil,and modern, and go to parties and all to get back at ARjun..."I think"...Geek

Second option will be arjun takes her wid him, and ignores her, or tortures her with his taunts and rudeness...Ouch
But when rashi comes back into her senses...she tells the truth to Arjun and Arohi, and then we shall see a LOVE TRACk...Day DreamingDay Dreaming
Ahi to we'll see the SAD, LARAI JHAGRA wala track for alomst 3 weeks....chalo khair let's see..KMH has become REALLY interesting all of a sudden..BRAVO!ClapClap

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SHIKHA19 Goldie

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BADHAI HO BADHAI HO BADHAI HO DancingDancingDancingDancingDancing


well all i can say abt ysday epi is that it was d one of d best n awaited episode of 2 seasons ...what can we ask 4 more ...nothing big than arjun n aarohi wedding 4 fans Clap
dulhe ka sehra suhan lagta hai ....
dulhan ka to dil deewana lagta hai.......

so arjun is all set to take badla wid aarohi n allus no matter how ....
marne se pehle kuch karne se pehle ........
lekar tera naam tujhe badnaam ....
main kar jaunga ........

1. went into d room , locked it , dhamkaoing aarohi n came back as if he did sm wrong wid her by putting his hand on his mouth as if he kissed her or smthn so that evrybdy misundrstd aarohi .
2. made a lot of tamasha in wedding what an overactingTongue ...n d way he did jhooth mooth ka rona dhona was hilarious was very hard to control my laugh ROFL he was in full don mood . LIKED HIS CONVO WID DADU N FIRST TIME LIKED AAROHI'S MOM ..D WAY SHE WAS TRYING TO PROTECT HER DAUGHTER N ALL ..GUD JOB .ClapClap
n what is this chiku ki mom ko kidnapping ka pata hi nahi Confused n where were all men at that time ?Confused
3. shaadi sequence was gud ...aarohi was busy in finding arjun outside n not even intrstd on luking at dulhaWink mamaji ki bhulakkad thing helped again LOL chachu n tauji busy finding arjun but mil gaya chiku LOL n now suspense over to whole family that dulha is our handsome munda arjun Wink
but what yaar no sindoor Unhappy ...kahan se aaye ye panditji Dead..or arjun bribed him to do shaadi as short as posbl WinkLOL
KARAN WAS LUKING REALLY HANDSOME AS DULHAClap kash sehra nahi hota ..i wanted to see his expressions Wink

n 2day arjun will do sm more insult but i m more intrstd 4 after that .

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 7:15am | IP Logged
Wow didnot expect arjun to go from bad to mean too.  But he did that also so convincingly,  his main intention to hurt arohi and he did it without any remorse,  or we may see that later, but for now he is berehem.   Arohi surprised me by agreeing to talk to him,   knowing her heart very well that it wont stand a chance once she faces him.  But arjun got lucky and he made her to close the door and create an impression that some thing went on between the too.   And he made his intention very clear to her that he is here only to hurt her.  If she is hurt then her family is hurt. 
I knew he will marry her and then create some tamasha that her character is tarnished, but he did it before the wedding itself.  He left no stone unturned in creating an impression that they had a relationship.  now we know from where chiku got that darpok qualityD'oh, even his mom got scared when arjun just called out auntyjiSilly, wait..... she didnot know that arohi was kidnapped?ShockedStern Smile  I loved how lovdeep bua and  arohi's mom confronted him Thumbs Up whereas all the ahluwalia men had disappeared at the very crucial momentShockedSleepyThumbs Down.   Arohi was not this determined before as much as she is now to get married to chiku.   but lovedeep bua ko dulha mila to bhi asli dulha mil gaya ,  nakli wala chachu aur tauji ko mil gaya, bhugto chiku the fruit of  ur price tag and perfection qualities.   I am not sure if he has the capability to take revenge and all, he should just go 'perfect bride'  hunting thats all.  
Arohi's expressions while taking the phera were good,  she was contantly looking around to make sure its not disturbed and her heart was 0% in this marraige.   Even when the shadi was declared she was like oh ok allright expressions.  and viola.....sehra hai sehra , sehre ke peeche , chehra hai badli .... chehra jo dikha bhi to , sabki bolti hogayi band,  and the cunning smile he gave to kartar and arohi Thumbs Up.  on second watch here I felt his eyes should have shown that menace too, they were little dreamy LOL.   
arohi might appear to be strong and may even become rockhearted,   but we also want to see her sensitive and innocent side and not a complete negative change,  we want to still her sweetness and good nature towards people , because this is what will make arjun ponder over if what he did with her was right,
Expecting a meltdown from arohi tomorrow and a self talk by arjun.   may be they will rememeber to show raashi atleast tomrrow Ermm.    Mahaepisode mein  we might see arohi in new look entering singhania's house to get back and make life hell for arjun and vice versa.  Gauri apni maatam manati rahegi.   rudra will get his evil brain to work and now eventhough arohi is his bahu arjun is still on his side so he wont be unhappy of this development.  In that house now only Biji will arohi hamdard. 
Most awaited shaadi doneDancing ,  and that too in presence of all ahluwalia's.   bg score was good and also the execution was so much better today,  Karan's acting as a mean bad bodyThumbs Upwell done and kriika's expressions as a angry and embarrased bride were good Thumbs Up 
but against all odds  its party time since finally  arjuhi  got married and now it is time to declare war and I LOVE IT Party .  

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Du_Nish Goldie

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 8:29am | IP Logged
Okay guys thought of commenting after missing 3 days episodesROFL
Part 1:
Oie oie aaj chikoo ke kabootar ki nature has ruined his wedding ROFLROFL 
He has to go up for 5 mins up ROFLROFL Oh Gosh Chikoo you crack me up,so even in the mandap u need to look at u ROFLROFLROFL
And my part 1 - there is the stylish Arjun Singhania when entered all ahluwalias even Arohi is afraid. I love his eyes here because it were very witty and shrewdThumbs Up showing on the ''burning of revenge'' he is using his innocent eyes to fool the Ahluwalias when his mind was as ruse as a fox.
I love the expression of Arohi - her expression was she is really strong - we know that arohi and arjun are not afraid of anything except losing each other's life and this is what i felt watching the characters' expressions today.
Others characters' expression were good,the next one i like was the fragile motherly warmth of her mom to her and she was afraid while i found even bua is a strong character even if she feels something is wrong,she was firm looking. I like the face to face convo of dadu and kartar and how this time using nice words fool Kartar - he addressed him as ''sir'' as for DJ - i was mixed feeling - or was it really mixed of strong firm but pride lady.
Guys part 1 needs some improvement in the camera position, it was not focused as should be and created little dizziness in meLOL

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_darklove_ IF-Rockerz

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Res Todays Episode was awesome i don't know why u guys r crying 

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