Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Maaneet -The Musical Couple with Navarasas

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Note on March 23rd 2011: I made this post long time back.....But thought that I will re-post it to request the CVs to bring back the Musical Couple that we fell in love with....In case they have forgotten....I have posted most of the song and dance sequences in GHSP so far to remind them of the magic and passion that they had created with the sizzling duo of Maan and Geet through music....So please bring this....Its just a humble request.....

Music and Dance in GHSP based on Navarasas

"Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet."

"Dancing: the vertical expression of a horizontal desire legalized by music." ~George Bernard Shaw

Dancing and Music is something that most people enjoy and  are the best forms to express ourselves'.All our feelings, emotions and desires can be expressed in a song or a dance'. A song or a dance lets you speak your mind without inhibitions or fear'

That is what Maan and Geet do'.As DD herself mentioned in an interview Maan and Geet are a musical couple and always communicate using dance or music'.that is what sets them apart from other couples on telly'And being excellent dancers and actors is an added advantage.

Rasa denotes an essential mental state and is the dominant emotional theme of a work of art or the primary feeling that is evoked in the person that views, reads or hears such a work. Although the concept of rasa is fundamental to many forms of Indian art including dance, music, musical theatre, cinema and literature, the treatment, interpretation, usage and actual performance of a particular rasa differs greatly between different styles and schools of abhinaya, and the huge regional differences even within one style. In Bharata's Natyashastra, Rasa is an emotion experienced by the audience created by the facial expression or the Bhava of the actor. Every Rasa corresponds to a particular Bhava. The Natyshastra by Bharata has carefully described the Bhavas used to create Rasa. I'm going to try to describe each of the songs and dances shown on Geet with the help of these rasas and bhavas

Kurbaan Hua- One of the best dance sequences on television ever. This dance is a combination of three rasasShringar, Raudra and Karuna rasas Maan displays the Raudra and Shringar rasas and Geet the Karuna and Shringar rasas. The dance starts off with Maan's anger at Geet and slowly he succumbs to his inner feelings and his anger turns into passionOn the other hand Geet is sad because of Maan's accusations and is led into the dance in that state of mind but then somewhere she also becomes enchanted by Maan's passion and is drowned in it. This is very well depicted in the dance steps and also the facial expressions

Hum Tum Ek Kamre Mein Bandh Ho-
This song sequence actually begins with the Hasya rasa (as in the situation before the sequence) and suddenly transforms to the Shringara

Rasa.Two people stuck in a room at night due to unforeseen circumstances are attracted towards each other because of some unseen magnetic pull....especially Maan. He is the first to feel the desire and this is well depicted in his eyes.

Behne De- This song too begins with the Hasya Rasa with Geet laughing at Maan's situation and moves to Vismaya Bhava when Maan is amazed looking at Geet dancing in the rain. Then we see Geet remembering her past and we see the Karunya Rasa in her sadness. Then slowly when Maan gets out of the car drawn towards her with unseen strings and she hugs him in her sadness we see the Shringara Rasa in full force when Maan completely surrenders to his feelings of attraction towards Geet.

Teri Deewani- This songs basic premise is Geet's self-realization of her attraction towards Maan. It starts with the background music where Geet is in fear and is showing the Bhaya Bhava whilst she is searching for Maan near the Dargah and is unable to locate him. She is worried about Maan's well-being and we see the Karuna Rasa where she is regretful and sad for having said mean things to Maan. And then whe she sees Maan the Vismaya Bhava takes over and Geet looks at Maan with awe, wonder and happiness for having found him. Then when the lady pulls Geet away from Maan, her realization of the unexplained feelings that she is having towards Maan are completed by the Shringara Rasa. Then, on the other hand we have Maan feeling the Vismaya Bhava when he see Geet there at the Dargah and is confused as to what he is reading in her eyes. Then we see the Shanta Rasa when he is praying to God. And then again it ends with the Shringara Rasa when both Maan and Geet walk towards each other and continue walking together.After Kurbaan Hua this is the most well-shot song sequence.

Kehna Hi Kya- This song shows the physical attraction that Geet feels towards Maan and is completely Shringara Rasa as it has an undertone of passion. And who can forget the end of this sequence when Maan puts the earring in Geet's ear. That is a very sensual scene

Laagi Tumse Mann ki Lagan-This song shows the pain of separation that Geet feels when she can't find Maan anywhere. It's a a combination of Shoka and Bhaya Bhavas because she is experiencing the fear of losing Maan and also the sadness of it. Wonderfully depicted through this song

Where's the Party Tonight? - Fun, Teasing, Seduction and Submission are the aim of this song. Maan teases Geet by making her feel jealous by using Pari and the other girls. He dances with them, meanwhile Geet is seething in anger. And then when Geet drags him off the dance floor out of possessiveness, he knows that he has succeeded in his plan to make Geet admit her true feelings. This song has many rasas and bhavas. The first and foremost being Shringara rasa; with that we have Hasya and Krodh bhavas.

Kuch Tho Hua Hai- This song was kind of a blunder as it didn't do anything to add to the storyline and felt like it had just been placed there for the heck of it. As suddenly, after an intense life or death kind of sequence in HP and also the "Ghar Lautein Geet" dialogue by Maan, again the question of whether he cares for me or not using a flower was kinda childish. But the basic rasas in this song sequence were Shringar and Hasya.

Pee Loon- One more masterpiece song sequence where Geet's angst and pain and Maan's desire and love are beautifully depicted. We can see a combination of Karunya and Shringara rasas in this sequence. Geet's torment was very well emoted by DD and GC was mind-blowing with his seductive moves as Maan. And his Oh-So-Sexy Eyes Well that's another story altogether.

Roop Tera Mastana- Physical intimacy, that's what was the theme of this song sequence. If seen as an unattached entity it's a not so bad piece of work but the scenes preceding it make it lose its charisma. And als the character inconsistency shown by Geet in the song makes it a debacle. But I'm not here to talk about that, am I?? The rasa is completely Shringara.Passion at its peak supposedly

Jag Soona Soona Laga- Geet meets Dev and comes to know that he is Maan's brother. Her world shatters. She is supposed to get engaged to her dream man but he is the brother of the man responsible for her plight. She runs off and this song in the background states what she is going through. The bhavas in this sequence is Shoka and Jugupsa. Geet feels disgusted at seeing the man who ruined her life right in front of her and that too pleading to her to not punish his brother for his crimes. She just wants to escape from there and wallow in self pity and rant at God at the injustice of it all. But then she remembers Maan, the man who stood by her through thick and thin and she feels sad and is in a dilemma. This song just accentuates what Geet is going through.

Fanaa- This is the song sequence used to introduce the personality of Yash. He is shown to be a fun-loving, flirtatious, devil-may-care attitude kind of a guy. He leaves his young nephew and niece with Geet, a complete stranger and goes to the disco to have fun. This song using the Hasya bhava shows his characteristic.

Maula Mere Maula- Geet's plan to surrender herself completely to Maan before telling him about the truth about his brother was the idea of this song sequence. But it lost its meaning because of shoddy execution. The main bhavas in this song are Rati and Krodh. Geet trying to seduce Maan and failing because the one thing on Maan's mind at that time was that Geet was hiding something from him which had made her leave the job at KC.

Behke Behke- This dance sequence was about Maan's lashing out at Geet and showing her that she does not matter him. It was also about Geet's disgust and dismay at seeing the man she loved stooping to such a low. The Krodha bhava is depicted in Maan's expressions and dance and Geet's face shows the Jugupsa and Shoka bhavas.

Tumse Hi- Maan seeing glimpses of Geet everywhere is amazed at her being there and also is not sure if what he is seeing is a dream or reality. The bhavas shown in this sequence are Vismaya and Shringara

Main Agar Kahoon- Maan is teasingly playing hide 'n seek with Geet because she is not confessing her love to him in the clichd "I Love you" way and Geet is desperately searching for him. This song and slow dance sequence begins when Maan appears in front of Geet and she is so delighted to see him. Although the singer is male the starting lyrics are appropriate for what Geet is feeling and show how happy she is to see the love of her life in front of her. Maan on the other hand is also feeling the same. And when Maan takes Geet in his arms, she feels like she's home and peace and tranquility descends on both of them. That is when they dance slowly forgetting the whole world around them. This sequence is a combination of the Shringara and Shanta rasas

Tere Mast Mast Do Nain- A man measuring his beloved for a dress. How do you describe that?? Sensual, Seductive, Steamy, Hot'well I can go on and on. This sequence was all that and more. The rasa as you all must already know was Shringara and was portrayed very well by both GC and DD. You have to see this sequence to know what I'm talking about.

Maahi Maahi- Geet's happiness was again bogged down by the ghosts of her past in the form of Maan's sister's questions and accusations. When Maan, who is unaware of Geet's inner turmoil but knows that something has made her sad, asks her what is wrong and she doesn't reply. His response is pulling her into a passionate dance and making her remember what they have together. In this dance, again we see Geet's anguish and pain for the troubles that she is causing the man she loves and Maan's confusion for not knowing what is troubling his ladylove and his anger on her non-responsive attitude towards him. This sequence is again a combination of Shringara, Karunya and Raudra rasas

Shukran-Allah- The "I Love You" confession by the great Maan Singh Khurana marks the beginning of this song sequence. As love is the theme so you can already guess what the rasa would be.Yes, it's Shringara Rasa. And as one of my friends Zee pointed out. In this Geet also thanks God that finally Maan has said the words she so wanted to hear hence the song, Shukran Allah"...Which Means Thank you Lord Almighty!!!

Maahi Ve- This marks the beginning of the rituals for the Maan and Geet wedding. Happiness is the theme of this dance sequence. We see Geet and Maan's happiness, for having found one another. We see Geet's happiness for having found a new family that loves her without any rules or pre-conditions. Basically, we see all-round Joy. So, the rasas are Shringara and Hasya.

Suggested by Preethi-Premi- We can also include the Shanta Rasa in this dance because of the mental peace that everyone is feeling after the resolution of all the turmoils amongst them. So Basically a happy, peaceful and love-filled dance

Sheela ki Jawaani-  Maan's Bachelor Party. So, what can we expect?? Total Dhamaal. That's what this song and dance sequence is all about. As DD says, "Mazaa Time". The main rasas are again Hasya and Shringara.


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With this I end my analysis of most of the dance and song sequences used in GHSP. I might have missed out a few but I've tried my best to cover everything. Hope it will be an interesting read for all you guys.

This is just an amateur attempt at comparing the song and dance sequences with the Navarasas. If something is amiss the please let me know.

Thanks for reading!!!

P.S:- Those who have already read it sorry for the re-post....but with all the negativity around the forum I thought I will remind everyone one of the reasons why we fell in love with Maaneet SmileSmile

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OMG! what a beautiful analysis! i do know abt navarasas but the way you have juxtaposed with GHSP dances are very good indeed! loved ur analysis! it doesn't sound amateurish! As DD pointed out in an interview Maan & Geet are indeed a musical couple. i hope the new set of cvs match up to their earlier counterpart in song execution! (at present it is not dat good, particularly editing) 

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Wow, that was a great post and a great analysis.......very well done indeed. Thumbs UpClap

Loved how you captured the different emotions of different songs. Just realized that they have shown so many song sequences, that was a nice stroll through memory laneSmile

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wow tum is bare main kitna jaante hooo
nice post dear..
like it......Heart

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@priyachand, drdee142, innocentevil...Thanks a lot...I'm glad you like it...Hug

Well, the Devils deserve more of the credit for thinking of analysing GHSP, this way...I have just put my perspective on it that's all...Smile

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Brilliant piece of work!!! Enjoyed reading every minute of it!

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@sarrm   Thanks a lot Hug
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WOW Kavi....that's an awesome piece of work!!!!!! Thumbs UpClap  Simply brilliant! Loved reading every bit of it. You have spent a lot of time and effort working on it and covered everything so well!!!!

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