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MG."dont mess with me COMPLETED!!! (Page 66)

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updating x

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part 10
'urhh that stupid dhakkan Maan Singh Khurana what does he think of himself? I actually thought we could be friends and he is back to his old ways. Atleast he has given the kids the home back. So maybe somewhere deep inside he was a heart but I'm telling you Vicky, he is a lunatic. And now I have to go on some stupid business trip with him and for 3 weeks. Speaking of which, I don't care how damaged you are you Vicky and Misha are both helping Mike and Gina with the kids and one more thing take care of Karan.

'yes Maam' Said Misha who was with Vicky smiling and holding there laughter.

'And that MAan Singh Khurana He really wants to get married to me. I mean of all the thousands of girls in the world was I the only jhalli he could find?' Geet angered her frustration on the phone to Vicky who was laughing and a bit worried at the same time as he knew no matter what happens Geet will marry Maan.

'YES' A voice said from behind Geet who was facing the wall on her swivel chair in the office. She turned around and saw Maan looking at her with a mischievous face and eyes. She got up and quickly cut the phone.

'So packed are we?' He asked moving close to her. Geet rolled her eyes

'as if I had a choice?' She answered back.

'hmm so lets go after you my Mrs to be' He smirked at her as she left the office and waited at his car.

The car journey was silent. Maan kept looking at her whlist Geet kept mumbling profanities at him. He knew she was saying rude things but after marriage he will surely tame her down.

'we are here' He said stopping the car.

'what in the world?' Geet said stepping out of the car. It was a cruise ship.

'I thought you said business trip' She asked Maan who gave there bags to the ship staff to take to there room.

'It is darling it is' He said 'we will be meeting our client on this ship and also have a nice 3 week cruise who knows by the end we might end up married' He smirked.

'Yeah right in your dreams.'



She followed him into the ship. The staff led him and her into there rooms. Before Geet set a foot in Maan stopped her

'be ready in 3 hours and I don't like to be kept waiting' He said.

'yeah yeah whatever' Geet replied not remotely interested. He smiled at her and Geet gave a fake smile and walked into her room.

Meanwhile at the Carehome, Mike and Gina were having trouble controlling the kids especially since Geet was not around. The kids were running around making a mess and disaster in there wake.

'RIGHT EVERYONE SHUT UP AND GET DOWN NOW OR ELSE NONE OF YOU ARE GOING TO PIZZAHUT' Misha walked in and all the kids stopped in whatever they were doing and came down. Ronit and Atul saw Vicky and a new plan formed in there devilious mind.

'Ronit don't you dare' Misha said. She knew how these kids worked. She had learnt from Geet the best person.

'How did you know..' Ronit asked

'you were planning an attack on Vicky.. kids I know everything. I'm Misha Dobriyal aren't I' She smirked. 'now get cleaned up and clean this room up and we all go pizza hut. And Mike Gina don't worry your coming too. Oh and by the way your not paying. Its all on the house on this' Misha said flashing Vicky's credit card.

'Mishaaa' Vicky said realised she just picked his pockets. Misha just gave him a toothy grin whlist the kids cleared up.


Back on the ship, it had just began sailing. 3 weeks, on a ship alone with Maan Singh Khurana. Well that was what he said. But Geet had found out that the cruise was only for a week.

'stupid monkey Maan thinks he can lie to me. Well he don't know I'm Geet Handa' Geet smiled to herself as she grabbed her blue churidaar and had a shower. She smiled to herself as she got ready and waited for Mr I think Im so great to knock her door.

3pm exactly Maan knocked her door. Geet sighed 'Mr Puntual' She muttered as she opened the door. He looked at her from top to bottom. It was possibly the first time he saw her in a suit always seeing her in jeans and tops.

'wow you look sexy' He said. Geet just looked at him and rolled her eyes. Manners say one should say thank you but Geet in return replied 'shall we leave' They both set off with Maan eyeing all the way to the ships restaurant.

'Geet what would you like?' Maan asked.

'Poison' Geet thought. Atleast she will be away from Maan's penetrating gaze.

'Just orange juice' She replied smiling sweetly.

'You heard her two orange juices' He said

'Make that three' said a voice. Maan and Geet looked up. Maan with joy, but Geet with shock and terror.

'Hi Mr Singhania' Maan said giving him a warm friendly handshake.

'Hi to you to Mr Khurana, finally we meet after so long waiting for an appointment. Its so hard to get ahold of you. And call me Dev' Dev said. He noticed Geet and smirked at her. Geet was shocked her eyes were widened. Dev was here. How? Why? He was meant to be in Mumbai wasn't he?

'Geet this is our client Dev Singhania and This is Miss Geet Handa, my secretary and my associate' Maan said introducing both of them. Dev put his hand out to shake hers. Geet took hers out to readily. He smirked and held her hand tight in a way of telling her I've got you now.

'Shall we get down to business' Maan asked unknown of the undercurrent going on.  Geet smiled to Maan fakely as she began to take notes. She was well aware of Dev's eyes on her.

why is he here? Did he know I was here? Did he plan this? Maan and Dev meeting is it really a coincidence? Or is it a plan by Dev to get to me. He was meant to be in Mumbai. I ran from Mumbai hoping he would never find me. Babaji what do I do? Maan doesn't know anything about my past. What do I tell him?

'Geet are you here?' Maan clicked his fingers infront of her.

'huh yeah sorry you were saying the complex?' She asked just awakening from her thoughts.

'Miss Geet are you alright?' Dev asked with fake concern and a evil smirk on his face. Geet glared at him.

'Yeah Geet you seem a bit out of it' Maan asked genuinely concerned. She saw the concern on his face.

'uh not really Maan. you see I've got a little headache and all this sea air is making me a bit nauseous if you don't mind can I go rest. I'll be better when ive rested' She smiled.

'Sure Geet do you need help to your room?' He asked.

'no I'm fine' She said as she got up and walked as far as she could away from the monster who sat beside Maan. He glared at her leaving and as Maan was looking at the paperwork said through his eyes that he was watching her.

Geet was in her room a good hour since she left the meeting.

'Dev here? Why?' She thought. She picked up a photo in her bag and looked at it with tears in her eyes. It was a picture of Vicky Misha, herself and her other best friend Natasha.

'Tashu' Geet said hugging the photo close to her chest. Her room phone rang and Geet picked it up.


'Hello maam, Mr Maan Khurana has asked you to meet at the basement level of the ship'

'basement' Geet asked confused.

'yes you see there is a meeting room and a projector down there so he wanted to work on a presentation and asked me to inform you'

'oh thanks'

Geet left downstairs and got to the basement and looked for the meeting room. She found it and entered it.

'Maan' She called out only hearing her voice echo back. She realised he was not there yet so she sat down on a chair. She then heard the door open and close.

'Finally you're here, whats this calling me and taking ages for yourself to appear I've been waiting like for'' Geet stopped talking when she saw Dev.

'Dev darling, not Maan look before you speak' He said looking at her from up to down.

'Dev what are you doing here?' She asked with anger. He walked towards her as Geet walked back until she hit the wall.

'Geet darling it took me ages to find you' He said. 'I never knew you lived in Delhi. If I knew I would be back here ages ago' He said blocking her way of escape.

'Why are you here now?' She asked trembling.

'to say sorry, I'm Sorry Geet for Natasha'

'don't say her name from your dirty mouth.' She roared.

'Oh sherni Geet, all alone. There is no one here Geet. And you're the only person who knew of that night and saw it. And you've been running ever since' He sneered at her.

'I've been running to save the person whose most important to Tashu' She said.

'Tashu was my wife understood. I could do whatever I want to her. And Karan is my son'

'The wife you raped and murdered and the son who you slapped' Geet said.

'Where is Karan Geet? He is my son' Dev said.

'Karan may be your son. But you don't have any rights on him. The court took your rights away. And Tashu is not your wife you got divorced'

'Tashu Tashu Tashu, she was mine to what I please, if I wanted to slap her I could. If I wanted her in my bed that is where she was meant to be. Well with or without you I'll find Karan. But before that let me tie up loose ends and get rid of you, I need no witnesses'

'She loved you' Geet screamed out pushing Dev off her as he fell on the table. He took out a knife. Geet ran and hid under the table. As Dev spoke.

'Well I loved her too. Until she satisfied my needs But then she because of you took a divorce from me and took my son so She deserved what she got' He walked around the table and pulled her out from her hair.

'Let go of me' She screamed.

'Maam, Sir' are you okay?' A worker came in distracting Dev and Geet. Geet sighed of relief and quickly took the chance to escape.

'Thank you' she said to the guy. She ran up the stairs just outside her room when she banged into Maan.

'Geet where the hell were you?. And why are you running? And Geet your bleeding on your shoulder? Your terrified Geet whats wrong?' Maan asked seeing Geet in a disheleved state.

'Maan please don't let me be alone tonight. Please stay with me He is here, he will kill me. He will try again' She said as she fainted.

'Geet Geet wake up' Maan said worriedly.

'Is she all right sir?' asked a staff member.

'Get me a doctor quick'

Maan took Geet into his room. As the doctor arrived and did her dressing and gave her an injection.

'Mr Khurana, she has fainted from fear and exhausation, and the cut from her neck and the bruises on her arms and legs, and it looks like some of her hair has fallen out. It seems like, someone has tried or attempted to either beat her or kill her. Geet has tried to escape as the extra bruises show and her stuggle. The cut on her neck is by a sharp knife. All I would say Mr Khurana, someone has tried to kill her and they will try again'

The doctor left.

'who? What happened in the last hour? Who tried to kill Geet and why? Why would she be an enemy of anyone?' Maan wondered.

'No leave her, leave her Tashuuu Tassshuuu, No you killed her. Why? She loved you godamnit. Leave me let go of me.' Geet screamed in her sleep. Maan ran to her and woke her up.

'Geet wake up wake up. its me Maan' He said.

'Maan' she hugged him tight.

'He killed Tashu, Tashu loved him. And he killed her. I saw it and he wants to kill me too'

'Geet who is Tashu? What happened tell me?'

PRECAP: Visit to the past.. why Geet hates Love'



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nice :D
update soon :)
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Amazing. Cant wait for more :D
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nic  upd...
cant wait 4  more
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ohh i just came across ur FF and its amazing 
Cont soon

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