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MG."dont mess with me COMPLETED!!! (Page 64)

Rujul13 Senior Member

Joined: 31 October 2010
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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 12:55pm | IP Logged
I do not know why but have feeling that she is going to be gang raped by Dev and his men...SO i am saying this in advance that I will not like the further updates and I have given my reasons in earlier post and I am not going to read it.

Only thing I did not understand that what was this story about. it was Maan saying to Geet do not mess with him or Dev was saying to Geet not to mess with him?

When I started reading this story I thought it would be light hearted story but it turned out to be sad one, with rape and all I am sorry for not liking this story...hope your next FF will be light hearted and funny...

thank you for bearing with me..

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ambbiha IF-Rockerz

Joined: 20 August 2010
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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 7:54pm | IP Logged
awesome update
no rape pls
monika1992 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 08 March 2011
Posts: 6941

Posted: 22 December 2011 at 8:29pm | IP Logged

         this was wonderful...

        u made me speechless..
todayzstar IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 18 October 2010
Posts: 31306

Posted: 23 December 2011 at 6:37am | IP Logged
awesome updatee
mysticangel Goldie

Joined: 22 October 2010
Posts: 1515

Posted: 23 December 2011 at 6:19pm | IP Logged

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RishbalaAsyaMG IF-Dazzler

Joined: 01 April 2008
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Posted: 23 December 2011 at 6:47pm | IP Logged
Guys there was never going to be a rape.. Dev only wants Geet DEAD! thats it

After the Doctor left the room Maan sat next to Geet and held her hand.

'Maan don't leave me. He will kill me' Geet mummered in her unconscious state.

'Geet I'm here' Maan said rubbing her head. Geet awoke and saw Maan and hugged him.

'Is this why?' Maan started. Geet looked at him.

'why what'

'You never give me a chance.'

'chance? Maan what are you talking about?'

'You know damn well Geet. I Love you. You know that. I want to marry you. But you keep…'

'Maan I never trusted Love after what happened with Natasha. It hurt her. Misha is Lucky she has Vicky. But seeing Natasha hurt betrayed and killed by the one man she loved the most made me realise love and trusting someone is hard'

'And you think I will do that to you… is that why.. damn it Geet.. Don't you trust me' Maan said walking and getting up.

'Maan please don't leave me. I don't know what I would do if you weren't there. You're an important part of my life' Geet said grabbing and crying on his shoulder.

'Geet I'm not leaving you ever. I told you didn't I.. That I will marry you one day and your never leaving from my sight' Maan smiled. Geet smiled back at him.

'Still on it aren't you for marrying me Mr Khurana' Geet asked

'Never backed down love' Maan smiled back. Geet laughed when she heard a noise and looked down.

'My tummy's talking to me' Geet said. Maan smiled and said 'I'll just order some food should I'  He picked up the phone and it was dead.

'Damn phones dead Seems like I will have to go and order the food' Maan said putting the receiver down. Geet looked at him with hopeful eyes.

'I'll be right back sweety.. Don't you think I'm going to leave you without marrying for first' Maan kissed her forehead and left. Geet felt all warm and fuzzy as he kissed her forehead.

'Maan…' Geet said as he reached the door.

'Yes honey' He asked turning back.

'I trust you. There maybe hope for you yet' She smiled at him. Maan smiled and walked out whlist  She thought of all the time Maan had been there saving her. From falling off the roof, from Hiten, From the river and now here he is still with her. He has a good heart he gave the kids there home back without any condition. The marriage condition was broken. He says he wants to marry her. Geet smiled at the thought. She loved it when Maan was around her. She felt all protected.

10 minutes had passed Maan had still not arrived. Geet got worried when her phonecall rang.


'Hello Geet' A voice said.

'D..De..Dev' Geet said scared.

'Yes darling. Now Listen to me carefully. If you want Maan to live'

'Maa..Maan is..with you'

'Yes love and a gun is pointing on his head at the moment. So Listen carefully'

Geet held the phone to her ear tightly.

'The cruise will hit its first stop in a few minutes so please leave the room and start walking towards the second exit deck please'

Geet listened. Her heart was in fear. She had already lost Natasha and she was not going to lose Maan. Maan was everything to her. She might deny it. But she loved Maan. She loved him and today knowing he is in danger has made her heart stop. No She can't let anything happen to Maan. And she realised now why. Why she is scared for him. She loves him.

'I Love him' Geet said.

'Oh wow really' Dev laughed on the phone. 'you want to see him die infront of your own eyes?'

'No.. don't you dare Dev..' Geet said.

'quick people are offloading the boat now'

Geet got off the cruise ship and walked as Dev gave directions. Within 5 minutes she came to a shed type place.

'Dev…' She called.


Maan walked back to the room after complaining about the phone missing. He turned and saw Geet was not in the room. He walked out and asked the crew

'Sir.. She said she was going to look for you and you had called her to the Island'

'What.. no I didn't' Maan shouted.

'Omg.. What if she get's attacked again.. you warn the Ship security and police on the Island now' Maan yelled at the crew who quickly got to work.

Maan ran to Island looking for Geet.


Geet turned and saw Dev who smirked.

'Where is Maan?' She asked. She had brought a pepper spray with her. Her hand was hidden behind her back.

'Maan.. he is not here' Dev said.

'What….where is he?' Geet asked.

'why didn't he tell you? I haven't seen or touched Maan since the meeting and outside your room when you were there'

'Meaning you lied to me' Geet said.

'Yes darling I did.. you see you haven't told Maan my name yet..and you're the last evidence of Natasha murder and all my illegal workings.. and my son Karan.. I will find him…because once you die.. Misha and Vicky will obviously come to your funeral and you will most likely give Karan to them and once they come.. I will make sure they give me Karan before I kill them too'

'Dev your such a bas***d'

'Goodbye Geet it was nice knowing you'

'You think your so clever but you didn't realise one thing' Geet said. As Dev walked towards her.

'What' Dev said.

'I'm prepared' Geet said as she threw the pepper spray in his eyes and ran

'GEEET' Dev roared. 'You just made your death more painful' Dev said. He threw a knife and it hit Geet's leg. Geet fell down. One of Dev's men were there.

'Sir' He gave him water.

 'You see Geet  I was prepared too' Dev said walking after her. And saw her trying to get up after taking the knife out of her leg. Dev smirked as she fell again trying to run. Dev then grabbed her.

He pulled Geet by the hair and slapped her. Geet lip started bleeding and she fell on the floor.

'oh Geet…if you had only stayed out of my life with Natasha.. only then she would be alive today' Dev said walking back to pick up a blade.

'Dev please…' Geet groaned.

'Bye Geet' He plunched the knife into her stomach. He took it out and replunged it making another exit and then again

Maan had just arrived to see Dev plunge the knife into Geet and was shocked.

'GEEET' He screamed.

'Maaan' She moaned as she fell on the floor with blood trailing around her. The police had just arrived and arrested Dev and his men as they were on Maan's trail.

'Call an ambulance and helicopter now' Maan yelled. He tried putting pressure on Geet's wounds. The helicopter came with the paramedics and did prelimary stiches to stop the bleeding.


It had been two weeks since the incident. Geet was still unconscious. Dev was arrested and was awaiting trial for murder and attempted murder with marital rape and so many other charges.

Geet had multiple stitches done and she was healing fast as she was unnconcious.

The kids went in every day talking to Geet one by one saying what they did and how good they have been. Not troubling Mike and Gina at all. Misha cried into Vicky's arm telling her how Vicky finally proposed to her. Mike spoke to her saying how much he missed his daughter. Gina smiled and kissed her forehead saying she loved her even though she hated the way she did things.

Geet awoke a day later. Misha was in the room with her.

'Doctor Doctor Geet is awake' She screamed. Maan was standing outside and ran in.

'Geet' He smiled. Geet looked at him and started to get scared.

'He will kill me.. keep him away' 'Go away' Geet said pulling the blankets towards her. Misha looked at Maan who was shocked.

'Geet this is Maan' Misha explained.

'No He will kill me…' Vicky and Mike walked in as well. Geet got more frightend.

'Help me help me..they will kill me.. I'm in danger. Misha help me please…'

'Geet what happened sweetheart' Mike said touching her forehead.

Geet screamed. 'He trying to kill me'

All of them were shocked.

'Could you all leave the room please let me do a check up' The doctor said.

She walked out after wards.

'Sir.. The incident she had just gone through has made her afraid of men. She now believes that all men are going to kill her'

'So what can we do Doctor?' asked Vicky.

'Best thing is to be calm and try our best to help her forget the incident'

'But Doctor why is she afraid of us.. Especially Mike' asked Maan.

'Maan It's the shock'

2 weeks later..

Under the doctor's guidance…and examinations.. The doctor had realised that Geet had supressed all her memories of Maan as Maan was with her when she was stabbed and doesn't recognise him. Geet had managed to recognise Mike and Vicky and started to live life as normal. Her fear of men was gone when she saw Dev was in jail. But She looked at Maan who came sometimes to see the kids and play with them with a distant memory. Like she knew him and he was special.

Geet stayed away from him because she was scared because in her memory she always saw him in her dreams that she had with Dev killing her almost. One night she had the same dream when she heard a voice singing

You're so scared to fall in love

 Cause you end up in the dust

Everytime everytime...
Now you see us all the same

 Like our words are just a game

Spitting lies, dirty lies
I know you know There's something here

But you cannot get past the fear

I can help you make it clear...
So when you feel like trying again

 Reach out, take my hand

 See how great it could be To fall in love with someone you can trust

Geet realised the words were meant for her. She started to follow the voice and saw a man shadow. She didn't know why but she knew she was safe and that person meant the world to her. She continued to look and follow.

Who would never give up

 Cuz you're all that he needs

Baby take a chance on me

 Baby take a chance on, oh oh
You give 100% but you've never seen a cent

They're so blind, they're so blind

Cause i'm looking at your face

And the world's a better place

 In your eyes, lovely eyes
I know you know There's somethin

] But you cannot get pass the fear

 I can help you make it clear...
So when you feel like trying again

Reach out, take my hand

See how great it could be

 To fall in love with someone you can trust

Who would never give up

Cause you're all that he needs

Baby take a chance on me

 Baby take a chance on, oh oh Baby take a chance on me

Baby take a chance on, oh oh oh


She followed him out to the garden and saw a person standing at the far end sitting on the bench and looking at the moon.

You got nothing to lose baby,

 But you won't know if you don't try

Please don't leave me asking why

So when you're ready to choose baby

 I'll be here with open arms

With the same in love in my heart
So when you feel like trying again

Reach out, take my hand

See how great it could be

 To fall in love with someone you can trust

 Who would never give up

Cause you're all that he needs

 Baby take a chance on me Baby take a chance on, oh oh Baby take a chance on me Baby take a chance on, oh oh oh
So when you feel like trying again...

Geet reached him and turned and saw Maan. Maan looked at her and Geet at him. Both said nothing. Geet's heart started beating fast. She touched Maan's face and all of a sudden her memories returned.

'Maaan' She said and hugged him. Maan was surprised but happy.

'Geet' He hugged her back.

'I'm so sorry. I forgot everything… I supressed all our memories.. of me and you.. our fun our life our …'

'Our what Geet?...' Maan asked.

'Love' Geet said.

'What did you say' Maan took her out of the hug and held her by the shoulder. Geet took his hands off her shoulder and smiled and got down on one knee

'Mr Maan Singh Khurana.. I always knew it was your dream to marry me. But today its not just a dream but reality. I ran away for so long Mr Khurana.. and realised you can't run from your destination….so Maan I Love you a lot and will you marry me ?'

'Really Geet?' asked Maan

'Come on dude she asking now.. This is Geet on her knees for the first time and your gonna be a moron and re ask her decision' asked Misha who was witnessing the scene with the kids and Vicky.

'What are you lot doing here?' Maan asked.

'Oh we just returned from the movies but shut up and answer the question bhai or jijaji if you say yes that is' Misha said.

'Yes Geet I will'

Everyone cheered.


YOU DECIDE:-Happy ending.. or a TWIST

Please check out my new FF! Possession ...

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jasraj123 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 13 January 2011
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Posted: 23 December 2011 at 8:50pm | IP Logged
nice update

we want happy ending pls pls
ExpectoPatronum IF-Rockerz

Joined: 20 December 2010
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Posted: 23 December 2011 at 9:09pm | IP Logged
Finally updated... Loved it... Poor geet she could have atleast told maan that it was dev...

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