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MG."dont mess with me COMPLETED!!! (Page 54)

ambbiha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 June 2011 at 4:38am | IP Logged
i am waiting

basicquestion1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 June 2011 at 7:14pm | IP Logged
Waitinggg very very anxiously.
RishbalaAsyaMG IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 June 2011 at 12:11pm | IP Logged
Hellooo guys so sorry for being away for so long had exams and then was on holiday am now doing a live update refresh in 20 mins to see the first part

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DrashtiDhamiNo1 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 June 2011 at 12:17pm | IP Logged

cool yaar

will be waiting...!!
Sabmeratu. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 June 2011 at 12:26pm | IP Logged
Yayy me waiting...
RishbalaAsyaMG IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 June 2011 at 12:33pm | IP Logged

Part 9

'Miss Handa you are perfectly fine. You seem to have a slight temperature but all is well' The doctor smiled at Geet after looking through her reports.

'Doctor I want you to check something for me' Geet asked hesitantly. The doctor looked at her and assured her to go ahead. Geet explained what happened last night.

'And you think that he might have raped you whlist you were unconcious' The doctor finished. Geet nodded in positive. The doctor checked her and said 'Geet you were wrong to think so. You were not touched at all. You accused that man of raping you when he saved you. If he had not given you any body heat last night then today you would not be standing here. You would have been in a coma or even dead' The doctor made her realise. 'anyways take these medicines for a week and you will be fine'

Geet looked down as she walked out of the doctor's cabin. She felt guilty she didn't know how to apologise. Here Maan saved her life and she accused him of taking advantage of her. Maan saw her approach and got up from his seat.

'shall we leave' He said in a huff. Geet looked up at him. Guilt was sorely to be seen in her eyes. She didn't know what to do or say. She stood still.  The doctors words were in her head again and again he saved her life.

'I'm Sorry' Geet whispered. Maan turned to look at her astonished but he knew the apology was coming. Maan smirked and looked at her whlist Geet looked down at the floor in guilt.

'urm did you say something'

''I'm sorry Maan'

'told you you will apologise'  Maan said in a overbearing sarcastic tone.

'yeh well i was so wrong so i said it now what'

'well, my offer's still opened I'm still ready to marry you even though i didn't rape you' Maan said.

'what the hell! Keep dreaming I will never marry you or anyone.' Geet said walking off.


'Or anyone' Maan wondered about that part of the equation. Geet didn't want to marry him but she didn't want to marry anyone. What was the problem there he wondered?


Geet rushed home and opened the door. She knew a lot of questions were to be asked and a lot of bone crushing hugs were to be in order. The house was unusually quiet. Geet wondered where all the kids were. She walked into the kitchen. Everyones faces were solemn and sad and were looking outwards.

'I can't believe it. There is so much peace and quiet today' Geet exclaimed from standing at the doorway. The kids Vicky Mike and Gina turned to see her and before Geet knew it, she had been lifted into the air by Mike who gave her a massive hug and lifted her off the ground. All the kids came and hugged her. Tears were in some eyes and some were happy. In the end Vicky came.

'MISS GEET HANDA HOW DARE YOU PUT ME THROUGH SO MUCH AGONY' HE yelled. Geet could tell he was really angry. She didn't know how to pacify him and said

'Bache ki jaan loge kya' In a cute voice. Vicky laughed and smiled and gave Geet a big hug.

'Come on everyone Geet will be hungry lets get her some food and you guys too' Said Gina smiling.

'Karoos aunty kush hogayi' Geet whispered to Vicky aiming at Gina. (Gina and Geet had different views of life. Gina often told Geet off for the way she handled the kids with no strict guidance but always love and caring)

'I Know, But Geet in the end everyone loves you'

'I know Vicky'



All settled down for a late lunch when the questions began,

'So Di where were you a secret mission?'

'With the president'

'No with Shahrukh Khan'

Geet smiled at the kids and she knew that she had to tell them something.

'Yesterday I went looking for my Karoo' Geet said bringing him into her lap.

'And I fell into the deep lake. And'

'Superman saved you' Karan said. Geet smiled at him. And thought in her head and murmered to only Vicky could hear sitting next to her 'He was no superman. He was the worlds most irratating guy in the world'



'Yes I saved her' A voice said from behind. Everyone turned to see Maan Singh Khurana standing there with a smirk on his face.


'Bro you' Vicky asked surprised.  Vicky then realised both places were next to eachother. Maan and Geet meeting and Maan saving Geet is a coincidence. Vicky smiled to himself. But he also knew his brothers nature.

'Di is this true? This villain turned out to be a hero' asked Pia. Geet smiled and looked at the kids and said 'yes' And followed by saying 'unfortunately' which was whispered. The kids ran up to Maan and surrounded him and gave him a big hug. Maan was first confused then surprised and then happy. He gave the kids a hug back. The kids were on his side. Geet's eyes widened at Maan's smirk.

'So Mr Khurana we thank you so much for saving our Geet. What brings you here? Do you still want us to leave this place?'

'Well Mr Manchanda, I would like to speak with Geet for a moment'. Maan replied.

'Sure why not'


'why are you here?' asked Geet walking up and down her room with Maan sitting at her desk.

'hmm nice room. I'm sure we can make our bedroom the same once we are married. I'm sure you won't miss it' Maan said looking around the room. Geet looked at him with anger.

'Excuse me Mr Khurana'

'Yes to be Mrs Khurana' Maan replied

'Mr MAAN SINGH KHURANA. Let me repeat to you I am not marrying you or any other langoor that will come into my life understood'

'Miss Geet Handa, 20 days remain. And I'll see you at work tomorrow. I'm sure you might want to see our wedding mandap designs' Maan said walking out.

'Mr Khurana, if you drop your idea of marrying me that to by forcing, maybe we can be friends?' Geet said. Maan stopped in his footsteps. He knew Geet was right. Marrying Geet because of a contract or because of love. He loved Geet he knew that. He needed Geet he also knew that. He was possessive of Geet. But Geet? She hated him. She didn't need him. And But last night he saw some hope that she liked him even in her delirious state. So maybe he could turn friendship into love?

'Fine then agreement cancelled. Friends?' asked Maan.

'Friends' Geet shaked his hands. The handshake was just then broken by a girl walking angrily into Geet's room.

'you stupid idiot annoying mad girl. You made me so angry. I feel like pulling all your hair out. How worried you made me and Vicky. He called me yesterday saying how our besty Geet disappeared. I swear Geet your such a loser. I hate you so much. I'm never going to talk to you get lost' She crossed her arms across her chest and turned away from Geet. She didn't even realise that Maan was standing there amused.

'And I love you too Misha' Geet said hugging Misha from the back. 'I'm sorry maaf kardo yaar'

Misha turned around and came into the hug with Geet.

'I swear Geet your such a dumbo. I mean falling into a lake. Don't you have eyes? I'll do one thing bring you my dadi's old glasses and or maybe walking sticks. You might as well be an oldie'

'Misha please, I'm sorry. Accidents happen'

'yeah all the time with you. Next time if you do anything to yourself then I swear I'll kill you myself forget Vicky'

Misha then realised Maan presence.

'hey weirdo what you smiling at?' Misha asked. Maan looked at her

'excuse me'

'Mish, this is Maan Singh Khurana my boss, and Vicky's brother'

'Vic Viccc Vicckky's brother' Misha stumbled.

'Yes Misha Dobrial since when did you stumble, oh since you just realised you called the love of your life brother a weirdo'

'Oh shit. I'm sorry, urm Maan ji, urm bro urm I don't know. Don't take me seriously dude'

'Misha right, daughter of Arnav Dobrial. Well, don't'worry Misha, your all forgiven. By the way I'm not a weirdo'

'Right sure see you later' Misha said.

'Geet one more thing here' Maan took a file out  'I have transferred this carehome and the land surrounding it into your name'


'yes, the money you have saved up to repay me or are going to keep it. The kids need it more than me I shall see you at work tommorow'

Maan left. Geet was confused,

'Geet whats this story with the Maan dude?'

Geet began her telling every encounter to Misha.


STILL UPDATING BUT TOMZ.. not well sleeping now

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Sabmeratu. IF-Sizzlerz

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gr8 update::
Waiting for more...

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