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MG."dont mess with me COMPLETED!!! (Page 20)

ada_angel Groupbie

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Posted: 10 February 2011 at 4:37am | IP Logged
woww...........nice concept..i really like this stubborn side of maannn.....
plz add me in ur pm list

amzu32 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 February 2011 at 6:33am | IP Logged
awesome concept
loved it.......plz add me to the pm list......

RukhluvMaan Goldie

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Posted: 14 February 2011 at 9:09pm | IP Logged
Love all parts. Oh and also love ur ff. This is amazing.. Plz add me too in ur pm list.
RishbalaAsyaMG IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 February 2011 at 1:12pm | IP Logged
Part 5
NB: Geet surname is Handa as it is her mothers maiden name.. i.e mothers surname before she got married.
Maan rushed home before Vicky could reach. He searched his room and found the letter.
'Once I know Miss Handa's weakness i can use it to my advantage and bend her to my will' Maan thought and smirked.
Letter said
I am sorry. This is my last letter to you because by the time you get this i will no longer be here. Geet I know i hated you and threw you out of my life because you were a girl. I wanted a son. My first wife Sunaina gave me a son. Then i met your mother and married her. And she delivered you a girl. I wanted a son who i wanted to fulfill the family name. I wanted two sons. I threw you out to the orphanage. Your mother Prerna Saxena stayed with me because i loved her and . Geet now after all these years i feel guilty because of my son. A daughter is the respect of her father i understand that now. Geet please forgive me.
My Son has taken over the business. I wish to give you your share. Please take it Geet. Its yours.
Your Father
Mr Arun Saxsena
'Arun Saxena' That name sounded familiar and then Maan realised why. Arun Saxena was the man who had his mother killed. He remembered that day when he was 15
Arun walked into the Khurana Mansion, he was angry. He had been slapped by Maan's mother for misbehaving with her infront of the media. (Maan's father had passed away. Maan;s mum was looking after the business'
He walked into the house and grabbed Naina Khurana (Maan's mother name)
He forced her to a sexual assault. Maan came home from school at that time. He ran to help his mother but he couldnt do anything as Arun locked the door. Maan banged the door. The servants were not at home at that time. After a while Arun walked out smirking. Maan walked into the room and saw his mother, dead. He saw the poison bottle in her hand.
'Mum' Maan cried.
His grandma came home afterwards. His younger sister was shocked. Vicky was too young at that time.
His grandma took charge. She sent Maan and Anwesha to boarding school. Vicky was sent to another boarding school nearby. Maan started hating everything and everyone. All he knew was to protect his family and get revenge on Arun Saxena'
'Geet is the daughter of Arun Saxena. Arun Saxena is dead. Wow doesnt life favour me. Vicky is Geet's friend. I can use him to find out Geet's weakness. Geet is now my mission. What Arun Saxena did to my mother, his daughter Geet, his whole family will pay. I first need to find out about Geet's brothers who are they. I will ruin them all first.' Maan thought to himself.
Maan walked out of Vicky's room and went to his room and stood infront of the mirror and his alter ego appeared to him
'But Maan, Geet doesnt know anything about her father. She never knew him. She lived all her life as an orphan. She never had a family. She is just like you.'
'Noo.. She has the blood of that Arun in her'
'So its not her fault. She despised her father and so do you. Doesnt that make you the same'
All night Maan's alter ego and himself argued. Maan was confused. He decided until he gets an answer to his own question, he will ruin first Geet's brothers as they well knew that Arun Saxena was there father.
Two days had passed. Geet was happy no sight of MSK! She had taken the kids out for a picnic. What she didn't realise was a pair of eyes watching her laughing and following her. That night she put the kids to bed. As she went to put Ronit to bed, she realised he was not in bed. She looked for him when the lights turned off and someone tapped her. She screamed.
'hahahaha Geet didi got scared' Ronit laughed turning the lights on. All the other kids were there too laughing.
'Guys you know i'm scared of the dark'
'we know didi thats why' Ananya said.
'Get to bed now otherwise i will take away your tv privelegs. One more thing if you want a water fight tomorow don't tell Gina or Mike. So get in bed now'
'yaaaay' Everyone cheered and went to bed.
Meanwhile in Maan's house
'So Vicky how long have you known Geet?'
'Geet, I've known her since beginning of college 3 years nearly 4 years. God she such a amazing girl. Always laughing smiling never letting her past affect her. When she told me she was an orphan i felt sympathetic. She got angry when she saw the sympathy and had a go at me to treat her normally. Her anger bro, you should be scared of her anger'
'How did you two become friends?'
'oh easy, we had an argument in class about how strong boys were. Geet said girls were more strong. I said prove it. We both had a arm wrestle. and she won. She is stronger than me. And since then we have been the best of friends. She tells me everything. And all her carekids at the orphanange are so cute sweet. But that Ronit omg he is such a prankster. Me and him and Atul always prank around to annoy and scare Geet'
'hmm Scare Geet, is that girl scared of anything. I mean in office everyone is scared of me'
'because thats cos ur a karros' Vicky mumbled
'Nothing continue'
'Geet is she scared of anything'
'She is.. She scared of all creepie crawlies, and heights water and her biggest fear is the dark'
'And does she have any enemies'
'Bhai why are you asking a lot about Geet'
'Just since she is your best friend i would like to know'
'oh basically, she says she is an orphan but she isnt. Her father contacted her last year and she found the truth. He tried to visit her here in our house as Gina told him she lived here. Geet said she doesnt know him. Apparently, in his will she had one third of his property. But if she dies then the property will go to her eldest brother brij. If she is married then automatically after marriage it will go to her husband.'
'So why doesnt she take the money?'
'because Geet is happy in her life. She thinks of her family as a stranger. Her real close ones is her carehome people and me.'
Maan felt jealous when Vicky said Geet treated him as her own. Little did he know that Geet and Vicky had a brother sister relation. They looked out for eachother and every Rakhi she and other girls at the carehome tied Vicky and Rakhi.
'So she doesnt have enemies'
'She does bro. that guy you got arrested. He hated Geet since ages because all girls give him attention but Geet never did. and her bro'
'yes bro. Her step brother. He had tried killing Geet twice in the last 5 years for money. Once he almost got her killed by running over her. Second time he kidnapped her and forced her to sign papers and held a gun to her temple. But me and the kids managed to save her. Hence Geet always makes sure she is in a crowded place and takes me with her all the time. She is really scared. He doesnt know where she lives. All he knows is that she lives in our house like her father'
'Sick, own brother tries to kill own sister'
'I know. Its all about Money. Don't worry bro. You have taught us well and me and Anwesha love you a lot. We will never do anything like that. Plus when have we asked for something and not given it but anyways. Geet has signed some papers and transferred her father property into her brother name. Since then she hasnt seen him nor heard from him. They had an amiciable agreement not to disturb eachothers lives. But her father kept sending her cheques. But Geet never cashed them. The papers were registered at the time of Geet's father death. Now 100% of Saxena industirs and properties belongs to her brother'
'Hey Geet whats up'
'Vicky i just had a phone call that you were in trouble at the alley behind the cafe. i tried ringing you twice. Now you pick up where are you'
Vicky was confused. Maan looked at him.
'Geet what are you talking about. I'm at home. Geet go home. I'm sure its a prank to get you worried'
'I think so too Vicky.' Geet turned to leave when her eyes widendened in shock
'Hiten' she whispered. Vicky got alerted. Geet.
'Geet Geet just run please run' Vicky said. Maan got up. 'Bro Geet is in trouble. She is at the alley behind the cafe behind where she works.'
Maan ran and zoomed off in his car. Vicky was still in bandages he couldnt go.
Geet tried to run but Hiten had blocked her way. He grabbed her and bundled her in his car.
They arrived at a unknwon location.
'Geet finally i found you. What did you think after throwing me in jail that you will live peacefully. What did i not do for you. I LOVE YOU DAMN IT'
'please Hiten you need help'
'I need help I need help. Geet you need help. Can't you see the love in my eyes.
 Geet looked at him afraid and started shivering. Her past back infront of her eyes.
In college
'Geet please i love you a lot'
'Hiten leave my hand'
'No, your mine'
Hiten dragged Geet to a empty classroom. He tried to forcehimself on her. Geet struggled aganist him. Vicky came to the spot and saved Geet. Geet slapped Hiten.
'Don't you dare touch me again. Just because i helped you and stuck up for you doesnt mean i love you' Geet said angrily. The police came and arrested Hiten.
In Jail, Hiten went crazy for Geet. He wrote her name everywhere.
'Geet your mine'
He was taken to hospital but escaped.
 She wanted to run but fear rooted her to spot. He came closer to her. Geet wanted to scream but no sound came out of her mouth. She felt faint and scared shivering to death. Her eyes dilated. The man came closer. Geet scared couldn't move. When an hand grabbed her hand. She looked up and saw Maan. Geet saw a ray of hope. Maan had found her by using the GPS that vicky put on her phone since the Brij incident.
Hiten took a gun out
'Let go of my Geet's hand'
'Geet run' Maan said. Both of them ran as Hiten had a gun and they knew he was mad.

Maan drove Geet back to the mansion. Vicky hugged her seeing she is okay. Maan felt jealous

'how did Hiten get out of the hospital though?' Vicky asked
'He ran away. The police are looking for him now. don't worry Geet you will be fine' said Maan
'oh shit Mike and Gina, i need to ring them. Damn my battery is dead.'
'here take my phone' said Maan and smiled.
'this akroo is smiling' Geet said. Vicky heard her and started laughing.
'What are you two laughing about?'
'nothing bro'
'Hi Mike, yes i'm fine. No No. yes okay night'
'what happened Geet' Vicky asked
'Mike said that he can't pick me up since Gina is not well and someone needs to look after the kids'
'So stay the night here' said Vicky
'Geet Vicky is right. just stay here'
'But two guys and a girl i mean..' Geet started
'Geet people said shit about us in college and you never cared. You used to say if we are right why care what others think'
'Geet Geet' Maan said as he noticed Geet being a bit faint. He rushed to her and Geet had fainted.
The kids vs Maan Singh Khurana!
'Guys he's here' Nikita shouted.
All the kids ran to the window on the first floor.
'5' said Ronit
'4' said Atul
3 said Piya
2 said Nikita
1 said Anaya
BOMBS AWAY...............................
The kids threw water baloons at MSK who was walking towards the front door of the orphanage.
'What the heck' Maan said looking up
'Well Mr Maan Singh Khurana, your messing with us. My kids and our home. We ain't leaving without a fight' said Geet smiling widely walking up to him from the back.
'Well i have a proposition for you'
'which is?'
'pay me the amount that i paid'
'how much'
'50 Laks'
'Urm.. what if i pay you in instalments'
'put it this way, i've already given you a job at my company. And your working at the cafe too. So I'm giving you 3 months. In 3 months pay me the 50 laks or'
'leave this place no arguments or another option is...'
'you will have to marry me'
'Fine then'
'Wait love, sign this contract'
'what the hell you were well prepared'
Geet signed it.
'3 months or leave or marry me'
'I'll get u ur damn money but i'm not marrying you'

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Vintagepeach IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 February 2011 at 1:27pm | IP Logged
loved it...
update soon...
DrashtiDhamiNo1 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 February 2011 at 2:04pm | IP Logged
lovin the update Smile glad tht maan came in tym n rescued geet
cont soon plz dear Big smile
divareena IF-Sizzlerz

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please add me to yur PM list
Radhika Shah IF-Sizzlerz
Radhika Shah
Radhika Shah

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Nice part!!!..

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