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FF - Falling in Love with the Enemy.

My First PKYEK  FF - It may turn in to a few parts of OS - or a FF. i have an idea and concept and I will see how long the inspiration for writting lasts. LOL
Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile
I Pia Raichand, slice a part of my life onto the blank pages of this diary. My ability to share my emotions out loud have been cut off as I have been sentenced to silence and a life of solitary.
Ironic indeed it is when a young lady full of dreams weds, she is certain to find companionship and a sense of freedom. But this didn't happen with me. The happiest day of my life that should have guaranteed me a life of bliss, has indeed become a curse...the  antagonising part is that  I cannot combat against them as I stand to loose everything either way.
Here is my strange but true narrative of my perverse fairy tale.
For me, my life really started on two words 'Abhay Raichand'. The envy of every male, The desire of every woman and the object of affection of every girl. I was not invincible from falling gravely under his casual charm either. 
I remember every moment of our first encounter, as he entered Mount college, He was tall, dashing, arrogant, exclusive in style. He strolled in with a kick in his step aware of the admiring surveillance around him.  I can recall every 56 steps he proudly took, yet cannot reminisce the number of beats my own heart skipped, infact I couldn't even feel the skips it did beat as my chest felt like it had become a hollow paper marche. In those precise 90 seconds if what I had felt could be terminologically be justified as love - then I was in love.
NEVER in my wildest fancy could I comprehend 'Abhay Raichand' would show interest in me.
I would not underestimate my physical appearance, which is no doubt very attractive. I have natural ringlets in my hair, which are the envy of my friends. I have big dreamy eyes. I belong to the Dobriyal family a well known rich family. My father Arnab Dobriyal is a business tycoon and a successful one too. The success wasn't handed down to him by his ancestors - but that has been something self accomplished. However his hobby in the face of distraction has been followed into the family in research. What he actually researched was unknown to us other than the fact it was related to ancient history. He came into possession of many monumenets, of which some were precious and others not so. Though we never managed to get a close in look at any of them as he kept them hidden from us. A year ago his brother Salmaan had sent him a parcel, over which he executed suspicious behaviour.
My pagli sister Nisha, who should have actually have been called 'Misha' - but a simple spelling error in the birth certificate replaced the should have been 'M' with an 'N'.
I like it better as NIsha it adds a ring to it. Even now the memory of Nisha's ways compels a smile from me. Inquisitive, naughty and rebellious Nisha once decided to get her hands under the parcels' wrapper. But as many of her failed plans - this was added to to the list of her non-success too. caught her! She grabbed Nisha's locks around her tight fist and pelted her. That finally gave a kill to Nisha's inquisition over the parcel.
OOPS He's coming up..  I need to hide you diary...
Later... Sorry Diary, you are my heart and soul and I am appalled at myself for having thrown you under the bed. But evidence such as this would mean grave trouble for me and my family.
Abhay just had strolled into the room, giving a quick  side glance over towards me. He's left his half of the bedspreads onthe room sofa bed, which means that is where he is planning to spend the night.
Okay where was I? Going back, Abhay and I shared 4 periods of classes together, history, english, biology and agriculture. I fondly recall Proffessor Hema's first encounter with Abhay.
Chakku, Shrish, Ritzie and Nisha were in the third row were practising for their assignment, which was portrayed through a game of charades. Nisha's idea ofcourse, seeing that this involved less writing and more acting. Though it atleast made a change from her assignments which usually involved polls and surveys instead. Nisha is her name and shortcut is her game!
I sat in the front row alone and satisfied, with a completed assignment infront of me.
Abhay walked in, this was the third day since his arrival and our first period together. Uff - I almost forgot to breathe and when he pitched a look towards me - I almost fainted.
Hey peepz This is my OS sneak preview. Please let me know if you are enjoying it and if I should continue on...
In my mind 'Tuje dekha tho yeh jaana sanam.. ' started playing, but was interrupted rudely when his eyes darted towards Ritzie who was insanely throwing  vigorous effort to cease his attention in an attempt to share her bench with him. His eyes darted towards her but with a snide look advanced towards the empty space towards Chakku. His footsteps kicked in the direction of where his eyes were fixated. I felt my heart sink - looking at the empty space at the bench next to me. This was a moment of rejection defined, at least rejection towards Ritzie was beyond words.. Haha!. (But now I know - Ritzie was lucky).
"Excuse me you can't sit here". I heard Chakku almost yell out in desperation.
I turned towards her.. Abhay was gobsmacked indeed, but he masked it well with his words.
"Did I just miss the invisible 'do not enter' sign?"
Chakku - 'The Miss Confidence defined' actually felt embarrased and I swear I saw her blush.
"No, it's that this place is Anurag's - he sits here - next to me"
Abhay examined the empty space before him and with a smirk replied "Well I wouldn't want to sit on him in that case.. "
The class started laughing.  But Abhay remained profoundly silent and stepped towards my bench and edged himself in throwing in ignorant glance in my direction.
Uff I almost died.
In the cantine, the hot topic was becoming a sizzler now "Abhay Raichand".
Tabeer came running in excited... "Oh, that Abhay, Uff, He's so dashing naa? And teacher ko be kya bashing dehtha hai - He taught Prof. Hema history too today.. .He's so smart!"
Before anyone could answer.. She queen decided to make her entry. "You See woh C ka Abhay hai, yaani mera abhay - Carisma Ka Abhay, tho usse tho Charismatic hona hi chahiye. Because everyone knows Carisma ko koi aisa waisa.. impress nahin karsakta. I am Carisma and I only bag the best.. and for now Abhay will do. Snig, Sanchita Chalo girls!"
That was Carisma akka C. Who claimed on anything posh and beautiful like it was her birth right.
Shrish was annoyed, "Maybe this Carisma and mr Attitude Raichand deserve each other! Dono apne arrogance se will kill each other! One day I swear I will plant coackroached in C's locker!"
Excited Nisha exclamined "Then why wait - I'll get the coackroaches and you organise access to C's locker!"
Yuk! Nisha you guys are so disgusting! I cried.
Shrish suppoted Nisha, "Honestly Nisha - we should get all three of them, C and her chamchi's too. Woh Snig akk asnitchseeker is her number one chamchi. Information seek karke Carisma ko snitch karthi hai. And that Sanchita... I hate her - she stole my boyfriend, FAKE eyelashes batt kar kar ke at him!"
Anurag came over carrying two coffee's, one for him and one for Chakku. "Here you are Chakku - extra sugar daali hai... it's perfect".
Chakku blushed and looked away towards us checking our reactions. This time we all saw her was blush.
These two will never admit it, but in dono mein kuch tho hai.
Nisha cut in "Afar tum dono ka romance khatham ho gaya ho tho - Let's talk important stuff."
I decided to utalise my time in the college library. Since the last thrree days all I have done, is daydream about Abhay. I felt bewitched like I was under his spell. No matter where and when his face was always infront of me. The library door was ajar, I walked in - then noticed Abhay was holding it open from the other side. No diary don't get excited, he wasn't holding it for me, he was behind the door with his back towards me - handle clutched by a stretched arm. He was talking, he was uttering silent threatening words. The responders voice was of a female, a familiar voice. It was Aysha the college newspaper journalist. "In a deep tranqualizing voice and his words spread out to give the listener clarity and serverity of his words and it's meaning I heard him say...
"You will write no dirt on me in your column and you will stay away from me. I do not want to be part of your Matwamango gossip column".
I was slightly shaken, and I decided to step back out silently from there. I took a place behind the tall plant outside. Abhay stepped out, stopped, examined the empty corridor, reached inside his front pocket of his jacket and pulled out his sun shades. In a swift movement he put them on and taking a long stride he walked away.
I took a long sigh of relief and carefully stepped out from behind the plant. I felt my knees were numb, and the adrenaline rush was washing over me. with a giddy step I decided to head back into the library.. But just then a heavy hand squeezed my shoulder from behind. 
Part 3.
Seemingly after an eternity I managed to drag my feet off the very spot I stood staring after Abhay's back, I managed to lift each step heavily dragged myself into the library. The adrenaline was still gushing through my entire body as a unstoppable tide. The continuous sound of srums filled my ears only so they were not drums but the sound of my own heart beat thumping hard against my chest and I felt nauseus. The aftermath of my encounter with Abhay left me abashed.
I could not comprehend - whether these feeling rose displaced effect I revealed once I was sunk under his beauty or simply ... scared.
My senses were sowely returning back and I was begining to feel around me, I managed to slowely unclasp my closed fists and allow the blood to flow through my hands which had turned pale. My palms revealed nail dents from the tight clenching. I finally managed to feel my hand over the smoothness of a polished wooden chair and draw it out to be seated. As I relaxed, the air started to fill my lings again and I could finally feel the coolness of air passing inside me. The tickling affect of adrenaline was moderating. Once the irritating noise of drum bashing stopped my ears picked up sounds other than the rythem of my own heartbeat. I drew my eyebrows closer to concentrate and focus for their sources.
"My Gosh, That Psycho threatened you!" I recognised as Syria's voice.
"Why did he make a big deal of it? It's just a fun column.. no big deal. My theory is that he's cloaking something under his hard shell. We need to find out!" Added Harini.
"No, No , Just leave it! Don't invite trouble !!!" Pleaded Ayesha.
"No way, we're not frightened of him, nor are we going to be intimidated by his threats". Syria tried to pursuade her.
"Don't worry I'm going to keep an eye on this Raichand" Reassuared Harini. 
Diary - I wish I had build up the courage that day to stop Harini...
The girls all left in a single line one after the other. I was still in shock over my own encounter with Abhay. I had a atrocious gut feeling, But I was unable to piece any of it in words. How could I make them understand anything, which was out of my own apprehension.
Another hand on my shoulder startled me, I almost felt my heart jump out an escape from chest. I slowely turned towards the source.. But I was immediately put at ease seeing Anmol's smiling profile towering over me.
"Hi Pia, are you alright?" Said Anmol whilst pulling another chair out and positioned himself opposite me.
"Yeh, yeh.. I'm fine" I hesitated and with a trembling finger pushed a lock of hair away from my face.
"I'm really sorry, I know recently we haven't talked since..." He stopped.
I felt a little uneasy, not because I wasn't prepared to focus on anything else other that Abhay - But because I knew where this conversation was leading.
"It's okay, I understand". I tried to reassuare him.
"You do!" He said in astonishment. "You really do, I mean you forgive me, I know I betrayed everyone's trust" He sounded ashamed.
"You broke Shristi's trust, we are your friends and will not turn our back on our friends.. we have forgiven you, but you can't expect the same from Shrish". I couldn't help being honest.
"I know - I thought he grass will be greener on the other side. I hurt Shrish for no reason. Things between me and Sanchita never really turned out. She was always under C's influence and never spared me any time. I'm feeling bad regarding my treatment towards Shrish". Anmol said regretfully looking down.
"Don't worry Shrish is a big girl, I think we all understood your courtship was very platonic. Besides now she's more chillaxed being single and she'd prefer to remain that way". I said reassauringly but honestly.
"I know, Also Pia just to let you know My sister Pinky and I will be leaving for America next week. Pinky as landed herself a great career opportunity and our parents decided I should finish my studies there too". His voice picked up with enthusiasm.
"That's great! Good for Pinky and I always new she'll fly high with her determination and hardwork. I'm also happy for you aswell,  this is a great opportunity for you too". I added with excitement.
We bid a temporary farewell and Anmol left.
I was about to leave when I heard Nisha from down the corrirdor. I can't say talent, but Nish has the ability to make herself heard before being seen and unfortunatily the library was no exception. As soon as she appeared through the doorway, ten studying heads hushed a 'silent' gesture at her.
"Chill dude's - study wudy karke, Prime Ministers ki job nahin milegi! That was Nisha's reply without any shame.
The rest of the gang tumbled in after her.  Anurag who was completely cemented behind a armful of book bricks left for the silence area closely followed by Chakku to study by themselves. Anurag was really sweet - he occassionally carried Chakku's belongings and books for her too. I'd say ninety percent of college time Anu spent looking after Chakku.
However Chakku was the same, but in more subtle ways. If Anurag didn't attend the lectures, she's take the trouble of writting them up for him herself. Mind you she wasn't very subtle yesterday and emoted a high volume of emotional revalation when Abhay was attempting to fill Anu's gap on the bench. I don't know whether they realise how they perfectly compliment each other. It would be a effortless relationship. I let my thoughts wonder off.
I momentarily started thinking about Abhay and I, If we courted Abhay would be hard maintenance.  How would I deal with his arrogance, secretive behaviour, mood swings, I could bet he had mood swings! But he'd be worth it..
"Oi, Oi, Maam kahan ko gayi? What's wrong with you Pia?" Nisha rudely clicked her fingers in my face.
"Jolly good today's newspapers have arrived, I need them for media studies". Ritzie followed the postman who set the pile on the libarians' counter. Dishu Maam signed for them and placed them next to the journals and flyers.
"Pia, your book is here that you had reserved, wait I'll get it". Dishu Maam left to fetch it.
"Thank you maam, I was really waiting for this book, I'm glad I finally found it, even Papa doesn't hold this one in his collection". I said gratefully.
"I shouldn't tell you this, but Carisma was hogging it on purpose.. finally after a warning letter she returned it, I'm surprised Arnab doesn't have this book - I've seen his collection and It practically gives my library a complex ". Replied Dishu Maam with a warm smile and wink.
"OMG OMG OMG" Ritzie started shouting in the background.
"What happend" Deboleena questioned
"OMG" Ritzie repeated.
Nisha snatched the newspaper from her clutches and examined the 'OMG source'. "OMG" She was startled aswell.
"What's going on - why you all shocked, Kisi celeb ka PDA hai kyaa?". She said snatching the paper from Nisha.
"Read it Shrish, Kya likha hai?" Urged Deboleena desperately.
"I'm trying na wait Debo". Said Shrish whilst carefully examining the article. When she finished reading, everyones eyes with the exception of Ritzie and Nisha, who still stood there like they's seen a ghost, was on Shrish.
Shrish faced her onlookers with a shocked gaze. But with a brace attempt she revealed the news.
"The onetime hit wonder actress recently visiting Dehradun was found murdered in the depths of Dehradun's dark forests"
"Who was it?" I exclaimed
After another long silence Shrish revealed "Vahbizz, Lady VD!"
Update - Part 4
I rotated my key in the door lock to an empty home, Mom was on her usual shopping rounds, Papa at the office. Nishi and Panchi stayed behind at the drama club. Carisma was peeved over the play props, C decided to selfishly leave early whilst the team were summoned to attend to the props again. The pendulum on the Dadaji's clock oscillated, and that was the only noise in the house. I decided to head upstairs to make a early start for tonights send off party for Anmol and Protima (Pinky), starting with a warm shower.
Papa was disapproved towards our attendance at this party simply because of the news four days ago regarding the murder. There hadn't been much coverage on this - as Dehradun's Mayor Kishwer was apprehensive  about drawing negative media attention towards the quiet town of Dehradun, which had been rudely disturbed by the recent event. Deboleena had been following Mayor Kishwer on twitter, where Kishwer  promised strong actions leading into the investigation.
There had been some coverage by SBS with Vahbizz's boyfriend Siddhant karnick. Who stopped for a few words. Siddhanth revealed "It is a great loss for me. I am aware that many people did not like Vahb nor was she very famous. But she was all I had".
SBS pressed him further "You don't appear for interviews as much Sid since this incident?"
To which he replied "Vahb used to pay.. I mean organise for the interviews we had participated in. She was always willing to take every measures to promote us. I know she wasn't considered important by the media, but I hope the police will get results".
I guess Shrish, Ritzie, Harini, Nisha were right in their theories about Vahb paying for the Public display affection interviews she shared with S.Karnick. Harini suggested Sid's words didn't seem to emote genuinity of his affections, and the scariest part was Hudini's magic and Harini's theories never went wrong.
I was urged to attend to my mobile with a loud buzzing sound in my bag. On answering I was pleased to hear Syria's chirpy voice. "Hi Pia, are u going to the party tonight?" She enquired.
"I sure am, and Lady if you kindly make your way over, we'll go together", I invited her.
"Yah no probs, Ayesha and I will be there in an hour. Is Shrish coming?" She asked.
"Yah she will, I think she's letting bygones be bygones. See you girls in an hour". I replied.
Nisha mercilessly let her foot all the way down on the brakes to park, as the car skidded in the parking space with a loud screech. This certainly would have caused Whiplash to those seated without a safety belt. The loud music was sounding from Anmols place. "He's definiately hired a brilliant DJ" An excited Nisha ran towards the entrance. This girl na - has no manners or etiquettes in presenting herself in fashionably through the entrance.
Shrish seemed nervous, which was unusual. But I could guess why.
Anmol recieved us at the door, whilst Nisha had made her way straight to the DJ to dominate him and the music.
Whilst the remaining group gathered around Anmol. I wandered off in a helpless search of someone. Abhay was new in college - would he have been invited? I wondered. Abhay hadn't fited into any group. I felt embarrassed to ask anyone. Just then I heard a forced attention seeking crackle coming from the bar section. No points for guessing it was Carisma trying to attract the attention of a male. Not any male.. But it was Abhay, as he turned round it was obvious to the core he was bored and aggitated. He turned towards Carisma and removed her hand from his shoulder, with an arrogance filled sentance he wiped C's smile right off "Go away, you are harrassing me. I am not a bat and u might be a ball, but stop throwing yourself at me, coz there is no chances for you to score a sixer here". After leaving C gobsmacked he left. Abhay's direction forced him to walk past me as I stood there frozen with the rythem of my heart dancing again. After walking past he took a few steps back looking directly into my eyes. Whenever his eyes bore into mine, I felt exposed, like my emotions and desires for him will flow out of my eyes. He clutched my hand and held it unclasping my fingers which had formed into a nervous fist. He placed his untouched full glass of juice into my hands with a instruction. "Drink it! You need it!" He walked away again.
By the time I couraged up to turn my head in the direction he headed, he'd already dissapeared.
But what I did manage to see was Shrish and Anmol in a civil converstaion. Anmol still in one piece. "Shrish.. you just have to tell me.. once and I'll...". He was interrupted.
"Oh man Shrish stop being a ziddi fool" Nisha ordered her. 
Just then Chakku and Anurag arrived together fashionably late. Whenever Chakku took a ride in Anu's car for some reason his car never picked up speed over 20 MPH. They joined up with the rest of the gang and Chakku took Shrish aside.
"Shrish do you really want Anmol to leave?" Enquired Chakku gently.
"It's not about me, It's about his future" Shrish tried to avoid the blame.
"No - It is about you, he's uncomfortable since.. everything.." Chakku was cut short.
"You don't all have to remind me repeatedly of what happened, he dumped me. I know, I already have forgotten about it. He's a friend now but I can't stop him from leaving". Shrish seemed annoyed.
"Is he just a friend? Have you forgiven him?" Probed Chakku her voice slightly raised.
"Is Anurag - Just your friend Chakku? And yes I have put the past behind me". Replied Shrish matching Chakku's tone.
"This is not about me and Anu". Chakku replied defensively.
"Well be careful coz one day it can be, One can only wait for so long Chakku hanging on a thread of friendship only." Shrish spat turning away to leave.
Chakku grabbed her arm and pulled her back. "You're my best friend, I care about you.. don't get me wrong I just don't want this negativity between our friends group". She almost whispered to Shrish, aware of the near physical proximity of Snig. If Snig caught this conversation - the news would spread more rapidly than the Tsunami.
Shrish finally agreed and the girls re-joined the group. Shrish carried a coy smile aware of Anmols eager eyes awaiting her reply, whilst the others looked on with equal eagerness. Shrish gave Anmol a warm smile, that was a message sent. Anmol's eyes lit up like a hundered fireworks, and returned a equally warm smile back and that was a message recieved. I looked on as a silent spectator, causually sipping the juice Abhay left me with. Anurag put his arm around Chakku, who looked up at him and smiled. He gratefully mouthed a 'Thank you' to her silently and she silently mouthed 'It's okay' back to him. I don't think anyone other than me saw this.
Shrish finally sealed herself back in her gundi self and pointed a charging finger at Anmol. "Just friends - Nothing more - and definately nothing less either". The group started laughing and Anmol nodded his head at her command in acceptance. At least two old friends had been re-united if nothing else. I know that Shrish was rather glad that Anmol had dumped her, she didn't want to compromise on her freedom and their platonic courtship had been sufforcating her. This is something Shrish would never admit too, as she enjoyed playing the 'bechaari' in all of this. But at last all was well.
"Pia, Piaa, Piaaa !!!! Come here!" A familiar voice called out to me.
I turned around to find the commander, and before me I saw a drunk Panchi gesturing crazily for my attention as she was slinging over the lightweight DJ's arm out of control. He looked as though he needed some help under her weight.
"Oh no Panchi's at it again, throwing herself at random men". I couldn't help but speak out.
"I'm sorry... my sister...DJ" I said whilst I strained under Panchi's weight too, finally we managed to get her seated.
"It's okay! I'm not actually a DJ, I'm just helping out.. I'm Neel, Neel Khurrana". He reached out his hand to greet me.
Panchi cut in whilst slurping on the remains of her drink. "She's Pia.. my litttle sister, and this is Neel I just met him, he's my boyfriend. My sweetie pie, my baby..." she stopped to slurp again.
"I'm sorry this is the drink talking Neel..." I was cut short.
"No, No Pia, Panchi is a really nice girl, I'll be taking her out so I guess I'll be seeing you around." Replied Neel wrapping his arm around Panchi's shoulder to support her balance.
I was shocked, All the boys considered Panchi ugly, obese and hideous. Despite being a Dobriyal Panchi never received a single proposal. If any guy has taken her somewere it was for one thing only. Panchi suffered from low confidence hence ended up drunk at parties and threw herself at everyone. But Neel did not look like someone who'd have shortage of pretty admirers, why would he date Panchi? These were not mean thoughts, but I cared for my sister. Panchi snapped into my thoughts. "Pia don't wait up! I'll be with Neel tonight - all night!" She chirped excited.
" can't..." I couldn't manage the words, my tongue and mind had lost connection like someone had come in and snapped the electrical connection off between them.
"She'll be fine, don't worry Pia". Neel said calmly with a wink for reassuarance
I walked away.. and when I glanced back I saw then entwined in a passionate embrace. Seemed that Neel did care for Panchi, for real. I had to be happy for her. Maybe this time she had found someone genuine.
We bid our farewell to just one voyager. Pinky had awaited this moment since .. forever. A dream job in a dream state. Finally her hardwork paid off. She had been the heart and soul of the party all evening. I was extremely happy that her excitement had not been dented by Anmols choice of not joining her. I think she may have preffered it this way as Pinky was the independent sort.
It was already past midnight, Papa had given tight instructions to have been home by twelve due to the recent news. Syria and Ayesha decided to stay at the party longer. Shrish had joined Anurag and Chakku, Kebaab mein Gundi!
That left me, Nisha and a speeding car to get home. I tussled with Nisha to remove her off the dance floor and get into the car to drive us home. "Where's Panchi?" She said whilst examining the back seat visually. "Er she's spending the night with Neel, you kow - the usual story". I had to be honest.. I couldn't at this point mention that I though Neel was an alright guy, that we'd know more about in the morning, once Panchi sobered up.
"That Despo man! She's such a fat dissapointment! An embarassment!". Nisha spat, raging with anger she slammed the key into the ignition and turned it. The engine only chugged, "Damn this Katara!". She repeatedly kept trying as though she was desperate to get out of there and put a million miles between herself and Panchi.
Abhay manouvered his car out of the parking space and must've heard Nisha's frantic cries and a angry engine chugging back at her every attempt to ignite it. He parked parallel with our Katara.
"That thing won't start - not today anyway... If you want, take a ride in a real car, He gestured to his passenger seat inviting us with a lift. "No Thank you". Came Nishi's answer ungratefully.
It was getting late, "Nisha - Abhay is right, let's just go with him". I tried to reason with her.
"You know what you can go, Panchi leaves with a random guy, you can go with Mr Arrogant Attitude! Leave me out of it!" She was annoyed.
"Well in that case you can give my regards to Vahbizz!" Replied Abhay with a sly smirk.
"What do you mean.." I asked, feeling the goosebumps forming.
"Well - ladies shouldn't be travelling by themselves this late, alone in the Dehradun Jungles. Don't you watch  the news or were you waiting for a demo?". He opened the central lock, silently inviting us again.
"Damn you Raichand!". Nisha spat again.
"He's right Nisha - Let's go". I tried to pursuade her again, whilst getting out of the car.
At last Nisha decided to join us. I sat in the front and Nisha slouched in then back seat. I tugged at the safety belt unsuccessfully. "Allow me". Abhay moved in towards me, stretching his arm infront of me to release the strap, and brought it accross me. His hand brushed my bare thighs under my short dress as he fastened the seat belt in. I felt my cheeks turn red hot.
Finally we were on the road and Nisha was in a strop. "Raichand - does your Lexus have speed control? Come on man! even my car in it's stationary status would get us home quicker that your Katara! Jitna atitude tum dikhate ho - let your car match it!" Nisha threw in her nasty remark.
I flicked a dirty look towards Nish.
Abhay examined his backseat passenger through the rearview mirror, his jaw twitched, an eyebrow raised, and a nod off the head indicated the challenge was on! We were in for a speed drive. Abhay thumped down on the accelerator all the way. I held onto the door handle, I couldn't manage to find the words to slow him down. The car swirled and swayed in every direction, i couldn't make out the road ahead but I prayed Abhay knew where he was heading. There was a loud thud! My heart almost leaped out of my chest. I felt he'd hit something. Abhay slammed on the brakes, there was another thud.
I looked back to check in on Nish, who had been slammed forward hanging on the back of Abhays seat looking rather Giddy, with the mess of her hair consealing her face, I have to admit she did look a scary sight. 
"Dude". She let out a small cry, letting us know she's consious at least. mystery solved the thud times two was Nisha being slammed accross, as she was without a safety belt. I should have felt sorry for her, but I didn't - It was her own fault! Abhay strated the engine again and Nish decided to wear the belt this time. Oh I hated her for this!
Eventually we reached home, My night in shinning armour brought us back home unharmed... well he brought me back home unharmed anyways. 
Diary... Who'd have thought what my night in shinning armour would turn out to be like.
The Raichand's family friends have thrown a party in celebration of of wedding.  Abhay verbaly threw the instruction manual at me on 'How to behave' at the party. How can I cloak my feelings and emotions and paint a fake smile? How can I celebrate a union which is tearing me apart? How can I pretend to be unhappy, when every moment of my life I spend petrified.
How will I do it?  

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Minnie. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 4:17pm | IP Logged
i sure am
its soo boring
as u can c lol
thanks 4 replyin
Minnie. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 03 September 2010
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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 4:18pm | IP Logged
im always pressin lyk on ur post now
i really wont u to be in one of the top ten in hall of fame llol
Minnie. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 03 September 2010
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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 4:28pm | IP Logged
im eatin a gingerbread man yummmmm
looks lyk this gingerbread man cant run
cause i caught him lol
Minnie. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 03 September 2010
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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 4:38pm | IP Logged
carisma sis
where u gone???
dont leave me lol
Minnie. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 03 September 2010
Posts: 9578

Posted: 26 January 2011 at 5:28pm | IP Logged
alright guys im tired
i need to sleep
i got school 2mrwz aswel
night night everyone
Minnie. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 03 September 2010
Posts: 9578

Posted: 26 January 2011 at 5:29pm | IP Logged

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