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FF(M&G)"Two broken hearts fall in love" ~THREAD 1~ (Page 95)

muskaan_cute19 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 February 2011 at 5:22am | IP Logged
ooooooooooo how long to update the bnext part du update soon na

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update sooon....we r waiting here!!!!!!

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waitingggg waitingggg waitingggg waitingggg waitingggg waitingggg waitingggg waitingggg

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Waiting (: please update soon :D

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Sorry for the long wait....i have updated an extra extra long update as a reward for your patience and support. Luv u guysEmbarrassed.Leave comments and let me know if you like where i am taking this track.

Vicky: Sorry baba I was just joking' Come on give me a hug. Part 1 of our plan is successful now

 the real fun will begin from tomorrow.

Vicky and Daadi hug'
Vicky: You just leave the rest up to me. I will make Maan and Geet not only accept their feelings 

for one another, but make sure they express it to one another.
"ab ayega maaza"! (Vicky naughtily smiles).

Part: 17
An unknown feeling 
Maan's alarm rings at 6:30 a.m.  He gets up and heads to the gym room.
Maan is doing his tai chi and with every move only geet and her words echo in his head.
"thank you for making it clear of how egotistical, narcissistic, and insensitive you are" echoed in his

 head as he throws a kick into the air.
"I even bet no woman has ever fallen in love with you, even if they have than probably for your

 money or looks, because there is nothing else you contain for people to love" echoed in his head

 and that is when he chops a wooden table in half with his hand.

Maan: Geet you don't know anything about me. You know nothing about my past. And so simply

 and easily you spoke those words.
Is there really nothing in me for people to fall in love with??? Do I really only contain looks and

 money? Maan almost whispers.
No it is not true! It can't be true. Geet I know you wouldn't of have said that if you really knew the real me.

Maan scoffed at his own thought. The real me? The real me died 4 years ago. 
But still I won't come to you or show you anything in order to clear my name.  You yourself will

 soon realize you are wrong.

Maan than goes and gets ready to go to work.
Maan is about to leave when Daadi catches him.

Daadi: Maan aren't you forgetting something.

Maan: Forgetting something'?(maan says a little confused).
But then Daadi points at Vicky who is dressed in business attire sitting on the sofa.

Vicky to himself: oh that's my cue.
Vicky: "Maan Bhai I can't believe you are making me go to work with you now" he says with a

 whiny voice. 

Maan to himself: Oh I forget about Vicky.
Maan: Oh yeah Daadi I didn't forget. And Vicky maybe going to work will knock in some sense and

 responsibility into you.

Vicky: But bhai (Vicky says a little dramatically)

Maan: No come on let's go. You don't want to be late for your first day.

Vicky: Fine, Only on one condition, could I get a hot secretary?

Maan rolls his eyes: You can have mine.

Daadi:Oh so u think geet is hot, but your still can't get along with her? 

Maan: Get along? Maan laughs. We can't stand in a room for more than 5 minutes without getting into a fight.

Vicky: Bhai, than she must be really hot because you still haven't fired her now have you?( Vicky naughtily smiles).

Maan: Oh my God Vicky'What is wrong with you. Is there anything in your mind other than girls?

Maan: Don't even answer'I don't think I want to hear the answer.
Okay let's go we are getting late.

Vicky winks at daadi and then leaves with Maan.
Geet is about to enter into Khurana Constructions but she is hesitating. 
As soon as I find another job, than I will never have to see his face again.  How could he play with

 my feelings like that?

Geet enters KC and is about to enter into her cabin when Vicky bumps into her.

Vicky: I am so sorry Miss. Are you okay? I wasn't watching where I was going.
Geet: No I am okay.
Vicky: Here let me give you a hand.

That is when Maan walks in and see's Vicky touching and helping geet get up.
Maan's fists unconditionally start to turn into fists and he starts to feel this unknown feeling, called jealousy.

Vicky notices.

Vicky to himself: Wow bhai, you haven't seen nothing yet. By the look on your face it looks like you

 want to rip my head off.  But I am going to take you up on that offer and will gladly have Geet as

 my secretary. Maybe jealousy will help you accept and admit your feelings. (Vicky says with a

Vicky: Oh hey Bhai there you are.

Geet looks over to see who Vicky was talking about.  Geet couldn't believe her eyes or her ears.

  Did she hear it right? This nice gentleman is Maan's brother?

Geet: Ummm your Maan sir's brother. Well than nice to meet you I am Maan's secretary, Geet.

Vicky gladly shakes Geet's hand and from the corner of his eyes could see maan burning with


Vicky: I am Vicky, and starting from today I will also be working here along maan.
I have to say, Bhai, you are a very lucky man to have such a beautiful woman as Geet working with you.

Geet blushes and that infuriates maan even more.

Maan to himself: She is blushing and that because of Vicky!!
"When ever your done flirting Vicky come over to my office" maan says before storming passed

 geet with blood shot eyes. 

Geet: Flirting?What is wrong with him? is he ever in a good mood?

Vicky: uhh u know I actually miss maan bhai's fun side.

Geet: Maan I mean maan sir had a fun side?( geet says laughing).

Vicky: Oh yeah, u know if you really get to know him you may get surprised (Vicky grins).
In fact you will see very soon for your self what i am talking about.

Geet was getting a little confused by Vicky's words.

Well it was nice meeting you Ms.Geet.  I have to go to Maan bhai now before he explodes on me.

Geet just smiles. she liked Vicky a lot. He reminded her a lot of her own deceased younger


Vicky enters maan's cabin.

Maan doesn't even notice Vicky coming in.

Maan is looking out the window running his hand through his hair.  He didn't know why he felt so angry.

Vicky thinks "time to have some fun".

Vicky: Maan Bhai I hope you are not thinking about geet because all I can say is WOW she is

 SEXY. If you don't like her than you wouldn't have a problem if you know I go out with her and stuff.

Maan just looks at Vicky and that look almost made Vicky cry. 

Maan: Vicky stay in your limit. I did not bring you here to check out my staff. Now sit down and let

 me explain to you what you will be doing now at KC.

Vicky to himself: Gosh so possessive! But I shouldn't push maan bhai so least not yet.
Vicky: Bhai it is lunch time. Can I go grab something to eat. 

Maan: Sure you go ahead

Vicky: Aren't you going to come with me?

Maan: No, I am kind of busy right now. I have a meeting soon.(Maan was looking through this file).

Vicky: okay I will see you soon.

Vicky knows his brother is looking over him so he heads over to geet's cabin.
Geet was standing on her chair trying to get a file out of the top shelf.

" Hey Geet it is lunchtime do you want to go grab something to eat?" Vicky says as he walks into

 her cabin.

Vicky: Oh my God what are you doing?  Get down from there before you fall.

Geet: I will get down as soon as I get this file out for maan sir.

Vicky: If you don't get down now than I will go call maan bhai?

Geet: Go call your maan bhai I am not scared of him!

Geet says loudly almost the whole office could here.

Vicky: okayyy'there is so something going on between you two so defensive!!!

Geet got angry hearing that and she pointed her finger in the air and said "There is nothing going

 on'" Geet couldn't even finish her sentence all she could feel is slipping from the chair and

 falling into someone's arms.
Geet was on top of Vicky and her hair were covering part of her face, which was pink from


" Geet can you bring me that '.file" maan voice lowers as his eyes slowly takes in the image of

 geet on top of Vicky on the ground.

Geet straightens up and says sorry to Vicky.

Maan takes her pink and flushed face of embarassment as blush and shyness.

Maan was almost trembling in anger.  His heart was aching. He felt hurt. He felt his sole crushed.

And the only way he could get out his pain was through expressing his anger and that is exactly

 what he does.

"  I must say Ms. Geet you really love falling into the arms of the khurana brothers" Maan says a little harshly.

Geet just gasps.  What is wrong with maan today.  His words were piercing right through geet's heart.

Vicky knew that his brother was jealous and hurt seeing geet in his arms and instead of accepting

 that he liked geet and was jealous he was taking out his anger on geet.

Vicky: Maan how could you say that.  Geet was only'


Maan: Not another word from you Vicky! I don't need an explanation.  I know the true nature of

 woman especially geet's true nature.

Geet couldn't take it anymore.  She walks up to maan's side and maan looks the other way.
She was tearing up a little. 

" Well than I am thankful to God that this time it was Vicky and not you.  And I also pray that for the

 future times that I do fall into the arms of a khurana that it be Vicky again and not you! " geet fires

 back at maan.

She leaves not even giving a glance back to maan who stood rooted in his place.

Vicky: What was that supposed to mean maan? What the hell is wrong with you?
What is up with you and your hurtful snide remarks. this time Geet didn't even do anything wrong.

Maan: shut up Vicky! This is my entire fault.  I should have never allowed you to come work here

 again.  It has only been a couple of hours and you're already touching the women here.

Vicky gasps. He was a little hurt from his brother's words. He is trying to help maan, but was

 getting hurt himself during the process. But he knew maan was just angry.

Vicky: Maan I may be attracted to woman a lot but I do have my limits, which you crossed today.
Instead of taking out your anger on people it will just be easier to ask yourself what is really

 bothering you? Why are you so angry and hurt?

Maan: kya baqavas hai.

Vicky: you are my older brother maan.  I have grown up with you and I know that when you feel

 hurt you take out your pain and anger on that person. So ask yourself what has geet done that

 you feel so hurt and angry.

Maan: This has nothing to do with geet. What do you think that my life revolves around her!

Vicky chuckles.   

Vicky: As a matter of fact it has everything to do with geet maybe that is why you can't see any

 other person touch her. 

This morning and right now when i touched geet you became angry and gave rude remarks.

You put such a good and fake image that you hate geet, but I would like to put my life on the line

 that your lying!

 Excuse me now because I have to go find Geet!


Vicky leaves the room leaving a fuming and engaged maan battling with himself and his


All Vicky could here was the breaking of glass as he leaves the cabin.

Vicky: Now where is geet?

Vicky looks behind the car's window and see's a black mercedez.

Vicky: I knew it bro you would follow me, especially when I said I will go find geet.  You can't see

 geet with another person.  You can tolerate someone getting close to her.  But still you won't admit

 to yourself that you're falling in love with her.

Maan to himself: where is Vicky going with geet?

He quickly calls adi.

Maan: Adi cancel any meeting I have in the next hour.  I am going out.

Maan quickly follows behind Geet and Vicky, but makes sure that he does not get noticed by them.

Or at least that's what he thought.  Vicky knew his brother is out there somewhere watching them.

HIt the like button if you liked the updateSmile

Previous Part~Vicky to the Rescue
Next Part~ Old Memories

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vicky is too good......... maan is so jealous Evil Smile.........but he shouldnt have said tht to geet. Cry......... cant wait to read more Smile

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loved the update vicky is making maan jealous..................but he needs to control his cont soon

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