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FF(M&G)"Two broken hearts fall in love" ~THREAD 1~ (Page 71)

Mrs.ZSK IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 February 2011 at 2:55pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by doosheeka



thx for such a lovely comment. that's what maaneet does to people gets u hooked on real tight. 

Mrs.ZSK IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 February 2011 at 2:58pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -shamima-

Haha so maan is thinkin about geet but in denial and vicky gave maan the necklace how significant and haha he chose dare because in truth he would have to answer a question about geet but the dare made him more closer to geet and atleast it was no manisha and he got to dance with his angelic beauty and haha vicky got rid of dadi so she doesnt witness the kiss lol and ooh unknowingly he kissed her because he wanted to but oh oh geet upset and maan not moving from his position anyways great update and ooh interesting precap can wait to read it Smile

lol. I would of have been a very ugly night if would of been manisha. i don't think maan could handle least not yet.  He is still in the process of changing. Thx for such a lovely and long comment. I happy u liked the update.

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Mrs.ZSK IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by divareena

Awww he wears the blazer geet got for him. I am sure geet will change you maan.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed


Love the way Vicky taunts maan about him being scared of playing truth and dare game.LOLLOLLOL


Loved vickys dare and am waiting for Geet to enter. ClapMe too hoping that it is geet who enters and not a guy. Can you imagine maan's reaction then.ROFLROFLROFL


Maan is in shock after seeing the beautiful geet, I am sure he is not going to mind kissing Geet and to dance with her. EmbarrassedEmbarrassed


Geet thinks maan looks handsome too.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed Uff why do they have to argue,D'oh love how maan just takes her to the dancefloor.ClapClapClap


Loool even dadi gatecrashed the party. ROFLYey he kisses her but geet is upset. Cry

If i would of been a guy, than boy would it of have been an ugly night.  Maan is still in the process of changing so i don't think he would of have been able to control and handle himself if he had to perform the dare with a guy..well at least not yet because he is still in the process of changing.

Yea geet is upset and u will find out why in the next update. thx for such a lovely and long comment. i always love reading ur comments. they always bring a smile onto my face. 
Mrs.ZSK IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 February 2011 at 3:55pm | IP Logged
Thank you guys a millions times for your lovely comments. I actually took the time and replied to most of you guys' comments. 

And that is when he makes his move and kisses geet. Geet was so overwhelmed with her emotions at that moment that she didn't even protest and allowed maan to invade her mouth.

Maan than realizes was he was doing and breaks away from Geet.
Tears started to well up in geet's eyes and before she could allow them to be seen by anybody she runs away'away from maan and the dance floor.
Vicky thinks to himself: Well that didn't go as expected. Crap Geet is upset'. Maan bhai please go after her'
"Why the hell is he just standing there...?"..come on bro move'your girl is leaving'

" The Hidden Emotional turmoil"
Geet had to leave'.she didn't know why but she felt hurt.  One-second maan is angry and fights with her and the next second he dances and kisses her, but she kissed him back!  Her tears were from the inner conflict she had with herself'was she falling for maan???
She didn't know if she could allow herself to fall in love again'
The last time she fell in love Dev ripped her heart into pieces'and threw it right back at her face' She knew her heart would not be able to tolerate another heartbreak again'
She runs up the terrace and looks up at the stars in the sky'tears were rolling down her eyes'the more she thought about maan the more she began to feel attracted to him'his smile, his cute ego, his hot muscular body, his sensuous touch on her lips'.
She screams, "NOOOOOO I won't let this happen"'I will stay away from him'I will find another job if I have too'but I definitely won't give in to my feelings!
After seeing tears in geet's eyes before she ran off brought this new type of pain into maan's heart'He couldn't bear seeing geet in pain.
Those tears were because of him'.was because of the way he treated geet without her consent'
Maan thought to himself: Ughhhhhhhh what is wrong with me'.why kind of monster did I become tonight?
I have to find geet I have to apologize'.
As maan starts looking for geet he bumps into Vicky.
Maan: Vicky have you seen where geet went??? Please tell me where she went'I messed up'I need to apologize'
Vicky to himself: Bro you have never said sorry in your life'but now you are going to apologize for the first time and that too for a girl.
Vicky was very happy'he was right.  Maan is changing and that too because of geet.
Vicky: I think I saw her go up the terrace'hey bro I am really sorry because of the stupid dare this happened.
Maan: Don't blame yourself I was the one who acted like a jerk towards her'
Then he leaves' going up towards the terrace.
Maan see's geet. she was looking at the stars and was still crying'
Geet did not know what life wanted from her'why did she have to go through so much pain?
Maan feels even guiltier. He goes closer to geet until he is facing her.
Maan takes a huge breath and with a weak voice says, "Geet'"
Geet froze hearing his voice. 
Maan: Geet'.i am'.I am sorry.
Geet to herself: "did maan just apologize"???
This was not helping her situation right now'.she wanted to hate maan like she did the first day she met him.
But no'she was loosing herself to him'
But geet still manages to say "Maan please just go away'"
Maan: Geet please stop crying I can't see you in pain.
Geet to herself: " He can't see me in pain"'.no no no he is supposed to hate me not care for me.
Geet: why do you even care about me?
Maan didn't even know the answer to that question'.why did he care? All he knew or understood at that moment was that he is suffering seeing geet in pain.
Maan wipes her tears away with his fingers'
Geet holds her breath'she could feel herself loosing herself with his touch.
Geet: Don't touch me'
Maan: Geet I said I was sorry'you don't have to forgive me just please stop crying'it hurts me to see you in pain'..i am sorry that I was such a jerk to you tonight'.i don't know what came over me.
Geet had to control herself'she had to control her feelings that she had for him.
Geet: You want to stop seeing me in pain'than that can only be possible if you stay away from me.  I do not want to have anything to do with you. You are the reason I am in pain!
Maan was shocked'Geet's words were piercing through him.
Geet could see how his words hurt maan, but she had to.
Maan: Fine'if it makes you feel better'than I will go away from you'I will stay away from you.  I didn't know that just by seeing my face it brings you pain Geet? Maybe you should of thought of that instead of kissing me back!
Maan leaves'he was hurt'but he didn't know why??? Didn't he hate girls 'so shouldn't he not care what Geet thought of him?
NO, it was okay for him to hate girls but not for girls to hate him, especially this particular girl'.He was never used to it'Girls went fida over him'
Maan is getting angrier by the second'
He goes back inside but the party is over and everyone seems to have gone home.
He gets a glass of whine and quickly gulps it down his throat.
Geet's words echoed in his head' "why do you even care about me.I do not want to have anything to do with you. You are the reason I am in pain"!!!!
Maan: What is happening to me'Why do I care if Geet hates me?? Why does it hurt me to see geet in pain?
"Pyaar" he hears a voice say'
Maan's heart felt like it skipped a few beats'.He gasps as the shock of  hearing that word 'that specific word.
Maan: Who said that?!!!
Voice: Why Maan Singh Khurana are you scared that you are falling in love again??
Maan: Shut up'.Just shut up'I am not FALLING IN LOVE!!!!
Voice: You can lie to other people, but you can't lie to yourself.
Maan: Who are you?? if your man enough show your face.
Voice: man enough?(he chuckled)

I am over her'look at the mirror' I am you'your inner conscious. I know you more than you know yourself.
Maan: This is all fake'nothing of this is real or true.
Voice: Oh yeah 'than Can you give me another reason for why you suffer when you see Geet in tears'you barely even know her?
Can you tell me why for the first time you apologized and that to geet?
Can you tell me why you were worried about her and had to drop her off at her house tonight?
Can you tell me why your really wearing the necklace, smiling lately, and thinking about geet?
Ohhh and MOST IMPORTANTLY can you tell me why you really danced and kissed her tonight?!!!!
You can't '. you have no answer'because your in LOVE.
"PYAAR" "MOHABBAT" "JAZBAAT" the things you buried 4 years ago'the thing you swore never to experience again'.well let me tell you'you can't run away from it anymore'Because Geet has revived those feelings in you again'
Maan:NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! He screamed as the veins in his forehead pulsated, his heart broke, and muscles ached.
Maan gets the whine glass and throws it at the mirror!
Bang!!!! The pieces of glass splatter everywhere'Just like his heart once did.
Maan breaks down'and falls on his knees'for the first time there were tears in his eyes'the emotions and tears that he has kept inside of himself for 4 years was bursting out of him'
Maan: I will never make my heart go through another possible heartbreak'I won't make myself weak in the name of LOVE again.
I DON'T LOVE GEET. I will stay away from her'I will stay away just like she wants me too!
YOU HERE ME'I WILL STAY AWAY!!! (tears rolling down his eyes).
Can't you let me live in peace'.what have I done wrong in this world to deserve so much pain?
Someone was watching'it was none other than Vicky'For the first time he has found himself so helpless'He couldn't go wipe off the very first tears that he has ever seen his big brother shed. 
He had to let his brother release the pain, hurt, emotions, and tears he has been holding back for 4 years now.
The emotional turmoil that his brother carried and was fighting inside got unleashed tonight.
Vicky to himself: I promise you bro'I will help you.  You deserve happiness'you deserve love'but you are not willing to accept it because of the pain it brought you the first time.
Except the love I see in both your eyes and Geet eyes are true love.  You both just need to listen to your hearts instead of your minds'You have to accept the fact that love is not all about heartbreak. 
You want piece bro??? the only way is to let the love that once broke your heart to heal your heart'.you have to let geet's love heal your heart.
I promise you Maan Bhai and Geet that I will show you guys what true love is and what you mean to each other.
Vicky wipes off the tears in his eyes!


"3 days'God damn it, it has been 3 days and maan is still not here!" geet thinks.
" Of course Geet. It is Maan Singh Khurana we are talking about.   The person who thinks he is God and can do whatever he wants'Why would he care if you are going crazy from worrying about him" Geet rants inside her cabin.

(hmmmmmm geet worrying now what could that mean???LOL)

Okay.....don't throw any chappals at me! plz....

u guys knew that this was bound to happen. i mean the whole point of the title is that they have broken hearts and that their not going to just easily fall back in love right now both of them are in denial. They need time to heal and accept...especially geet it has just been a few days. so bear with me i hope i did not destroy the whole kurbaan hua dance and kiss mood.  There will be fun and new twists coming up...especially now that  vicky has made a vow!

Hit the like button if you liked the update or if ur not mad at meLOL.

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lovely update dear........ClapClapClap
Clapseems like next part is about geet's realization of her love

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Loved it..... Awesome update.
kahkashansakina IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome update...
know geet worrying.
pls cont soon
cyum321 IF-Dazzler

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Loved it

poor soulsCry

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