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FF(M&G)"Two broken hearts fall in love" ~THREAD 1~ (Page 50)

Mrs.ZSK IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 January 2011 at 3:15pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sai22789

any chance of update now?

sorry for the long wait.i have been quite busy.  i will have the next update up in half an hour hopefully.

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..shreyaa.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 January 2011 at 3:18pm | IP Logged
Yayy Waiting!Day Dreaming

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chsweety22 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by zeynab111

Originally posted by sai22789

any chance of update now?

sorry for the long wait.i have been quite busy.  i will have the next update up in half an hour hopefully.

thank u so much...!!!
eagerly waitingSmile
mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 January 2011 at 3:34pm | IP Logged
Hey I don't know if I made a comemnt on the last chapter lol
If I did than here is another one lol
Maan is going to make her life hell hehehe Can't wait
Dadima is awsm always love it when she plays cupid hehe
Geet is so funny  in the precap
Can't wait
and I am so happy that you are updating sooonn! Embarrassed

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mitzi11 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 January 2011 at 3:42pm | IP Logged
waiting waiting zeynab

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mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 January 2011 at 3:46pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sharmake11

waiting waiting zeynab

omg is that john in your profile pic??

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mitzi11 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 January 2011 at 3:50pm | IP Logged
omg is that john in your profile pic??
yeah its him but dont say  yu love him his my dream guy its a;ready booked sis

Edited by sharmake11 - 30 January 2011 at 3:51pm

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Mrs.ZSK IF-Sizzlerz

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Daadi: What's done is done'.there is no point in arguing now. Geet is not such a bad girl for you to not be able to work with her. She has already signed a contract and I don't want you to fire her for no apparent reason'I am your daadi so what I say goes'

Maan thinks to himself: So her name is GEET'
Maan then hangs up the phone'.
Maan: Daadima you said I can't fire geet 'but I could always make her want to resign'(evil grin on his face).

Part 11:

Maan's change of heart

As Geet is heading towards her cabin'she bumps into someone by accident.
Sasha: Can u at least watch where u go'
Sasha looks up and sees it's Geet'
Sasha: Oh it's you'I don't think we have been formally introduced.
Geet: Oh I am Geet'Maan sir's new secretary.
Sasha: Oh I know exactly who you are and how you got this job'by sucking up to Maan's daadima'you think just by using your innocent but cunning look you can win MK's family and not to mention MK's heart ? Well than let me warn you to stay away'or I will be your worst nightmare.
Geet: You got it all wrong'I am not after Maan sir'and believe me I will never fall for a guy like him..
Sasha: Please don't try to fool me. Just consider yourself warned.
Sasha just leaves'leaving a puzzled Geet.
Geet goes inside her cabin and sits on her chair.  She has no idea what she has gotten herself into.

She starts to feel bored after awhile and out of boredom starts to spin in her chair'She was kind of enjoying it.  After a couple of seconds she sees maan's face as she spins'at first she thinks she is imagining his face'but soon she finds herself flying out of the chair as Maan grabs hers wrist and she bangs into him.
Maan: If you're done visiting your lala land than can you get back to your work?
Geet: If I had work to do than you wouldn't be asking me this question.
Maan thinks himself: I will give you so much work that you yourself will decide to quit.
Maan: oh so you want work'theek hai'
First go call Mr.Sharma and tell him that I would like to meet him regarding the mall project.
Second, bring me Mr.Chopra's file.
Third, go make some black coffea for me.
Fourth, I need you to organize all the files that we have in the storeroom by today.
Geet: Is there a fifth'sir???(Trying to hide the anger in her voice).
Maan: No that will be all. You can go NOW..
Maan: Let's see how long you last Ms. Geet.
To Maan's surprise Geet was accomplishing what ever he told her to do with no difficulty and it seemed that it was not affecting her at all.
Maan did not like the fact that he was losing.
He was loosing his mind and concentration'He did not know why but he kept on feeling restless and until he checked through his window to see that Geet was fine than that is when he became a little calmer.

That's how the day passed and it became 7:00 p.m.
Geet took a huge breath as she put the last file in its right place in the storeroom.
Adi came to check on Geet.
Adi: wow geet'it has only been your first day, but you have done a fabulous job.
Geet: Thank you'it was all because of your training.
Adi: Uh now you're giving all the credit to me'when it's you who deserves applause for not being fired on your first day by our boss.
Geet just laughs'
Maan notices geets laughs and can't seem to stop taking his eyes off her.
Maan snaps out of his thoughts'.great she did everything right and she is laughing too. She will so want to resign in the morning(maan says sarcastically).
Adi: Let's go geet its 7:00.
Geet: I will go whenever maan sir leaves since I am his secretary.
Adi: wow'a very loyal secretary. Okay then I will see you tomorrow morning.
Geet: Bye adi sir.
Geet goes to her cabin and sees that maan is still working.
After thirty minutes maan notices that he has to be home soon becomes of Vicky's birthday party.
He looks over and sees Geet is still here???
Maan heads over to Geet cabin'and Geet quickly gets up.
Maan: uhh why are you still here'All employees leave at 7:00.
Geet: Well I thought since I am your secretary I have to stay till you leave'so if you need anything or if anything comes up I could do it for you.
Maan was speechless'.She was taking her job so seriously'so far she has been one of the best secretaries he has ever had'.He was having second thoughts about making her resign'maybe he could be able to work with her after all.
Maan: uhh well I am leaving now so you can also leave.
Geet: okay sir.
Geet decides to walk home.  She thought that she needs some fresh air and some time to think about where her fate has brought her so far and is planning to take her.
Maan notices and comes up with his Mercedes and rolls down the window.
Maan: Geet, get inside I will drop you at your place.

Geet to herself: Will he ever let me have some peace?
Geet: No thank you'I can manage to get home myself.
Maan: Geet stop being so stubborn'it is not safe to be walking home at night.
Geet was getting annoyed.

Geet: Well than I rather take that chance than get in a car with you!
That did it Maan comes out of his car and drags her to the passenger side.  He forcibly buckles her up and then sits in the driver's side and drives. 
Maan: Geet where do you live?
Geet plays the silent treatment and turns her head and looks outside the window.
Maan: Geet I am talking to you?
Geet: and I am not talking to you.
Maan: you just did so hurry up and till me wear to drop u off.
Geet gives up. She is already in his car so there was no point of being stubborn.
Geet: Take a left.and then after 3 traffic lights take a right.
Maan: see that wasn't so bad now was it.
Geet still decides not to speak to him.
Maan breaks suddenly and stops the car.
Geet jerks and then screams
Maan covers her mouth and then they both get lost in each other's eyes.
Maan realizes what he is doing and backs off a little

Maan: Geet why are you acting like a little kid.
I am trying to be a gentleman here and drop you off at your place and instead of a thank you, you're treating me like this.
Geet: Gentleman's don't force others like they own them.
Maan actually felt a little guilty and just continues to drive.
Maan to himself: This girl always makes me think that I am wrong.
Maan finally reaches her place.
Geet steps out of the car but before she can leave'maan grabs her hand
Geet turns around.
Maan: I never thanked you that day at the mall. Thank you for giving me that necklace .
Geet: That's nice to hear maan sir'especially coming from you.
Geet decided to leave again'but maan grabs her hand again'
Geet: now what???
Maan: Good night.
Geet: Good night maan sir.
Maan lets her go'but he still can't keep his eyes off her'.There was something special about her.
Maan snaps out of his thoughts'Did I just thank a girl??? Me'Maan singh khurana' This girl is seriously going to drive me crazy.
Geet gets inside her apartment'and as soon as she gets in the phone starts ringing. She quickly heads for the telephone, but along the way she bangs her foot on the chair and as she turns the phone on she screams " oOUCHHHHH"
Daadi: Geet ??? Ab theek tho hai na????
Geet: daadi'Namaste'yes I am okay I just banged my foot as I came rushing to get the phone.
Geet: Be careful Geet'anyways I called you to invite you tonight to a party we are having at our house.
Geet thought to herself: Party'I love parties and I could so use some time to relax and loosen up..but that would mean that there is a Party at maan sir's house'oh no no '.last time i went to his house i came out crying. i want to relax not get hurt.
Geet: a party I don't think I could come'.is it vicky's birthday party?
Daadi: Yes, how did you know? Did Maan tell you but not invite you?
Geet: no I..... (geet did not want to tell daadi how she found out from maan at the mall yesterday).
NO people were talking about it at the office.
Daadi: Okay the party starts in one hour so get ready and come and we can talk more in person.
Geet: daadi I don't think I can come'it is such a short notice and I am not ready and I don't even have a gift for Vicky.
Daadi: Don't you worry about a thing. I have gotten a gift that you can give Vicky'.and just put something on and come'Please I really want to see you again.(more like I really want you and maan to see each other again she thinks to herself).
Geet: Okay I will come'(She couldn't refuse'I mean it was because of her she got a job'but she started to regret it the second she agrees).
Daadi: that is great I will be waiting for you.
Geet: this is just awesome'what am I even supposed to wear?
That is when geet remembers the white sari she had bought yesterday.
"I guess I will wear that white sari"'I hope I don't bump into maan or I won't hear the end of it'
Vicky: Are you scared of a dare Maan bhai.
Maan: Maan Singh Khurana is not scared of anything.
Vicky: Okay than I dare you to kiss and dance with the next person who walks through the door.
Maan: what your insane!!! What if it's a guy'
Vicky: I thought you were up for the challenge and is not scared'The Maan Singh Khurana I used to know would never back down from a challenge.
Maan: I will show you Vicky'.I am still that Maan Singh Khurana'I have never changed and I don't plan on ever changing!(Maan praying that it is not a guy!)
Can you guys guess who will walk through the doors???'

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Previous Part~Maan in a Dilemma

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