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FF(M&G)"Two broken hearts fall in love" ~THREAD 1~ (Page 132)

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Maan quickly just throws the journal to the side as it brought back memories of his pain and suffering.
Maan: I don't want to relive my pain.  I don't. (maan whispers with pain in his voice).
But geet what happened to you?

"Geet's Journal"

Maan is looking out the window letting the fresh air calm his mind and soul. But still the image of cheerful geet and the lines written in blood kept popping into his head.
"This geet in this picture died because of you!"
Who brought you to this state of hopelessness geet!  WHOOOO???
Maan hits the wall with anger.  He couldn't see geet in pain and he wanted to know more about what happened to geet.
Maan looks over his shoulder to where the battered journal laid on the floor.  He knew that the answers to his questions were probably in that journal but he didn't want to go through that book for two reasons.
First it was not right.  It is geet's privacy and he can't just go through someone's private journal without asking.
Secondly, he was afraid of what was written in there.  He was scared of reliving the pain through geet's eyes if there was more pain involved.
But Maan deliberated and thought that he wants to help geet and in order to do so he has to find out the source and cause of her condition, which is probably in that journal.  So it is not so bad to look through her journal since he is doing it for a good cause he thought.
Maan slowly walks up to the journal and his hand even shakes a little as he bends towards it to pick it up.
He finally picks it back up and sits on a chair.  He takes in a deep breath and embraces himself for whatever is in store in this journal.
Maan opens the journal to the first page which states, " How love changed my life" , but the word "changed" was crossed out again with blood and instead the word "ruined" was written on top.
So the first page read, "How love ruined my life!"
Maan takes another deep breath and dives into the journals, which were filled with poems.
(Please read the poems and the few notes I wrote after them'or else you may be confused on what is written in the journal and what maan finds out).
First poem was called
"What Love Is"
It is Love that gives me purpose
to change and grow and learn.
It is Love that guides me on this path
and helps me choose each turn.
It is Love that gives me courage
to stand against my fears;
to open up my heart to you,
to let you see my tears.
It is Love that gives me trust and hope
when little thing go wrong.
When distance stands between us,
it is Love that keeps me strong.
It is Love that offers harmony
and a friendship that is true.
How wonderful that I can share
a Love like this with you!
(this poem was all crossed out with blood)
Second page
"I think Im falling in love"
I I know what to say or what to do
Im falling faster each day over you
If I pretended and acted like I care
Could it be possible that you be there
I don't wanna lose you I love you too much
But these feelings get stronger whenever we touch
Im all confused about the way I feel
Maybe these feelings aren't that real
Perhaps I dream and all in my head
the person you are makes me want you instead
Theres only one thing I know Is really true
I cant help but thinking im falling inlove with you
(this poem was also all crossed out with blood)
Maan skips a few pages'he did not want to accept love as a good thing, because all it brought him was pain, only pain.
Page 13
What I Love About You
I love the way you look at me,
Your eyes so bright and blue.
I love the way you kiss me,
Your lips so soft and smooth.
I love the way you make me so happy,
And the ways you show you care.
I love the way you say, "I Love You,"
And the way you're always there.
I love the way you touch me,
Always sending chills down my spine.
I love that you are with me,
And glad that you are mine.
(this poem was also crossed out in blood)
Maan's grip is getting tighter and tighter as he reads geet's emotions for someone else...but he contains himself and controls himself to read more.

Maan: Still no name'i should keep on reading.
Page 14
Your Name
I wrote your name in the sky,
but the wind blew it away.
I wrote your name in the sand,
but the waves washed it away.
I wrote your name in my heart,
and forever it will stay.
 (also crossed out in blood)

Page: 15
One Day
It hurts me everyday
I don't know what to say
You make me cry
but each day,I try and get by.
You said you loved me
What made you lie?
Why did you do it? Do you like to see me cry?
You said you'd die if we split
But all of a sudden you just quit
You don't know each night,I cry
and how hard each day,I try.
Your words sting like knives
Its happiness from me you deprive.
I hope you feel bad,I hope you can't sleep
I hate you,
my depression is so much,you can not measure.
Why did you leave me why did you lie?
everyday,I try and get by,but all I can do.
It's about 3 o' clock,and I can't sleep
All I can do is weep
I've fallen to deep all I can do now is cry myself to sleep.
I can't sleep.
The nightmares of him leaving me
haunts me so deep.
My eyes burn from being so tired,
or maybe its from all the tears that
has transpired.
in the dark without a thought to
keep me company.
Its like him in my dreams were
never meant to be,
well so it seems.
I close my eyes to try to sleep again,
but the vision of a black empty space
gets bigger,
so I grab a pen.
And start to write,
I don't even turn on a light.
I want to stay in the dark
to reflect the vision of my
heart's sight.
I see the tears start to fall
on the paper thats pure and white.
I open the curtain to welcome in
the moonlight.
I am the moon,
it's always alone in sky,
and sometimes no one even notices that
it's there.

Maan couldn't take it anymore. There was so much pain hidden inside geet that he never noticed.  She looks like she has moved on and has become independent, but inside she carries so much pain and hurt.
Maan also noticed that geet never mentioned his name.  Never.  Maybe she never wants to be reminded of him he thought.
Maan skips a few more pages and stops at the page where the title caught his eye.
Page 25
I met him a stranger
someone help me,?I'm drowning..?But no one was there,?Until he found me'
All of a sudden Geet screams.  Maan snaps out of his deep thoughts and throws the journal aside and runs to geet's side. 
"How could you do this to me ?I loved you. I loved you" Geet cries and screams as she wakes up from her nightmare as usual.

Maan hugs geet and cradles her in his arms.
Maan: It's okay.  He is not here to hurt you anymore.  I won't let him or anybody hurt you anymore. I promise.
Geet: "I am so alone so empty.  The world has turned its whole back on me." She cries.
Maan: Your not alone anymore. I am here.  I will always be here.
Geet: Not again maan. Not again. I won't give in, not again"
Maan: Give in to what geet?
Geet: Why are you here? Why are you trying to help me? It's just going to make everything harder'she murmurs and geet again doses off.
Maan just stood there and hugged and cradled geet trying to shield and protect her from her pain. 
But he couldn't answer her question "why was he here???"
Geet I know what your going through'believe me I do. I won't let anything touch you...i just wish I knew who did this to you.
He decides to go back to the journal to find out the name of that person who broke geet's heart who brought her pain.  And to finish the poem that he started, which ended with "until I met him". " Until who geet met"? maan thought.
So many more questions Maan had.
He puts geet down and decides to go read more of the journal.  But as he turns something grabs his hand. 

"maan" geet murmurs.
Maan turns around thinking geet is awake. But no she was still asleep.
"maan please don't you leave me too. Don't leave me".  Geet maybe able to fight her emotions when she is awake but this is her subconscious talking 'her heart speaking.
So many emotions were going through maan that he couldn't even comprehend. Anger, hate, pain, love, and care were all rushing through maan's body.
Without even giving it a thought he holds onto geet's hand and doesn't let her go.  Doesn't let her feel alone.
He totally forgets about reading more of the journal. The only thing running through his mind was to comfort geet'was to care for geet.
Little did he knew that if he continued reading that poem he may have found out that geet has feelings for maan and feels hurt and used from maan because of the dare. And he even could of have found out what geet meant by "I wont give in".  but I guess fate has its own plans.
The rest of the poem was
someone help me,?I'm drowning..?But no one was there,?Until he found me
Drowning in a Sea,?The most dreadful sea of all.?The Sea of Insanity,?One of which we all have evolved.??I was drowning,?Deeper and deeper.?But then he found me,?Saved me,
Feels like ecstacy,
?You saved me even though you were a stranger. How could you use me like this??How could you abuse my heart??How could you chose to tear it apart.??You used me for your pleasure.?You used me for personal gain.?You ended it with no reason,?You left me with a stain.??How could you use me like this??How could you kiss me like you cared??Why can't you give me a reason??You fooled me with the way you stared.??Not again though, Not again will I give in to the name of love.
(I found these poems online so I don't want to take credit for them).
Both geet and maan body's go on full alert as they started to feel aroused with each other with just a small peck on the lips and not to mention the proximity of their bodies.

(i hope i didn't confuse anybody with the poems about what happened to geet.  i just wanted to show how geet expresses herself through poems...if you guys have any questions then let me know and i will answer them).
Hit the like button if you liked the update.Smile

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Yayy first to comment yippeee lolz
Awesomeeeeee updateeee
loved it
Amazing part
awhh but sad kindaa
Geet's poemm..
it was all for dev na until the stranger one for our sherEmbarrassedLOL
Loved it
The precap: haila it is true? *rubs her eyes*
OMGGGGG Cant wait wohooo u better update's a dhamki..lolz
Thank you so muchhh
please please update soonLOL

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awsome update.
love it

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Loveee the part!!
Continue soonnn.
Thanxx for the pm.


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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Originally posted by maangeetcrazy was all for dev na until the stranger one for our sherEmbarrassedLOL
Loved it
The precap: haila it is true? *rubs her eyes*

please please update soonLOL


Luv reading ur comments especially this is so cute and funny." rubs her eyes"LOL Oh and thank you so much for such a lovely comment ...Hug.

and to answer your question.....(zeynab pauses....)...ur just gonna have to wait and find

but i will tell you the story is heading for some twists........

sonu4ever IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 March 2011 at 3:11pm | IP Logged
Even if u didnt write the poems. U chose them very well. It portrayed Geet very well. And the blood cross over them was a great concept.
Loved how Maan could match his past with hers.

Beautiful part ;)

Hot precap *blush*

Do update soon dear ;)

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Mrs.ZSK IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 March 2011 at 3:18pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sonu4ever

Even if u didnt write the poems. U chose them very well. It portrayed Geet very well. And the blood cross over them was a great concept.
Loved how Maan could match his past with hers.

Beautiful part ;)

Hot precap *blush*

Do update soon dear ;)

awwwwww thank you so much for such a lovely commentEmbarrassedHug.

I am trying my best to live up to the FF's title "two broken hearts falling in love".  its not easy falling in love again when ur first love was really serious and you thought the person was the one, but ends up crushing your heart instead.

To tell you the truth this update took me a long time because of the poems.  I was looking for an hour or two just to find the right poems to match geet.  

Oh thank god u liked the blood smeared across the poems...honestly i was debating whether to put that or not because i was afraid you guys would think that would be too much or over the line.

I will update as soon as i canSmile.

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