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FF(M&G)"Two broken hearts fall in love" ~THREAD 1~ (Page 115)

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Vicky: As a matter of fact it has everything to do with geet maybe that is why you can't see any other person touch her. You put such a good and fake image that you hate geet, but I would like to put my life on the line that your lying! Excuse me now because I have to go find Geet!
Vicky leaves the room leaving a fuming and engaged maan battling with himself and his emotions. 
All Vicky could here was the breaking of glass as he leaves the cabin.
Vicky: Now where is geet?

Part 18:

"Old memories"

Geet comes out of the KC building with only one image in her mind, Maan's eyes. She was angry because of what maan thought of her, but that anger inside her was gone.
Instead curiosity and concern took place inside of her heart.  Maan's eyes were portraying pain and geet sensed it.
Geet to herself: "maybe that is why maan was so rude to me.  He is in pain and is covering up his pain by taking his anger out on me".
Geet stops in her tracks.  What was she doing? 

Maan had insulted her and instead of being angry with him she was trying to find a justifiable reason behind his rude actions. Geet knew the reason, but she didn't want to accept it.

Geet to herself: Why do i still have feeling for this man, who continues to hurt me time and time again? WHy!
Geet decides to take a cab home, she wanted to get away from anything that reminded her of maan. 

 She sits in the cab and Vicky sees her.
Vicky: Geet wait!
He runs quickly and manages to get inside the taxi before it drove away.
Geet just looks the other way.  She felt so uncomfortable and didn't know how to talk to Vicky especially after what happened.
Vicky: Geet about what happened back there' are you okay?
Geet: It's fine I am okay.  I am used to it now.  (she says in a low voice)
Vicky: Still I apologize on maan's behalf.  He is going through a tough time and is hurt. Unfortunately you were the target and he took out his anger on you.
Geet: That's what I had guessed to.  I sensed pain in maan's eyes.
Vicky: The way you just said that sounded like you and maan are really close friends who can tell when the other one is in pain, but the ugly truth is that you guys are everything but friends.

That sent a sharp jolt and pain through geet, but she thought to herself maybe it is better this way.  Maybe it is better for them not to be friends so she wouldn't have to get any closer and deeper feelings for maan than she already has. 

Vicky: Okay so you never answered my question.
Geet was confused. "What question?" she said.
Vicky: Do you want to go eat lunch together?
Geet: uhhh (she was kind of surprised.  Maan's word echoed in her head "flirting". Vicky does not like me does he?)
Vicky noticed her uncomfortable and confused situation.
Vicky: you know just as friends. Since we are going to be working in the same building I would like to get to know the people more in person. If you don't want to..
Geet: no I would love too.
Vicky: Great let's go than.

Vicky looks behind the car's window and see's a black mercedez.
Vicky: I knew it bro you would follow me, especially when I said I will go find geet.  You can't see geet with another person.  You can tolerate someone getting close to her.  But still you won't admit to yourself that you're falling in love with her.
Maan to himself: where is Vicky going with geet?
He quickly calls adi.
Maan: Adi cancel any meeting I have in the next hour.  I am going out.
Adi: but sir, you have already canceled twice with Mr.sharma.
Maan: Due as I say. I have some important work to take care of.
Adi:Ookkaay sssir.
Maan quickly follows behind Geet and Vicky, but makes sure that he does not get noticed by them.
Or at least that's what he thought.  Vicky knew his brother is out there somewhere watching them.
Vicky takes Geet to a five star restaurant, but Vicky didn't know what this place really meant to geet.
This was the same place where her deceased brother would bring geet whenever they had a fight and were calling it a truce. Rahul was his name.  Geet fought back her tears.  She didn't want to make Vicky upset.
Vicky pulls a chair out for geet to sit. He could see that geet looked very upset.  He didn't know why exactly but guessed it had to be related to something about maan and the earlier incident.
Vicky sits on the other chair across from geet.  He wanted to break the awkwardness of the situation.
Vicky: so geet what do you want to order?
Geet didn't even hear Vicky.  She was absorbed in her own world, where rahul once existed.
Vicky: Hello Geet???
He says and waves his hand in front of geet.
Geet snaps out of her thoughts..."uhh...i will eat whatever your ordering".

Vicky: are you sure?

Geet: yeah i am sure.

Vicky orders the food, but he still sensed geet being upset and wanted to do something to cheer her up.  

VIcky: uhhh geet i am going to go to the restroom before the food arrives okay.

Geet: sure go ahead.

Geet inside herself wished that vicky wouldn't of had left her here alone because if Vicky was here in front of her than she would of had an excuse for controlling herself, but with vicky gone her old memories of her brother would creep in making it hard for her to control herself.

Vicky didn't take that long and soon came back to the table.

Geet quickly wipes away a tear that had escaped from her eyes.

Vicky: Geet ever since we got to this restaurant your face expression has totally changed.  Are you still upset about what happened earlier?

Geet: No i am okay...there was something in my eye that's all.

Geet hated that she had to lie, but she didn't want to make vicky upset with her life problems which never seem to end.

All of a sudden a waiter brings in a chocolate frosting cake that said "sorry" on it.

As geet looked at the words "sorry" she couldn't take it anymore. Her tears start to spill out.
Geet murmers: I'm sorry Vicky. Please excuse me.
She starts to run.
Vicky: Geet wait! What happened? What did I do?
Vicky looks over to the waiter. 

Vicky: I didn't tell you to write sorry on the cake i just told you to bring a chocolate cake before the meal. 

waiter: sorry sir, but someone else told us that you had told him to write sorry on the cake and he even paid us.

That is when Vicky realizes what had happened.  

Vicky to himself: "Maan if you wanted to say sorry than you could have done it in person, but why is Geet so upset about it?".

Vicky starts running after geet.

Maan sees everything. He really wanted to go after geet and see what happened. But he did not want to get caught.  He was not even supposed to be here. He thought that geet seeing the cake would make her happy.
He breaks a flower vase that was in the restaurant out of frustration.
Employee: Hey mister what the hell are you doing? You are going to have to pay for that.
Maan just puts his hand into his pocket and throws money at the employee's face.
Maan: This is more than enough!
And than maan heads out of the restaurant.
Geet runs and than finally sits on a bench across a body of water.

She really missed Rahul.  She remembers how over little things they would fight.  And every time Rahul brought her to the same restuarant and ordered her favorite chocolate frosting cake that said sorry on it before they had their meal. And now when she needs her brother more than ever he was not here. He was not here to say the injustice and pain she was facing everyday. He was not here to wipe her tears.
" Rahul, where are you? I need you please come back to me.  Please I feel so alone. I miss you"
Geet screams as tears still pour down her eyes.
Vicky finally reaches up to geet and hears what she just said.
Vicky: Geet. I am sorry if I did anything wrong.  I just brought you to lunch because I wanted to start a friendship with you.  Nothing more than that.  This Rahul person is he your boyfriend or something? I never meant'
Geet didn't let finish his sentence.
Geet: Rahul is my dead brother.
Vicky:  I am so sorry. I am so stupid. I am really sorry Geet.
Geet: Why are you sorry.  I am sorry for leaving you like that.  It's just that restaurant was a place me and my brother would come to a lot.  And I hadn't set foot to that restaurant without my brother before.  So walking back into that place brought a lot of memories.
He was one of the closest people in my life.  And now that I am alone and everybody has turned their back's on me he is not here in this world.( geet says sobbingly).
Vicky: Geet I am so sorry.  But don't say your ever alone..okay.  I am here.  Geet I know we barely know each other, but ever since I have met you, you are like the younger sister I never had.  The innocence that you have in her eyes expresses how pure and strong of a person you are.  Geet you are not alone anymore.  If you allow me I wish to become like a brother to you.
Vicky wipes her tears from her face.
Geet couldn't believe it.  Vicky reminded her so much of her own brother and now he was asking if he could become her brother. She was overjoyed. And now tears of happiness were coming down her eyes.
She was so happy that she just hugs Vicky.
Geet: Thank you Vicky.You don't know how happy i feel right now.
Vicky: Geet, we are like brother and sister now so don't thank me.  It is my duty to help you when you need anything.
Geet all of a sudden remembers something.  She still had Rahul's necklace, which maan had given back to her.
Geet takes it out of her purse. 
Geet: Vicky I had given this to maan to gift you on your birthday.  But for some reason he decided to keep it and wear it himself. Please accept this. This was my brother's necklace and I want you to have it now.  It can symbolize our new relationship together.
Vicky gasps.
Vicky: Oh my God.  This is all my fault. Maan bhai was trying to tell me that this was my gift, but I didn't let him tell me anything and I told him to wear this necklace for my sake. Please don't blame maan bhai. It is all my fault.
Geet was shocked.  She couldn't believe she thought ill of maan.  She felt guilty for what she told him.
Vicky: but geet I don't think it's a coincidence that it landed up to maan.  I told him that night that I felt like this necklace was like a lucky charm for him.  And I still think it is.  I think fate is playing something here. 
Geet was speechless.  What was Vicky saying? That fate was playing with her and maan.  That fate wanted this to go to maan.
As geet was absorbed in her own thoughts Vicky gets a call.
Vicky:  It's okay daadi. I will be there in 10 minutes.
Vicky: Geet I have to go, something has come up.  You should go home.  I will explain to maan bhai that you weren't feeling good.Take care geet.
And than Vicky leaves.
Geet was still contemplating over what Vicky said about fate. 
The images kept playing back in his head.  Geet getting up with tears in her eyes and running out of the restaurant. Maan couldn't hear anything between geet and Vicky at the restaurant.  But he sure could see and he saw that geet was hurt and in pain.  He didn't want to think Vicky had to do with her pain.  He knew his brother would never cross his limit.
UHHHHHHHHHHHH'.Maan was so frustrated.  No matter how hard he tried to get geet out of his head, it was impossible. 
Uhhh I can't see her in pain.  I just can't even though she hates me to the core.
Why can't I live in peace anymore'why is this girl taking away the small peace of mine I had left"
Maan says as he bangs his office desk with his hand.  The pain that his hand was feeling was nothing compared to what geet was making him feel.
Vicky calls daadi back. 
Daadi: what is going on Vicky why did you say that you would be here in 10 minutes when I didn't even ask you that.
Vicky: muahhhhhh!!you're the best daadiiiiiiii in the world!
Daadi: well I know that beta, She says as she chuckles.  But you didn't answer my question.
Vicky: You called at the perfect time.  I am sorry if I scared you.  I just had to leave because I wanted to leave geet with the ideas and emotions I was arousing in her.I wanted her to think and realize something.
Daadi: Oh hoyyyyy, it sounds like our plan is working.
Vicky: Daadi you have no idea! The best part of the plan is still not accomplished, and very soon maan will accomplish that part for us.
Daadi: Okay beta good luck and I will see you at home soon.
Vicky: Okay bye daadi.
Vicky takes in a huge breath'.he felt so happy his heart was fluttering.
Who knew how fun it was to make two people realize and accept their love for one another.

It started to rain and geet was still in her same position.  She snaps out of her thoughts as drops of rain start to hit her face.
She starts to embrace the rain spinning and dancing in the rain.  Letting the rain calm her soul.
Geet looks at the necklace and slowly brings it close to her face.  And soon enough she kisses it.
"Maan's lips crushing against geet which sent warm and thrilling shivers down her spine" image pops into her head.
Geet all of a sudden stops.  Something that Vicky says echoed in her head.  " but geet I don't think it's a coincidence that the necklace landed up to maan.I think fate is playing something here".
She looks up at the sky.   Babaji? I used to trust fate and destiny.  Oh yeah I almost forgot love as well. She scoffs.
 Sure I got a few laughs and memories from it, but you know what sucks about it.  I will always have to carry those memories with me for the rest of my life.
Please if you are in charge of fate let me live my life.  Let me life my life pain free'love free.
First you send dev and make me dream, give me hopes, but then snatch them away from me.
Then you send maan, who saves my life and makes me realize the importance of moving on and living.  But then he just uses me and my emotions.
What I have learned of fate,destiny, and love is that it is fake.  People only hold onto them for hope of a better life or to live in a fantasy.
These little hints you are trying to give me won't work.  I won't give in to love again.
She slowly lies down on the grass and faces the sky.
"I won't give in. I won't give in. I won't give" geet keeps on whispering as she let the droplets of rain continue to sooth her soul.
Maan decides that he has to do something.  He can't just stay here and do nothing.  He needs to find out what happened to geet.  What happened at the restaurant with geet and Vicky?  But how was he going to find out without them suspecting that he was there.
Maan picks up his phone and dials a number.
Vicky picks up the phone and starts to talk before giving maan the chance to talk first.
Vicky: Geet is fine. She is at the lake near the 5 star restaurant. If you want to ask anymore question about geet go ask her yourself and fix this mess you have caused.
I am going home I am so exhausted.  It is only been my first day of work and I feel like I have been working for 24hours straight.  I will see you at home bhai.  Bye.
Vicky hangs up the phone.  Oh he so knew that he would get in trouble when maan comes home.  But he had to do this. 
Maan was outraged.  How did Vicky know what he was going to ask? Did he see him at the restaurant?
Maan was so angry he gets his phone and smashes it against the wall.
Maan: I will deal with you Vicky when I get home!
I just need to find out what happened to geet? Who or what brought tears in her eyes.


Geet was dragging her body across the dark alley. She was so lost from reality that she didn't even know she was heading into a bad gang of boys territory.
First guy: kya mal hai bhai?
Second guy: (starts whistling) she is prettier than avantika.
Geet doesn't even notice their presence let alone what they were saying. Shocked Shocked Shocked
 (Run geet runnnnn!LOL)

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here's another extra extra long update! luv u guys a lot for your love and support. really motivates me to update as soon as i can.

Leave comments and let me know what you guys thinkHug

Previous Part~An Unknown Feeling

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Yayyyyy Me firstLOL
Awesomeeeeeee update
loved it
Gr8 part
awhhhh poor geet..she's remembering her bro so much
But vicky is soo nice
awh love the vicky geet bond
Lolz stalker that too possessiveLOL
and geet gotta know abt the necklace
wow awesome precap
geet run hehe
but our sher MSK will be there for rescue no doubtEmbarrassedLOL
Cant wait
update soon
Thank u so much!

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100% agree with yaEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Yummy lolz feels like eating it LMAO

wow we are the same
she took so long we
deserve it sis

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waiting du update really wanna read plz plz plz b quick

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Awesome update
Awww felt sorry 4 Geet as she & her brother used 2 cum 2 dat restaurant
Atleast she found out dat Maan wore dat necklace cuz ov vicky
Precap is scary--Oh no Geet runn 4 Ur lyf or betta Maan cum & save her
Cont soon Xx...

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nice update
loved itSmile

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superb update....
loved it....
cont. soon...

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wow thats a really long and awesome update.. plzzz continue..

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