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*Happy Birthday Sana* [DMGlover91]!

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Fizah: Welcome everyone! So...now that we're all gathered here. *looks at watch* on time, its an important day. *waiting for applause* A special occasion really. Big smile We're here to celebrate...
  Anita: *dancing to dhanno* DancingSpecial occasion? Fizah's getting married! Party
  Esha: Mein to ainvayi ainvayi ainvayi lutgaya! Fizah's WEDDING!
  Fizah: It's NOT my wedding guys! Ermm
  Abby: Fizah Di! But Anita di said it is. If it isn't your wedding, then what is it? Embarrassed
  Fizah: It's someone's BIRTHDAY.
  Esha: OMG! But hold on...its not mine.Sleepy
  Anita: She's celebrating mine early! Embarrassed
  Fizah: *Sigh* No...
  Abby: Fizah Di, whose birthday is it?
  Fizah: *ignores her* As I was saying. We're here to celebrate the birthday of...
  Anita: *dancing again* DancingThe birthday of who?!
  Fizah: Ermm
  Esha: I'm hungry! Is there anything to eat in the fridge?
  Anita: Mango ice cream! Get me some too. Embarrassed
  Fizah: Speaking of mango ice cream, our birthday girl loves mango ice cream.
  Abby: So its not me Fizah Di, I don't like mango ice cream. Ouch
  Fizah: I'll give you all 20 hints and then we can figure out who the birthday girl is.
  Anita: Can we eat mango ice cream while we play the game? Big smile
  Esha: I'm watching TV! Give me a bowl too. Embarrassed
  Fizah: Can we save some ice cream for the birthday girl as well!
  Now that we have hint #1, she loves mango ice cream, moving on...
  She's one of the sweetest members some of have met on the Dil Mil Gaye Member, possibly    even on IF.
She joined IF on September 30, 2010 by the help of a fellow KaShian and since then has been an active member.
  Abby: When did I join? Ermm
  Anita: *logs onto laptop to check...*
  Fizah: Girls...? Girls! Can we check later?
  Anita: *looks at Fizah and closes the screen*
  Born on January 17, 1991, this angel put a smile on the faces of many.
  Esha: I wasn't born in January. D'oh
  Fizah: We're not talking about you Esha, we're talking about the birthday girl.
She is famous for her first 2 sleepless weeks in a certain Appreciation Thread.
She writes Fan Fictions and One Shots, but forgets to update them at times.
She also makes signatures and video mixes and has her own shop, which also needs to be updated.
Some of her favorite Bollywood Actors include SRK and Hrithik Roshan.
She has recently been dying to see Band Baaja Baaraat and has finally seen it.
She is known by Doc by some of us, due to her side profession.
She is a student at a Fashion Institute, and her passion includes Fashion Design.
  Fizah: Who wrote the script?
  Anita: *hand up* I did, kyun?
  Fizah: Whats up with the line, "She's never going to get KSG, because he's mine?" LOL
  Anita: Umm...Embarrassed
  She's married and makes a gorgeous bride as we all know.
She has more relationships on IF then anyone I know, including twins, etc.
Her outgoing personality fits her in with many.
She is not a fan of sweets but loves baking for others.
She is one of the prettiest, multi-talented girl's I've ever met.
She makes sure to put others before herself.
She's famous for being one of the sweetest and caring members of the DMG Forum.
Some of her forums include DMG Forum, FF, Avatar and Signatures, F&B, etc.
And finally...if you still haven't discovered who she is, her display pic is her wedding picture.
  Happy Birthday Sana!

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Messages from Friends:

Happy Birthday to YOUUUU! Yes you Sana! Its your special day today and that means I have to treat ya extra specially *unfortunately(i whisper)*  LOL Ok ok please don't throw those tomatoes at me, I know I will have to treat ya speciallyTongue Its been a good new year for you hasnt it: our marriage plans and announcement to be made and your new gallery and now your birthday! Lucky you!Ok I do suck at birthday messages and gifts so bear with me ladyTongueI would've sang a song for ya but I didn't want ya to risk losing ya hearing on your birthdayLOL Okie doke lets get down to the birthday business. ILY. I wish you a very very very very happy birthday and i hope that all ya wishes do come true (no matter how strange and unorthodox they may beLOL) and that you have a terrific day! You deserve it! after all the chasing around i have made ya do: picking up my rubbish, cooking for me and consoling me and taming my flirty mood ROFL this is a personal message for Sana so others who are reading this may be distracted and confused by what I have written LOL Oh and Sana don't bother saving any cake for me, I am still shredding off me holiday weightLOL Not that ya would have saved any cake for me anyway Tongue. Damn I'm lost for words, i wanted to give a breathtaking birthday message to you but me foot has landed into me mouthLOL Just have a good birthdaySmile

Love A-Aliya.

Lets hope that Rahul Mehra and A-Aliya remain like this..always.

P.S. I did NOT forget ya birthday..ofcourse i wouldn't after ya reminded me way back. I would be so silly to forget ya birthday..not that i did. It is not like Fiz had to remind me about it. Ok i admit i did forget but ya can't blame me..haww i've been busy thats why! Its all your fault *runs off before ya slap me*LOL

heya sana..

wish u a very very very very very very very very happy birthday darling..Smile...keep rocking and making more siggiesTongue...n ths tym bettr upd8 ur writings...i am on holiday..so i wll pray to Allah so tht He gets u out of ur lazinessTongue n u can upd8 ur ffs..haha..they say prayers during journeys are always answered.. n yes do save my share of food from ur birthday partyWink....dnt dare eat them all upWink...or else u wl have to pay a heavy compensationLOL
lots of love sana
sacred shrine urf sab


to my dearest nearest and sweetest sis sanaaaaaaaaa HugHug
WISH U A VERY VERY VERY DELIGHTFUUUUUUUL BIRTHDAY.....u are an amazing person i have come across...and my sister too....i love you loads,,,and pray that u find happiness in everything u do,,,and ur life b filled of roses.....
here are some wishes for u..

Happy Birthday, gentle friend
have a blessed day
May your heart be filled with wonders
as you travel on life's way

I pray your day is filled with love
and joy of every kind
May the world rise to greet you
I hope these things you find

Joy, peace and happiness
contentment in your heart
May u find all these spirit fruits
the ones that you impart

another one for my sister

I'm sending this greeting

Not just to say hello

Because today is your birthday

As we both know

I hope you're feeling special

Because today you should

If I could be with you

You know I would

I wish for you all that you desire

As you deserve the best

Having you in my life

I know I'm truly blessed


I hope your feeling special

Because you really are

And you know I'd be with you

If I didn't live so far

I love you! and i reallly do......

these r for u...

chocloates for u...

hope u will like these.......a veryyyyyy happppy birthday again....have a joyous life ahead....KEEEP SHINNING n keep loving me.....and dont foget to smile like that Big smile......GOD bless yaaa.....


ur sis,




A very Happy Bithday sana!!Hug
have loads of fun n enjoy!!
love ya!
Happy Birthday to u 
Happy Birthday to u 
Happy Birthday dear Sana Happy Birthday to u
Many many happy returns of the day


YOU INSOMNIAC DOC!!!! TU BUDHI HOGAYI!!! Hahahahahahahah!! Cuz honestly, at this age and your life...birthdays are not to be celebrated anymore. Each year will bring more tensions in your life...aaaahhh! Doc is going to be old now! hahaha! The very thought! And don't think that this message will bring you anything "happy" or "full of praises" anyway! Where's my cake? Till I don't get a cake no birthday message for you! Evil Smile Being evil is soooo goood!

Okay so my conscience is nagging me..here goes. Happy birthday to you...Happy birthday to you...Happy birthday to dear Sana...Happy birthday to you! blah blah blahbitty blah blah! There, happy! My creative juices are soo frozen, can't even wish you a good birthday wish. Everything came out soooo random! Meh! That's all from my side, I know you'll get better wishes from others but I also know that you'll like my the best cuz the WORLD knows how much you love your Maisy EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

P.S - I love you!

P.P.S - Wink


Happy Birth Day San,
never thought i would gain a dearest friend
like u in a short time i meet,
i miss our talks a lot,
hope u have a great years a head and
world's all happiness to u including mineLOL
n yeah all the luck to your future would be patients after once you are a docLOL
just kidding u know me na,i am sure you do well in what ever thing you are in,here is ur cakeEmbarrassed



May u always have

Many things to laugh at

And real good friends with

Whom you can have a chat

Things you can dream about

Places you want to go

And the money in your hand

That can always blow

Time for reflection

Of ones you hold dear

The courage in your heart

To do this vidout fear

And may u always know

The love I have for you

But I know in your heart

You knw that this is true


The more you praise and celebrate
your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO UU SANA DII.......EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

LUV UUUUUUU......Heart
may u have many more.......TongueTongueBirthday Fireworks


Hey Sana!Big smile
KaShappy Birthday to youHug
May God bless you throughout...!Wishing you happiness success bright future health and wealth!
All the best for everything you do...Big smile
You are an awesome person...love you very much!Embarrassed
Am happy that we are friends,you have been special inyour won way <3
Love everything you did....and i thank FB...our first meeting over thereLOL then i drag u to HeavenROFLand then you became addicted...that you even forget what SLEEP is all aboutROFL
You have been very entertaining...and have surprised me many a times...first thing was YOU WERE MARRIEDShocked Had to get use to itLOL
and awww...u look so gorgeous in ur bride outfitEmbarrassed like an actressEmbarrassed
Wish that you succeed in evrything you do!
Love you
Hope you have a KaShome birthdayHug
Have fun ViSaStar

From VirinaEmbarrassed


Happy Birthday Sana!!!Party Dancing In such short time, we've become really close, and I just want to say that you are an awesome person. May God give you lots of happiness, good luck and success in life. Hope you stay the same way you are, and I am really proud of you; a great designer, an amazing medical student, and a great wife, with a lot of "innocence" LOLWinkI hope we have many more years where I get to distract you with ehm ehm LOL
Love ya, Pooja Hug

Hey Sana, wats up girl, remember meLOLKajen AT, u msged meLOLawww, ur msg was so cute and I felt kind of weird at that time as wat shud I say back 2 u but then I did and u came to AT, and then we became frnds, that was a time I will never forget, love u sweetheart, have a rocking birthday, may all ur wishes come trueHugand ermmmErmmwhere's my cakeStern Smileok just kidding, lolz, love uHug
Mona aka Qurrat-Ul-Ain Heart

Sanaaaaaaaaaa <3

Ghehe itss your birthdayyy, don't know howww old .. oops I mean young you are noww ..
But Yeah, Maybe now I know the reason why you always forget those names :|
But after all its all about how young you feel WinkLOL .. Just kidding :) Tongue
Okay now lets get to the pointtt LOL
Siss I just hope you gett all the luxuries and love you deserve ... And you deserve it :)
And I hopeee you enjoyy your day along with Jiju Tongue
&& yeah I made something for you with your fav. couples .. hope you like it =]

x Kiran


hiiiii sana
happy birthday


Happy Birthday Flower Pictures


Dearest  Sana  ,

                 Happy birthday, may this day always be a special one to remember. May today be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter and love. Party

Once again A veryyyyyyyyyy Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day.PartyPartyPartyPartyParty


Sanaaaaaaaaaa Baby!


Happy b'day dear PartyParty

May this year sparkle with moments of love, laughter and goodwill, and be full of contentment and joy.

You are an amazing person, You are so sweet, I have seen you spread love and love only, you are funny, cute, beautiful, you are one of a kind.

And I lobeeee u soooooooooooooooo muchEmbarrassed

Messge From MayuuuuEmbarrassed

May this year be your best ever. May the best of your past be the worst of your future. May today be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter and love.

We are all partying in celebration of your birthday herePartyDancingParty

May god bless you and all your dreams come true!!!!!!!

May you achieve all success in your life ahead!!!!!!!

Happy birthday!!!!!



Heyyy dude!!

Hapoy birthdayy and may you get all you've wished for today!! N shayad KSG bhi mil jaaye u never noe rite?? Lol!! Hope you enjoy ur day!!
P.S. My dad's b day todai too!!!


Hello Sana... Wish you a very very Happy Birthday and thank you very much for the christmas gift you sent me even though you were not my secret santa. That's just so generous of you.. because I am not as good as you in Siggy making and I'm doing this from me 'screwed' cellphone... I'll just be able to attach just a message... and I feel just so sorry.

Happy Birthday sweety and may all your dreams come true. I'll pray to God for that though! :D and what could be a better occasion than this to say... "I simply adore your creations...!" Love you... itnaa saara! :)


DOCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*ehem* *ehem* sorry :p........
DOC,WRITER, ARTIST!!!or simply Multi Talented person!!!!!!!! :p
ok ok....DOC..i know i know our time slot are just pole apart....we did not talk from like ages....i always look forward for an opportunity to talk to you..but unfortunately can't find any.....i wish there comes a time where we can have a "proper" convo like before :(
Orkut Scrap - Birthday: 5
Orkut Scrap - Birthday: 6
But Happy Birthday!may God bless you...you are an amazing person and i love you...not to forget ...you are multi talented....may you every wish come true <3
Love you ALways!

Nikki :)


Sana my dear dear Sana Happy Birthday,
Finally you are my age woohoo now you can't call me older then you haha. Wish you a very happy birthday Sana many many happy returns of the day as you know i am not very good with words and you are so far away i can't even give you anything because i am lazy and useless but you will always be in my prays because datz the only thing i can do I wish you all the very best for your future and seriously i must say that our jiju ji is very lucky to have a partner like you. May you get all the happiness and success and may all your wishes and dreams come true. I am very lucky to know because you are very sweet and kind person and i will give credit to Virina for dragging you from FB to I-F and when you joined heaven one  more family member was edited we are lucky to have you in our KaSh family and you will always be our special member. We KaShians and Heavens are lucky to have you because you are not only a KaShians but our sister always remember that I wish you get everything you ever desire for and keep smiling always we love you and wish you all the very best and once again Happy Birthday xxxx

I'm wishing you another year
Of laughter, joy and fun,
Surprises, love and happiness,
And when your birthday's done,

I hope you feel deep in your heart,
As your birthdays come and go,
How very much you mean to me,
More than you can know.




Happyyyyyy Birthdayyyyy Sanaaaaaaa Big smile
May God Bless you..& Hope your all wishes come true.
You are a very sweet friend & very helpful.
whenever I talk with you, it gives me a lot of pleasure....You are very very sweet Big smile
Hope this Bday brings Lots of happiness for you & enjoy this special day & party hard
Happy Birthday....Oishi Embarrassed


Happy Birthday Sana Hug
I hope you have a AWESOMEEE one Heart
- Sweetu


Happy birthday, Sana!! Hug I hope it's lovely! Big smile Wish you many, many, many more to come! Embarrassed


I wish God bless you'

With all joy and cheers'

May you live a long life'

May you get all good thing in your life'

May you have happy days and nights'

May all your dreams come true'

May all your desires be fulfilled'

May you spreading happiness everywhere'


Stay away from every sorrow and grief'


On your birthday I wish you much pleasure and joy;
I hope all of your wishes come true.
May each hour and minute be filled with delight,
And your birthday be perfect for you!

It's your birthday time again;
It's true; there's no denying,
Another year has come and gone;
You know that I'm not lying.
So for you, the birthday person,
Here's what I want to say:
I hope this birthday's the best one yet,
In every delightful way.
So happy birthday to you.
Have lots of birthday fun!
May your birthday wishes all come true,
Even if you have a ton.

From your loving

Aish Embarrassed




Sana!!! Happy Birthday!!!... *thinking what to write now* Ummm. I got it. Fizah made me write the script so I lost all writing skills after that. LOL

Even though we don't talk as much as I wish we did now a days. Ouch I feel like I've known you foreverrrrr and everrrrrr. Your simply awesome and I love you! Embarrassed You are a total blessing to my life and I love you for being there. HugIts Hilarious if I go back through all our conversations. "Tumhara khana?" ROFL I honestly miss you so much! I hope you have a wonderful birthday! May you be blessed with wonderful wishes this birthday, and hope you achieve success in whatever you choose and that you always smile!

Since its your birthday! I can finally say I love you and lets go out and party! Bitto+Shruti Style? Dancing 

Lub chu Blushing

Anita Hug



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Birthday Sigs

From Fizah/Made by Nori:
 From Kiran:
 From Rati:
 From Maheen, Credit to creator.
From Subi:
From Subi:
From Subi:
From Subi:
From Raj:
From Raj:
From Raj:
From Raj:

From Raj:

From Eviie:

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Birthday VMs

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 Happy Birthday Sana...hope this birthday be the best one you ever had...and u get all the happiness n success that u ever dream of......

many many happy returns of the day

here is ur gift

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Happy Birthday Sana,

Aww see now u cant call me old we are same age woohoo party for me Party
acha now seriously u will tell us wht u get on ur bday and how u celebrated enjoy ur day eat all the cake no no actually dont eat whole cake send some over to my house i want my piece as well and u better send me some i so wish i could give u a hug ryt now on ur bday Hug for time being this will do I wish u all the best have a blast party hard and celebrate ur bday bcz  u r the princess today wish u a very happy birthday once again


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PartyHappy Birthday MOMMAAAA ! Hug

Woah ! Finally, the day is here when my Momma was born so here am your daughter wishing you a very very very happy birthday and a lot of happiness.
This birthday of yours will bring bright new good things in your life.
May you have so much of love, happiness, success and peace in your entire life.
Have a great birthday..!! ENJOYxx.


Once a year I get the chance
To wish you birthday cheer.
It pleases me no end to say,
I wish you another great year.
So happy birthday to you Momma,
From the bottom of my heart.
And may your good times multiply,
Till they're flying off the chart!

Hmm.. so where is my gift ? Tongue I know it's your birthday but but but am your daughter so you should give me gift. Tongue

With loads of love and best wishes,



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SANAAAAAAAAA!!! Guess what??? Shocked I'm shhhoooooo excited today!! It's someone's burrdayyyyyyyy today Big smile and NO I won't tell you whose Tongue Okay okay I'll be nice for once and tell you LOL in case you forgot yourself, it's your OWN birthday today madame. LIKE DUHHHHHH D'oh Okayyyyyyyy that completely sucked I know LOLDead Getting back to the point >>>>>>>>> I WANNA WISH YOU A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Big smileHug MAY ALL YOUR WISHES AND DREAMS COME TRUE <3 Hehe I'm sure you must be wondering who the hell is this lekin keep on reading my nonsense and you will understand who I am EmbarrassedLOL   

Okay I'll give you some clues *see how naishhhhhh I am* we met in the KaJen AT and I welcomed you there.......then we started talking about all stuff like 'ahem ahem' which led to us receiving a warning Ouch But that was your fault coz you were talking about your teddy bear ROFL
then after that day we met a few more times.......then suddenly I was gone HAWWWWW Shocked and you were mishhing me Blushing 
That was it! Approve No I have more nonsense to tell you coz I'm sure you still haven't figured who I am LOLTongue I love to annoy you hehe LOLTongue
Then somehow I found you on FB and we were in contact 24/7 LOL okay kidding BUT you cannot say you could live without talking to me for a day Approve We had looooooooooottttssss of talks about every random topic that came up.......LOL About my exams, ur studies, your teddy bear and we both losing it on FB on ur wall ROFL Spamming each other's walls was like our big hobby LOL Oh yeah listen yeah I'm gonna be shhooo nice to you once again *coz its ur bday damn it* that I will embarass myself here OuchCry nahiiii I don't want to! ughhh why??!!OuchCry Okay but on FB I told you to find me my dream man (you know who) and get me married to him OuchROFLROFL *yes yes you can laugh at me at least for today* ROFL Okay lets pause it here coz I can't come up wid any more clues! It's gift time!! Yayyy! Dancing Are you happy? Embarrassed But I'm not Big smile coz I want gifts too! It's not fair Ouch LOL
Okay time for gifts - oh btw another thing I know about you is you LOVE expensive things so I bought you some nice expensive stuff and you better like them or else my money would be wasted LOL
PRADA high heels for you but be careful you don't trip and give me the chance to laugh at youROFL
I know you love jewellery so here is a D&G watch EmbarrassedLOL
A dior handbag
christian dior jazz club zebra handbag Upping the Style of a Little Black Dress with a Zebra Handbag
Day Dreaming I'm so jealous Evil SmileROFL
Prada sunglasses Big smile
Is that enough? Or are you still not happy? Ermm hmmm for the time being I think that is enough! Lets get back to clues LOL its time to annoy you again  Tongue
Whoever I am, I love you Heart and I know you love me too Heart Okay that's a bit silly coz it's obvious otherwise I woudn't be writing you this long essay .. oh btw did I tell you I talk a lot lot lot? LOL If not then you should have realised it by now that I do chapad chapad 24/7 and sometimes even talk to myself ROFL
BUT BUT we have a special way in which we say ILY to each other Wink GUESS??Tongue
Oh I forgot to give you a birthday cake LOL How could I?! Angry 
Chalo here you go:
Cut it and blow it quick coz I'm still not done with you Evil SmileROFL
NOTE: Whoever is reading this I know I'm a crazy chatter so excuse me and my nonsense, and kindly go and read the next post if you're bored with my essay Big smile 
But not you Sana Evil Smile You will HAVE to read till the end! Tongue 
Okay back to you Sana! I have another clue Dancing That is that I wanted you to wear a purple dress on my wedding day Party
I hope you now know who I am? Shocked 
It's been just a month since we met and we are already so attached to each other Hug
Okay I think even you must be bored by now LOL chalo I'm giving you one last clue!
If you still don't know who I am, then lmfaoooo I can't help you anymore unfortunately!ROFL
So yeah this was my message for you hope you liked itEmbarrassed
I want to wish you a happy birthday once more! I hope all your dreams come true, including your dream to meet me once in your life Day Dreaming ROFL
Lots of love,
Your Jessy *yessssssss I said it*
PS. @TM awesome script! I loved it! Well done Clap 

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