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NiVren - Love Is In The Air (Page 47)

mahix3 Goldie

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 11:03am | IP Logged

Okay so let me begin by saying how amazing this episode was. Honestly, I had to click pause a few times because the episode was getting so romantic and I couldn't breathe. It was so cute. Especially when Nivi put her hands on Viren's shoulders. That was a scene I know we were all dying to see!


Now before I go further into detail about my thoughts on today's episode... I want to first off express my gratitude to RS and the CTs. Thanks to them, the circle of evilness was not present in today's episode. (Nothing against the actors as they are great especially at making us hate their characters.... but it was a relief to not see Chancal, Yashondra or Hemleta's face- I won't even say Jawahar as he is just MIA [missing in action] but yes, it was a great breather not having them there.)

**The only way this episode could have been better is if it was just completely about NivRen and Sid and Divya weren't there either. But Sid and Divya being in today's episode wasn't that horrible because the episode didn't really focus on them that much. But I did feel really bad for Sid.


Okay, before I go into my in depth analysis, I just want to get Sid and Divya out of the way. I am actually starting to feel remorse for this guy. I guess this is CT's way of getting back at him for not being there for Nivi when she needed him the most (I'm talking about pre-Viren's entry). I know we all hated Sid for what he did to Nivi and the crap that he put her though but I guess this is his just desserts. He hurt Nivi and now he has to deal with this psycho wife of his forever!

-- First thing first, Divya needs to understand that when you wake up, you don't start the day by arguing with your husband! Has her mother taught her nothing? Well I guess not. Seems like the only thing Hemleta taught Divya was how to be a manipulative and condescending woman. I guess it's not completely Divya's fault but if she has some common sense of her own, then she would be in a better position. I mean Sid was trying so hard from the morning! He woke her up by gently sliding a beautiful red rose down Divya's face and gave it to her as soon as she woke up but what does she do? Instigate a fight of course! At the rate this is going, if Sid doesn't deal with Divya's stupidity now and doesn't put her in her place, than he will become like how Pratap is.... a spineless man who dances when his wife commands. I guess that's what Hemleta thinks makes a good husband and thus she and Divya are trying so hard to turn Sid like that too. He needs to put his wife on the spot so she realizes her mistakes!

-- The scene where Divya finds out about Viren and Nivi sharing separate rooms.... well this girl really needs to mind her own business. You know what I think it is? I think she is just hoping that Viren's romantic gestures are all a faux and are just for show because she can't stand Viren being so romantic. Sid is nothing like Viren but if she opened her eyes, then she'd see he was trying but she's just trying to make her own husband look bad!

-- The scene where Sid and Divya have their first real fight has husband and wife. CONGRATULATIONS DIVYA, YOU MADE YOUR HUSBAND STORM OUT ON YOU DURING YOU HONEYMOON! That makes you a great wife..... NOT! You are just a selfish and condescending girl! You don't even deserve to be called a girl or a human for that matter! You're just terrible and you're a pathetic excuse for a wife and sister! I hate how she was like why is Nivi here if she and Viren share separate rooms. And what Sid said is right. For her to mind her own damn business. What happens between a man and his wife should stay amongst the two themselves. I really felt bad for Sid here as no one deserves crap like that. I mean what the hell was Divya trying to point out? That Sid and Nivi are having an extramarital affair with one another? This girl is a pathetic excuse for a human! I can't deal with her. Thank God those were the only scenes that she was in!



Now to the good stuff..........



Amazing episode! It was like heaven!

Great acting as usual!
And the romance between NivRen today.... I don't know how I survived that! I had to pause every few minutes to try to breathe. It was just simply AMAZING!


The first scene where we see Viren wake up....... oh gosh, he looked so cute! I just wanted to jump on the bed and start dancing! Hehe. He looked so adorable! I bet you anything he was dreaming about his sweetheart Nivi. The way she looked so beautiful the night before. Their sweet and romantic goodnight. And I bet he was thinking of the lovers shack too. Too cute. Then he calls room service and like a good husband orders his wife a chai and himself a hot chocolate...... too cute. He drinks what I drink. Then our hottie rushes over to the manager and asks him where his wife is and of course she is in the garden lost in thoughts of her perfect husband. I mean who wouldn't be?

This scene was beautiful! I loved the way the feather just softly landed in her palm and she closed her eyes and made a wish and blew the feather away. And to whom did the feather land? In the palm of her husband dearest of course. Gosh, the chemistry between these two is amazing! They are on fire! Standing feet away from each other, you can still sense the passion and commitment. Well done to the duo!

(Here I would just like to point out that never while Nivi was with Sid, was she this happy. Never did she smile this much nor was her face ever glowing as much as it glows now! Nivi look beautiful when she smiles and I want to see more smiling Nivi rather than teary eyed Nivi.)

Now the whole feather crushing deal..... I wasn't sure how I felt about that at first but then I thought well what else is he thinking? He's just frustrated that she won't tell him what is on her mind and what is in her heart.
.: First when the feather falls into his palm, he closes his palm as if to secure the feather. And then when he asks what she was asking for, he puts his hands on her shoulders, as usual and says that as she is his wife, he has the right to know what she was asking for and what she wants. (Oh gosh and Nivi blushes there as he calls her his wife. How adorable.) AND THEN SHE PUTS HER HANDS ON HIS SHOULDER (at first you see a bit of hesitation there but it's more that she is scared about what to do and say)...... oh gosh, the shock on Viren's face as she put her hands on his shoulders was amazing. It was so sweet. Like he couldn't believe it. And then Nivi leans in and for a second I thought she would whisper her confession into his ears- well more like I was hoping that is the case- but then he puts his hand on her back for like a hug and she just whispers "I'll tell you but some other time." During this, I was thinking hahh! Nivi, you're a tease just like me! Even worse maybe. Hehe. It was too cute! Oh gosh, the look on Viren's face when Nivi was whispering into his ear, it was amazing. I was like in awe. This scene was beautifully done and took my breath away. Literally. I couldn't watch the whole scene at once. I had to take a few breaks to try to breathe. Oh gosh, this was superb!

And then Viren was like how hopefully he isn't asleep and this isn't a dream and she really is his wife. Even I was blushing at that point. It was just too cute! And then of course Nivi runs away. I would have done the same if I were in her position. That line was just too sweet and cute.

But I think he crushed the feather because he was hoping that Nivi tell him what was on her mind and that he was hoping for her confession already. I mean I understand..... how long must he keep waiting for her. But poor sap should know that his wait is almost over. But that's why I think he crushed the feather and not because he has some ulterior motives. It's just that he is growing impatient or if not that than it is just because he wants her to confess her feelings for him already. I don't think Viren has anything bad planned or wants to do anything bad. Also, at first I was questioning why he said aaj raat but then I realized, he probably already knows that Nivi isn't ready for their consummation/ nuptials night yet so he probably knows that tonight is the night that the stalker/ MP will strike and now he can show everyone that Nivi is sane once and for all!

Then we come to the lovers shack with the two lovers. I love how Viren was calling himself Shah Jahan and Nivi his Mumtaz. This was their own little Taj Mahal. How cute. I loved how beautifully it was decorated inside. But did anyone notice that there was no bed? HELLO!? WHERE IS THE BED?? I saw like two wood sofa type things but no bed. This is a lovers' shack and I understand that lovers probably don't sleep at all when here but they still need a bed! I love how Viren was just watching Nivi as she examines the room and is lost in the beauty of their little paradise. The way he drops the rose petals on her was so cute. It made me giggle. He is such a great husband/ lover. All he wants is to make her smile and be happy. And we then find out of course that these decorations were Viren's idea. (Maybe this is why he gave the manager money yesterday? Or maybe it is both for this and to be able to catch the stalker/ MP. It kind of goes hand in hand anyways.)

But then Nivi realizes how lucky she is and she turns to the painting on the wall and thanks him. Of course that is when Viren walks in and asks her if she is asking for something else and Nivi says she got it and that's why she was giving her thanks. That was so cute. And the way Viren said that he was always hers but to make her his, he had to put in a lot of work and effort. And then of course he begins whisper sweet things into her ear and he puts his arms around her. I love how scared she gets when he gets so close to her. I guess it's more her being nervous. I mean she knows she wants to lose herself in his arms but she still stops herself. I hate the sad look on Viren's face when she gets out of his hold but he respects her. She should know that him putting his arms around her is just a way for him to express his love and nothing more but she gets nervous. It's rather cute actually.



Now the precap........

To be honest here, I was waiting for this. I'm not worried about his at all as I am praying that this hopefully means that the stalker/ MP will be caught and then that will be the end to this track. I want to see Nivi be able to just love Viren fully without being concerned about something or the other every five seconds. I am just really hoping that now that the stalker/ MP comes forward and we see him and we see that it is a person, that this means that this is the end and that he will be caught.

Two points I'd like to make:

(A) Now we know that the stalker is surely a man

(B) The stalker appeared right as Viren went to get the guard so it obviously isn't Viren because a person isn't that quick to be able to just change out of his clothes that quickly, plus we saw him leaving and then the stalker appeared right than and there.

Now I'm beginning to think... this makes me curious as the only way to the lover's shack is by the transport of the resort and so the resort would only allow someone that they know is affiliated with Mr. and Mrs. Sood. I mean the resort wouldn't just allow anyone to go over there and ruin their evening unless they know for sure that this person has a relation with Mr. and Mrs. Sood. But the thing is, pointing fingers at Sid is too obvious. I mean he asked about how to get to the resort but I think that was to make sure that if anything happened there, the two could come back safely. I think he was just concerned with their safety. But I really want to see who the stalker/ MP is. Hopefully this all comes out tomorrow! 

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xaviara IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 11:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by prajee

hey..  we reached 500000 in voting.... :) cheers.... Clap

I knowwww !!! And we still have a little less the an hour !! lets keep voting !!!! LOL

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Shayafan Goldie

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 11:06am | IP Logged
Originally posted by xaviara

Originally posted by prajee

hey..  we reached 500000 in voting.... :) cheers.... Clap

I knowwww !!! And we still have a little less the an hour !! lets keep voting !!!! LOL

Nahin Navs we have 5 hrs 54 minutes to go. Still voting.......

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asyadada Senior Member

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 11:06am | IP Logged
Hello girls! I'm back! My guest left Saturday and I finally got some time to myself to read your posts and write one after a long time. 

Zorka Jahtka Laga, Shaadi Bangayi Umar Quaid Ke Saaza is Sid and Divya's theme song after today's episode. Poor Sid. And why does Divya persist to be nosey and NivRen?!

NivRen: Tum Mile, Bahara, Sajde, and all the romantic songs out there are our sweet and adorable couple's theme songs b/c love is in the air and burning on both ends!!

Today's episode continued last week's high we all experienced, but the precap was very scary, poor Nivi! However, there was one questionable moment today regarding Viren. The feather scene was behaad cute and sweet, but after Nivi leaves Viren crushes the feather and says "aaj raat." I know that many ppl have written that Viren is finally getting his revenge for everything Nivi has done to his family, while others are writing that Viren's psychotic side is finally coming out. For me, I'm confused, but still hopeful. 

I still don't believe that Viren is the MP/Stalker! Those actions are just too malicious. If revenge is what Viren wanted he didn't have to marry Nivi to achieve it. For example, the loss of her 
 family's reputation, Nivi having to work, and Nivi watching Sid get married to Divya were all ways in which Nivi suffered, so why marry her for that? He could have tortured her even without marriage. So he marries her b/c he loves her. So does Viren have an agenda? Of course, but what it is, is the mystery.

Nevertheless, if KM's character is portrayed as negative, that's fine b/c he will have to work harder to win Nivi's love for a second time. However, I still don't think they will show him as the stalker. There are too many very obvious actions that would make Viren guilty, but RS in his dramas never goes for the obvious. RS goes for the audience surprise factor, so Viren isn't the stalker.

Lastly, is Viren forward thinking enough set up the honeymoon and lover's shack all to get that stalker? I'm not too convinced about that, but I hope to be pleasantly surprised if he is.

Also, can someone answer a question for me? In last week's thread ppl said that Viren changed the honeymoon location. Did he really?When I watched those episodes I didn't get that . Viren made reservations at that resort and then Sid did, right? And Viren was only teasing Nivi about canceling the reservation. 

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xaviara IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 11:06am | IP Logged
@ mahi : sweetie can you please change the color of the font of your analysis, I have a serious vision problem, I won't be able to read your analysis at all !!

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prajee Senior Member

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 11:08am | IP Logged
Originally posted by SnehaNivRenFan

Originally posted by xaviara

Originally posted by prajee

hey..  we reached 500000 in voting.... :) cheers.... Clap

I knowwww !!! And we still have a little less the an hour !! lets keep voting !!!! LOL

Nahin Navs we have 5 hrs 54 minutes to go. Still voting.......

No dear.. we have jus 22 mins left...

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xaviara IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 11:12am | IP Logged
Originally posted by SnehaNivRenFan

Originally posted by xaviara

Originally posted by prajee

hey..  we reached 500000 in voting.... :) cheers.... Clap

I knowwww !!! And we still have a little less the an hour !! lets keep voting !!!! LOL

Nahin Navs we have 5 hrs 54 minutes to go. Still voting.......

No sweetie, it says on the timer that only 54 mins are left !!

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moniluvskinshuk IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 11:13am | IP Logged
Guyzzzzz Here r my thoghts for 2dy's episode whch i justt lovedd it .
OMGG wht 2 tell abt 2dy's dhasu mindblowingg episode . It was just magical n took my breathe scene . Damnn romantic . n I was deaddd DeadDead
Viren in Bedroom
Episdoe starts frm my jaanu Viren who was sohwn sleeping . OMGG he was looking n sleepng like a kid chhooo cuteee Smile . He wakes up ( OMGGG Kya lag raha tha yaar !!!!Dead .Neend se jagne ke baad bhi itna sexyyy Embarrassed ) .Okk he calls Room service n orders Tea for Room 301 ( Thatzz his room) n Hott choclate ( for Nivi's room) Kyaa Baat hai mere Hero  mere Sweetu Biwi ka itna khayal .I m impressed EmbarrassedLOL .
1st NivRen scene ( Feather Scene)
Wht a lovelyyyy . beautiful , Romantic scene . I hav never ever seen such scene anywhere . Hats Off 2 RS for such a unique n Beautiful scene . Clap ofcourse KINHA can't b avoided . It's Becozz of them only dis scene was sooo soooo mesemerizingg Embarrassed .
Viren comes out n asks d manager " where is my wife ", Manager tells him tht she is in garden . Viren goes there .Nivi was shown sitting in cradle n she was thnkng abt Viren ONLY HER VIREN  She gets FB abt camera scene , KC scene , When Viren was leaving 2 Delhi . She was cntinueslyy Smiling n blushing .( OMGG Nivi !!!!!! U r madlyy in lovee wid Viren my chuimuiii comeon don't delay it confess it 2 ur love , ur Viren ) . Song was played " Pal Pal " ( Yaarr i m in lovee wid dis song yaar !!!!!!!! Amazingg Lyrics n amazingg singer whoever sung it Clap ) Nivi sees a feather flying ond air , She catches it , Keeps on her palm , closes it , closes her eyes , wishes somethng , opens her eyes n blows it .
Wish ???? wht could b her wish ? Wht could b a wish of a gal who had just fall for her love ? Wht could b d wish of a gal who is now fullyy  n madlyy in lovee wid her love ? Any Guessess ??? Yes guyzzz u all guessedd rght . It's VIREN, VIREN SOOD  , who is her LOve , Who is her husband , Who is her angel , Who is her saviour , who is a 1st guy in her life ( may b last one ) who fought for her , who cn give his own life just for her . .Yes She was wishing for him becozz She neededd him , Becozz she wanted 2 see him 24/7 infront of her eyes . She doesn't wanted 2 miss a single glimpse of himof her Viren . Embarrassed 
n Yes , Her wish , Her love , Her life , Her angel was there infront of her eyes abt whom she was wishing . Here Nivi blews d feather n there Viren catches it .
Here i would like 2 give credit 2 RS , CT's , Director who did a Fab job . Wht a magical Direction .!!!!! Clap  Nivi Wishes n Blews d feather n Viren catches it . U know wht it mean? It means whtever Nivi will wish , It will b fulfilled by Viren . Whtever Nivi will ask , It wil b presented infront of Nivi by Viren . n Most IMp Nivi's wish was VIREN n Viren gets it tht means Her wish of getting Viren , Her Wish of seeng Viren gets Fulfilled n in future also Nivi's all wishes related 2 Viren will b fulfilled  .
Viren asks her Wht u wished ? Nivi gets Shy n smiles n turns back  ( Heyy Viren !!! count it 19th smile but u didn't Cry dear kahan dhyaan hai ? Nivi mein itna bhi mat kho jao yaar , Thoda hamara bhi kahayal rakho LOL ) .Viren makes her face him by holding Shoulders by his hands ( Yeh lohhhh haath pakadna hua , chheeks pe haath rakhna hua , ab ek aur OBESSION Nivi ke shoulders choona LOLWink ). Viren says her " Tum meri patni ho , tiumare bare meinjaane kapura hak h mujhe , boo kya maanga ? " . OMGGG wht a greattt n bigggg step frm Nivi's side  I was reallyy nt at all expectng at all LOLWink .Nivi keeps her hand on Viren's left shoulder , Viren sees it n he is little happy , slightlyy smiles  but at d same time confused ( Why woun't he b yaar ? uski Biwi aise 440 volt ke khatke jhatke degi toh kaise chalega ? LOLWink ) .Nivi Keeps her other hand on Viren's rght Shoulder ( OMGG Ek aur 440 Volt ka Jhatka LOLWink ) n yeh lo ATOM BOMB CHOD DIYA  by coming 2 closer 2 Viren ( OMGG OMGGGG at dis tme i was thnkng only 1 thng m i dreaming or reallyy Nivi is dong dis ? I mean Kahan gayi Vo chuimuii , khullam khulla hi shuru hogayi LOL ) . Nivi goes veryyy closer 2 him , literally hugging him ( Veryy Veryyy romantic Embarrassed ) . Viren was just shockedd ( Shockk in Happiness LOL ) n confused n ofcourse veryy veryy happy ( Bechara kab se taras raha tha iske liye Embarrassed ) . Nici says on his ear slowlyy " Baad mein batungi " . n She moves away frm Viren . Guyzz did u notice 1 thng or was it only me ? When Nivi was gong away frm Viren in dis part Her hairs were literallyy touching Viren's Lips EmbarrassedWink .n They both were reallyy reallyyy close Embarrassed  OMGGG Plzzzz watch it n plzz tell me guyzz plzz LOL 
I m veryyyy veryyy jealous of Nivi yaar . Vo mere Kinnu ke sath na jaane kya kya kar rahi hai , abhi mera haal yeh hai ki i m buring wid jealosy , God knows wht will happen on their SR .I will burst out of jealousy Cry LOL .
Nivi goes frm there , Viren sees tht feather , crushes it OuchConfused n says " AAJ KI RAAT" .
OMGG Kinshuk's looks were 2 die for yaar Amazinggg n damnnn scaryy . Itna mat daraoo Kinny , tumare Hotness se waise hi rozz maarte ho tum , phir tumein daarane ki kya zarrorat hai ? LOL . Nivi was looking outstanding , veryy veryy preety , damn beautiful in dis scene . lovedd d scene verryy veryy much
2nd NivRen scene (Nivi leaves for lover sheck )
Small scene . But lovedd Brother's bonding here . Sid as a true elder Bro was concerened for his younger Bro n his wife . He asks manager abt d place , abt it's security n all . Viren n Nivi comes there wid their luggage .  Manager says i 4 mmore people frm their Staff will go wid NivRen So tht they can take care of them . Viren says 2 Sid we r not kids sid n don't worry nothng will happen 2 me n i will nt let anythng happen 2 Nivi .Viren hugs Sid . ( Oh I lovedd d small Hugg btw them ).They leave n Sid is happy ,
3rd NivRen Scene ( Nivren reached 2 LOver sheck )
Viren shows d Room frm ouside where they gonna live ( Yaarr it was damnn damnn beautiful ) .
He says " Yeh ek Tajmahal meri mumtaz ke liye " n Nivi says " Na toh yeh Sangmarmar ka hai , na hi yeh mera makbara hai " LOL ( Kya yarr Nivi , tum toh bikul bhi romantic nhi ho , Itni mushkil se Viren ne itna romantic dialogue bola n u didn't value it damnn LOL ) Viren also says " abhi main shahjahan hun , aur yeh shahjahan apni mumtaz ko kuch dena chhata hai "  Embarrassed . . Viren opens d door of d room n Nvi enters .OMGg hu beautifullyyy decoration was done yarr , koi bhi Fidaho jayega . On d Floor , Flowers r spread like a bed where Nivi has 2 walk . So romanticc yaar . Viren nt wanted Nivi's leg 2 touch Floor . lovvv Viren yaar .
 Viren is on d Door n just staring Nivi . As if telling 2 her ki " tht day is nt far when u will realize ur love for me, dt day is nt far when u will confess ur love 2 me , tht day is nt far when MRS NIVEDITA SOOD WILL B MRS NIVEDITA  VIREN SOOD in true manner . Nivi turns 2wds him , looks him as if sayng " thank u , thank u for coming 2 my life . thank u for lovng me so much , thank u for supporting me so much , thank u for consoling me everytime , thank u for being there whenever i needed u , n last thank u tht u lovedd me becoz of ur lovee now i fall in love wid ur love " .She smiles ( Viren n all my NiVrenians !!!! don't u thnk ? dis is Nivi's 20th smile ? Wink Oh my janu swetuu Viren Nivi ki vajah se Counting bh bhool gaye ? LOL ) .Nivi says " room is beautiful " n look at Viren's face .he was overwhemed wid her words . he was oo happyy ki chalo whtever i did , she liked it n lovedd it . Viren intentlyy looks her n says " U keep on staring d room n i will b back wid Luggage "  Nivi smiles again ( Oh god Crossed 20th one LOL ) .Sees God small temple n prays tht Viren n her jodi should b always 2gther . ( Yes Nivi definatelyy , Destiny made u both meet n now destiny had decided Viren for u . U both r made for each other n now no1 cn seperate 2 souls tht soon will b one ) .Viren comes there sees her prayng .HE smiles ( Ho kya gaya hai yaar , sab smile kar rahe hai LOL ) n says " Kya maanag rahi ho ? abhi tak nahi mila jo maanag tha " n Nivi says " Yes i got wht i wanted n now just sayng thanx 2 God , thanxx ki tum mere sath ho "  Viren comes closer 2 her by sayng " main hamesha hi tumare saath hun lekin tumare saath paane mein bahut meenetein karni pad rahi hai " ( I know dear , U reallyy watedd a longgg for getting ur love but Dear it's just now matter of few time , n Nivi will b ur''s ) .OMGGG Wht a passionate n romantic scene . Viren comes frm her behind n hugssher n says " main bahut lalchi hun , main tumein paana chahta hun , har tarah se " I was literallyyyy like dis Shocked  Confused becozz 2dy in Viren's face there was nt just Love n Romance but he had tht passion , his obession whch cn b clearlyy seen on her face n wid his single single words . He says 2 Nivi 2 get ready as 1 more surprise is watng for her , She again smiles n goes frm there ( Arre Viren , kahan dhyan hai yaarr ? itni baar smile kar diya Nivi ne , Aur litna chahiye ?LOL )  Again Tht sexyy n hotttt look on Viren ;s face scaryyyy veryy veryy scaryy n he says " AAJ RAAT KO" .
One more thng must say Kinshuk is expert in hand holdings , kisses , hugss , back hugss LOL whtever i saw him frm 3 yrs Wink . He is just expert n guru of all in dis . Trulyy KING OF ROMANCE muhwww .  
lOvedd d episode Veryyy  much .Amazingg acting by KinHa .loved them .
one thng i would lik 2 say , By "aaj raat ko " Viren meant " He will catch d MP 2nght ." thatzz it .
So dis were my thoughts now ur all comments . Big smile

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