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NiVren - Love Is In The Air (Page 111)

lams Goldie

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 9:19pm | IP Logged
thanks anju di and faizu for the beautiful analysis ...sigh i wish they hadnt showed the MP today ...that would have been sone pe suhaga

@rachu your theory is awesome what will happen is viren will come in between sid and nandu but nivi will get jealous so nandu will become alone all again and he will leave ...then sid will get offended and leave in search of nandu and nivren will forever go on HM then EmbarrassedWinkWinkWink

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Scintillating IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 9:40pm | IP Logged

Hey girls!! How's everyone? Sorry, once again for a late post. You will have to excuse me today because I am going to remain completely oblivious to what was depicted in today's episode about the existing MP track and focus totally and only on my NivRen and pretend as if nothing's happened and everything's just right and perfect in the NivRen world. When you focus only on that, then, my oh my, what an episode it was! So dreamy, fabulously misty, so beautiful that it almost felt unreal. There are just so many facets to this entire song sequence, so many beautiful gestures, innumerable  endearing expressions,  that I struggle with what to mention and what not to elaborate on and what and how to dissect. I think it would be impossible for me to dwell on everything but would like to dissect some sub-scenes that really caught my attention.

[1]  The scene begins so beautifully with NivRen walking towards the dreamily decorated tent, holding each others hand, with such ease, casualness and comfortness that it seems like both of them have been doing this their entire lives. When I look at them loitering like this, holding their hands as if it's the most natural thing to do, I realize how far NivRen have come and grown in their relationship. What a phenomenal journey it has been, though unconventional, and to think, there is still a long long very long ways to go.

[2]  I so love Viren for bringing this naughty, impishly mischievous side of Nivedita to the fore. She is and can be like this only with NT dadi and Yash. I never saw it come out in front of Sid either. This speaks a lot about what Viren means to her now, of how comfortable, confident and sure she is of her relationship with Viren. I was so digging the ShahJahan- Mumtaz dialogue delivery. Our smartass ShahJahan, Viren can be trusted to act as royalty, right? But what was so wonderful to see was how Nivedita also responded to it so effortlessly. With a very royal flair, Viren says, "Toh kaisa laga humari begum ko humara yeh surprise?" to which, Nivedita replies, "Bahut acha, bilkul humare ShahJahan ki tarah!" Awww, how nice! I so love this spunkiness of hers, whenever it comes out. Then again when Viren asks her what she would like to have, she says, "Jo apki pasand who humari pasand". A very royal and a very classy reply! I found it very funny, how royalty apparently comes so naturally to Viren. After the food has been served and Nivedita is feeling shy and awkward to begin eating, I love the expression Kinshuk gets on Viren's face, that one side node with darting eyes saying, 'go vanish & disappear into thin air, can't you see my begum needs some privacy?' Some attitude Viren Sood, some attitude. So, loved it!!

[3]  Oh this sub-scene right before the song begins is so cute. I want to revert back to saying the same thing that I have now already mentioned in couple of my previous posts, that I absolutely love Nivedita's laugh, mind you not her smile, which is very pretty and beautiful as well but her laugh, I so love her for that! Her laugh, this full-fledged lively throaty laughter that lights up her face, her entire being! Maybe I love it so much because it is such a rarity. But one notable thing about her laughter is that it is so infectious! No matter what it is that she is laughing at but when you see it, you instantaneously laugh with her. Moving on in the context of this scene, oh my, when did our feisty little Nivi become such a tease. Look at her, having the time of her life, laughing her heart out by teasing Viren while feeding him! Another aspect of the scene that I want to mention here is when Nivedita finally puts a morsel of food in Viren's mouth, oh man, I never knew any guy could look so good when chewing his food, seriously! I so love this 2-3 second expression on Viren's face, the instant Nivedita puts food in his mouth, he starts chewing it so languidly, so lazily, as if savoring it's flavor with this ultra dreamy eyes steadily focused on to Nivedita's face, so clearly saying, 'Did you just feed me? What was that? Never mind, whatever it was, it tastes heavenly, but I know of something else that could taste even better!'. OMG, how does Kinshuk does this? All these different various expressions and that to without any dialogue delivery! He is some talented actor, I tell you.

[4]  The best part of the actual song sequence according to me was the ballroom dance that NivRen performed. Their dancing looked so magical, mysteriously enchanting, so surreal! Honestly NivRen to me looked like those miniature couple's figurines that are timeless, permanently affixed in this dance posture. Simply beautiful! And, I love how naturally and effortlessly they begin dancing, Viren blocks Nivedita's path first and then gently guides her elbow so that her hand lies on his shoulder and simultaneously he grabs her other hand and they begin the steps of ball dancing, this is shown from far off but I absolutely love the next stance, where in they are still dancing but the camera is focusing till their upper bodies, and look at them, so fluidly and gracefully NivRen are swaying together, with Viren singing his heart out, and then oh so, casually he puts Nivedita's hand, the one that he was holding, on to his shoulders and then slowly he tries to pull her closer to him for an embrace but Nivedita realizes his intention and turns around quickly. Viren instantly stops her by putting his hand on her shoulder, goes around in front of her and oh, so gently and tenderly caresses her cheek, moving thick stands of her black hair partially behind her ears in the process. I found this so endearing and sweet. Nivedita's face looks exceptionally pretty and exquisite in this particular pose.

[5]  The highlight of today's episode of course was the extremely passionate hug that NivRen shared. Honestly, I would not want to elaborate on it because Navz, according to me has done an exceptionally wonderful dissection of the hug plus explained Viren's various emotions so beautifully (page-96).

Thanks as always for allowing me to share my NivRen thoughts and would most definitely appreciate your feedback.

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mittusingh Senior Member

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 9:46pm | IP Logged

One thing I hav to give it to the CT's is I felt all these feelings watching today's episode bored, entertained, surprised, tingly, upset, dread, proud, sad.... 

Bored - because I had to watch JW and CC.... they both are made for each other couple, both can only think about downfall of others!! Fir a change JW was considerate but its hilarious that even his tone didnt seem considerate... I was thinking he was trying to avoid CC calling Viren...
He is the only one person who has not outright showed any disgust or yelled for Nivi after Viren got married like YD and CC... makes me wonder!!

Entertained - loved the dialogue delivery by both nivi and viren...we cna see the easy compatible relationship they have fallen into and yes I do agree with a few of was not Nivi but Neha who was acting...I knwo both are the same but there is a difference

Surprised- I was expecting Neha's acceptance of Viren's love and her love for him...but she still was able to surprise me... It was a beautiful song and the dance was very subtle but had a huge impact on my nerves... We all expect playfull ness form Viren but it coming from nivi was again a pleasure to watch... VIREN is a good teacher....he has taught Nivi to Laugh and enjoy life and for this I am grateful to him!!!

Tingly - I seriously had goosebumps when Viren kissed Nivis hand...I liked Nivi turning away as she herself did know how to react... the realization of being a woman can be portrayed only if you are with the right man... The fire between the two is now blazing and it was the perfect moment for Nivren and US!!!  For me this was when they both realized that they now have everything that they ever wanted!!! EACH OTHER

Upset - As soon as Viren left Nivi and went in search of the so called lazy watchman... I was upset... I am miffed at Viren for leaving his wife once again alone...I was expectign him to take advantage of the darkness and be a little playfull!!

Dread - As if one wasn't enough....they brought the second one in... Is there any point in just scarign he hell out of a person...they are simply wastign their time and energy.... It was a dreadful scene as Nivi was scared out of her life (that was the point)

Proud - I am really proud of Nivi, she has come a long way from the shy and scared little mouse to ask the Stalker on his/her face as who it is and what do they want!!.... 

Sad - I am sad that at the end of the serial I lost the tingly and wonderful feeling I had and No wonder everybody today spoke more negative than positive... I am going back to see Navz updated scenes on YT and will come back to my happy place...

Precap - I think after Sid running to find who was out there....Viren came and saw nivi hrt... He did what a sane person would do, he took her back to the resort and not like SID who runs away leaving an injured person behind... What was that all about...??

I understand that the idea is to frame SID and make us believe Viren is doing all this... Hmmm.... I think It will all depend on what SID will answert to Viren's question of why was he in the jungle near the lovers shack - I believe the answer would be CC would have called SID and asked him to check on them

Nivi has now officially removed Sid from her brain as she had done with her heart as we can see the disgusted look she was giving SID!! It is sad as I know whats the true value of friendship and was hoping that they could at least be happy for each other in the end...

Also i wanted to add something about the comments on brothers rift track... Viren and Sid have never been close and they do not understand each other as they are totally different characters but they respect those qualities and share a mutual respect and trust!! Even though we have seen a lot of confrontations between never seems to affect their relationship...So I believe here also this wont affect their relation unless Nivi voices out her doubt and then Viren will completely turn 360 degrees on Sid but I don't think that si going to happen as in the article it states that Nvi will also doubt Viren.... 

Soooooo....I think in the ed NIVI herself will be the one to end this STALKER track!!!

Those are my thoughts., for comments

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Scintillating IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 9:54pm | IP Logged
Hey Mythri!! Hug How are you sweets? So loved your analysis about today's episode. You put forth your thoughts from such a different perspective, something no one really normally dwells on. Very nice. Clap I really enjoyed reading it!! So true, the CTs honestly take us on a roller coaster ride of these numerous emotions, they really do!!

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mittusingh Senior Member

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 9:58pm | IP Logged
Payal - I likes your analysis especially about Nivis laugh. You are right every time Nivi laughs whole heartedly....I find myself laughing too... it is so infectious!!

These laughs are very special as she has seen so much of loss and sadness in her life...she deserves to be happy!!! 

I love Viren's character for bringing the best out in Nivi!! It is hard work as Viren quotes as trying to make a person realize their own value in others life is a difficult thing if you have to do it very  subtly and our Viren has mastered in this subject!!

Thanks for likign my analysis...I keep seeign all your guys posts the whole day and I get time only during the night to reply or post my scattered thoughts!!

What do you do btw??

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gmann2010 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 10:01pm | IP Logged
Rach here is my answer to your theory:

Sid always had privileged life and Viren always had to struggle to get attention in Sood house even from his parents, he was always jealous of Sid's favoritism in family. When he came back to Shimla he came to know that Sid loves this girl name Nivedita. To get back to Sid viren conjured a plan to get Nivi out of Sid life and marry her. Viren's advantage is that he despite of living away from his family he knows everyone in his family inside out. So first he trapped Keshav in false charges and he knew that his parents will have a blast with it and Sid being easily manipulative guy will totally fall for it. In mean while he came to know about Nivi's sister being in love with Sid and just meeting her once he realize that how psycho that girl is and so he made sure that she end up marrying Sid. But as soon as Sidya and NivRen married, one day Viren was in store room waiting for Nivi, he saw Sidandu romancing with each other and then he realized that he made a mistake, Nivi was just a front Sid was using to fool his family, actually Sid was in love with Nandu. Frustrated about his mistake he went to VD's old room and trying to think what to do next, and all of a sudden Buvan's aatma appeared and told him about his real identity, you see CC and JW swapped Viren with Sid at birth so their son can get hold of Sood property. Bhuvan told Viren that he is his father and he will help him out with his mission, now both together came up with plan to kill two birds with one stone, to prove Nivi insane with help of bhuvan so she will end up in asylum and put blame on Sid for torturing her. In this way Viren will get Nivi and Sid both out of his way and he can then marry Nandu. But Nandu had a ulterior motive, he was playing both brothers at one time, but in reality he wanted to marry lajwanti. Lajwanti was in love with Sid but he rejected her, when Viren came to shimla, she fall for him but he also rejected her, so now lajwanti wanted to take revenge on both brothers, so when Nandu went to propose her she told him that she will only marry him if he can take revenge on Sood brothers for her. Once Nivi and Sid out of picture, Nandu married lajwanti and broke Virens's heart and in gum of Nandu, Viren also became mad and ended up in same asylum as Nivi, Viren realized his mistake and once again Nivren united and they lived happy ever after in asylum, and Nandu and Lajwanti took over Sood house and JW and CC ended up working for him.

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NivRenDeewani Goldie

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 10:05pm | IP Logged
Payal *screams and faint* OMG what did u do jaan?? what an analysis sweetyClapWow supurb jaan, simply mindblowing. The Nivren scenes were wonderful as it is but reading ur analysis u made it even more better. wait let me go and watch it again lolz. i love this thanks payal ur the bestHug. I have to agree on ur comment on how good Viren looked even chewing his food, uff that guy can do anything and make it look awsome. And man Nivi stole the show today as wellBig smile

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Peace67 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 10:21pm | IP Logged

Good morning/evening everyone. Lovely analysis as usual. ThanksSmile

About the episode, well even though we had to see JAAL, strange seeing JW all accepting and casual about Nivren (what the heck are the CTs upto with him)
Nivren date was magical and since Navz analysed the hug so well, I wont say anything about it.
With the attack, cant believe Nivi actually got hurt. What is going on? We are of course no closer to finding out who is doing this and this person has moved on from proving Nivi mad to actually hurting her!!!!
About the precap, I agree with Viren what was Sid doing in the jungle??? Surely he could have found some other spot to comfort himself after storming out on his wife.
Best bit of the episode - no DDDancing

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