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Sushma says tonight definately something is going to happen...there is a new trick being played.  I have to do something...I HAVE to do something.   At the party ...aditya and the two men are watching Rachna and anu and rachna is lookin for sid and mohit and anu notices this.   Rachna says its been over an over they have been gone...we have to go find them..anu says lets go.  While they are leaving aditya stops them and says where are u going rachna...and she says Mohit and sid are not here so i m going to look for them.  Aditya says really??   and he notices Mohit stumble in all drunk and everyone stops dancing and rachna is looking at mohit's state all surprised and she asks Mohit where were u..i was looking for u for a long time...where is sid.  Mohit all drunk says not here...i went to get a rose..and takes out the red rose and gets on his knees and says this is for u and rachna says get up and he shakes his head and rachna looking around says get up or i will leave from here...and she turns to leave and mohit turns singing...Mile ke bhi..hum na mile tumse na jaane kyon...milo fasele tumese na jane kyon....rachna is not happy and looking around and so is anu....and mohit is all into the song..and runs up to rachna and turns her to face him...SId is watching all this and crying...Mohit is dancing with rachna and rachna is looking around..and not happy...and anu is not happy as well...rachna tries to leave but mohit holds her hand and continues singing.   Rachna tries to leave again and he holds her hand and continues singing...holding her hand and rachna is looking at him and looking around....and then he stops singing and rachna is looking at mohit and mohit says atleast now answer me rachna...what is my answer...

sushma reaches the party outside and sees sid standing there and she says SID.   

Inside rachna says Mohit u r not in ur senses right now so i will talk to u later and leaves and says lets go anu and mohit says nO rachna ...wait...I am still in my senses that i know what i m feeling so u have to answer me here ..right now..answere me.  and everyone is saying..say rachna..say...say yes say yes...

Sushma says Sid why are u sitting here like this..whats the matter...say something..and she hears police siren.  and the cops come inside the party...and says who is siddarth here.  The university minister...and aarif says he was with us a few mins back but what has he done...and cops says only answer what is being asked...and rachna says but what has SID done??   The police say he misbehaved with a girl...he tried to rape her..and rachna and anu are shocked at this allegation.   So is aarif, varun and Mohit is confused.   Cop says we wont leave him..where is he??   everyone is shocked..

Sushma says i am sure something has happened.   I know something has happened.  Sid tell me something.   We have to leave from here.   Even rachna's life could be in danger and sid snaps out of his trans and looks at sushma.  Sushma says we have to leave.  Sid gets up and wipes up his tears...and rachna comes and says ...Sid u r here...u know what the cops are saying inside that u misbehaved with a girl and tried to rape her...Sid says i m telling u the truth miss rachna I didnt do anyting...we have been sitting here for a long time..  me and mohit..we drank today ... we were sitting here for such a long time..i didnt do anything.. i m tellng u the truth..and sushma and rachna are looking at each other.    sid says i swear i havent done anything.    Sushma says this is thakkraal's doing.. I knew he would do something like this.  We need time to think now...for now take siddarth away from here...and sid says but i havent done anything..i have been sitting here..and sushma says be quiet...rachna take him away...take him.   Rachna says but if we hide him now..wont we look like we have something to hide.  Sushma says this is thakkraal's trick and police is involved in this too.   we have to do something..we need time to think...and rachna says if we hide sid and cops find him then it will be even more wrong...and sushma says we have to hide sid until we dont find a solution to this problem.   Until we dont get an answer to this question.   WE HAVE TO HIDE HIM.  Come on lets go.  Sushma and sid leaves and rachna is watching them.   

Cops car comes where rachna was standing..and they get down and asks rachna..where is he..did u see him..and then the police asks the constables to look around..and they show sushma and sid going thru thick grass.   Rachna is thinking..sushma is telling the truth ...if Sid comes out now then she will also be exposed.  The police says what happened.  We are asking u something.   Did u see him?  Rachna says no he is not here .. i was looking for him myself.  The cop tells constables to get in the car and they leave.  

Sushma and sid hiding and trying to get away...Rachna joins them...and just then lights go on and police says Sid come forth u wont be spared now...and the whole gang comes running behind the police.   Sid shouts but sir..i havent done anything... was not there... I ... and Sushma is hiding....and rachna says he hasnt done anyting he is not a culprit.  And the cops puts handcuffs on him..and sid is saying i havent done anything...and sushma is shown hiding behind a bush.  Then thakkraal gets out of his car...and sid comes in front of him and rachna and gang are schoked to see him...and thakkraal says rachna mehta...i m very sad to see u alone with this boy who has been charged of rape...sometime ago the cops asked u where this boy was and u said u didnt know any information inregards to him but now here every single student is seeing that u r helping this boy charged with rape to flee away from cops.   Rachna is shocked.   Thakkraal says why??   Because he is ur friend.   Ur election lectures has big talks such as if anyone misbehaves with a girl who will stand up for them...u talk about girsl respect and their self pride...and here at night u r helping this boy charged of rape run away from the university party because he is ur friend...Rachna is listening to all this schocked....sushma is listening to all this.   Thakkraal says this is ur true self...u have been exposed rachna...Rachna says Sid is innocent..he hasnt done anything..Thakkraal says really ??  He is innocent...then why are u helping him run away??   If u have a poisionous tree in ur backyard that doent mean he will become aamrit...Poison is poison only.   Anu says this is all a lie..sid was with us.  he was inside in the party.   Varun says even mohit was with Sid.    Mohit goes up to thakkraal and says YES.. I was with him.   aarif says to thakkraal...sir we know Sid..he can not do such a thing.    Thakkraal says MARUTI..and a sad girl comes in front and thakkraal says look at this girl and look at her state... is she lying..what is she going to get by lying except aapman...and thakkraal tells the constable to bring sid closer..and then he asks Sid..have u had alcohol??   Look at this girl .. do u know her??  And sisd says no i do not.  and thakkraal says very good.  the guy who has no sense of himself would be have sense of his wrong deed.  U have consumed alcolhol.   He says this boy is saying that Mohit was with u as well.   Mohit says Yes i was...and Sid interepts and says No sir..he wasnt and then he asks if varun was with him..and sid says no and thakkraal asks if Anu was with him and sid looks at thakkraal and says no .. and thakkraal says who was the girl with u.??   Sid looks at rachna and says no one was with me and i was alone.   Thakkraal says being a wise chaceller i am promising u i will support the strongest investigation to take place against such criminals.  And sid is shocked.   Sushma is about to get up and rachna says Sushmaji...please u stay there.   the cops takes sid away and anu says please sir..please.   Thakkraal says as a wise chaceller i am warning student...that such criminal, their frineds and the ppl who tries to save the criminals will not be spared.  and rachna and thakkraal are looking at each other.   MIND IT!!!   

Sid is put behind jail cell and thakkraal's lawyer is there..and he says u r under the mountain now...ur ministery is over now.  Sid says i know u know that i havent done anything wrong..and this is thakkraal's trick.  The lawyer says Thakkraal Saab!! He told u before that if u cut his finger then u are going to get punished.   and u did a grest job...not just once...u cut his finger this had to happen my friend.   Jeet comes in to the police station and says I m jeet..Sid's lawyer.   Sid says to thakkraal's lawyer... u guys are doing this to bring rachna down..but i wont let that happen.  I will let myself be the ladder for u guys to reach rachna.   NEVER.   Thakkraal's lawyer is laughing and nodding his head.   Then he calls thakkraal...Jeet is shown with Rachna, mohit, anu, varun and mahendar..and jeet is saying dont take tension ..Sid will get bail.   THakkraal's lawyer hands the phone over to Sid...Sid takes the phone..and thakkraal says son sid that i have to inform u with great pain that u have to spend a long time in jail and u have to be quiet also..   u know why??  Think...cause u have try to worm out of there...or if u try to say u r innocent then i will get the ur real mistake get printed in the newspaper.   remember??  and 

FLASHBACK:  Sid remembers taking the oxygen pipe out of principal who was in the hospital and he died there.     

Present:   Sid is shell shcoked...and lawyer is looking at him with a smile.   Jeet and rachna and everyone arrives and sees sid on the phone...Thakkraal's lawyer tells him all the best...and rachna says Sid why was he here...and Mahendar says dont worry tell everything to jeet..whatever u remember...and Jeet says Yes tell me everyting u remember...and anu says has anyone threatened u.  Thats why he was here..and rachna says Speak Sid.   and sid looks at rachna and says Please forgive me miss rachna I have once again become a hurdle in ur life.  and rachna shakes her head and Sid says i have made a mistake.  Once again I have cheated u.   Mohit is all confused and rachna is shaking her head.  Sid says i m ur culprit.   Rachna says no...U dont have to worry thinking about what thakkraal said to me in front of everyone..right now it is important to prove that u r innocent.  Sid dont worry..we are all with u and we will get u out of here.   Rachna looks at jeet and but Sid looks away and rachna says Sid whats wrong...and anu says pls dont worry Sid...we all are with u.   U r listening right??   Sid doesnt look at them.   And the whole gang is worried.   Sd is thinking what thakkraal told him that he will get his real crime printed in the news papers.  

IT is morning now...and LOT of media guys are outside rachna's house.   A reporter is u can see..that in the matter of rachna and thakkraal there is a weird twist.   Rachna and gang are watching all this thru the window of their house.   One of rachna's friend has been arrested for molesting a girl and not just that but later on rachna also helped that friend in running away.    This matter has proved to be a black mark on rachna's personality and it is to be seen what thakkraal does and what rachna does.    Rachna is maha pissed..and mahendar says when Jeet will get bail for Sid...all these ppl will shut up by themselves.  And rachna is looking with anger.   The phone rings and rachna goes to pick it up is jeet.  He says sorry but Sid wont get bail and rachna says u said..and jeet says i know i told u but Sid is not saying anything...and all he says that he was drunk that night...and if this continues then the case will spoil even more.   He says sorry rachna but i wont be able to do anything in these conditions...Sorry.  Rachna informs the gang that bail was denied and everyone is worried and shocked.   Sid didnt say anything...and mahendar says why didnt he speak.   What happened to me..>WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM RACHNA???  And mohit says uncle it is my fault as well...we both drank so much that we were not in our minds..and after that i left him there and came... i shouldnt have left him alone.   Rachna goes to the window again...followed by mohit...and one of the interviwee is saying..if this has happened its very bad as we had high hopes from this girl...some other lady says ...these days u never know who is the theif and who is the cop.   Rachna is angry listening to this and mohit is not please either.   SOme other lady says i was telling before as did the girl rise so fast...there has to be some matter...mohit is fustrated.   Some other guy says ...rachna keeps on saying respect girls...and now she herself is saving this type of a man....and mahendra tells rachna dont listen to them ..they will say anything.   They dont knwo the truth.   Anu says and what is this going on since morning..they have crowded the place.  and mohit says this is not can they do this in front of someone's house.   Mohit Varun and anu go outside...and varun says lets get rid of them...and media surronds them and and they say u guys go form here right now.  then rachna and her dad comes out of the house and reporters rush to her and say is it not true that u were helping that guy in running away...another reporter tells rachna to speak the truth.   She says it was clearly seen that u were trying to hide this true?? Why did u want him to run away...??  And rachna bursets out saying..cause i m sure that SID is innocent.   The reporter says TRUST??  Do u have any proof or withnesses..??   Rachna says NO.   Sushma is watching TV and the reporter is saying that it is clear that in this matter there are lot of things that are hidden but when they will come one knows.   Sushma is depressed.  She calls rachna ...and says is enuff now..i cant sit here and keep on looking...They are all targeting u...and rachna is saying..what are u saying..and she says i m saying that thakkraal has gone leaps and bounds ahead of u.   He wants to destroy everythng.  Until now what we have worked for..unity...he will destroy it all.  Now there is only one way...i have to come out...i have to come out in front of all...Rachna says please dont do that.  There was only one thing that u wanted that u dont come out in front of all.  I know...u have a reason behind this and i also promised u that i will never let that happen.   Sushma says i am taking back that promise...forget that promise.  i will go and tell all that Sid was with me.   and the time he was alone was so little that he wont be able to do that.   And rachna says but sushmaji if u r seen then thakkraal ...and sushma interepts and says rachna Sid will be saved and ur name will be saved from malign..and thakkraal's trick wont work...and rachna says there has to be some other way...and sushma says this is the only way...look i m going to the police station..u meet me there....Sushma says rachna if i stay quiet then thakkraal's misbhaviour will go on...and there was a time to hide and that time is over.   Now we will face each other and we will look into each other's eye and there will be war.  Rachna is tense listening to this.   Sushma hangs up and rachna is still on the phone.   Rachna is thinking.   Sushma opens the door and sees thakkraal's men in front of her door smiling at her...she tries to shut the door and they open it and says sushmaji..what did u think..that we will never show up...and the other men say...the manager tore the address but even half the address was enuff for us to come here.   Sushma looks worried and backs up and his men comes inside the house and grabs her...the pushes all of them and grabs a vase and throws at them...but she misses.   Rachna n gang at the police station waiting for sushma.   Mahendar says we will wait here until sushmaji arrives.   everyone agrees and sits on the bench.   Sushma is trying to save herself from the goons but they corner her and grab her...They drag her out of the house and rachna says sushma should have arrived by now and manhendar says yes as she is only 20 mins away from here...and anu says let me call and see.   No one picks up...and anu says no one is answering...rachna says there is something wrong...we should go and look and Sushma in the van yelling HELP HELP and they men tie her hands and then her mouth and says u were taking panga with thakkraal...!!!!   Bacchhaa in his jeep sees thakkraal's men taking the tied up sushma and then he shouts...AAAAYYYYEEEEE...but thakkraal's men dont stop the van.   and bacchha wondering.   Rachna and gang reaches sushma's house and sees that everything is broken on the floor..and mahendar is saying sushmaji??   Evryone is worried.   Mohit picks something up an shows it to rachna and everyone is wondering...

Thakkraal's men call thakkraal to tell him that they have caught sushma and he says finally she is out .. look after her....she is teacher...she is guru.   Bacchha comes there and listens to thakkraal's talk.   He touches his feet...thakkraal continues talking to his men and say i will come and meet her soon...but not now....later.   Thakkraal asks bacchhaa..the work is complete...Gorakpur...and bacchha says teacherji...and thakkraal says she has been caught.  U dont have to worry and thakkraal is about to leave and bacchhaa says but this is aditi choudry???  and thakkraal looks at him and bacchha says the daughter of old prime minister.  Thats what i thought...that i saw her...our men taking her...and thakkraal says i know why u r getting she might tell in front of all that her father and the prime minister's was killed by you.   Bacchhhaa says i have heard that she was also there..and she would have seen something...and thakkraal says u dont worry about that i will take care of it..u look into the other work...bacchhha says BUT...and thakkraal puts his hand up and thakkraal says right now i have lot of work ..later.   He goes to his other men and talks about some channels being there...and then he signals his men to finish BACCHHAA....and his men nod.   BAcchhha is looking at thakkraal.  His men come to bacchhha and says bacchhha singh we are going on some imp work..u have to come..and then shows him the gun and bacchhaa is thinking.  

Thakkraal is at the university lecture..and aditya says now we are moving towards Q & A category....once ? at a time please.   The reporter says u have recently become a wise chanceller of the university..u think u are capable??  and thakkraal says what is capability.       How capable should a person be...he says i have capability to show the right path to the students...

Rachna says papa shouldnt have stopped me...i should go and face thakkraal.   Papa right now sushma's life is in danger.   Mahendar says going alone like this to meet thakkraal is inviting death itself.   and how are u going to save sushma??   HOW??  Look if u want to face him...face him in front of everyone...there has to be a way...and then they see thakkraal on TV...and rachna says i think i have a way but we have little time...we have to hurry.

Sushma unties herself with her teeth...and the reported is asking thakkraal what do u have to say in rachna's case since there is a twist in the tale now..and thakkraal says what do i say now...the girl full of potential and now look at her state.  I was saying from before...she was lying...but as usual who ever is speaking the truth is always to be blamed first.  Aditya is there as well.   

Thakkraal says everything is not as clear as a red light but it is like a white needs to be seen carefully.   Rachna and gang arrive and the gate keeper stops them and rachna says it is important for us to go in.   Anu says pls let us go in.   the gate keeper says who are u...and do u have a press card...and mohit says look it is very important...just let the two females in.   we will stay outside..   Gate keeper says no no u cant go in like that.   and anu says please understand us and rachna says we have been called and gate keeper says who called u and a reporter comes and says i have called them and this is my card.   Rachna and gang are happy...and she says i need to take their interview pls let them in...come rachna...they all go in.

Sushma is shouting...water..i m very thirsty.   Somene give me water...some one..water..and someone comes in and sushma looks at him and grabs a stick and hits him on head she turns and she is at gun point by one of thakkraal's men and she drops the stick.   Rachna and gang walk in to where thaakraal is givning interview...and is saying that it doesnt matter to me what ppl are blaming me for.   Rachna is giving an angry look.   and then see says if u r innocent then why did u kidnap sushma rai...and thakkraal says look one more allegation...who are u talking about???  Who is sushma rai??  U should be talking about ur friend who is in jail who has committed such a haneous crime of molesting a girl.   do u have an answer to that...and rachna says the answer to that is..that is all a lie.  That lie is being created by u.  Sid is innocent.   and in the whole world only one person can prove this...sushma rai.   and she is missing cause of u.   She says i have been on this show before and asked for justice but i didnt get i will take i have come here to tell the world that thakkraal u not only molested me but also has cheated so many other ppl, kidnapped ppl and murdered ppl and right now he has kidnapped sushma..and if anything happens to her then u will be blamed for this.   Even now no police will wake up.    Even now u wont save a person's life.    who thakkraal wants to end forever.  Thakkraal says the position i have attained after giving 15-20 yrs of my life...rachna wants to attain it in a year...and she has,,,as he knows which shortcuts to take.   Thakkraal says u have any proof atall against me...U slapped me in front of everyone i didnt say anything....u put such an allegation on me..which i spent 3 days in jail...cause of u my wife and my child is not doing well...and i m still quiet.   and if u r saying..i m that dangerous then u wouldnt have been alive right now.    Now u are assucing me of something new....Sushma Rai..kidnapped...who sushma rai..what kidnapped???   U have any proofs...Rachna says i have proof...lot of ppl...who u have wronged...all of them will come together and reach for ur throat.   and see that day will come soon.  How can u all be quiet....i m sure u friends, family have lost so much...ppl who has been wronged by thakkraall..wont one of u stand against him...and sushma rai is shown walking towards rachna and thakkraal.    Sushma says I will stand up and thakkraal sees her and takes his glasses off....and is shocked.   they are both looking at each other.   and she says u must be surprised seeing me alive.  U must have thought i wouldnt have stayed alive uptil now.   But ur goons target is not as good as mine...and thakkraal is worried.   Reporters run up to her...and says I have come to destroy all...who has destroyed my life and I have come here to say that i m aditi choudry...the daughtter of late prime minister K P Choudry's daughter and this is keshav thakkraal ...his killer.  YES.   !7 years ago.. in front of my eyes this keshav thakkraal killed him.   MURDERED HIM.  MY FATHER'S MURDERER IS KESHAV THAKKRAAL and points at him.   and thakkraal is looking EXTREMELY WORRIED.  and puts his glasses back on.

Pre-Cap -- Thakkraal is saying to jhanvi..looking at her cell phone..u will never get an answer from his number as bacchha singh is dead...and jhanvi is sad and disgusted.

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Thanx a ton Kasrana!
Sorry for my silence, had been very busy lately.. thanks again for the awesome update!
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ur welcome.  I appreciate the appreciation...not many ppl do ok.  
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Thanks for the great updates!

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thanks for the lovely update Smile
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