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Wat role can the AUDIENCE play in GHSP?? (Page 2)

preeti.. Groupbie

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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 11:47am | IP Logged
nice post viji..

their major problem-Editing... im sure most of us agree, SBS/SBB show much more stuff thn actually shown in the serial, and not tht it was offscreen, onscreen stuff itself, thy edit it out..... i know thy have just 20 mins, but then show it in such a way tht it looks complete....

well,the rest im sure all of u will put it  better ...

Ninelives IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 11:47am | IP Logged
hi Viji..
Mujhe Zyada nahi samjta hai baare main..but from a novice and a viewer..i feel that.
1. Editing needs to be seriously looked upon..
2. a much tighter screenplay would be great with more research on the actual characterisations of the characters....They r in character..but screenplay faulters..coz u see...with cctv cameras..on the villians r roaming around..i can understand NT coz MSK was at that time not looking out for her..coz she was supposed to be out of INDIA...par then Brij too roaming...
also NT has MSK ka phone n in yesterdays's episode MSK had it YES the screenplay needs more detailed research..
3. The Director needs to do things in a fresher way..things and sequences though have different outputs look a little repitative....The Director must buck up..
Though i feel this could be the 6 day ka kamal....
what do u think viji....what is the role as a general viewer can play here..
We also besides the technical, can be a little linient and also be ready to accept changes..coz if there are characters introduced then they need to be given screentime to deliever...and only if we are able to accept them that is possible..
Sure enough they have their own issues...BUT the best way an audience contribute in a normal way is by being positive...
this is my pov..pata nahi sahi hai ya nahi...
Viji....comment maro yaar...
bye for now

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rickks IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 12:22pm | IP Logged
Okay Guys....Thanks for all the wonderful response...But i still repeat that rather than a post which contains all the issue you seem to find flawed in the show, spell it out differently.....

I could site an example

Costume Department:

All the premarital Rituals had costumes which made me wonder, is this the Marriage of MAAN SINGH KHURANA who is Delhi Residing Industrialist and that too  a rich and Famous one.....???

In the Sangeet Ceremony- Ani in her Maroon and Green Lehenga and Arjun in Black Suit looked more like the to be wedded Couple for whom the Sangeet was being conducted when compared to Maan and Geet.....Maan in the cream Sherwani and Geet in her Dark Maroon Sharara looked less appealing....

It does not have to be gaudy, but it could and should have been MORE CLASSYSmile

There was this Dark-Blue Anarkali with Silver work, which Ani tries on Geet, i dont think they have ever shown that costume on Geet...and truly felt that instead of the Sharara they could do with that Anarkali Suit

In Yesterday's Episode
Maan's sherwani, looked repetitive.....Geet's Lehenge was not shown Full length but looks like its the same Outfit from The Promo....But from the closeup of her face that was shown, the GLOW from her face was MISSING, she looked dull (This does not mean she looked Ugly).....Instead of the Nosepin, they could give her a Nose Ring, it would have enhanced her final LookSmile


So this post has talked about only Costumes.....Another Issue i feel needs to be worked upon is the Editing that would be another that the message is CLEAR

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nandinivarma1 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 12:39pm | IP Logged
thank u for ur pm...first of all i am not much into technicalities....i am a hardcore lover of the serial geet....right from beginning i have been watching geet and still do, go to utube and watch the old epis....i do not know much about the technical sides or lights etc...but any illogical thing in the show is like a stone in the food we bother me a lot and i write about it....

beginning i did not feel much of illogical things....but suddenly in the quiz given by star one, it was seen that maan was searching for dev in come???maan when he sees dev in office when he comes back from canada, does not even realize he was in india...his conversation to him at that time does not mention HP at all...then how and why did he go to HP to search for dev for god's sake...we were all thinking he was searching for vicky and being in a fool's paradise...this has been bothering me since the day i saw in the quiz that maan was searching for dev in HP....
till the flopped engagement party, everything was okay...and even after that for the sake of GC, we suffered all the MU track....and then started the major illogical parts!!! i have written this many times, 

1. suddenly a sister is born to maan...and the way she was presented was horrible...dadi telling nakul that we have forgotten to invite a very important guest...ur sister is a guest in ur house, who has to be invited for ur wedding???this sis did not exist when the engagement party was taking place, when the tv and newspapers were busy with the scandal, when ur bro is in hosp in a serious condition nobody informs his sis, but that sis is only for giving presents for the bday and every time she quarrels...those scenes, those dialogues did not fit the show...

and then started the down slide...everything and anything became illogical...we all know it is a serial, there r bound to be illogical things, but so obvious ones???one of the illogical things before these incidents were dev and geet not meeting when they were in the same house, but those sequences were shown in a understandable way and even though illogical we did not create any pbms....but after the anne track, things started going so bad....the first thing a sis will do after coming home is inquire about her other bros...she asked about dev after a week or so, she is silent on the vicky does maan not have vicky now as his bro??? after dadi asking him in the office about vicky and maan assuring her that his security is looking for him and he will be found, no mention is made of him...seems like both dadi and maan has forgotten him...dadi is shown as telling NT about kamya ringing her up and speaking to her and pammi and kamya were shown as coming to india...where r they???and why is maan or dev bothered about them???instead of explaining all these, the cvs directly jumped to a new found sis....from that part i could not accept that track, not bcoz of the AA track but bcoz of illogical thing...and the actor selected for playing anne was the moment their scene comes, i change the channel, trps be damned, i cant watch that track...nowadays repeat also i only watch maaneet scenes only...

the dev meera track left unfinished is also bothersome...if the actors have left, replace them, or else finish off their track instead of leaving it hanging...

and then the medical blunder...a 4-5 month old baby and a doc says choose bet mom and baby???all these promises and situations will they useful in the future tracks or r they just shown for the sake of showing maaneet deep love???god knows...
and then the nt and brij entry via security and cameras...all these we know ourselves...

these r the things that r bugging me and the editing also....when they r shooting with actors why dont they show it???to give them rest u r bringing other tracks, but what u have already shot u will not show???what a waste of such good actors.... and so many more...i will add...

-honeydew- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 1:27pm | IP Logged
hi viju ...

i woke up suddenly from my sleep and i happened to read ur post.. so if i am not making sense pardon me ...
you are right about spelling it out separately but here are some of my views ...

-we have already told the makers what to do many times and where we feel they have faltered. yes there have been variations on tone, but we have always expressed ourselves whether it was excitement, displeasure or expectations .. the makers expect feeedback and we give that to them in plenty with the way we immediately react after an episode .. how would it matter if we later thought about it and re-analysed .. yes in terms of future story it may help, but if the immediate feedback is raw in terms of emotions and reactions i think it would act as an instant source of feedback .. we should all have a react page !! and the stuff u mentioned can come there ..

-for me the only glaring difference from the past and now is the direction! earlier one could feel the emotion while watching a scene. today, you are forced to imagine the same! For me this is the source of disconnect from the show .. imagine MSK saying his lines but us wondering, whats missing? if these two are sooo much in love and cant have enough of one another, why the hell cant we see it .. earlier when we watched scenes we would analyse a million other future possibilities from it .. today, we stop at wondering what his action on that particular moment meant, cos many of us have no clue why a character did what he/she did ..

-the one person that has been consistent as Aditi has said has been Barry, not only has he stuck onto the show from day one, he has been silently delivering words to the characters emotions .. another person i would like to mention here is Dhrasti ... even when she doesnt need to act to much, she has eased up so much to the camera that she exactly knows how to react when .. imagine Geet saying something like ...."aap rajnikant ke cousin hai kya" to Maan,which i am dead sure wasnt from Barry, but Dhrasti carried it off so well, though it was very outta character ...

- the show has major continuity issues, they end an episode at a point, but when the episode starts the next day the scene and the frame has totally changed, also the entire wedding sequences were jammed and fit into the first slot every day, and wrapped up super fast, be the sangeet, the haldi, the bachelors as well as the most recent NT learning Annie loves her brother scene ... this could be the channels doing, but then why make something look choppy?

what i am beginning to now wonder is, by repeatedly telling them where they are going wrong, are we chidkoing namak on the jala hua ...
dude, no no no! i am tending towards negative thoughts again .. before i do that again .. i am running off ..

i dont know what all i wrote .. just went in with the flow ..


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swan20 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 2:20pm | IP Logged
Viji....good post....Thumbs Up....thanks for the PM....Smile

My biggest grouse with the CVs is that they have left way too many loops unclosed. Apart from Maan & Geet all the other characters & their stories are incomplete. In their effort to concentrate on the lead pair they have completely ignored the other characters. Its true Maan & Geet is their USP but a story needs other characters too. We do not know what's happened to Meera nor Dev. I know both these actors have opted out of the show but they can be replaced. Their tracks should not be just left unresolved because the actors are not available. Dev is an important part of the story & his character's end should be explained properly.

Secondly when they introduce new characters such as Annie, they have to give us a back story which explains their absence in the past. Annie's character is not any cameo. She's an integral part of the Khurana household. We should have been told where she was & why she was never mentioned before.

Third is consistency & a natural flow to storytelling. Of late the scenes are just randomly placed in the screenplay. As a result the viewers are left confused & lose their grip over the story.

I know i have written down everything in one post....LOL.....but i guess what i really want to stress upon is that there should be logic & consistency in what they show. A few bloopers are understandable in a daily show but it should not go to a point where the viewers feel cheated...Ouch

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mehraan IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 4:30pm | IP Logged
i really wnted 2 see mehendi function vich is a must nowadays wntr in reel or real..n wen it cmes 2 maneet YES i was waitg desperately 2 see each n every function indetail...the haldi function was rushed..i didnt enjoy only the beginning part wen MAAN cmes 2 meet geet..b4 any wedding sexual tensions r always there...vich i think CVs nvr  fully used  tis opportunity...thy  wnted TRPS thy cud hve shown sensual moments bt  vich cud hve rocked the trp charts bt thy nvr did...according 2 me here is where thy falter most of the time...wat is needed thy dnt do it n unecessary scenes/ stuff  r shown...i was put off mre wen mehendi wasnt shown..n y there is so much drama daily each brij planning, geet attacked, baby problem, MAAN confused,MAAN worried, brij escaping, geet crying, NT entering N attacking, NT in coma n finally roads each epsde we had 2 witness kuch na to kuch... 
jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 5:11am | IP Logged

I think first and foremost the audience should stop comparing the new episodes with the old episodes because from my serial experience I can say that once a series reaches over 200 episodes,u cannot expect the same old magic in the show with perfection..also with 6-day schedule,quality does suffer and even CVs cannot help it because its channel's decision and they hv their resons for this 6-day schedule in terms of GECs which star one desperately while watching the new episodes,one should keep their expectations low and not try to find the old magic but watch it with a new perspective

Now coming to improvements in the show and also viewer's role in it...

1)Since CVs visit the forum,they should go through different FFs or OS threads written by the members to get new ideas for Maaneet scenes so that they don't look repitative...

2)They need to complete all the incomplete tracks in the show related to Dev,Sameera,Vicky,MSK's parents rather than introducing new characters without any back story out of the blue...
3)Camerawork and Editing department needs drastic improvement...
4)Can't expect 100% logic in a daily soap with 6 day schedule but plss don't show something which doesn't make even 1% sense like what MSK's security r doing if NT and Brij can easily enter KM or how can doctor give choice to MSK about baby or Geet when the feotus can't survive without Geet....These type of bloopers should b justified properly...other than that I don't mind small time bloopers which r common in any and every daily soap today
5)As viewers we too should stop jumping to conclusions in just one episode but rather wait for the next to see what we r thinking is coming true or its just our weird imagination...This is a problem with Geet fans...they too r not episode is bad and members start bashing and quitting and then in next episode MSK is on horse,so I see praises all over the forum...
6)Also as viewers we should try to differentiate between fair and unfair it like a daily soap instead of treating it like rocket science and doing serious research on it...And most important..stop mixing an actor's personal life with the show
7)GC and DD in recent few episodes look more like GC-DD and less of can b the fault of the acotrs or mayb the director for not giving them the proper screenplay to enact thier characters...this thing should b looked upon
8)As viewers ,we should understand the constrains of 6-day schedule and try to accept the parallel tracks of Arjun-Annie with a pinch of salt if we truely love Maaneet and don't want the actors to fall sick;Yes I agree there is room for improvement when it comes to an actor like Nikunj,but simply bashing the actor is not the solution...
9)SBS/SBB segments should generate curiosity and not spoil the episode viewing pleasure of the viewers...So I guess channel and PH should actually communicate this to SBS/SBB people...sometimes these segments sort of spoil the party..even today we know the horse wala scene is coming...but imagine if it would hv come as a surprise today;This is one difference between old times and now..there were not many SBS segments that time to spoil the party
10)Lastly Articles and SBS/SBB segments most of the times mislead the as viewers we should wait for the actual episode rather than spreading negativity by reading random articles or rumours..that sort of affects the viewership of the show

Viji I hv not just pointed out flaws in the current episodes..but hv also tried to show where we viewers r also going wrong with our over-expectations..because if the viewers has some role to play in the betterment of the show,I feel we too got to realise and accept certain facts...nice and a much needed post I feel


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