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Monday 17/1/11

Muthu Engal sOthu is getting ready - a smiling Kavitha brings coffee but Muthu
is in no mood for coffee or smile - says that he is surprised to see the smile -
" unnai apdi pesiyum kooda, no sOranai??" Kavitha has some new proverb -
"hubby and wife arisi kalaiyum pOthu pOdara sandai should be gone before the
rice cooks " ( habba, arisi kooda sernthu thaan kalai vaangalaa???? Yaar ange,
Mr. RP kku arisi nna enna nnu solli kudunga !!)
Kavitha makes all attempts to woo
Muthu but he is unrelenting. The other two sisters cootchi coo with their respective
husbands - vazhisal on one side, kaduppu on the other.

Ashok - with his cronies - another devious plan is in the anvil. Some poison bottle
is given to Ashok from one guy who laments "Aalai mudikka neengale eranganumaa??
Naa seyya maattena??" Ashok says that there are some things that need his personal
involvement - "just do what I say, ok??" - muted dialogue le plan gets unveiled. Bahra
Priya arrives. Cronies are asked to wait outside. Priya is very unhappy and cries "last
time I came in to your house with our, the baby has the legal rights...but"
Ashok very lovingly makes the poisonous coffee and feeds Priya - bhakra drinks ....
time to spill.

Priya wants "athai " and feels bad that athai will miss the grand child. Ashok says that
it is athai who did the honors of  killing the grand child " unakku cake le medicine kalantha
the enga armai mummy thaan " Priya is shocked.....does not believe..... apram
says that why the kid was killed "when we are legally married??" In the meanwhile, Priya
does some thing with her mobile Records?? whateverrrr... Well, now Ashok explains
every thing for dumbos like Roja - the Registrar's office was "hired" for the drama.
Marriage was not registered - the registrar himself says that he sold himself for money
- some thing which he could not have earned if he worked all his life. Asks Priya to go
with Ashok. Ashok further says that he has more plans for Tamizh - " unnai vida avalukku
innum better treatment " Priya, the bhakra roars - not knowing that Yaman is knocking...
"stop all your venomous acts NOW .....if you harm Tamizh any more.....apram...."


Tuesday's tears Update by Eljay

Yikes, the sight of Ashok is enough to make me want to choke him.

Update for Tuesday, Jan 18, 2010:

Why do I have to update this?  Ashok tells Priya that she is not married to him, she doesn't have a job any more, and Tamil will also come to the nadu theru, and finally he grabs and tears her thali away from her, aided by his mother.  Mom finally pushes Priya out, and Ashok tells his two goondas to follow Priya, saying she is going to be dead in one hour.  She goes to Tamil's house, and this is dutifully reported to Ashok.

At Tamil's house, Meena tries to throw Priya out, overruling AM, until Tamil comes and stops her.  Priya updates Tamil (with the windows wide open, so that the goondas can report every word!).  Tamil says Yaamirukka bayamaen, and consoles Priya, gives her coffee reluctantly prepared by Meena.  Priya insists that Tamil forgive her, she wants to tell her something, Tamil says it is not necessary, but Priya falls at her feet.  Tamil tries to pick her up, she falls over.

Ashok's goonda calls and reports that Priya has been taken to the hospital by Tamil.  Ashok tells him to follow and report, saying which hospital they are taking to.  He tells his mother that something is going to happen soon, and to just wait. 

Hospital  - Meena and Tamil are waiting, Meena wants Tamil to call Priya's mom, let her come and take care of her daughter, so that they can leave, but Tamil says she cannot leave.  The doctor comes out, says that Priya has taken poison, they have informed the Poison Squad, and they are waiting for them to come to decide future action (this is news to me - if the PS people take time to come, they will let the patient die?  And they are supposed to be doctors?  I thought these serial people demeaned the police regularly now they are doing the same to our doctors also?  How much worse can it get?)  Tamil pleads with him to treat her friend.

Thodarum ...

Tears, tears, tears - I hate tears!  (dialog courtesy Rajesh Khanna in Amar Prem)

Update for Wed, Jan 19, 2010: Update by Eljay

Tamil is informed by the doctor that until they hear from the Anti-Poison squad, they can't do anything.  She pleads with him to save her friend, and says she will take the responsibility for that.  The doctor agrees.  Meena tells her it is not too late to leave, she refuses.  Meena tells her to at least call Priya's mom, she says that it will be too much for her to handle if she is told that her daughter consumed poison, so she can be told after Priya is treated and recovers.  Finally, Tamil tells her mother to go home if she cannot bear to see Tamil there, because she intends being there for her friend.

Priya's mom returns from some shopping, goes in leaving the door open, and Ashok comes there.  He stuffs some money in her hands and begs her to go to GH immediately, shedding fake tears all the while.  She asks him what's wrong, and after some fake hesitation on his part, he tells her that Priya has been given poison by Tamil and now she has taken Priya to the hospital.  He tells her that Tamil gave Priya poisoned coffee (did I mention that Tamil asked Meena to give Priya coffee yesterday?  I will have to check on that.) and he is afraid for Priya's life, Tamil is such a criminal that she did this to take revenge on Priya.  Sure enough, Priya's mom falls for this story and goes running out.

Priya is gasping for breath, and finally, to the accompaniment of sad music, she gives up her life.  The doctor comes and informs Tamil, who is weeping.  Priya's mother comes in, raving and ranting, and demands to know what has happened to her daughter, weeps and wails when she finds out that she is dead, hurls accusations at Tamil, asks her why she gave poison in the coffee.  Tamil asks her who told her that Priya was here, she doesn't answer that question, curses Tamil.  Meena intervenes, but then Priya's mom remembers that Meena actually threatened to kill Priya by poisoning her coffee - idhu poraadha?  She curses them, raves and rants some more. 

Tamil has a new dad now, and he tries to calm the raving woman, but to no avail.  Tamil, Meena and her hubby leave the hospital, while Priya's mom keeps wailing and running after the body.

Thodarum ...

RKO Thursday (I'm starting to hate Adangaa pidaari Tamizh) Angry
Update by Cool
I think Tamizh deserves a punch for causing so much pain to her parents by not listing to them right from the beginning. 

Priya's mother threatens Tamizh that she will go to police station to see her one hand for killing Priya. Thamizh insists on staying in hospital even though Meena shouts at her for not listening to her ever. (when will Thamizh ever listen to anybody ever??) Meena drags her literally by the hair to go home. 
Tamizh RKO, Meena cursing Priya for coming to their house after drinking poison, saying she wont go to heaven. Her relative comes home, meena tells the auntie that Priya came here after drinking poison, and the murder accusation may fall on their head.

AM and the auntie console Meena, Tamizh says she is going to Priya's house for funeral. Meena and AM object vehemently, as usual Tamizh doesnt listen. She leaves her house, but is stopped by a police jeep.(appaada, ivaLai eppadi-thaan vazhikku kondu varadhu?...such a adangaa pidaari daughter in the guise of doing good). 
Inspector forces Tamizh to get into jeep for questioning (she deserves it!!!). They plead with the police, more Meena RKO in conference hall (nadu theru). AM calls KS to help. KS updates KK and his daughters in law. Another RKO.

Prem celebrating his victory with alcohol. His mother comes in, and he updates his mum on his full murder plot which killed Priya and how he put the blame on Tamizh. His mum looks disturbed that he killed Priya. Prem says there is no evidence that Priya came to his house and the Inspector investigating the case is his aaLu. His mother is happy, and asks him to continue drinking beer to celebrate this (yuck) and says she will bring the side dish omelette for the alcohol. (enna Amma ponga)

AM and KS at police station- Tamizh cries, AM and KS argue with inspector that Tamizh is a good girl. Inspector asks them to shut up, and their testimony of Thamizh is not relevant, as he needs to investigate based on Priya's mother's complaint...thodarum

Friday 21.1.2011 Update by Srima

Police station. AM & KS doing all the talking with the lawyer standing in Statue pose. Inspector informs strong murder case against Tamil , remote chance for bail. Lawyer also chaing chaks , later agrees –Rupees 2 lakhs surety & 2 witnesses. Bail application to be forwarded the next day , Tamil has to spend one night in the station.

Wasted segment. Opaari session. Camera moves from one azhuga moonji to other – sisters , mummy daddy , good bye to dinner , standard tamil serial dialogue by Meena- en poona paarkama en pallulia pacha thanni kooda padadhu [ appa manja thinniyala brush pannuvala?].

One lady reading the news item  [ think she is an employee at marriage registrar office & was witness to Priya / Ashok wedding.]– Priya murder matter ,she is perplexed with the news item mentioning Priya an unmarried girl , complains about it to her senior who informs her about the fake marriage drama enacted by them all under Ashok's instruction. The girl informs the senior about taking the video of the marriage proceedings in priya's cell phone on Priya's request. Officer panics ,avasara meeting at Ashok's house comprising of Ashok , police inspector , officer & girl ,Ashok frets & fumes , PI does the sky earth jumping ,officer panics & pleads .Finally Ashok promises to find a solution soon.

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Thanks RP & Eljay.

Priya enna bombaa muzhunginaa... bomb squad maadhiri poison squadaa?  I havent heard of one such all my life..Which hospital is this.. must be Ashok's doing... 
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Thanks Srima!  Now the search will start for the cell phone.  This story is meaningless.  Most of the problems have been caused by Tamil's headstrong nature.  Where does she get the idea that she alone knows everything?  I guess it all goes back to the way she has been brought up by her parents.  They have always praised her sky high and said she is a wise person, so now she doesn't listen to her mother, even when her mother is talking sense for a change.  Oh well, you reap what you sow, and this applies to all of them.

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Friends, Romans, IFians, anyone who comes here and reads the updates for this serial!

Lend me your ears, sorry, your eyes!  We are not writing these updates for our health, because seriously speaking, these updates take time, and we have enough things to do during the day so if you want us to continue with these updates, please join and start some discussions.  It is very disheartening to write updates and then feel that it is a waste of time, since nobody is interested in what is being written anyway.  I know I am not as talented as Roja and some others here, but please write some comments, even if it is only to talk about the saris worn by the actresses or the shirts worn by the guys (though some of them do have awful taste in shirts!). 

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Thanks for the updates Srima..

Hope the police does not come to Tamizhs' home and take priya's cell and erase the evidence..

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I am seriously finding Thamizh SO irritating- I agree with LJ...I think the whole "model daughter" thing has completely gone to her head. She has indeed forgotten she is not such a ellam thurandha gnani ....she deserves these hard knocks..maybe she will learn to shut her mouth and listen to her parents for a change...such an adhiga prasangi!

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