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AN ff : Summer Memories Last Forever Pt 7,8 pg26 (Page 13)

wow123 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 January 2011 at 1:17am | IP Logged
Sorry guys i am able to send any pm regarding my ff update. So all of you have to catch it urself.
Sorry for inconvience

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mishti_17 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 31 January 2011 at 8:01am | IP Logged
First of all sorry for the late reply.....I had decided I will read it n then completely forgot about it.. But now I've read all the 3 parts n I must say u doing an awesome job... Keep the good work up!!!Big smile

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Khushboo_AN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 January 2011 at 11:35am | IP Logged
Will watch the VM later.

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cherry_an IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 31 January 2011 at 11:25pm | IP Logged

woahhh ....another blast by u shale  in th 4m of ur 2nd part of ff!!!Star

oh the first sentense of ths part iz sooo damn emotnl n lov that1Star
i mean ths iz the vryy thing i lov abt AN , there unconditionl lov 4 eachotha...Smile
 i mean nikki couldnt help lovin him evn aftr her bittr past n hating herself 4 that ths itself showz hw much she iz in lov wid 
him n her lov izzz sooo pure n divine!!!!!Smile
actually she dint want to b ther bt when she reachd she couldnt help but took a small trip of the camp coz she knew evn if ths iz
goin to hurt hr lot bt still those momntz she spent wid him waz somhw connctd to that plc n evn if itz bittr 4 her rite now ,they alwaz gona b vryyy spcl 4 her!Smile poor gal! shez vryy hurt bt at the sam tim trying to find som happiness by visiting thos  places n reminding her prankz,fun she did wid her frndz n spcl momntz she spnt wid him!!!!SmileSmile
v alwaz treasure som momntz specially the one we spent wid  a prson vry imp 4 us ! it cn b nything the thngz they gifted us, or
things they use daily life,thingz they do alwaz  or places v visit wid them!SmileSmile
jus lov hw u showd the same thing az nikki had a small trip n tried to live thos memories once mor all along!!!Big smileClapClapStar
lov thes sentence itz so deeep!
Would this summer also bring that sorrow and unhappiness in her life which surfaced one before? Would it change her life again
forever this time also? OuchOuch 
last tim it  changed her life bt by makin her sad n hurt
i hope ths time it wil change her life by giving all happiness, care n most imp her lov back which she truly deservz!!!SmileSmile
Nikita couldn't help to hold her glance toward tennis court where she had first time encountered with him
she must b sooo happy to c the vry plc of ther 1st meetin bt at th same tim sad to that hez no mor wid her!Ouch
bt she surely had wishd to hav one glimpse of abhi evn if he had hurt her lot ..
i just lov the whole para regarding abhiz intro..i mean intro of hez physique!Embarrassed vry wel written n vryy  accuratelyy!WinkEmbarrassed
nice obsevation shaleWinkEmbarrassedBig smile !! truely fantastic!!Star
evn if hez profession has transormd 4m doc to tennis instuctr by uEmbarrassed,
hez personality iz az it iz!Big smile verry stern ,handsom, mysterous ,diffclt  to understand n hav that ability to hypnotise galz bt not letting them hav ny effect on him!WinkEmbarrassed 
 typicl abhiEmbarrassedBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile
He throw his intensity of one way gray eyes toward all of us , seeing all but letting none see within, the confidence in his squared-off jaw and strength in his firm lips to press in order to avoid the voice which girls making around Nikita. There had been indeed a quality of mystery about him
He seemed a private person,  enjoying the most superficial aspect of relationship yet not allowing no trespasser into his personal
domain. He is man of few words; who none couldn't guess what going on inside his mind and heart.
the same quality which she would later see so very often in his daughter.
Alya iz jus carbon coppy of her daddy 1! if abhi n nikki wer 2gethr ths waz vryyy b'ful n nicen best  thing 4 nikki that she lukz n somhw behavz lik him her father n her abhi!Smile
bt azz they r no mor together the same thing killin her everyday az that face neva allowz her to 4get him bt alwaz haunt her!
ths showz hw only one thing can mak u feel happy az wel az mak u sadest in the world when situation differz1!!Ouch
jus lov ur tact of writing... lov ths sentense too much!!!!!!!!StarStar
aww i lov nikki so muchBig smile she startd liking him bt waz too shy n may b  afraid coz ths waz her first time..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Nikita a kept a safe distance from him as no doubt that she attracted toward him like her other fellow counsellor. She was shy in
her innocent way and far less experienced than many of her companion in the relationship.
lov hw u described nikkiz feelingz n hw ths feeling waz so new to her!1!Big smile
i cn imagin nikki playing thos pranx wid ms Bajaj! coz,shez nikki!!  she can b vry shy to tell abhi abt her feelingz bt neva shy to b naughty n to play paranx wid othrz!WinkLOL
 itz thr in hr blood !! i miss hr naughtiness! n hence i feel vryy bad to c nikki in ths situatn  in ur ff!Ouch situatn n experience made her toooo serious that she 4got to live life n to smile! Ouch

(only one best thing happnd to her iz her not her their Alya!Big smileBig smileBig smile)

the othr scene remindz of holi sceneEmbarrassed which alwaz put smile on our face!Big smile
the first tim she shard her thingz ,feeling of loosing somthing wid him !!she waz so vulnerableEmbarrassedSmileSmile n abhi got to c her mor closly n actual nikki at that time..SmileSmile
lov tennis scnBig smileBig smile i cn imagin nikki throwing racket by hez side n then panicking whethr she has hurt him or wat!!!LOLLOL
then nikki singing reminded me of remix srl az itz only shw in which she sang i mean not sang by her own bt she waz in that band n relatd to music!!
cant watch ur vid!OuchOuch iz it na jane kaise or dil ne kaha? or nything els?
 cnt commnt in detail bt knw it must b nice! az that iz made by u1
n i knw hw perfct u r in ur doingzz!Big smileBig smileStar

n finally the top hill waterfall scn!!SmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmile
the way u hav writtn iz out of th wrld!!StarStar
itz vryy vryy difficlt to writ such scenz1
i mean itz veryy challenging becoz yu hav to b vry careful while writing az it should luk vry naturl nd not vulgar or lustful
i hope u got wat i wz trying to sey!Smile
bt wat u wrote waz absolutly divine n naturl n pure n sensuous !
had gooosbumpz all ovr ma body!EmbarrassedSmileSmileSmile
watevr AN shared waz not at all lust or nything lik that bt pur emotnz,
 strong attractn n lov which they both faild to unfrstand or too shy to accept or the feelin waz sooo new that they wer not in that state to think abt it!
i lov hw u used the word *unkown emotnz*!!!Big smileEmbarrassed
wat happend in betwn the two wz ther need ,desire nd it wz really b'ful thing they shrd!SmileSmileSmileSmile
agen itz a human need n somtimes touch iz so imp to shower love!Smile
i alwwaz lov it when AN kiss! i mean in ff! i feel soooo shy Embarrassed!
bt while reading ths scn of urz i dnt knw i waz soo happy n i dnt knw wat i felt n hw to tel u bt itwaz soo b'ful n differnt! dnt knw!!!
 i lovv it to the coreee!ClapClapStar
u r damnnn gudd! hatz  offf!!!ClapClapClapClapClap
 Their union was one of mutual glory, of shared fulfilment, of breath-taking beauty.itz soo truuuee! (exactly wat i felt)EmbarrassedBig smileBig smile
then nikkiz meetin wid sonia waz anothr nice part !Big smile
lov her charactr1 n spirit1Embarrassed
that waz soo ......cnt find propr word.Ouch"I must say your daughter is very cute and pretty but different from you" *sad smile*Smile
awww az i sed earlier Alyaz birth  iz the only best thing happnd to her, i cn understand hw she must hav felt when she let ms.desai to  tak alya along wid her!
itz 4 the 1st tim shez gona leave widout her evn if in same camp bt still lil far 4m her bt physically n not mentally1SmileSmile
lov nikki-Alya bonding!
i jus wish now abhi wil also cum in the pic n then pic will complete!!!!!!SmileSmile

lov ths sentnce..
she relinquished the role of mother for the summer and began transformation into photographSmile
"It's been a long time since I have seen you''..Nikki'..How are you?"
ShockedShockedOuchOuchSmileohh so finally abhi came1
oww poor nikki must n completely unaware !Ouch
i knw hw she must b feeling  vryy happy to hear hez voice n to see him aftr such a long tim bt at th same tim scrd coz she dint
wnt him to c the same lov she had shwn him then ! must b vryyy angryy 4 doing all ths to her widout her mistak nd 4 bein faar from her actually 4m them (alyaa toEmbarrassed)
god knowzhw manny feelingz,memoriez whethr bad or gud  rushed in  her mind all along!Ouch
so curious to c wat wil she do next! itz gona b hard tim 4 her!Smile
when she had caught the woman with him in room.
i dnt knw wat happnd that tim bt m so curiious to knw hw  u gona reveal the storry n prove abhiz innocence SmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmile i kne he izz innocntSmile

gaze toward the face that she had neither seen for five years nor been a single day without.    
lov the last sentense !!!!StarStarBig smile

u soo dammnn gud in writing gal
u truly hav improvd a lot1Big smile
lovv thss 2part of ff to th core!
really excellently writtenClapClapClapClap
good going n keep th gud wrk upp!Big smileBig smile

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cherry_an IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 03 May 2010
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Posted: 31 January 2011 at 11:34pm | IP Logged

sorry 4 being late ConfusedOuch

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cherry_an IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 03 May 2010
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Posted: 01 February 2011 at 4:10am | IP Logged

me agen!Smile

aww prt 3 iz so shocking nt only 4 nikki bt 4 us!Ouch

awww i cn understand hw she must hav felt meeting him once agen!
shez such a darling bt life iz alwaz  so harsh towrz her1Ouch
Abhiz sudden appearance n that to after assuring 4m sonia that he left the tennis instructr post, must b vry shocking  4 her!Ouch
n her first fear must b wat if he wil get to knw abt their daughter1!!!Unhappy
actually itz jus b'ful thing bt nikki iz in such situatn that she cant evn b happy n cant evn mak him happy by telling th truth!
Feelin so pitty of her bt still som or otha day that has to haapen so we can hope may b  ths iz the day!!

nikki iz soo determind person bt when it comz to abhi she alwaz becomz weak n out of her senses!
she evn 4getz hez bad doingz (cnt sey bad doingz bt misundrstandinz in betwn th twoEmbarrassed) to her! n forgetz all her resolution !!..
now itz really gona b hard tim 4 her to hide her tru emotnz 4m him!
bt wateva may she doz her tru lov the same one she had yearz back 4 him ,alwaz refclectz 4m her eyez , her trembling,voice, her face ,hw she reactz to hez speaking n to hiz touch n by her every small action!SmileSmileEmbarrassed

soo truuuuee-His eyes, voice, touch and essence evident in her every nerve and breathe but still hadn't have the courage to face him in real!!!!!Ouch

oww poor gal now ths iz gona mak thingz evn  mor difficlt 4 her!
She wanted to deny to him and to herself, the internal upheaval that had beset her. Her peripheral awareness took in blue shirt
sleeves rolled over to above his elbow, neck open more than necessary, faded denim jeans and bare arms, body all evenly toned and infinitely masculine.BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing

actuallyy itz not lik abhi iz lukin mor handsom he iz luking hot bt az he waz,bt by her sight hez alwaz luk mor handsom nd keep on day by dayBlushing
n thing iz shez watchng him aftr so long that hez appearing evn mor hot to her!EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
(by th way abhi iz alwaz HOT n handsom saduuBlushing) bt 2day aftr so long lukin evn mor hot to her!!WinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

aww hez so bad! y to trubl poor soule i knw she must b unable to think much coz of this- hez neck open more than necessaryWinkOuchEmbarrassedEmbarrassed!!!

bt she too iz chaloo i mean she drive him to hez knees!EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed                   bt i lov ths thing of abhi that he alwaz appreciate n acceptz the affect she haz on him!Embarrassed
n he neva failz to praiz her inspite of the situatn- "You've grown even more beautiful than I remembered you being,"

nikki onlythinkz in mind bt he expresses1 bt not alwaz haan somtimez..WinkEmbarrassed
( somtimz hez saduuWinkEmbarrassed)

n ths iz iz the thing i dnt lik abt him Wink..OuchOuch
that he alwaz confusus othrzz specially herOuchOuch
his eyes flashes the hint of anger despite of compliment they offered. She got confused of his reaction, what she believed his words or his expression. OuchConfusedOuch
 From past five years of doing for herself alone found his offer offending. She was strong minded person who capable of doing her
own work without any help specially from him Ouch
thaz gud thing that she haz becom independent bt bad part iz the situation  in which she bacame lik that1Ouchso painfull!

then their genuin talk bt havin so much nervousness wz quite good
i had neva imagind nikki wil start talkin to him evn if vry  bittrly bt so soonn! ofcrse itz abhiz effect which brok  her Embarrassedstubbornness1! she cnt b angryy on him 4 long!!SmileSmileSmileSmileSmile
nikki lovz him in such extent that evn if abhi wud hav done som mistak she wuld hav forgivn vry easily ! bt here it waz somthing
regarding a gal wid him! n no women can bear to c ny othr girl wid her own man!AngryAngryOuchOuchOuchOuch
 so her anger iz so considerabl n so valid! bt i hope he wil mak her undrstand n wil b succesfull to prov hiz innocens n hav her  back in hez life
i soo hate him 4 thsAngryOuchWinkpoor gal!!!
A wicked grin overspread on his lips "Last room in the passage".
hw dare he to crack such a joke that too in ths situatn! ShockedOuchWinkLOLhez such a dumb yaa!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
ma sadu doznt knw how n when to crackz jokzz1 bt i lov himmmEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
"you look pale, Nikki" and pass smirk "Are you that disappointed we not sharing the same room?"

ths tim m wid nikki! nyone wuld hav reacted th same way lik her....
koi kitna sahegaa yaar1 first of all thoz thing happnd wid her n now he iz in joking mood!AngryOuch
i mean he too iznt at fault az he too must b unaware of y she left that day widout in4ming nyone not evn him n left him too!
we hav to think 4m hez side too! god knowz wat he must hav thinking !
hez intensionz must b to mak her smile bt waznt knowing wat had she gone thrugh coz of himOuchOuch

arhhhAngry agen situation iz bad n no one at fault bt both corrct on thr own way1!!OuchOuchOuch

ohh then th momnt they shared aftr that waz too emotnl !! mor 4 nikki!
she dint wana do nything bt unknown to hrself she agen reacted lik previous nd most importantly the way he wanted!Embarrassed
abhiz iz sooo smart he compltlyy knowz he haz effect on her bt did that delibrately to c whethr her feelingz r same lik b4! n she
passd in hez test!!!!WinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
bt hez such a devil to annonce abt her reactn vry loudly,to mak hr embarrss n to ruin ther momnt!Evil SmileOuch
bt i lov ths part vryyyyyy much!StarClapClapClap

n hez smirk!! iz so evil1AngryEvil SmileEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
"You still react to my touch. Don't you than what is wrong with you in hiding it?"
seriously when he wil get to knw cauz of her pain he wil surely gt hurt the same way lik her!Ouch

(n then he wil lov her care 4 hr evn morr......!!!!!!! i hop ths day wil cum soon1EmbarrassedBig smileBig smileBig smile)
how long shez gona mak him or herself a fool  !!"Nothing wrong with me and I am not hiding anything. You have a problem in your
bt ya thatz not a rite tim to giv up so easily in 4nt of him1
aftrall shez hurt OuchOuchOuchOuchOuch that too sooo badllly!!Ouch
aww m seriously not liking her tearz nymore1OuchCry

plzz mak everything perfect jeannie shale! coz u r th only jeannie regarding ths ff !!EmbarrassedBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile
aww n the flasbackOuchOuch i mean wat waz happening ya!
u scared me this timeOuch
if that gal only ,waz seying thos thingz to him thn it waz kay bt y he replied the same way lik her??OuchOuchCry
plz unfold ths mystry soon m restless1OuchOuch
i thot nikki misundrstood n directly jumpd on conclusionz lik alwaz bt ths tim abhi havnt missdd ny chance to hurt her! n to mak her beleive that he cheatd on her!OuchOuchOuch
bt wat ya hw cn he sey lik that?AngryOuchOuch watz goin on yaar?? i hate it!Ouch
Tears were unstoppable in Nikita eyes and Abhi words broken her heart and trust completely "I love you too sweetheart" and got
peck on his cheek from girl.
*abhi mera n nikki ka trust mat todnaa plzzOuchOuch

m speechless by reading ths !!!!
itz not at all lik he waz in subconscious state or waz he? *raises eyebroz*
  then watz goin on?AngryAngry
oww shale jaldi likho yaar1 itz killing meee!!!!!!
it waz too bad i knw hw she must hav felt or i thot i cnt imagin ma self in her state!OuchOuch
bt evn in that situatn she waz thinkin lik ths n consider him not at fault??Shocked
She packed her bag immediately in her room and thought while doing that it's not his fault, he never promised anything to her, he
never confessed any feelings to her

it really hurtz!! when she sed..he knows very well I'm virgin so he only used me to fulfil his physical need and I let him to do CryCryCryCryCry

aftr wat had happnd i mean wat she saw shez completely correct by her side1
her anger iz so valid!Ouch
i toh think shez being so soft towrdz him coz nyone els would hav ... i dnt evn imagine1Ouch

bt somwhr in her hrt n (mine too ( may b she knwz or thinkz hez not at fault or she took that deceigen so abruptlly!
 wat she did waz right bt atlst she haz to confront him!! or she thought thr waz nathing left to discuss abt!!OuchOuch
aww m damn confusd now! n so hurt too!OuchOuch
i dnt knw watz thr in ua mind n wat r u upto1Ouch
so u agen succesful to mak evryone restless by ths part! n engage us evn mor to ur ff!OuchSmileOuchSmile
i lov it bt m feeling erhh i dnt knwConfusedConfusedConfusedOuch
i wana knw watz the truth!! ASAP..........AngryOuch
really well written n so damn confusing!Ouchu agen did it shale!!StarStarStarClap


az i sed earlier th first thing which gona mak nikki so worried abt hez returning iz hez n Alyaz meeting!Stern SmileOuchSmile
n shez right at her place atlest accrding to the situatn n half truth which she herd n saw by her own thta dayOuchOuchOuchOuchOuchaww poor nikki!
n poor Alya dnt evn knw watz goin on arnd her n wat her mothr goin throughOuch
n evn if she il get to knw shez too small  to undrstand!OuchOuch
aww life iz too harsh!!!Ouch
too painfull n emotnl sceneStarClap
She kissed her forehead and hold her small hand in her, whispered "I am sorry baby, mommy have to listen your pleas to return back
home. Kids are angel of god and sometimes sensed the circumstances approaching in future before elder.
aww really wel writtn dear! lov it the way u hav written the scene!Star
 nikki-sonia part waz quite good!Smile
 "For putting you up there with him?"
so sonia got to knw abtt it1 itz a good thing coz she iz th only prson ovr htr whoz soo trustworthy n undrstandz nikki!!!  n somtimes she can evn advice her somthingz to mak her undrstand watz correct n hw to deal wid situatn
coz nikki tooo iz so young to go through all these thingzOuchOuch
n aww sonia nevr lied bt nikki dint listen complete thing! Ouch
bt m happy that nikki cut off her in betwn ,so she dint get to knw abt abhiz working ther n soo she came
othawise she wouldnt hav came n then thr misunderstandingz gona b ther 4evaOuchOuch
atleast now abhi wil get a chance to tel her th truth,when he wil get to knw the actual resn of her leaving him1ConfusedOuchOuchOuch
their life iz so complicatd yaa!!!!!Ouch
i lov their convo n sonia assurin her abt keepin her secret! n  to face th truth n to b firm n work wid abhi!
n then tensin lowerd a lil when sonia startd to do tariif of the abhimanyu modiWinkWinkBig smileBig smile
 n nikki seying "You sound like a matchmaker after allLOLLOLLOLLOL

n the last scene..i mean AN scene! EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
ohh i dnt beleive m seying it aftr all that happnd bt lov it when he hit her back to wall 4 sm answerz 4m her!EmbarrassedConfusedOuch
now i hope she wil let out all the pain,anger hurt upon him she had supressd yerz ago! n so he wil get to knw actual thing!SmileOuchSmile
(i dnt hav to mention az itz bt obvious that itz lik gym scene!)EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
truely well written shale madam jus lov it to th core!StarStarClapClap
seriously abhika wo rup dekhke koi b dar hi jayega manOuchEmbarrassedLOL1
bt he alwaz doz ths to her..coz he wanzt answerz 4m her,he wanzt 2 answer her quest jus to hav her back n hav hez lost lov back to him!!Big smileEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedSmileSmile
lov the scn to th coreHeart ! hatzz offfffClapClapClapClapStarStar

couldnt help but quote ths
dnt worry not all the thing othwise  i would hav quote complete part or ffEmbarrassedLOL
 "The conversation between us was always left uncompleted. The things we needed to discuss were never being spoken". She weakly
plead "Leave me", he bring his face near to her to replied "Are you nervous?"

He was as attractively masculine as he stood just inches apart from her, the sweating of his forehead and neck from the workout he
just had, the heady scent of man and seeping into her thoughts. But his eyes that held her, so cold, grey and threatening that she
found herself captivated in his boundaries with no choice.
aww pooor her!OuchWinkEmbarrassed he izz the boss whethr in sanjevani az doc or may b hereWinkLOLLOLLOLLOL

She stands like lifeless body that had only aim to follow the order of her owner meekly without thinking much, felt like his
mistress whose only job to make her owner happy anyhow.   

first thing m curious abt hw he gona prov hez innosence n wat exactly happnd at that day!
n second z if it iz so obvious to understand jus by luking Alya that there iz resmblence of abhi hw shez gona hide that truth 4m him....
n third watz abhiz reactn gona b when he wil get to knw abt hez daughter ??
he wil deffntly lash out all anger on nikki n then wil  apologizeConfusedOuchConfusedOuch
i hav calld nikki poor!
bt mor than her poor me!Ouch

ab muje chain nahi ayega untill i read ur next partAngryOuchOuchConfusedEmbarrassed
so plzz rehem khao n update soon1OuchEmbarrassed
n unfold th truth soooooooon!
ur damn gud at keeping mysteries dear!
plzz dnt mak us wait longer
n update soooooon!!!
thanx so much 4 ths lovly update !!!

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jsha IF-Rockerz

Joined: 11 April 2009
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Posted: 01 February 2011 at 11:01am | IP Logged
hey shale ur ff is going very inntresting but i m Confusedthat abhi is negative or positive and either i can like him or hate him LOLbut story is brilliant Clapand awsomly written agin by u

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hapinezz13 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 February 2011 at 11:22am | IP Logged
Lovely update Shale!!

Abhi is ready to confront her and like always Nikki is running and hiding Alya.....oh it won't be fun when Abhi finds out that Alya is his daughter.

I hope the gf isn't Jia...LOL!!

WOnderful work on the VM!!

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