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AN ff : Summer Memories Last Forever Pt 7,8 pg26 (Page 12)

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Originally posted by ANrucha

Lol now i take pledge that i never going to write any ff based on novel. By all of u comment i start loosing my interest in my ff. Thanks to u guys, thats not ur fault but mine.
Hai Rabba yeh maine kya kar dala.Ouch

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Originally posted by wow123

<div>Lol now i take pledge that i never going to write any ff based on novel. By all of u comment i start loosing my interest in my ff. Thanks to u guys, thats ur fault but mine.[/DIV]

Hai Rabba yeh maine kya kar dala.Ouch
@ bold howww can you sayyyy that ????AngryCry

It was all my fault i shdnt have comment!!!
Its bcoz of my excitment ......Unhappy
dont worry i swear im not going to reveal to neone janaa.... Sorry....Ouch going to edit my comment.

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edited! you also do it.. asap

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Summer Memories Last Forever
                Part 3

The widely-imagined happening become reality, this all her imagination or really happens to her. His eyes, voice, touch and essence evident in her every nerve and breathe but still hadn't have the courage to face him in real. His presence made her weak, all her deep emotions, desire and passion which she fear keep rushing to her but she moved on her life and can't look back. Why her past resurfaced in her life which she tried hard to forgot from past 5 years. She avoid eyes to collect all the strength and courage which she built in this last 5 years and tried to look normal, hadn't show any effect on her being seen him after so long, nor happy or sad.

"I am fine" cut short in little and indulge her back again to work as don't want this conversation.

She wanted to deny to him and to herself, the internal upheaval that had beset her. Her peripheral awareness took in blue shirt sleeves rolled over to above his elbow, neck open more than necessary, faded denim jeans and bare arms, body all evenly toned and infinitely masculine. The face of a five year old Abhimanyu Modi was more handsome than ever.

She could sense his eyes piercing her, deeply and painfully, she felt an overwhelming compulsion to run at that moment but doubted that her legs would carry her far enough. She was under his scrutinize eyes which checking her from top to toe in order to count the changes brought this past five year. "You've grown even more beautiful than I remembered you being," he murmured. Suddenly turned on his word and felt unknown, unbidden flattering inside her but his eyes flashes the hint of anger despite of compliment they offered. She got confused of his reaction, what she believed his words or his expression.

"It's better if we don't remember our past. Life moved on far in the past five years" she determinedly said and tried to fetch her bag from table to run away from here. The strong masculine hand brushed her hand and reached out past her toward bag "Let me give you a hand, bag is far from your reach". From past five years of doing for herself alone found his offer offending. She was strong minded person who capable of doing her own work without any help specially from him and pulled the bag before him in her clasp. She turned to meet her black eyes with his grey "I can manage myself, Thanks you".

His suddenly chilled eyes told her that he perceived her anger and puzzled by it but his puzzlement nothing compare to her bewilderment in her own mind. Sonia told her that he wouldn't present here than how come he could be here in front of eyes. Did she lie to me about him but why would she lie? Might be he changed his decision at last moment or he came to know that I coming so he decided to come. Why all this happening with me? What was my sin for to be punished like this?

"You're working here this summer" she attempted in timidity to resolve the query of her mind. He confirmed "That's right," but turned the table toward her to lead the conversation, she suspected that he sensed her continuing discomfort and enjoying it. "Tennis?" she asked unsurely with low voice in order to remove all her confusion in this matter. "Uh..huh." got his reply back, so Sonia misleads her but why?? She finally encountered her last question "Where are you living?" by clutching hand tightly on the bag as she waited for his answer. A wicked grin overspread on his lips "Last room in the passage". Nikita hit by blow of his answer that he is just four room far from her and cursed Sonia for that under her breathe.

She caught the wry amusement on his face approaching toward her "you look pale, Nikki" and pass smirk "Are you that disappointed we not sharing the same room?" She overwhelmed to the point of fury on his word of implication that she raised her hand and brought it sharply to his face but captured in his strong grip. "I was just joking, Nikki," he informed her impatiently, his eyes steeled, his feature taut. As he finished his sentence, he lowered her hand deliberately realising with thrust as couldn't bear the contact. "I am not in mood of joke," she murmured quietly by disengaging her eye contact to rescue her from him and continued "Now if you'll excuse me than I have to do unpacking".

She had expected him to leave but once again miscalculated as her punishment was only beginning. His strong forefinger took her chin, she could only meekly follow it and turned to face him closely. His finger lifted to stroke her jaw line with his fiercely expression "Your jawline and eyes show indication when you are tensed and angry". Nikita could hardly breathe as his action intimated her at the very moment and his finger traced to her ear lobe to stroke. In return which made Nikki wild, she closed her eyes, turned her face to give him more access and heard "You still react to my touch. Don't you than what is wrong with you in hiding it?" but his hand dropped to side. This made Nikki to woke up from her dream, to face reality and replied sternly "Nothing wrong with me and I am not hiding anything. You have a problem in your eyes". She immediately dashed outside her work place by clutching her bag beside, didn't look back but kept her sight forward and nervously reached her room.

She closed door, stand by her back and head resting on door as she couldn't control her tears and remembered her morning with Abhi after blissful night they spent together. The morning rays showered on them, mingled in each other and holding possessively like for eternity. The phone ring woke her up from dreamlike heaven to face harsh reality of life. Abhi picked up phone with half closed eyes but still holding her with other but caller's voice made his hand dropped from her and got up from laying position. He left saying "I'll talk to you later" but that later never came in her life as she faced most heart aching truth of his life.

She hadn't seen him from morning till evening when her friends forcefully took her for shopping. There she had spotted him in a restaurant with a girl whose talking and laughing while holding his hand and hugged him tight before leaving the place. Nikita couldn't stop herself from following them and caught them entering the near jewellery shop where he purchased a ring for her. She didn't believe that all this happening with her in real but somewhere deep down she denying all the fact which portraying him bad to her. She only wanted to believe her instinct and how much she understands after spending time with him. Before she followed them further her friend's drags her to the other shopping mall but Nikita reluctantly refused to go forward with an excuse of ill health and return back camp.

She enquired about Abhi from receptionist who told her that in morning his girlfriend called him at reception, he passed at that time from here. He received call from here and told her to meet at Royal restaurant. Nikita got shocked to hear that this was the same restaurant where she caught him with girl, the girl was his girlfriend but why he never told her about it. To confirm her doubt she asked with broken, shaking voice "How could you say that the caller person is his girlfriend"? To which she replied "The girl herself told her that she is Abhimanyu's girlfriend and wanted to talk to him". Nikita devastated to hear that, the floor slipped from beneath her foot, with broken heart turned to her room way but receptionist called her from behind "by the way he also enquired about you, relieved to hear that you had gone out with your friends. Well if you want to him than he is in room with his girlfriend".

Nikita wanted to confront him for all this, asked him why he did this to her, what she done wrong with him that he used her like that and he never loved her the way she does. Her anger, fury, frustration and jealousy took her to his room where she found the same girl in shorts and sleevless top hugged Abhi from behind whom standing in front of mirror, only in white trouser with bare chest. Nikita got stunned, numbed to watch the sight in front of her eyes and heard girl thrilled voice while hugging him "I don't believe this we are getting married. I thought you never going to take that decision in life but I am so happy. I love you so much, Abhi". Tears were unstoppable in Nikita eyes and Abhi words broken her heart and trust completely "I love you too sweetheart" and got peck on his cheek from girl.

Nikita couldn't tolerate more than that, didn't have courage and strength left in her to face this anymore, her first love broken her so badly that she never able to love and trust anyone in her life again. She packed her bag immediately in her room and thought while doing that it's not his fault, he never promised anything to her, he never confessed any feelings to her, he knows very well I'm virgin so he only used me to fulfil his physical need and I let him to do that. She picked her luggage, left the camp immediately without informing anyone after all its last day in camp and promised herself that she never going to look back this dreadful past of her life.

She thought about the promised of never look back but what she do now when her past stand in front of her eyes so clear and close. It would not only the raw memories of past she would have to battle but the man, in the flesh. Her mind immediately diverted toward Alya, What about Alya? Did Abhi know about his relation with her? The resemblance was so strong. Would it be obvious when the two finally came face-to-face? She'll not let this happen what would she say when Alya asked her about it? She rushed toward Alya room at 3 a.m. as she was not able to blink her eyes for a single second, saw her blissfully sleeping without any worry and tension, dreaming of near future. She kissed her forehead and hold her small hand in her, whispered "I am sorry baby, mommy have to listen your pleas to return back home. Kids are angel of god and sometimes sensed the circumstances approaching in future before elder. Why didn't I listen to you? You are right we had to go back" She kissed small hand in her while shedding more tears and thought that she would talk to Sonia about it to ease out the situation in which she floundered helplessly. She left from there to her room after giving a brief glance to her daughter.

She waited in her room to the sun arisen in order to meet Sonia to settle the situation. She had signed the contract with her so it's very unprofessional from her side to leave assignment in the last moment even before starting it but she had to talk about all this mess. She freshened up quickly to catch her in early morning, found her hugging each girl in return who left home first time and to assure them this place never the less than their home. Nikita recalled how comforting she had always be in her own moments when she first time arrived here but now she had to confront her in totally on different level' when she was free and alone. She waited for her to finish round of greetings and turned but unfortunately checked abruptly by the presence of tall, dark figure, standing a short distance away in intent observation of her. She turned her back toward him and vowed that it would be to let Abhimanyu Modi know how disconcerting she found his very presence.

She decided to wait inside Sonia's office cabin rather than here, she took rounds in her cabin as an urgency and told guard outside her office don't let anyone inside the cabin as she has something important to discuss with Sonia. True to her word, Sonia had provided everything she requested ' films, chemicals, enlarging equipment, printing paper and mostly importantly cameras. She found herself in internal battle- the excitement and exhilaration of putting this fine equipment in the best possible way to the agony of knowing that she would asking Sonia to relive her of the obligation and allow her to take Alya home. Surprisingly, she found herself disappointed at the thoughts of all the good things they would both miss of they left.

Sonia entered her cabin after a while, drawn chair forward to settle down and gestured for Nikita to sit "Guard just told me that you want to talk to me something important". Nikita opened her mouth to get straight to the point but to her amusement heard her saying "Your daughter is wonderful child, polite and well spoken. I saw her in deep discussion with her bunkmates, she made friends very quickly. She didn't take too long to settle here and quite excited now with her new made friends. You should be very proud of her. You need not to be worried about her, She just fine". Nikita smiled in appreciation but her expression mixed with her mind sought a different solace "I'm relieved to hear that Sonia. And thank you for taking her off so tactfully". She fully intended to pout out the cause of her worry but interrupted once more "Tell me- is everything in order at the photo shed? Did I order everything you needed? Any mistakes? Omissions?"

Nikita smiled in appreciation "Everything is wonderful on that score! Everything is perfect, you had done good job than I expected but" paused for a breathe but realised her mistake immediately as again Sonia took the command. "What I' like you to do, is to document the entire camp season. Start to finish, high point, low points, everything. We never tried this before but its good for both of us. We never did any advertisement for the camp so it may bring many more application than we can handle each year. We will be putting the sight of camp through your camera lenses in the definitive book on the camp experience. With your permission Nikita we'd like to use them to illustrate the book and needless to say that you will be given full credit for your work. It could be invaluable to your career".

Nikita brimmed with excitement and happiness "That's absolutely wonderful! I'm flattered that you think so highly of my work", spoke softly, warmed to the core by the other's confidence in her "I'd love to". Sonia raised hand to deal the agreement with handshake and Nikita couldn't help to refuse that awesome offer in her life. Nikita facial expression changed in thinking the contrary her purpose to visit Sonia, her eyes suddenly clouded with worry. Sonia quickly caught her expression "But that wasn't really what you came to talk to me about, was it my dear?" Nikita mutely shook her head in negative, her auburn curl bobbing around her face, giving her a look of lost child and heard Sonia voice "Are you angry with me?"

Nikita brow furrowed "angry?" in confusion of this unexpected question coming from Sonia but explained "For putting you up there with him?" with held her gaze steadily. Nikita stammered by hearing that from her mouth but cut off "I pride myself to know everything going in my camp. You and Abhimanyu seemed to be quite taken with each other when you were last here. Unfortunately, I hadn't a chance to talk with you as you left at the end of season without informing anyone. Someone would say it's none of my business but this camp is like home for me and their members are like family to me. So it's my business when it concerns my family". She paused for a while to observed Nikita's expression who preoccupied in her own reluctant thoughts, confessed with deep voice "Abhimanyu asked about you for a quite while after, wanting to know if I'd heard from you, If you'd be coming back here. Finally, he stopped asking".

She lowered her eyes in revealing the truth "I felt that there had been something deep there which for some reason you chose to deny", looked up quickly to meet Nikita questioning eyes. She justified herself "I am not blaming you for anything. Neither have I intended to do any kind of matchmaking by putting two you up. Even I provided you single room without any roommate, might be you liked it that way for obvious reason. Abhimanyu also needed the other single room without any roommate because he would like to be alone too. Except both of you, all other are having roommate in their room". Nikita listened each of her word carefully and asked the question which nagged at her "You told me he was no longer here. Why, Sonia?"

Sensing anguish in her voice, Sonia kept her voice low and gentle "As I recall, you asked me whether he was still a tennis instructor. I answered in the negative and correctly so. Abhimanyu was now no longer the tennis instructor but the head of tennis department. He taken a quite a jump from mere instructor and I am going to tell you that but'"

"I cut you off" Nikita lowered her eyes, reluctantly answered of her own question and remembered her haste to hide the truth from her but she already knew that. Sonia leaned forward from her seat and asked in discomfort "Does he know about Alya?" For the second time, Nikita felt as her breathe violently knocked in throat. She never had discussed this with anyone before other than her parent. She panicked how Sonia guessed it, may be the resemblance of her daughter with him and its quite obvious to anybody to guess it. She denied "No, He doesn't know I have a child. I don't want to disclose it to him. I don't find it appropriate".

Sonia explained her like an elder "He's bound to find out sooner or later, you know. We do have other people out here, at some point there will be a slip" but Nikita still concluded "No, I request you also please don't tell him about her". Sonia assured her "Your secret is safe with me and my lips sealed for you". Nikita further asked "Actually I came to ask if I couldn't take other room any other place", felt how weak she was I front of him, what would make a difference to be near him or not. Sonia directly asked "Do you trust me Nikita?" got an positive nod "I want you to say there and come on terms what is worrying you. Correct me If I a wrong, you are strong and bright girl. You knew when you accepted this position that you'd have to confront some uncomfortable memories but still you decided to come for your and Alya sake. You can't run away from him, if there's something there, it's there and if it's gone than it's gone".

Nikita didn't show any sign of distress, Sonia couldn't understand the entire situation and spoke "Don't get dishearten dear. Abhimanyu Modi is very quiet person, he is brilliant in his work as Tennis head and handling his staff and students. He handles the responsibility of administration as well to lighten my work. He feels very strongly about his privacy, always keep it to himself and make each summer a purely fun time. That's typically Abhimanyu". Nikita cursed under her breathe she knows very well what fun he makes each summer, he keep everyone far from his real life so no one would know about him exactly who he is. Sonia concluded in his admiration "I had sometimes overloaded him with work which not comes under him but he never complained about it. Do try to get to know him this summer, Nikita. He could benefit from someone like you."

"You sound like a matchmaker after all" Nikita grinned accusingly at Sonia and in return got her nervous laugh, apologise "Sorry for that". Guard entered in the cabin after knocking and told her that Abhimamyu Modi want to meet her for some important work. Sonia breathe out "Speak of the devil, here he comes now, my dear. Don't panic ok, just think what I told you. I remember my promised to you". Nikita murmured "Thanks. I appreciate that". Nikita got up to leave the cabin after giving final greetings to her and came outside to find him at the downstairs, poised and waiting, his slate eyes following her every step she taken to descend.

If she was grateful for anything, it was the fact that she didn't trip over the stairs, collapsed in front of his knee as her own feet and knee not supporting her but trembling under his scrutiny. Yet she held his gaze, refusing to be intimidated. She thought when she had passed him with hard steps that she had made it for the instant but well-muscled arm came out and took hers. He had drawn her beneath the staircase far from the sight of people and approaching slowly to her in order to ask in threating voice "The conversation between us was always left uncompleted. The things we needed to discuss were never being spoken". She weakly plead "Leave me", he bring his face near to her to replied "Are you nervous?" which was true to some extent but denied by lowering her eyes in order to avoid it. She nervously turned to go but he grab her hand above elbow, forcefully hit her back to the wall, purposely towering his frame on her small one and kept both his hand on either side from resisting her own rescue. Nikita felt the warmth of his body against her, couldn't deny the fact that fled with desire, Sonia's word still ringing in her mind but the magnetism that always drawn her to him, intimidated her unknowingly.

He was as attractively masculine as he stood just inches apart from her, the sweating of his forehead and neck from the workout he just had, the heady scent of man and seeping into her thoughts. But his eyes that held her, so cold, grey and threatening that she found herself captivated in his boundaries with no choice. His stance becomes more intimate as he leaned forward to speak into her ear. She felt the gentle whisper of his breathe against her hair hidden behind her ear, his word devastated her, their tone biting and angry "I asked you a question before, Nikki and I intended to get an answer of that. You owe me an explanation". His closeness shivered her whole body to the core that she hardly had strength left in her knee to stand straight on her toes, his breathe provoked the havoc within her of passion, desire and need. She stands like lifeless body that had only aim to follow the order of her owner meekly without thinking much, felt like his mistress whose only job to make her owner happy anyhow.    


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Here is the video related to it
Leave your comment. If you guys bored reading all this than i am sorry.

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sorry fr late coment..
neways da ff is fantastic yr...
ur mindblowing shalee....Embarrassed
such a luvly ff..Embarrassed
n da vm is superb....Embarrassed

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Shale yet another awesome update. vl comment in detail later on :)
Loved the update shale..
am kinda despreate nw to knw whatz d mystery..  And am trying evry ounce of my willpower not to buy tht novelCry
I cnt imagine Abhi being such a devilOuch Am sure ther'll be some genuine reason behind his betrayal.. I also knw tht i'll hv to wait (fr God knows how many updatesOuch Cry) to find out reason behind his treachery. Par kya kare yeh Dill ha ke manta nahi'CryCry 
Shale, plz reveal it soon otherwise mere Dil ma darde Disko bajta rahegaOuchLOLLOL
She rushed toward Alya room at 3 a.m. as she was not able to blink her eyes for a single second, saw her blissfully sleeping without any worry and tension, dreaming of near future. She kissed her forehead and hold her small hand in her, whispered "I am sorry baby, mommy have to listen your pleas to return back home. Kids are angel of god and sometimes sensed the circumstances approaching in future before elder. Why didn't I listen to you? You are right we had to go back" She kissed small hand in her while shedding more tears
I loved this para...Too emotinal scene and beautifully written... U deserveClapClap fr capturing such a tender moment..
I loved the entire convo between Sonia and Nikki..
Best part is d last paraEmbarrassedWinkLOL So nw devil Modi z back in his killer attitude n stanceEvil Smile but he z too irresestible whn he z in his killer moodDay Dreaming Ab Nikki ka kya hoga??EmbarrassedWinkLOL.LOL
cant wait fr d next update yaar... plz update soooooooooon..
N ya Shale, i like ur Combo Pack offer.. Ek update pe ek vmix free.. wht an offer, badhiya haClapClapBig smileBig smile
loved vmix.. keep it up...

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Hi shale ..... how come no PMs ? Pl PM when u update.
Am a bit busy but will surely come and comment later .... am a bit busy now a days .....Unhappy

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