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***paradox*** THREAD 1 (Page 72)

saadi88 Senior Member

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 12:06pm | IP Logged
plz update dark lover nd animosity also.plzzzzz...

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-shamima- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 12:06pm | IP Logged
Awe go geet and maan and brij especially brij could have been a bit more enthaustic for his sister and awe liking the coach his so nice and ooh sheila and geet redecorated his room hope he likes it lol anyways great update and yaya an update and precap too funny Smile

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FireSafireFiree IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 12:07pm | IP Logged

part 6
concept 1

It was 11 pm. Maan burgess in geets room. Shouting his lungs out. His hand was broken. All bandaged up. He looks round there was 2 litter bottle of water on geets side table. She was sleeping peacefully. Some paints on her nose tips. And cheek. She moves to face maan in her sleep. With a smile. Which just burned maan more. He opened the bottle with his mouth... he was just about to pour it on her. He stops. Looks at the bottle.
Maan- I am thirsty.... He gobbled some water. About quoter... After his thirst was done he pours rest of the water on geet.... Geet shoots up. Screaming. Rano runs in. Along with Brij....
Rano- Owowow.... Geet... What? Maan... How did you break your hand? What happen?... She was so confused.....
Geet couldn't adjust what exactly was going on. Her body was in pain enough this maan had to show up.
Maan- why don't you ask Geet mom...
Geet- hmm... What? Wha?... She still couldn't fix her self. Was she alright?
Maan was fuming in anger...- who have removed my bed?
Geet- oh... Umm....
Rano- Geet! Get up. Your are soaking wet. You will catch a cold.... And before she could say it... Geet hachuuuuuuuu.
Birji- thats great. We have family badminton 2moro... And this two are Ill.
Rano- Brij! Be quit.
Maan- she have redecorate my room... Without informing me.
Geet managed to get up... And fully opens her eyes.
Geet- how did you broke your hand? She ask innocently...
Maan could kill her now. Just murder her on the spot....
Rano takes Geet in to the washroom. She changes... After few minutes she comes out.
Rano- go and sleep in my bedroom. Your dad is In deep sleep. Don't disturb him.
Geet looked at maan with innocent face... While maan killing her with his eyes.
Rano- I am putting the sleeping bag out in Brij room. Maan go sleep we will talk 2moro. I will let avantika know that you staying at my place tonight.
Maan calms down a bit.... No matter how angry he is at geet... It always disappears somehow....

Geet sleeps between her Mamma and pappa.
Geet- Mamma....
Rano- yes hunny...
Geet- Is Maan angry with me?
Rano- no beta... You know his high temper... It disappears with in a minute. ...
Geet hugs her mum and falls sleep....

Next morning.... Breakfast table was full except geets seat.
Maan- where is Geet mom?
Rano- oh yes. She has a high fever.
Maan- what?
Rano- ha.... She is not feeling well at all. I am taking her soup. If you lot need anything tell me....
Maan- wait mum. I will take it.
Rano- no beta. She already so scared. She won't drink this at all.
Maan- don't worry mum. She will.
Maan walks in ranos room. She was sleeping. Maan cks her forehead. Her skin was burning hot. Maan felt guilty. Knowing geets immune system. She is so week. Since the day she was born.... Maan slowly shakes Geet....
Maan- Geet.... Geet.... oy fatty...... Geet.....
Geet slowly opens her eyes... Seeing maan.
Geet- go way.... You came here to shout at me again.
Maan- of course no. I have something for you. Get up.
Geet- no...
Maan- geet! Get up. It's important for you to drink the soup....
Geet- no... She started to get irritated. She is I'll enough now this Maan...

Maan leaves the soup on the side and with his one hand he helps her to get up....
Maan- fatty... Why can't you loose some weight. I can't even pick you up.... You will break this arm as well...
Geet- if you call me fat one more time... I won't get up.
Maan- ok baba... Sorry. Now get up. I liked you when you were a toddler... Baby... kid. At least I could carry you.... You lost your cuteness. Now you are a evil geet. You broke my hand.
Geet- I didn't break your hand. She replies innocently....
Maan- hmm... He cks her forehead again.... Really high fever....
Geet makes a baby face by looking at the soup.... Maan ignores... And shoves a spoon in her mouth....
Geet couldn't drink... She sniffing her nose...
Geet- I need tissue for my nose....
Maan- ok.... Maan takes a tissue from the side and holds it on her nose....
Maan- blow....
Geet- no... I will do it.
Maan- Geet! Hurry up....
Geet nodes.... And she blows... He squeezed her nose really hard to remove everything from inside....
Geet- it hurts....
Maan- sorry.... He feeds Geet with one hand. She was so tirade... Falling sleep on the bed...
Maan- Geet! Geet!
Geet snaps up again... Hu! Hu!...
Maan- stat wake...
Geet nodes.... But before Maan could feed her another spook she feel right on the side... Sleeping again....
Maan smiles... At least she ate half.... He takes the bowl... The soup looked really nice... He didn't want to waste it... He started to drink it....
Geet- you will catch my virus...
Maan- umm... I can't waste mums food....
Geet lazily nodes- did you like the room...
Maan- yes... But you removed my bed.
Geet smiles... A evil smile.
Maan- that was shilas idea... Wasn't it?
Geet makes a baby face.....
Rano walks in...
Rano- maan... Seeing him drinking the soup...
Maan- she drunk half... It tasted nice. So I drunk the other half.
Rano smiles- there are more in the kitchen.
Maan nodes- are there enough for my dinner to?
Geet- fooder... Why doesn't he gets fat?? He eats so much...
Rano- that's because he is healthy.... Ok now get up... You need to take this calpol....
Geet- nooooooooooooooo...... She hides her self under the spread....
Rano- Geet... It's orange flavor. Common.....
Geet- no.....
Maan removes the spread....
Maan- get up fatty....
Geets nose was running again...
Geet- I need a tissue.... Maan wipes her nose.....
Rano takes a spoon full of paracetomol and shove it in her mouth & then another one.... Geet goblet it... Drunk all the water and hide under the spread....
Maan- ok mum... I am leaving... I will tell the school she is Ill....
Rano smiles... And flows maan in to the kitchen to pack some soups for him....

Maan managed to do some work... But kept snizing... Geet was right... He shouldn't have drank the soup from her bowl... But who cares... In wars case seniory he will also be Ill.... Then more soup for him. He smirks at his thought'.

next- 2nd training' maan helping geet'Shocked something fissyD'oh

part 7

hay sorry uall.. couldn't PM u earlier' and was in hury' but thank you thank you hank you' heheh another 2 nd update for the day :D i hope u also will like this' as it will explain a bit more about maan and geets relationship' first few parts u just seen there anger and  fighting' but they also a good friend' :D
thanks for all the love and support' pls pls pls do press the LIKE BUTTON and some comment Preety pls :D

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BadGirlKiss IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 12:07pm | IP Logged
Atlast I am the first one again.
Owow. Loved maans caring for Geet. So sweet. This part just shows he might be angry, upset, annoyed- but at the end it's all geet. Lol. Loved how he drank the soup. Her half drank soup. Lol. He can't waste them. So he drinks it. Lol. Too cute. And he clenes her nose. Embarrassed
U r too good. Always filled with lovely ideas. So sweet. I am in love with paradox. And training. oO. Maan helping. Geet thinking fissy. Same. Something must be cooking in maans brain. I wonder what.
Lovely update. Update soon.
And maan wants to get I'll so he can eat geets mother cooking. Lol

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shah10 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 12:12pm | IP Logged
love it.
like how he fed soup to geet.
do continue plz.

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Rocks.Dhara IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 12:12pm | IP Logged

aweee maan is so caring...and m loving my fatty geet...!!

loved maan innocence...more soup wen i get ill...yepeeeWink

awesome as always...Clap

loving the way u updating in fixed scedule...!!!

i hope ur study is going well...Smile

and we also getting our fabulous update..heheheh

A big hug  for u for coming up wid such a cute FF and updating regularly...Clap

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wifey Senior Member

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 12:13pm | IP Logged
love  u for ur updates. thanks a lot

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simi91 IF-Rockerz

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awesome atleast he care about her not bad pls cont soonnnnnnnnnnnnn

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