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***paradox*** THREAD 1

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 6:53pm | IP Logged

Hay you all' well here you go.. my regular updates' :D i hope this paradox '. well you have to read :D

Maan family background...

Maans grandfather & grandmother- balraj & savetri. Owner and founder of khurana industry. Balraj very restrict. While savetri very pure and innocent.

They have 3 son-
- Mr Arjun khurana. Oldest son. Married to Avantika. They have three son.

 Maan (16), 

Dev(12) & 

Vicky(10) and a sister 


- Mr Anurag khurana. Married to Taila . She is from a English family. It took her long time to establish her life style according to khurana family. But she never have let them down. She have learned Hindi. Learn to blend her self around them. They have one daughter 

shila (10)  blond hair... Teased by everyone...

and two son:

ebrahim (6) and 

James (5). James have blond hair like his mum. He gets teased allot by all the other children in the family.

- Mr aryan khurana. Married to prena. Have 2 child. 

Hena(6) and


Mr balraj khurana is very restrict towards his family. Every member of the family have there personal security guards. Family is one of the most expense round the world. Each and every member are brought up with attitude. Specially baltajs favorite and eldest grandson. Maan sing khurana. He is only 16... But already when he walks everyone will be miles way. Making a safe gap. He is black belt in karate. He is arrogant. Rude. But when it comes to his family... He have a soft heart. Or his loved one. He is a topper in all round. Very competitive. Even with his family member. He won't tolerate any type of low behavior & that's the reason he is everyones favorite.

Maans other two brother... Lacks in study badly. Every year fails. They are not serious about there life at all.There main thoughts are... "I have my mum & dad... If not our brother. Maan."

Every member of the family specially children already have certain fear towards maan...

Geet Handa.

Geet (10) lives with her Darji... Mum and dad and his older brother bhirji. (16)

There family is also rich. Well established in deli. One of khurana families good friend.

Birji & maan are best friend'


Part 1...

Geet walks in to the school. She mets up with shila. Bothe were in the same class. Geet not very bright at all. She is okish. While shila topper. Specially getting tuition from the best... her cousin Maan. Geet always ask him for help but he would shout or tell her to burger off....
He really irritates Geet. Birji will block her out soon as maan round her house or she round there house.... Idiot Geet thought.

Geet and shila walks towards there class bumping in to maan and Birji....

Maan hands shila her HW book.
Shila- how is it bhi?
Maan- very good. Just few mistakes. I have underlined it with red. So change it.
Shila nodes.
Geet- why you never check my?
Maan- your one is stupid and pointless to check. Basically waste of my time.
Geet- that is just mean.
Maan- exactly. So you stope asking me.
Geet- bhi... Ise bolo na mujce achi tara Se bath kare.
Birji- I think maan behaving perfectly.
Geet- you both are an idiot.
Geet stamps her feet and walks off.
Shila- ruk to shahi... I will check. Bhi... Tu bhi na. Hamesha isko ku tanq karti hi?
Maan- she is so annoying.
Shila- uff.

Maan- how do you cope with her at home?
Birji- by screaming.
Maan- seriously. Your sister.
Birji- she is not that bad.
Maan- yes... Dos't leave a single chance to annoy me.

Geet sat in the class. Angry frustrated. "apne apko samajte ka hi?"
Shila- stop spoiling your mood.
Dev- what's wrong hunny pie?
Geet looks at him angrily- stop calling me hunny pie. Ufe...
Dev- why?
Shila- stop it bro! Maan bhi already have spoiled her mood this morning... And anyway... Have you finished your HW?
Dev- umm... Yes.
Shila- you so haven't. I can clearly see you are lying.
Armaan joins...- hi shilla... Must say you speak Hindi very well.......
Shila gives him a annoying look.
Geet- you are an idiot Armaan.
Armaan- what? She basically looks like an English. Her Hindi is pretty good.
Geet- she have been with us since our playgroup. She is born brought up here. What's wrong with you. Use your stupid brain.
Shila- leave it Geet. He just likes teasing me.
Armaan- what...
Maan and Birji walks in. Dragging Armaan way by his collar.
Geet smiles at maan. He ignores.
Maan- what did you say about my sister?
Armaan- that she....
Birji picks him up and throughs him out of the class.
Shila- don't worry maan bro. He is just being annoying. We are fine...
Maan- sure.
Shila nodes.
Maan- have you done your HW Dev?
Dev snatches geets HW book.
Dev- yes!
Geet- oy.... She snatches it back.
Maan- you might don't want to use hers. You will do wars then fail.
Geet gives maan another angry glare.
Maan smirks and walks out.

Birji- why use bacari ko hamesha tanq karti hi?
Maan- bechari aur Geet? Are you sure?
Birji- ok... Leave her.... What shall we do this new years day?
Maan- Can you keep Geet way from me this year! BCs last year she defiantly had plan to make me gods favorite with all the fire work.
Birji laughs loudly with last years memory.
Birji- that was funny.
Maan- god I hate her.

In class...
Geet- see... See... He always looks for excuse to hate me. What's wrong with me? Tell me? I always try to be nice and him... Ugh. Actually from today I will ignore him completely.
Shila- I here that everyday.
Geet- today pakka.
Shila- umm... Sure.... She had doubt. Geet could never ignore maan. Impossible.

Lunch time.... Geet walks towards Birji... She wanted money.
Geet- I need money bro.
Birji- I gave you some this morning.
Geet- i already have spender them.
Birji- what?
Geet- ha... Sweets.
Birji takes his purse out of the rack sack and hands her another bundle of cash. Last one.
Geet- I need some 2moro to.
Birji- ask dad. Seriously you eat my pocket money.
Geet- you get more.
Birji- have you seen your body weight ? It's increasing. I swear you ate obese.
Maan walks towards them.
Maan- she is defiantly obese. Look at her.
Geet- I am not fat.
She looks at her self.
Maan- umm! Yes. You are fat.
Geet- shut up. I am not fat.
Birji- seriously. Control your eating. You are fat.
Geet- you are a mean brother.
Geet starts to cry and walks off.

Shila- what happen?
Geet- bro and Maan saying I am fat.

Shila couldn't ignore. Geet was over wait. Her school dress is always large. Shila basically a stick next to elephant Geet.
Geet- you think I am fat to na...
Shila- no... No... Of course no. You are not fat.... She gives her a smile.
Geet- I hate you all. You all think I am fat.

At home...
Geet was still crying. Poor Birji had to carry his and geets bag..... Rano ran towards Geet... Hugging her tight. Then her dad veern.
Veern takes Geet on his lap. He couldn't pick her up. She was so heavy. But managed to. Just...
Verran- ka hua Meri Pari beti ko?
Geet- bro and maan say I am fat.
Verran gave Rano a look. She was truly over weight.
Birji- tell her to loose weight.
Veran- bir. Shhh.... Go to your room.
Birji- mum from 2moro don't give me any pocket money. Because everything goes in her tummy.
Rano- chup badmash. Hamesha ku iski peche lagi rehti hi?
Birji- I am going.
Geet- pappa..... She starts to cry louder.

It's weekend. Geet sat in her room. Not coming out. Or making any single noise. Rhys not like her at all. She always up to some mischief. Specially as whole khurana families children comes round to eat ranos cooking. It's better then there chef.
Geet had no intreats.... She wanted to loose wait. Basically everyone was teasing her that she is over wait. Shila knocks on her door.
Shila- Geet... Geet!
Geet- go way. You selfish people.
Shila- what have I done?
Geet- you have made fun of me 2.
Shila- oh comen Geet. Stop being so dramatic. You started to get teased since pre school about your weight. And every week we see your new drama. Come out. We want to eat as well. It's your favorite... Chicken briney.
Geet- tell that idiot maan to eat. Who eats like a pig and never gains any weight.
Shila- that's because he is active. Not like you who sits in the room laying on the bed. Playing game.
Geet bites her tongue. Dam her. How does she know?
Maan walks up the stair finds Shila shouting.
Maan- why are you shouting?
Shila- Geet! Dekho na bhi...
Maan- just leave her. She will come out when she is hungry.

Geet- noob.
Maan- I hard that.
Geet- get lost.
Maan gets irritated and walks to birjis room. Both started to play on there nintendo. Badminton....

After dinner....
Geet rushes in to her room again... Maan just roles his eyes... And he flows... Just when Geet was about to lock the door he puts his foot in....
Maan- ouch!
Geet- ka hi?
Maan- I thought you need help with your HW!!
Geet- I already have done it...
Maan- who helped you?
Geet- Yash. He is millions time nicer then you...
Maan gives her stern look....
Geet- now go I have work to do....
Maan- if Yash helped you... He must be wrong!
Geet- I don't care. I asked for your help... You simply refuged.

Maan- let me see....
Geet- no...
Maan- GEET!
Geet- stop shouting.... I am not showing you anything...
Maan- Geet... For the last time.. Move... Or.... Other wise'.

next- geets decision...


part 1 page 1

part 2

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Maan finally walked in after long day... He was so tirade. It was a long tiring day. Stupid clint he thought. What exactly they wanted from him? Spoiled 3 hours and at the end he couldn't even finalize the Designee... And that Sammera! Oh god! If I ever get the chance to be the grim riper... I would take the pleasures to kill her. Torturing. Yes Touter. Pure Torture. If she wasn't my wife sister... I would have kicked her out of the way. Way way way before!
I slowly walked in to my house. Security guards waiting.... Luckily I had security guards otherwise my wife once really planned to give everything to the robber. I pity my self sometime... How did I managed to fall in love with her.
I slowly made my way... Thinking maybe today I could have some peace and quit... But knowing my luck...
Sohana- pappppppppppppppppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappppapapaaaaaaa................
I closed my eyes... Oh no! I dropped my suitcase at the side... Taking deep breaths.... Oh god!..... I quickly made my self relax on the sofa.
I could see a small blob from the side start to appear from the corner...
Maan- great... Another headache on top of this headache.
She ran in and sat on my lap threw the paper on the coffee table... Maan was hopping she will go way. But nop. She sat on his lap. Crossed arm. Angry face.... Waiting for him to talk...
Maan- what's wrong with my darling?
Sohana- cachu have deceived me!
Maan- how could he... Maan makes a shocking expression...
Sohana- yes... How could he...
Sohana- daddddddy.... She said in a cheesy voice... Hugging maan tight...
Maan perfectly guessed why she may have decided to use this particular sweet yet annoying voice.... He decided to response in same way....
Sohana- yes darling....
Sohana- daddy... Can I go to zaras house. I hard there is a new doll house.
Maan gives her a look. A angry look.
Maan- I have brought you 6 doll house. Each one of them is bigger then you. I see no reason for you to go round hers.
Sohana- but her one is better then my.
Maan wanted kill this Zara girl now....
Maan- whattttt? It was limited edition. It's not coming out until next year.
Sohana- Zara have told me it's a lie. Anyway right after you brought me my she took a picture and showed it to her dad... And next thing I knew she had a exactly the same one... Except better....
Maan fumes- that little bustard... Copies my Designee.
sohanas mouth fell right open...
Sohana- pappa... You have turn to Mamma....
Maan looks at her in surprise...
Maan- what? Your mum used rude words again... How many time I have told her not to...
Sohana looks at her dads anger which was building up... She decided to flee to zaras house....

Maan walks in to the living room... Shouting his wife name....
Maan- god knows when this mother and daughter will murder me....
Maan- Geet! Geet! GEETTTTTTTT......

Hearing her husbands voice... Screaming as usual... She runs out... A lady in a beautiful blue sari... She had a slim figure... Innocent face... The fear on her face made her look more beautiful...
Geet- ka hua jane...
Maan- did you use rude words?
Geet- what type of question is that... I am seeing you after 6 long hours... Instead of kiss and sweet talk you shouting at me... She managed to reply bluntly with annoying face...
Maan looks at her ... More annoyed.... He loosens his tie... And folds the sleeves up of his shirt and takes the blazer off throughs it on the sofa....
Maan- sweet talk ha!... He was extremely frustrated... Sweet talk my foot...
Geet started to get scared and moves backwards...
Geet- hunny... What's wrong with you? Office me Kuch Hu ka... She started to smile worriedly...
Maan- Sohana just have told me everything...
Geet looks at him in shock- baab ki chamci...
Maan- tumne meri beti ko ka kha?....
Geet- kuch nahi.... She replied worriedly...
Maan- nahi mene suna tumne Kuch kaha...... Maan wasn't removing his gaze from his wife eyes... While she was dreading to run in to there bedroom... She might be able to melt him there...
Maan- Tum bedroom me math dekhna.... I am so not melting in one of your trick again...
Geet- I can't do much if you always melt....
Maan- tumne ke kaha... Me...
Geet ran towards the bedroom... Maan ran after her...
Maan- geet! GEET! You can't run way now... How many time I have told you not to swear!
Geet- shit! Kute! Kaminey.... Pappa ji mujce kich kharus ki shat fasa Dia?... She climbed the satire upstairs.... Looking up....
Maan- I hard that...
Geet- why don't you put your ear volume down....
Maan- GEETTTTT......
before she knew.... Maan caught hold of her pallu in there bedroom... The force was so strong her whole sari came off.....
Maan stood there mesmerized... Looking at his half naked wife...
Geet smirks... Taking a shy relive... His anger seems to calm down... Maan slowly walks closed to her... Sliding his hand on her bare waist.... Geet smiles naughtily And gently slowly slides her hand round his neck...
Maan strokes her lips...- you looking beautiful...
Geet shies and smiles... Which melts maan further...
Geet- you have a headache don't you....
Maan nodes making a baby face....
Both lands on the bed.... Maans hand travels under her blouse... Taking her hook off one by one... He gently crashed geets lips with his and ...

Next- naughty.... Naughty.... Rath aiye.....

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I am geet Handa. A 18 years old girl. Life always have been cruel to me. I have seen my mum facing millions of problem to bring me here. She left everything for my safe life. She promised for my safe life.
I always look at this sea which I see ever day on my way drive home. I have 2 half brother and one sister.
My mum and biological dad separated when I was 8. I have a step dad. I hardly talk to him. I never called him dad purely because the betray my mum faced from both man. In my life I have no men. I don't.....
My real dad used to abuse my mum every day. Physically and mentally. In front of me. Night after night I used to see my mum crying. That effected my mentally badly. I have been quit since then. I used to get fed up seeing my mum cry...
Then when I was 7 I hard my mums brother talk to my mum to take some serious action.
My mum was from Punjab. A well rich family. She flee to merry to this guy... My dad that she called husband. And today she was getting advice again to flee. He only married my mum for money. Just for money. My mum was well off she could move on and start her life anywhere... Anywhere.... But something was keeping her there... Maybe that was love for this disgusting man. My dad. I remember once he hit me as well. I was 5 or 6. The blow was so strong that I fainted instantly. Since that day I only remember hating my dad. Pure hate.

When I was 8 my mum moved out of Punjab and moved to London. A new place. A new land for a new start. She brought me along with her. She couldn't leave me to die with my dad. My mum hard that my dad have looked for us allot... But failed to find us... My mum brought a flat in London. An my granddad used to give us money until she have met this new men in her life... My second dad. He accepted my mum with me. He also turned out to be the same. Abused my mum... But my mum have given up in her life. She couldn't fight anymore. She had enough. He used to abuse me to. Smack me. Purely because I was his step daughter. I cried allot. Allot. My mum never used to say much... Just apologize. He never respected my mum... But this man betrayed my mum so much... That her last bit of hope was murdered. My mum knew he always cheated on her... But she kept quit. By then I was 13. I used to feel disgust. Sick with men. My both dad betrayed my mum. All she ever asked for love... Nothing els...
I used to go to school crying almost every day. All my friends used ask but I never replied simply used to say I had a bad day with my brother and sister.
The abusing slowed down when my first younger brother was born. I stopped talking to him when I had my twin sister and brother. I love my brother and sister. Never seen them as half. After all we have same mother.

I hated my step cousin as well. They always used to think as I am there step cousin. Taunt me with words. Only person I used to share was with my few best friend...
One cousin was 3 years older another 4 compare to my age. They always used to come round my house. And there mum taunt my mother and my step dad never used to say anything. Went along with them...

Every night I used to here my mum crying behind the close door. Something that hunted me since my young age. I kept my brother and sister always way from this. I never wanted they become effected like me. I never seen them as my half or steep brother and sister... I always think as they are my own....
I used to cry for my mum to... My brother and sister always hugged me saying not to cry... Wish I could tell them how brutal there dad is and how violently they torture our mother every night. And the ironic thing was my mum had both love marriage. I laughed... Sometime people used to thing I have gone mad... But I wondered if love story is like this then what is love... Love is brutal. A lie. A mistake that my mum still paying the price. Her experience have shown me... Love is a pointless feeling. Never love anyone that was my mums first word. Never believe in love. It gives you pain. My mums experience have taut me the reality. A violent reality that I am still living in today. Her mistake that me and my brother and sister paying the price.
I am 18 now... Love is natural thing in life... I see my best friend with there loved one... I simply ignore. Because i somewhere know they will end up like my mum. I tell them sometime... But they simply thing this girl Is mad.


ADDED…. lots of mistakes… pls do ignore...

I was driving back home. I have finished my collage. Applied for a arctic degree. I love designing. One thing I always enjoyed since I was young. Natural life. Open space. Because my home surficates me. When ever I used to walk in all I could here is my mum shouting with the man. My brother and sisters dad.

I walked in to the house...
Mr Handa- why the F*** you are late.
Geet- I ... I am sorry. I had to travel to London to collect my cv.
Mr Handa- SHUT UP!
Rano- why are you shouting at my daughter?
Mr handa (rishab)- shout. I will hit her let's see what you do.
And in no time I found his hand smacked me right across my face for no odd reason. Tears rolled down my eyes. My sister who was 14 went to the land line instantly. She was about to call the police. I ran across the room and grabbed the phone.
Geet- what are you doing?
Raji- I am calling the police. This house is insane. He just have smacked you for no reason.
Rishab- Rajji go to your room. Don't talk to this filthy dust.
I felt like someone hit me with millions of brick. What was my fault exactly. This wasn't something new. Actually it got better. In past he used to hit me so much that I used to be on the floor senseless.
Rano- Geet go to your room.
Rishab- what room? Tell her to pay the rent first.

I looked at him in shock along with my mother.
Rano- what rent. She is our daughter.
Rishab- not my... You and that b**** daughter.

Tears rolled down my and my mothers eyes... I had a part time job. I earned 800 pound a month. I had enough money go & move out. But I decided not to. Just for my mother and brother and sisters sake. I also lost the ability fight back along with my mother... My mum had no weakness. We were in London. Had every facility but I never knew why my mum could never move on... I was just waiting until I finish my degree and take my mum and brother sister with me somewhere safe. So we can live a life full of this tarure and pain.
I cried and handed him 300 pound. This man had a good job. My mum wasn't capable of working because of her no qualification. She left school at the age of 16 to run way with my real biological dad.

I slowly walked in to my room locking the door. Hearing my mum screaming in pain ad he started to hit her. I close my ear with my hand but I still could here the scream. It's been 20 minutes he wasn't stopping. I couldn't take it any more. I ran out and stopped him. My mum was on the floor. I couldn't stop crying. There was red blood Mark on my mums hand. Her lips was bleeding. Then suddenly I hard a door smack. He went out.
I helped my mum up... Helped her to clean up and took her to my room. My brother and sister stood by the door. They were not allowed in my room because I was the step daughter. I don't belong to this family.
I cried hugging my mum. I asked her to complain to the police millions of time but she refused. I could not do much unless she helps her self.

Next day...

I dropped my brother and sister to the school. Took my mum out for some fresh air. She was still mentally shocked from last night.
Rano- you have to drop me home beta. Other wise you know that he will hit me again.
Tears rolled down my eyes. She was petrified of him. I dropped her home and went out round my friends house... Then I realized she is at work. I promised her to give a lift back home. I made my way to the khurana company.
I stied in the car park... Thinking about my mum. I started to cry... I could stop. Tears rolled down my eyes. I was helpless. I wanted to take my mum out of that world. I my self was afraid to go home. He will hit me again to night. I started to cry louder...
I sat in the park lot for 10 minute crying... Until my friend appeared. Shila. She is English. She had light brown hair. Really tall and pretty. She is a model for khurana company...
Shila- babe you crying again.
Geet- he abused my mother again last night.
Shila- this is too much. Aunty have to report him to the police.
Geet- I have tried.
Shila- did he hit you as well.
Geet nodes...
Shila- let's go home.

I had no close friends then few. They were my best friend. I shared everything with them. I have never dated anyone in my life. Not because I wasn't pretty or good looking... It's simply because I don't trust any men. I am scared of relationship. I had seen enough and experienced with my mother.
My mother have traveled from India to London to seek for happiness. But here yet again, she is under the same situation.
I walked in shilas house. It was empty. She live by her self. I have my own room here. She is like a sister to me. We don't have any blood relationship but she always look after me like a sister. I sat in the living room and started to cry again. She hugged me.
Geet- I really need a job. I need to take my mum out of that hell.
Shila- I have spoken to my company. I also suggested your Designee. They loved it. But I have one problem.
Geet- what is it?
Shila you have to move to India. Deli khurana company. Good pay. They also giving you a apartment. There are 5 of you. They offering you 4 bedroom apartment.
Geet- what?
Shila- you know me and Vicky dating. I have explained everything to him.
Geet- Shila... I have told you not to do this.
Shila- you are my sister. My only family. You know even my family is like yours. I had the gut to leave. But I swear you Indians are family lover (pls don't take that line in a racist way). Have so much sympathy.
Geet smiles and hugs her tight. Starts to cry again.
Shila- and guess what you can more there soon as possible.
Geet- I need to make my brother and sisters passport.
Shila- that will take a week. Not urgent. Go and get everything ready.
Geet- what if he does a case against my mum.
Shila- we will see about that later.
Geet- can you tell your man...
Shila- my boy friend.
Geet- what ever... I still think it's not a good idea to date at all. And merry never.
Shila laughs...
Geet- not to tell anyone that where I am from.
Shila- no one will. The apartment is his private. So don't worry. You can stay until you have enough money to buy your own.
Geet- I love you... Both shares a warm hug before geet disappearing...

Geet arrives home. Geets mum have refuged to go...
Geet- What do you want mum? To die here?
Rano- yes. I can't. I am tired of running. The apartment is not even yours.
Geet- mum try to understand. You have to come with me.
Rano- you go beta. Because I can't see you crying every night for me.
Geet- I can't mum. I will die thinking about you back in India.
Rano- do this for your sake. Please Geet. Do something for your sake.
Geets all brother and sister came... Geets sister 16 and two brother 10.
Raji- di... Please take us.
Tears rolled down geets eyes.
Rano- take them. Then if does fire a case against us I can take care of it. And all my wish I that you 4 will be safe.
Geet couldn't stop crying at all now.
Geet- if I buy my own place will you come then...
Rano nodes...
Geet had to go now. As her mother have given all her brother and sisters responsibility....

Within a week Geet led to India with her brother and sister. She was petrified for her mother. What if he kills her... What if... He won't take that risk. Shila probably taking care. She already have complained against his name. One touch... He wil be behind the bar. This way my mum will be safe with him. He used to blackmail her with there kids... If there are no kids what to blackmail...

Weeks have passed Geet have settled well. She dropped all of them to school. It's her first day at work. Everyone knew she was from India. Moved from a small town Punjab. Mrs Geet Handa. She purposely said she is married. So no men will propose or ask her anything. She have 3 kids. It was a bit unrealistic as her older sister was only few years younger and two brother only 4. But who will ask this much detail or any of the stuff will ever see her or ask about her personal life. Geet knew fluent Hindi... And English. She decided to hide her English as well... So less men will show interest in her. She decided to were punajbi Indian cloths. Again she lowers her glamours style. Now only person knew her real idinty was Shila and Vicky... In India. She also had another reason to do this. It's because of her real father. He have stolen all her mothers property... He is a big business men now. She dosn't want him to know she is his daughter. Specially when he is still looking for her madly... Just to kill her but she had to take the risk for the sake of a good healthy everyday life for her brother and sister...

It's geets first day at work. She quickly drives her sibling to school kissing rem good buy. Parking her car near the school and walks to the khurana construction.

Geet looks at the big building that laid in front of her. Huge. She coughed with all the dust from the road... As she is not used to deli street. Uk is completely different then this...
Geet walks in and makes her way to the reception.
Geet spoke in Hindi... Everyone knows she doesn't speak English. Vicky took care of that as geets dad was one of the important clint for khurana company. Mr meher kishab.

Geet- hello ji.... Me Punjab si ai Hu. Aj mera phela din hi.
Pinky looks t her up and down. Her clothing sense was traditional Indian. She looked like a newly bride. She was pretty tho pinky thought.
Pinky- your name? She asked in English first... Then asked her in Hindi which she replied happily.
Geet- Geet Handa.
Pinky- Tum english nahi bolte?
Geet- nahi...
Pinky- why?
Geet- I never went to English school... (ok guys lol... I can't type it in Hindi... So just presume Geet speaking in Hindi)
Pinky smiles and tells her to go to the 14th floor... Where she had a meeting with the CEO. Maan sing khurana.
Geet nodes and leaves.

Geet walks to the lift. Vicky have portrayed her as a girl who don't know anything about modern life. She have no clue how he have managed to change all her qualification and certificate. Geet quickly wizzis through. Some weird name thy she couldn't even pronounce.
Geet- ok... Great.... (if she talks alone... She always talks in English)
Geet waits outside on maans cabin. She have tried to acknowledge that she have no clue how to work the lift.. And walked in a random direction purposely to show she is a lunatic. Not sure where she was heading to.

Geet sits on the waiting seat. A lady with short dress comes up to her.
Lady- hello I am Shasha.
Geet- hello mam.
Lady- sir is calling you in.
Geet- thank you mam.

Geet walks in. Bit nervous. This job will pay her good money to buy a apartment and a good standard of life for her brother and sister and her mum.
Maan- miss... No... I am sorry Mrs Geet Handa.
Geet- yes sir.
Maan looks up. She looked really young to be married.
Geet have tried her best to look old. She managed to pull her age up to 23-25. No older. Obviously her British passport indicates she is 18 but her fake Indian one... Arranged by Vicky again... Which clearly looked fake when Shila first gave it to her but easily could fool a normal person. Her fake passport indicates she is 25.
Maan looks at her date of birth... 25. He looks at her again. She defiantly wasn't 25 maan thought. He wondered where does Vicky find weird people. She was Beautiful he admitted to him self. He closed his eye thinking she is someones wife. He looked through her Designee. He was impressed and then he qualification. Very impressed. He was surprised a Designer like her not up to date with her own thought which was clearly visible on her work.

Maan cleared his through.
Maan- our office...
Geet distracted- sir I don't know English...
Maan- alright. He started to speak in Hindi- our office time is from 8-7... But I see you have asked of start from 9-2 and then again from 4-9. May I ask why two hours break.
Geet- I have three kids.
Maan catches again. He drank some water.
Geet confused... Maybe he was in shock she thought. Geet wispeared to her self all mens are same. All mens are same. Geet could clearly see why he was acting like that.
Maan- three kids? He asked shockingly.
Geet- yes sir. I hav to drop them to the school and pick them up. My husband is always at work. We don't have enough money that's why I am taking this job.
Maan- I am sure the position you going to hold will pay you more then enough.
Geet- thank you sir.
Maan- you can join work from twomoro.
Geet- thank you sir.

After the meeting maan went thoughtless... And called Vicky instantly...
Maan- where do you find weird people like this...
Shila thought what Geet have done. She is so sweet.
Vicky- why?
Maan- she looks so young and she have three kids? She is married.
Vicky caughed. Shila gave him a glare.
Vicky- she is 26 brother. And she have three kids. They are so sweet. She have twins. 10 years old.
Maan was about to faint again.
Maan- she her self looks like 18!
Shila choked.
Vicky- you know... Sometime people looks young. And please bro do stay way from her. She hates any type of attention specially from men. She had a violent past.
Maan started to get worried.
Vicky- just keep your safe distance. It took me long time to convince her to work for us. She is a gr8 Designer.
Maan- I can see that. And anyway maan sing khurana never looks at girls.
Vicky- thanks bro...

Geet pick her sibling up... And makes dinner.
Rajji- owo di... Do you realize there are no shouting in our house anymore.
Geet- this is not our house Rajji. We have to be careful not to ruin anything. It's your Shila dis house. She will be here in a month to stay with us.
Bintu- really didi...
Geet- ha...
Rajji- I miss mum.
Geet was in tears again... - mum will be with us soon.
Geet sat in her room... Dare not call her mum. Only matter of 3 months then she will save enough money to but her own apartment and then she can move in with her mum and sibling.

Next day at work...
Geet walks in to the office wearing a pink kurti. She looked like a doll. Very beautiful. Even tho she changed her stile she couldn't change her inner beauty that gives her a new colur. Everyone stared at her. She was happy today. She knew her sibling was in school. Playing happily. And Shila was giving every safe details about her mum. She need to bring her mothers true identity out. She still have hope. Her geet. Who will fight for her. Never let her down. Geet promised her self she will bring happiness in there life. Just happiness.

Geet sits in her office with work. Everything was in Hindi and English. Geet have forgotten one thing. Maybe she can speak Hindi but she can't read or right. So she took the English file and reAd it through. Made some Designee. She had a new project to Handel. It's very important. And all te Desgine must be wild. The show lead will be Shila. Geet was supper exited.

Maan calls Geet to come in to the cabine with her latest Desgine... Which Geet happily does.
Geet- may I come in sir...
Maan- yes Geet.
Geet walks in with her latest Design...
Maan examines every details carefully. Shocked.
Maan- I thought you said you don't understand Hindi.
Geet- yes sir... I can write. But not speak. I understand them. I thought the English might be easy for you to understand then Hindi.
Maan looks at her curious. She was a curious girl.... Umm lady. 25 or 26... If that's what she say.
Maan nodes...

Weeks have passes...

Maan darted to get curious about this girl... There are defiantly some mystery to it... Hmm... He thought.

Maan- Geet....
Geet- yes sir...
Maan- I want you to write a dictation...
Geet- yes sir...
Maan- this is to Vicky khurana...
Geet coughs instantly...
Maan- You know Vicky khurana... If I am not wrong...
Geet- yes sir...
Maan- hmm... Odd... He lives in London... And you here...
Geet- he knew my husband actually. And that's how I knew him.
Maan nodes. Her words didn't sound convincing at all.
Maan- what's your husbands name Geet?
Geet- umm....
Maan looked at her curious...
Maan- you are the first girl that taking time to think there husbands name...
Geet- no.. No... Geet quickly adds... I was wondering why you asking me personal question. That's all. I mean we are working. I work here...
Maan made a mental note.. (she is too clever for a girl from small town.)
Maan- no.. You... Know. If Vicky knows him... I might know him as well.
Geet smiles while thought about a name to make up...
Geet- oh I am sure you don't. I mean if you knew he would have told me.
Maan- no harm in hearing your husbands name.
Geet- sure.. It's rob mathoor. She smiles.
Maan- hmm... Rob mathoor...
Geet- I am sure sir you don't know him.
Maan- no! No... I hard this name before....
Geet- (W*F I just made that name up. You retard) Geet smiles...
Maan- rob... Rob! Its rob the full name or it's been shorten!
Geet- it's Robert........indro..... Geet was about to speak out a English name.... She choked at her own word...
Geet- it's robindro mathoor.... I call him rob with love... Geet smiles... Antsy enough of me talking about my husband.... You wanted me to type a dictation sir....
Maan- that's right....
Maan starts... Still not convinced... A perfect... Umm... Have 3 child... No way...

Geet- (what the hell is your problem? If everyone els believes that I am 25 married have three kids... What's the f**k is your problem? Idiot) 


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Evil Smileall the three...ShockedShockedShocked

with u being the writer......
I don't need to know the concept...will want it any wayEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by muskanp

Evil Smileall the three...ShockedShockedShocked

with u being the writer......
I don't need to know the concept...will want it any wayEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Agree with youSmile.

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YAY!!!!! you came out with new concepts...

im loving all 3 i want to read all three is it possible any way for you to do all three.... i know im being greed but i just love them all.... they are special in there own way....
the first one is cute with its nok jhok and all...
the second one is very cute family wise with them already married.... so it would be cute to ready about a ff were they are already married....
the third one is very serious kind but it has a good point and kinda a good message...
^^ so you see i want to read all three.... my vote goes to all three...

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Heya keyama... How will you chose between three diamonds of same shape design and size... Diamonds are diamonds and they look awesom in every shape and design... Hehe.. Concept is never good or bad... Its always a writer which makes it good or bad...... But geet being 99 kg weight is totally new concept.:)as i want to see our handsome hunk to love a fat figureless ugly girl who is piece of joke for others...

then third one is too too heart wrenching...

Second one is also good... Why geet uses swear words and feels comfortable in making maan weak on bed...hehe typical rude arrogant behaviour...

All three are rocking... And i cant select one out of them..

Want to select all..but if every one does this then i guess result will be no where...from my point of view all the concepts are 1000/10

but for the sake of making it easy for you to conclude the result.. I will number them up..

1st priority=concept 1

2nd priorty=concept 3

3rd priority=concept 2

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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