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Betrayal ~2~... AR FF: Epilogue Updated (Page 16)

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hey medzi amazing part sweety ... i am really very... sorryy for the late coment...   u know na how i am busy now a days... well part was so passionate...and poor arman is getting emberresed.. i love gang the moment and the AR moment too.......Wink.
well sweety do continue.... my best wishe is always with..
Thnx for he pm
love u

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Originally posted by salinashah

hey medzi amazing part sweety ... i am really very... sorryy for the late coment...   u know na how i am busy now a days... well part was so passionate...and poor arman is getting emberresed.. i love gang the moment and the AR moment too.......Wink.
well sweety do continue.... my best wishe is always with..
Thnx for he pm
love u
Thanks!  It's ok, I understand.  I'm glad you liked the part.  I'll continue soon, and you're welcome.

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                                                               Part 24
                                                      Plan Successful?
Recap:  Armaan and Riddhima romance.  Armaan tells Maya that he loves her, and she believes him.  Sumit tells the boys about Maya's partner. 
The next day, they all were seated at the breakfast table, relishing the paranthas on their plates.  Maya had left for some important work of hers, and she wouldn't be returning for about an hour.  The gang was back to their bickering and teasing.  Riddhima looked at Armaan and saw him eating his food. 
She decided to be a little naughty, as it's always Armaan that does something.  Since the two were sitting right beside each other, Riddhima slowly brought her hand down, and caught his wrist.  Armaan stopped eating and looked at Riddhima, and then back at his hand.  His eyes popped out of his sockets as he realized her plan.
" Amy zara woh plate toh pass kar. " said Muskaan.  Armaan looked at Muskaan with wide eyes. 
" Haan Armaan, Muski ko plate pass karo. " Riddhima said hiding her smirk, and Armaan looked at her with wide eyes. 
" Kya hua Amy?  Plate pass kar na. "
" Ab... ba... ba... ba... ku... kuch... kuch nahin. " Armaan raised his left hand, and with shaky hands, he gave the plate to Muskaan.  He started to eat with his left hand.  When everyone wasn't looking he said in a low voice.
" Riddhima, kya kar rahi ho?  Haath chhodo na. "
" Nahin chhodongi.  Kya karloge? " He looked at her exasperated and Riddhima just smirked seeing him like that.  Armaan ate with his left hand, while trying to take his hand out of hers.  The gang saw this, and Rahul spoke up.
" Oye Amy.  Yeh tu apne ulte haath se kyun kha raha hain? " Armaan looked up. 
" Woh... woh... woh... aaj maine vrath rakha hain. "
" Vrath?  Kaunsa vrath? "
" Woh… aaj main ulte haath se khaunga. "
" Tu yeh vrath vagera kabse karne lag gaya? "
" Aa... aaj se hi.  Aaj se hi. " Riddhima tried her best not to laugh.
" Really? "
" Yaar tu khana kha na.  Kyun dimaag kharab kar raha hain? "
" Ok.  Itna bharakta kyun hain? " Rahul started to eat. 
" Riddhima.  Please mera haath chhodo.  Yahaan nahin. " Armaan said in a low voice. 
" Achha.  Aur tum jo baar, baar sab ke saamne mere saath yeh sab karte rehte ho, usska kya? " Riddhima said challengingly. 
" Oh, toh tum yeh sab usski vajah se kar rahi ho. "
" Ji haan. "
" Room mein aao.  Batata hoon. " Riddhima stifled her giggle.  The rest of the breakfast went in the same way.  Soon, Riddhima got up, and went to her room.  Armaan talked to the gang for a while, and then left for the room.
He entered the room, and saw Riddhima fixing the room.  He smiled naughtily, and walked towards her without making any noise.  He suddenly grabbed her by her waist, and spinned her around. 
" Armaan! " Riddhima laughed.  He finally put her down, and Riddhima turned around and put her hands around his neck.
" Maza aaya? "
" Maza?  Aaya na.  Ab tumhe bhi maza chakhata hoon. " He started to tickle her everywhere, and Riddhima just laughed.
" Armaan!  Armaan please stop... Armaan! " Riddhima fell on the bed, but Armaan just didn't stop tickling her. 
" Armaan! " Riddhima tried to push him away, but Armaan took hold of her hand, and pinned it to the bed.  Riddhima breathed heavily. 
" Bohat maza aa raha tha na tumhe? "
" Haan.  Bohat maza aa raha tha.  Aakhir yeh roz thodi hota hain, ki Armaan Mallik, Riddhima Mallik se kahe ki woh usska haath chhod de. "
" Achha?  Ab toh tumhe sazaa milkar hi rahegi. "
" Matla- " Even before she could finish saying anything, Armaan smacked his lips onto hers and kissed her hard.  Riddhima was surprised at first, but then she responded with equal fervor.  She fisted his hair, and pulled him closer, if it was possible.  They kissed each other for a long time, and then broke apart.  They panted for breath and both smiled. 
" Agar roz mujhe aisi sazaa milegi toh main yeh galti roz karne ke liye tayaar hoon. "
" Oye hoye.  I love you a lot Shona. "
" Armaan!  Tum pehle decide kar lo.  Riddhima, Basket, ya Shona.  Inn sab mein se tumhein mujhe kya bulaana hain? " Armaan thought for a second.
" Well Basket, yeh main nahin kar sakta.  Sab ke saamne tum mere liye Riddhima ho, jab tum mujhe bohat cute lagti ho toh Basket, aur jab tum mujhe bohat pyaari lagti ho, toh Shona, jaise tum ab lag rahi ho, Shona. " He placed a hair lock behind her ears, slightly pulled her cheeks, and then went closer to her ears, making Riddhima blush.  He kissed her ear, and Riddhima closed her eyes and slightly twitched. 
" Armaan. " She whispered.  Armaan's phone suddenly rang and Armaan looked up exasperated.
" Kya yaar. " Armaan sat up, and took the phone. 
" Hello? "
" Hello Amy.  Kahaan hain tu?  Jaldi aa na.  Maya abhi kuch hi daer mein aa jaayegi.  Hurry up! "
" Aa raha hoon! " Armaan practically yelled into the phone, startling both Rahul and Riddhima.  Rahul cut the phone immediately, and Armaan pouted. 
" Armaan, kya hua? "
" Woh kameena Rahul.  Hamesha galat time par hi entry maarta hain.  Main na, usska murder kar doonga ek din. "
" Armaan!  Iss mein uss bechaare Rahul ko kyun gaali de rahe ho? "
" Yaar tum hamesha usski side kyun leti ho?  Usski vajah se main tumhare saath theek se romance bhi nahin kar sakta. " Armaan rested his chin on his hand and Riddhima chuckled. 
" Armaan.  Humare paas bohat time hain.  Jitna romance karna hain, kar lena.  Lekin pehle Maya ko saza dilvaana bhi toh zaroori hain na. " Riddhima turned his face towards her, and explained very sweetly.  Armaan then nodded cutely. 
" Theek hain. "
" Ab chalo. " Riddhima smiled, making Armaan smile back. 
The two left the room, and went into Sumit's room. 
In Sumit's room...
Armaan and Riddhima entered Sumit's room and saw everyone there. 
" Hey guys, what's up? "
" Yaar kahaan tha tu?  Itni daer kyun lagi aane mein? " Armaan and Riddhima looked at each other, and they all understood.
" Rehne de beta.  Kehne ki zaroorat nahin hain.  Mujhe pata hain tum dono romance karne mein busy the. " Armaan ran his hand through his hair, and Riddhima just blushed. 
" Toh aaj ke plan ke liye tayaar ho na? " Molly asked.
" Yes. " Sumit made him wear the microcamera again, and handed him some papers.  He patted him on the shoulder.  Armaan left the room, and went to Maya's room. 
He knocked on the door, and Maya opened it.  She smiled seeing him and immediately hugged him. 
" Armaan. " Armaan hugged her back.  She broke apart from him and looked at him.
" Andar aao. " Armaan smiled, and entered the room.
" You know, maine tumhe bohat miss kiya.  Mujhse milne kyun nahin aaye? "
" Kyunki mujhe kuch bohat zaroori kaam karna tha. "
" Kaam?  Kaunsa kaam? " Armaan smiled, and handed her the papers, that Sumit had given him.  Maya looked at him confusingly.
" Yeh kya hain? "
" Khud hi dekh lo. " Maya started to read the papers, and was shocked seeing them.
" Divorce papers? "
" Yes.  Main Riddhima ko divorce de raha hoon. "
" Lekin yeh sab itni jaldi?  Tumne isske baare mein kab socha. "
" Yeh khayal toh mere dimaag mein bohat pehle hi aa gaya tha.  Main bas inn papers ke aane ka wait kar raha tha.  Riddhima ko divorce de kar, main tumse shaadi kar lunga. " Maya looked at him with tears in her eyes.  She immediately hugged him tight. 
" I love you Armaan.  Tum nahin jaante ki tumne mujhe kitni badi khushi di hain.  I love you a lot. "
" I love you, too. " Armaan hugged her back.
On the other hand, the gang was listening to everything that was happening in the room.  While the gang was busy watching the video, Riddhima was completely boiling seeing Armaan and Maya so close.  Her nose was literally flaring in anger, and she was completely red.  She had fisted her fingers to stop herself from barging into the room, and strangling Maya. 
' Yeh Armaan uss Maya se itna chipak kyun raha hain?  Door se baat karne mein koi problem hain kya?  Aur yeh chhipkali Maya.  Itna chipakne ki zaroorat hain kya?  Kameeni kahin ki.  Mera bas chale toh abhi jaa kar main iss chudail ka gala daba doon.  Khud ko samjhti kya hain?  Kahin ki maharani hain kya?  Hump!  Agar yeh dono abhi dus second mein alag nahin huye na toh main sabse pehle jaa kar Maya ka gala dabaungi, phir Armaan ka kachumber banaungi.  1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-9.25-9.5-9.75-9.8-9.85-9.9-9.95-10. ' Riddhima thought.  By the time she finished counting in her head, Armaan and Maya had broken apart. 
' Good boy. ' She diverted her attention back to the video.
Maya looked at Armaan with questioning eyes.
" Armaan kya, kya Riddhima ko isske baare mein pata hain? "
" Nahin.  Main usse aaj raat ko hi bata dunga and I'm sure ki woh inn papers par sign kar degi. "
" That's great! "  Armaan's phone rang, and he took it up immediately.
" Hello?  Haan theek hain main aa raha hoon. " He cut the call and put the phone back into his pocket.
" Kaun tha? "
" Rahul.  Lunch ke liye bula raha hain. "
" Toh chalo. " Maya said with a smile.
" Lekin Maya humme alag alag jaana padega.  Main nahin chahta ki koi humse iss waqt savaal karein. "
" Ok. " Armaan left the room, and went into Sumit's room. 
 He gave the papers to him, and took off the microcamera. 
" Wow Amy.  Mujhe pata nahin tha ki tu itni achhi acting kar leta hain. " said Amit.
" Arre acting toh mere baaye haath ka khel hain. "
" So toh hain. "
" Ab chalo hum neeche chalte hain.  Warna Maya ko shak ho jaayega. "
" Haan chalo. " The gang left the room, and Riddhima was starting to leave, but Armaan caught her arm, and pinned her to the wall.  Riddhima didn't look at him, and crossed her arms.
" Naaraz ho? "
" Haan. "
" Jealous ho? "
" Nahin, nahin.  Main bhala kyun jealous hongi?  Mujhe toh bohat khushi ho rahi hain tumhe uss Maya ke saath dekh kar.  Jao na.  Woh tumhara intezaar kar rahi hogi. " Riddhima said in a sarcastic tone, and Armaan tried his best to stop himself from laughing at her angery face.  He held his ears very cutely.
" Cholly. " He said in a babish voice, to which Riddhima bit her inner cheek to stop herself from smiling. 
" Madam, hass liya karo.  Hassna sehat ke liye achha hota hain. " Riddhima looked at him, and chuckled. 
" You know what Armaan?  Mujhe tumhare yeh baat bilkul bhi pasand nahin hain.  Tumhe achhe se pata hota hain ki mujhe kab, aur kaise manaana hain. "
" Woh toh hain. " Both chuckled. 
" Ab chalo. " Riddhima literally pushed him out the door and they went down. 
At the restaurant...
They all were seated and were eating their lunch.  While eating, Armaan ate something really spicy, and he started to cough really badly.  This gained everyone's attention, they all got worried.  Riddhima immediately looked for sugar, and Maya quickly filled up a glass of water for him.  She ran to him, while Riddhima took a spoonful of sugar to his mouth.
" Armaan lo paani pee lo. "
" Armaan yeh kha lo. "
" Yeh tum kya kar rahi ho Riddhima?  Armaan ko iss waqt shakar ki nahin, paani ki zaroorat hain. "
" Nahin Maya.  Jab Armaan kuch teekha kha leta hain toh usse shakar chahiye. "
" Tum yeh kaise keh sakti ho? "
" Kyunki main Armaan ko bohat achhe se jaanti hoon. "
" You're wrong. " Riddhima didn't pay any attention to her, and told Armaan to take the sugar.
" Armaan yeh lo. " Armaan immediately ate the sugar and his coughing stopped.  Riddhima offered him another spoon, and he took that as well.  Maya looked at Riddhima in anger, and Riddhima just smiled.  Seeing her defeated face, made her really happy.
' Dekha, dekha, dekha... main Armaan ko bohat achhe se jaanti hoon.  Dhin chak-dhin chak-dhin chak! ' Riddhima did the little victory dance in her head.  Maya went back to her seat, and the gang smiled. 
The rest of the lunch went by normally and soon everyone went to Sumit's room.
Sumit's room...
" Amy, are you ready for the night? " Molly asked.
" Yes. "
" Ridzi, you know what to do right? "
" Yes. "
" Molly are you sure koi gadbad nahin hogi? " asked Anjali.
" Haan Anji, I'm sure.  Everything is set. "
" Ab toh sirf raat tak ka intezaar hain.  Aaj raat ke baad sab kuch theek ho jaayega. " said Armaan. 
" All the best. " said Sapna.  Armaan and Riddhima nodded with a smile. 
The plan was set.  The only thing they were now waiting for was night time.  Soon the time for action had come, and Armaan went to Maya's room.  He knocked on the door, and Maya opened it.  Without saying anything, she went to the window, and crossed her arms across her chest.  Armaan knew the reason to this, and he went to her. 
" Tumne mere haath ka paani kyun nahin piya? "
" Sorry.  Lekin kya karun?  Agar paani peeta, toh meri haalat aur bhi kharab ho jaati.  Iss baar maaf kar do.  Aage se aisa kabhi nahin hoga. "
" It's ok.  Maine tumhe maaf kiya. "
" Achha ab chalo.  Mujhe tumhe ek surprise dena hain. "
" Surprise?  Kaunsa surprise? "
" Mere saath toh aao.  Khud hi pata chal jaayega. " He took her downstairs to a party hall, and Maya was surprised. 
" Tum yahaan kyun le kar aaye ho? " Armaan pointed ahead of them, and a light came up, showing a 'mandap' there.  Maya saw this, and was completely surprised.
" Armaan... yeh? "
" Shhh... don't say anything.  Chalo. " Armaan started to take Maya to the 'mandap', but then both of them stopped hearing a voice.
" Ruko! " Both looked back to see Riddhima standing there in tears, with papers in her hands. 
" Riddhima? " She walked forward, and stood in front of Armaan. 
" Yeh kya hain Armaan?  You want to divorce me? "
" Haan. "
" Kyun? "
" Kyunki main tumse nahin, Maya se pyaar karta hoon.  Only her.  Tum toh mujhe kabhi samjh hi nahin paayi Riddhima.  Maine kitni koshish ki thi tumhe samjhaane ki, lekin tumne kabhi mera vishwaas nahin kiya.  Aur issi liye maine faisla kiya hain ki main tumhe divorce de dunga.  Tum bhi khush, aur main bhi. " Riddhima looked at Maya for a second, and then gave her a tight slap across her face.  Maya looked up with her hand on her cheek. 
" How dare you Maya?  How dare you!  Tumhari himmat kaise huyi aisa karne ki?  Yeh sab tumhara hi plan tha na? "
" Plan?  Kaunsa plan? "
" Oh please Maya.  Kam se kam ab yeh natak toh matt karo.  Main sab kuch jaan gayi hoon.  I remember everything now!   Uss din tum hi ne mujh par humla kiya tha na!  Tum hi ne mujhe maarne ki koshish ki thi na!  Bolo Maya?  Javaab do?  TUM HI NE YEH SAB KIYA HAIN NA?  BOLO MAYA!  BOLO! " Riddhima shook Maya vigorously and Maya got angry.
" Tumne kissi ki jaan li thi? " Riddhima asked, acting shocked.
" Haan.  Mera natak yaad hain Riddhima?  Oho... main bhi na pagal hoon.  Tumhe kaise yaad hoga?  Tum toh sab kuch bhool gayi thi na.  Toh chalo, main tumhe sab batati hoon.  Maine natak kiya tha, ki maine ek khaayi se kood kar apni jaan de di.  Lekin aisa toh kuch tha hi nahin.  Woh laash meri nahin, mere jaisi dikhne waali ek ladki ki thi, jisse maine maara tha.  Phir ek saal tak main tum sab se door rahi.  Jab Armaan Malaysia aaya, toh maine usski glass mein nashe ki goliyaan milla di thi.  Woh photos jo tumhe mille the na, woh bhi maine hi bheje the.  Maine kitni koshish ki Armaan ko mujhse pyaar ho jaaye, lekin nahin.  Woh toh tumse itna pyaar karta tha ki meri taraf dekhna bhi usse gavaara nahin tha.  Aur ab dekho.  Armaan tumse nahin, sirf mujhse pyaar karta hain.  Aur aaj meri aur usski shaadi hain. " Maya circled around Riddhima and admitted all of her crimes.  She failed to notice the slight smile that played on Riddhima's face.  Armaan crossed his arms across his chest, and smirked slightly.  Maya walked towards Armaan.
" Chalo Armaan, let's get married. " Maya started to walk inside the 'mandap' expecting Armaan to follow her, but she was surprised when Armaan just stood there in his spot.
" Armaan?  Chalo. " Armaan just stood there, not looking at her. 
" Armaan tum mujhe darra rahe ho.  Chalo. " Maya spoke nervously.  Riddhima went, and stood beside Armaan, entangling her hand with his.  Both faced Maya now.  Maya looked at their entangled hands, and then at Armaan.
" Armaan yeh kya mazaak hain! "
" Mazaak nahin Maya.  Yeh hi sach hain. "
" Matlab? " Armaan smirked, and snapped his fingers.  All the lights came on, and Maya was shocked to see everyone there.  They all had a smirk on their face. 
" Tum sab yahaan? "
" Haan Maya.  Hum sab yahaan hain. "
" Armaan yeh sab kya hain? "
" Ek natak tumne kiya tha Maya, ek saal pehle.  Aur ek natak humne aaj kiya. "
" Toh yeh sab ek natak tha?  Tum mujhse pyaar nahin karte? "
" No.  Main pehle bhi Riddhima se pyaar karta tha, aaj bhi karta hoon, aur hamesha ussi se karta rahunga. "
" Tumne mujhe dhoka diya Armaan.  You have betrayed me! "
" No Maya, dhoka maine nahin, tumne diya, hum sab ko.  Humare saamne achhayi ka natak karti rahi, humari dost bani rahi, aur tumne hume hi dhoka diya?  Maine jo kiya, woh kuch bhi nahin hain Maya. "
" Amy sahi keh raha hain.  And thank you very much Maya. " said Anjali.
" For what? "
" Apne mu se apne saare gunaah kubul karne ke liye. "
" What rubbish? "
" This is not rubbish Maya.  It's all true.  Aur ab tum yahaan se jaaogi. "
" Kya?  Kahaan? "
" Jail ki salaakhon ke peechhe. " said Muskaan.
" What! "
" Yes Maya.  Tumne jo gunaah kiya hain, usske liye tumhe jail jaana hi padega. "
" Really?  Aur kaun bhejega mujhe jail? "
" Hum. " The gang replied together. 
" Oh really Muskaan?  Tum sab mujhe jail bhejoge?  Shayad tum logo ko yaad nahin hoga, lekin kissi ko jail bhejne ke liye saboot ki zaroorat hoti hain. " Maya said challengingly.
" Tumse yeh kissne kaha ki humare saboot nahin hain? " said Sapna.  Maya gave her a questioning look and Sapna smirked.
" Sumit, Molly. " They entered the hall with many police officers.  Maya  looked at them shocked. 
" Ms. Maya Saxena, Mrs. Riddhima Mallik par jaan leva humla karne ke liye, aur ek nirdosh ladki ki jaan lene ke jurm mein, you are under arrest. " The inspector took out handcuffs, and held them up. 
" No!  Aap logo ke paas koi proof nahin hain ki yeh sab maine kiya hain. "
" Shinde. " The constable took out a recorder, and played it.  It had recorded every word that Maya had said.  Maya was shocked to see it. 
" Arrest her! " The inspector ordered, and the lady constable put the handcuffs around her wrists and dragged her away. 
" Yeh matt samajhna ki sab kuch khatam ho gaya hain.  Main toh jail chali jaaungi, lekin woh toh abhi bhi yahin hain.  Woh tumhe chain se nahin jeene dega Armaan! " Maya said.  The police took her away, and the gang came towards Armaan and Riddhima, and they all hugged them. 
" Great job Armaan, great job Riddhima. "
" Thanks! "
" Ab finally yeh Maya naam ki musibat humari zindagi se chali jaayegi. " said Armaan.  Riddhima nodded with a smile. 
" Waise Ridzi, tum bohat achhi acting kar leti ho. "
" Thank you. " Riddhima said happily.
" Lekin yeh Maya kiske baare mein baat kar rahi thi? " asked Muskaan.
" Main bataata hoon.  Maya apne partner ke baare mein baat kar rahi thi. " said Sumit.
" Arre haan.  Kaun hain Maya ka partner? "
" Maya ka partner hain- " Suddenly the lights went off cutting Sumit in between.
" Yaar yeh lights ko kya hua? " asked Armaan.
Who is Maya's partner?  Who screamed Armaan's name?  Why did they scream?  Keep reading to find out...
*Hides behind her bed and looks around for flying shoes and rotten eggs*
I know that right now, you all would want to kill me for leaving the part at this point, but what to do?  Thoda sa suspense toh banta hain na yaar.  Now the plan is successful and Maya is behind the bars.  Yeh wish toh poori ho gayi.  Ab rahi baat Maya ke partner ki, toh woh next part mein reveal hoga.  Promise.  Ab jaldi le lambe comments de do.  I'll be waiting for them.

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res....i'm first.......yeahh lol


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nice update ......wahh wahhh..........clap clap...............kya mast drama kiya hai.................puri gang ne milke.................ufff but this cliffhanger naahhh..........sheh i really want to know what happens next............plzzzzz update soon

thx 4 d pm


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Originally posted by krazy4kash

nice update ......wahh wahhh..........clap clap...............kya mast drama kiya hai.................puri gang ne milke.................ufff but this cliffhanger naahhh..........sheh i really want to know what happens next............plzzzzz update soon

thx 4 d pm

Thank you.  Sorry. Cry  I'll update soon, and you're welcome.
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atlast u pen down the most awaited part in the fantastic way....muaah...loved it

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Hey awesome update

Really loved Armaan and Riddhima scenes.  For the first time it was Armaan asking Riddhima to leave his hands.  It was so funny. 
Finally Maya is behind the bars.  I was really waiting for this part. Riddhima and Armaan were awesome with their acting and Maya admitting everything.  But what's with the cliffhanger.  I really want to know who Maya's partner is.  

Please continue soon.  Thanks for the pm.

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[AR] FF WhAt LiEs BeHiNd BeTrAyAl!

2 3 4

Author: MysticalRealm   Replies: 27   Views: 3570

MysticalRealm 27 3570 09 November 2009 at 4:06am by arshsharma92

2 3 4 5 6 7

Author: Sujalthegreat   Replies: 53   Views: 5952

Sujalthegreat 53 5952 22 June 2007 at 3:40am by Sujalthegreat
Deception - A Sinister Betrayal...C2- P1

Author: Sujalthegreat   Replies: 1   Views: 842

Sujalthegreat 1 842 14 May 2007 at 5:36pm by Pyaari_Shailee
Deception - A Sinister Betrayal...C2- P2

Author: Sujalthegreat   Replies: 1   Views: 534

Sujalthegreat 1 534 14 May 2007 at 5:35pm by Pyaari_Shailee
Deception - A Sinister Betrayal...C2- P3

Author: Sujalthegreat   Replies: 2   Views: 559

Sujalthegreat 2 559 14 May 2007 at 5:35pm by Pyaari_Shailee

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