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Future predicitons with MSK promises (Page 11)

Silentsoul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 12:44pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by maaneetian

Originally posted by kuls11

Originally posted by maaneetian

sahi hai yaar too want the show back on track...and yes me being positive coz this view of u n shivu tells us that we need to look at it a bit differently...n yes logic needs to be back asap...
the marriage track needs to culminate soon..coz many are getting impatient as well...also the MSK ka cell with Nt n next day with MSK...big blooper..this needs to stop....cctv mein NT nahi pakdi gayi is ok..coz that time MSK ke instructions could be Brij as acc to him she was not in india...par then again new precap showed the same..n itna kuch hogay geet ke saath n MSK ne camera mein nahi dekha...pahele logic was brillaintly used and this kind of things were not allowed to lapse...
hey kulls me just free now..coz of guests...i cannot view at regular time and as such view at only 2:00 am..that is so late that i cannot be anywhere near the thread...also day before yesterday i had come to the thread but got a bit i left...but will be back...soon...will be busy till 26th to be exact...but yet to miss an episode ...that is what i love abt GHSP...that even though i miss it..i still make it a point to view it everyday...

I agree Mudgha...this marriage is streched too much.....He filled her Maang in November..its anuray they are still going on for wedding....actually I think they were wiaiting for BB to be over....becase with BB they were not able to do good anyway....on TRP scele with Dolly insisde Bb house.....I think they are doing good....from last week except friday epsidoe...which was...not at all.....a work for Geet Cvs...but they did better job on saturday.............I am very very hopeful...they weill be back with bang...with this marriage...
Keeping fingers crossed...............
me too kuls...keeping my fingers crossed..n m viewing the show......n yes everyday there is hope seen....
me actually waiting for marriage to be over..but sure we r getting the future track with the very hopeful...n u will not aunts and mom are actually loving the suspense ke wedding hogi ya nahi...n the new promo with geet getting shot is like oh my god they got so scared...they did not understand the symbolism abt it being the presnt mindset of MSK...but the general viewer is watching with bated breath....pata nahi aur kidar kaise ho raha hai..yeh mere ghar ki baat hai...

Thats cool news....means promo is doing keep suspence....that will be good for TRPS too wnat now this weeding to over......aab nayi storyline ki jaarrota hai...too much steched marriage.....youu gave me hope that promo and BB enging will do some good to our show.......I dont know what happen to fabulous can they deliver something like trhusday episode....

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nanditasingh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 2:26pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by kuls11

Prediction for future episode....clues left in today's episode.... [okay! so we are assuming/pressuming  things here in light of the recent events & course of the story ...according to your POV ]

Few Promises meant to be broken or Kept.......but indicate what future hold for us,,,,

SO I will definitely not say that......symbolisms have vanished.....but way to indicate them has definitely changed.

Geet Creatives and Nissar are leaving hints and clues from last week what future hold for us. Its definitely not Jail track but yes miscarriage is coming. Execution and screenplay is messy and definitely flawed but they are sketching strong storyline and plot for future....

[Miscarriage?  Why that NOW?
 Well to begin with why do u say it 'definitely' cannot be 'Jail track'.....i ask coz it was announced at SBS & so all the forum has been in uproar about it ..I know not all news brought out is dart right But atleast they talk with back up from some source unlike us who just panic/predict/assume/hope...right!

secondly Execution or rest suffer coz the storyline is unstable right now, i say coz they are unable to hold true to the date they announced & only piling up of drama is being done even on/after the given date not the actual event........they seem to be in conflict over some issues or how to handle the big 'Hopes' of ours & channel's of trp from the wedding  ....hence the current unsure status of the plot.

I believe when foundation is weak a building cannot stand ...if Present is 'flawed' as you mentioned can Future be 'strong' & secured....??????????

& why Miscarriage ?
 Dint they learn it by now that majority don't want the baby to be killed....& if Miscarriage had to be brought they have had many opportunity for it to be tagged, but they 'played safe' coz they know people by now...more now after seeing Maan's attachment to it have fallen in love with this 'virtual' baby.....

& the Baby here stands as Symbol for the revolt/sacrifice/suffering/Victory ...her Life's journey has been they can't take it away..
they can't take the Very Reason away that made Geet .....Sab Sai Parai.....]

Geet has become a storehouse of promises from last many will survive this Brij blow ....we will see next week......


Chronological order of Promises Maan gave to geet


   1. First Maan promise to geet after when Brij was in outhouse...I will break any promise if that is too save your life...So for geet life Maan will break any promise.....oath....

   2. After Maan confession about Baby and Geet choice....She took chose baby life over hers..she accepted for Maan  "Geet is everything and his happiness is only her"  She too accepted that for Geet " Motherhood came first than love so for her child is first priority" . Given Maan goes by this promise to think her over his happiness he will choose baby over her life.

   3. But she took another promise from him today....So it sounded bit repetitive but this promise actually relieved him from promise 2. He will give importance to his happiness over hers which clearly indicated wherever baby and Mom will be in danger. He will go by his first promise break all promises for her life and go by third promise will chose his happiness over hers. So ultimately his choice will to finally to save Geet

 [Whoa! Promises are bindings....u either keep or break it......its not  'first come first service' or 'save the best for the last'.... promises have emotions attached its not sums that one can add/subtract/multiply/divide ..isn't it!

What actually is Maan's happiness according to you?
If i'm one to answer i'll say Geet's life, well being & happiness..thats it.

So if situation befalls when again he is asked to make a choice he to think of the 'chronological' status of the promises or act by what his heart commands ?
 something that we have seen numerous times esp recently ....& then too He thought only of Geet's happiness & that is only & only comes in package with the Baby ..not alone...

Never Alone.

Will he want a soulless Geet in his arms ....? No i don't think so ....He will firstly haven seen his own state & her condition he wont let such moment to ever come & if it does (no trusting destiny) he will do what Geet Wants...'In our relationship You alone have all the Say' it was one of his promises too & something he always keeps in mind...Geet's Happiness First

So i can never imagine him take away her happiness in name of 'last  first' infact he clearly said it to her when she asked for that promise ...'i can't bring my happiness before yours , but for your happiness i'll Try'

Try ....something that he never attached with any other promises she asked for or he made...not even when she asked to save the baby not her...dint he !]


Storyline after MC.....

[As above i said i don't think Miscarriage happening ..well my pov.]

Obviously it will not be dreamy wedding in that case.[Nor it in now too...its a Nightmare on Run] Geet will go to trauma. Where she has lost the sole aim of her life, for which she had fought the whole world....her family..her name'rather verge of losing her life for baby....SO this will be biggest trauma of her life...for which Maan will be responsible because he chose to save her over baby...She will be angry ...sad....traumatized...

Firstly i have a question .....
Do you really think  Maan who was ready to stall his wedding coz NT in hospital

(Ya! Geet's idea but Maan dint oppose it it somewhere shows he too wont rush things for the heck of it)

Will he marry Geet knowing she is facing the Greatest Loss of her life.....? Just for society or his family or his happiness do you really think Maan will let Geet go through it all?.....

Her biggest dream to be lived on the day she loses part of her being, her baby ...their baby?

Now would that not be insensitive ! And Unlike Maan to do it ! ]

For Maan who just kept one promise and broke other because it was impossible for him to keep 2 promises simultaneously. ..He will loose geet faith , love with this decision.[and still you say Geet will marry him having lost the trust and love in him?

now its a contradictory statement.....

over a small misunderstanding she walked out of their 'to be ' wedding & now IF she loses her baby & 'As U  Say'  blame it on Maan..will this mother, this woman go on & marry this guy ...... can she ? ]

But It will not be easy for him to let go Geet out of his life. So we will get stubborn and passionate Maan who wants to get Geet out of her grief and win her back.[Passion? In a moment like this when she is shattered.....Compassion i guess should be his feelings ....sharing & caring not 'forcing']

SO MORAL OF  THIS POST:  Maan Singh Khurana's character has been always been consistent[yes he has i for one expect him to not marry her in her state of trauma ....If such situation arises]
and will keep every promise that he has made[EVERY? to quote you
Originally posted by kuls11

For Maan who just kept one promise and broke other because it was impossible for him to keep 2 promises simultaneously
can't be every right!]
..HE will keep another promise to Geet he will never ever leave geet alone will try to keep her happy forever

So a new journey of their love begins with huge trauma and how they will overcome it and reach to each other for their true love....[Reach? they have already found their true love .....Maan by welcoming the baby into his life & heart & Geet by being his true equal the moment hearing his confession her trust & love in him increased not lost]

Shivi Tag line: A promise is a promise that MSK keeps

Kullu Shivi....combined efforts..

Nice Effort...Made me Think & hence i was able to write my heart out ..though it contradicts yours....


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sksg Goldie

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Great going Kulu & Shivi.

After reading you post, even I feel that the spate of promises Maan made point to this inevitable event. But, I will still not abandon hope, and will keep my fingers crossed to see what will happen.

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desigirl_18 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 4:46pm | IP Logged
i think you have made very great points regarding the promises, but i still wanna be hopeful and am totally against the MC track, let's see what the CVs do, i would hate for them to keep repeating and again we will have to see that scene with choosing between Geet or baby..i really don't want that

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BoredNCynical Goldie

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 5:22pm | IP Logged
Hey kuls Nice Post BTW. :-)

I like the post and I am def. in for the MC track. The pregnancy track could have been handled so aesthetically,skillfully and creatively but since the reveal, which was too soon and then even sooner and horribly came the Dev's truth, it has been a series of ups and downs and essentially a roller coaster ride, which obv. has no consistency to it.

But, the end result is, we all r sick of the way the baby is being used as a tool to torture the audience and Maan's emotions.

Let  the baby go now and move on already. I am horrified even to think of what other ways that baby will be used to torture Maan and us further only to loose it later.

And frankly, I do not want to see a baby in maneet's life yet. From the way they have been messing with this track, they will not have  Maneet celebrating a honeymoon, and instead Maan sitting and taking care of geet's morning sickness and so on.

Give the poor guy a break. Before he was burdened with his family responsibility and then Geet and her babe's. Before he at least had some time to call his own. But, now he is always walking on egg shells, terrified for his love all the time and working as  a body guard/rescuer 24/7. And Geet too, she has been burdened with this all just as she turned 17 or 18. Of course she wants the baby. But, let her have  a chance to experience some life and lightheartedness and happiness first. Let them have have an ease and life and lightness and romance in their lives first unencumbered. ( I can feel all the chappals coming my way, but srsly , I don't think there is any point trusting this baby track with these CVs.)

And also, srsly,  they need to show Geet's side of the love for Maan , aside from her blushes, thank us and tantrums.

When was the last time, she tried to think solely of him and did some thing of depth for him?  Yes, her happiness is his happiness, but I wish she would show more respect and adoration for him through her actions rather than words.

I hate the self sacrificing heroins in the TV world, but I really wish Geet showed more sensitivity and depth of her love for Maan than through mere words.

I have stopped watching since a week now so not sure of the present state, but instead of all the promises, tell him that his happiness is paramount to her than anything and live up to it Woman!!

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