Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

The Journey of GHSP - A Nine Month Old Baby!

-RushTrip- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 1:15pm | IP Logged

My thoughts on what happened with GHSP and what me as a viewer and an ardent one at that is facing today. Also this is the serial that made a writer out me, well of sorts... but here is what i have penned the whole journey that made me live breathe GHSP and today me

waiting and watching to see if it will revive any emotions that it initially evoked...

I have posted this in Devils Den as part of the theme - Story/Screenplay

I have segmented the story/screenplay in track wise and what probably hit me in those tracks.

The Hoshiarpur track

The birth of a story that did sound clichd to start with, an NRI man, no background check, rushed wedding. All a recipe for a dupe for a family that does not believe a girl child to be worthy enough to be given a voice, independence or decision making capabilities.

But the story took a turn, the girl bumped into an anti-social who does fulfill his social responsibilities albeit reluctantly. He saved her but did not become her saviour. He helped her but did not want to. He did not fight her battles but gave her weapons to fight her own battles.

That was the story and the screenplay complimented it like a hand in glove. Perfection in terms of expressions, characterization. Build up mystery around the male protagonist and give a spine to the female protagonist with each and every meeting they have. It was probably the best part of the serial.

Lucid and with depth.

The first meeting with Dev for Geet was a warning of sorts, she met him on terrace and a thorn pricked her. What symbolism to portray that their relationship will only bring pain to her and he will be the thorn in the side that will mar every relation she has henceforth. That was the depth the screenplay displayed. Those were the nuances that made one deeply entrenched into the Serial.

The intrigue, the drama all culminated into a mix that was irresistible. Bravo for the story and screenplay at the time.

I do not have any knowledge about TRP and its workings so I shall refrain from talking about it.

The Hoshiarpur Track ended with the girl becoming estranged from her family. The first phase of the story is thus complete. Now her journey of becoming estranged from other relationships that she may develop is pursued, at least I believe that must have been the initial premise of the next track, the office track, but it lost the premise somewhere down the line and today we see all characters run around like headless chicken.

The Office track

Now again, the story had taken a turn where she bumps into the very man who had given each vertebrae that made her stand on her feet. She though eternally grateful was antagonistic towards any "help" that he did provide. Again a classic case of opposites attract.

The effervescent natured girl, yes the glimpse of her was shown in the first shot of the serial where she starts an impromptu jig on the beat of dhol but was suppressed in front of her brother and grandfather.

Here, she explores her nature, new relationships be it Mr Mirchandani or Pinky. A friend and a father figure. Nice mix yet again.

The brushes with the boss only brings her closer but here the track takes a turn once the chemistry between the lead pair onscreen not only gave the thus far elusive TRPs but also making of a much talked about pair in the whole telly world. It was the birth of the new chemistry that threatened to crack the screen. The golden goose was discovered.

Alas, the chemistry became the premise and the story and screenplay thus were sacrificed at the altar of chemistry. Now we got moments, they soon became repetitive yet the pair did make the OMG crowd swoon. I include myself here as well though I would have expected story to go forward.

The office track gave such some fantastic moments

Mr Chopra the cupid

Rahul the fool

Kurbaan Hua the high point in Maan and Geet's angry passionate interaction.

Well it seems the story did move'of sorts

The Outhouse track

 Change of scenario if not the scenes. The dupattas, the eye locks, chin lifts, catch and fall ( used like thunder and lightning). Though few things did come out here to add to the story and screeplay tried to do justice to these characters, well almost.

-          Sameera ' the reason for his "Angry Young Man" Persona'

-          Pari ' The reason for Geet's jealousy

-          Rasika rathod ' The reason for Maan admitting Geet's importance to him.

Maan Singh Khurana, for the first time manhandled Geet.

Maan Singh Khurana for the first time felt divinity in Geet's eyes at the Durgah

Maan Singh Khurana for the first time got drunk and did raada!

The Hoshiarpur revisited

The Rasika Rathod case got them back to Hoshiarpur, once again the old setting brought to light what connection they have and his admittance of her importance in his life.

Birth of friendship between them. Nice.



Now this was a long time coming but the cash cow was to be blamed for the dealy. It seemed like a proverbial end of an era should the protagonists confess their feelings so wow! loads of I love yous not in words but in action. More eyelocks, more moments, more oh come off it and kiss will ya! ( for me at least)

Engagement - a fake one, a real one, one in front of the elements and then in front of the people.

Suddenly the writers seemed to be in a hurry for something. They wanted to clear the air and that too in a dramatic way. But what happened. The lead pair fell ill, so did the director and the malaria bug seem to have hit the story.

The track changed, the happy time turned into one morose time. The confrontation with Dev though impactful was rushed over and done with in a day. I wonder why.

Suddenly Dev/NT ended up in Jail and then all hell broke loose.

The story lost, the plot lost, the whole GHSP team seemed lost. The culprits came out scot free with some flimsy excuse. Wow.

The Meera track though interesting was cut short too. Even shorter and more mind boggling was the Jay track. By that time the loyal viewers were only doing one thing wait and watch. The logic it seemed had become totally parayee from the serial.

The screenplay and story was floundering and people became sympathetic watchers rather than the enthralled ones. They awaited the Hero's return from illness and even after the return the story looked as pale as the Actor. The best moment in this track was the hospital hug!

The story took a twist and as we say

WE Twist we twist'the story brought in some new twists.

Paint fell on the story and blotted it completely track

We had Jay giving Geet the company he owned to run. Mr Khurana had to buy it and bring 3 monkeys into KC. Wow. That track was amazing. No logic. A pregnant lady in paint factory' worse crimes have been done perhaps.

The track had a mini separation, dare I say the word separation but the worst thing that had happened was one Geet pushing Maan Singh Khurana, the Tai Chi practicing stud and then in a fit of rage Maan Singh had dragged a pregnant lady out of his office. Bravo. Kya mardanagi!

Now we were still reeling from this atrocity and the story takes another turn.

Face Off k and Maang Bharo Sajna track

The wrong doer suddenly wanted avenging and was trying very hard to get mileage. She brought in new ammunition in form of a brother. Where did he come from ' Malaysia?

And lord behold we see yet another dropped from heaven character called Maan's Sister. Suddenly Vicky had a sex change and turned to Annie how uncanny.

She would have made sense to us if they had made sense in bringing her rather than tapakofying from god knows where. She did not have television, she did not have news..she was like the babe in the woods. May be she lived in Kailash trying to achieve Niravana'

When push comes to shove what Pindi Queen could not do, NT had to do. Another saviour moment. Maang Bharo sajna.

The couple sizzled when they were not aware of their feelings, when they did not confess, when they felt only attraction for each other. But afterwards they turned into the couple that invented Chastity Belt.

He had held her passionately in Kurbaan Hua, touched her tremblingly in Peen Loon and after the khoon bhari maan, touch was less and less to almost nonexistent.

Maan ban gaya Raam! Hey Raam!


Golmaal track

-          Annie & Arjun ' The wedding planners

The wedding seemed was here finally oh well the planners were from Malaysia and Kailash so it felt more like a village wedding rather than a Delhi residing Industrialist. But Budget ka sawaal hai shayad.

-          Brij and NT the Wedding poopers

Now one would do a wedding in a lavish with fun and frolic giving a feeling of bon homie' but no GHSP had to be dippharant from the rest and had to bring intrigue with not one but two party poopers.

Now more than the wedding the two villains get more mileage with their Tommy Gun ( phrase borrowed from one of my Idiot friend) with dialogues that last longer than a freight train passing at a railway crossing.

But it is a dream wedding none the less

The story and screenplay are not visible but one could have had moments that would have had the screen sizzle. But looks like a thanda couple are getting married with one trying to come close the other pushing away.


Missed opportunities

-          Vicky

-          Sameera

-          Mirchandani

-          Hoshiarpur family ' Darji, Rano, Chachi, Chacha, Raji, Tito and of course Brij's wife what's her name dolly

-          Sasha

-          Meera

-          Jay

-          D'Mellos

These were the cast of characters if they had been penned well and given more than a 15 day track ( I have included Sasha as well cos the amount of footage she got probably amounts to the same ultimately) ' am I being harsh? The lead pair could have had rest. Parallel tracks could have been created with more logic.

Today a Tasha who was dead against Geet due to Sasha is suddenly the best buddy, part of haldi ceremony behaving like a chaddi buddy.

The Hits for me and I miss them now are

-          The symbolism

-          The color palette ' change in colors of walls and use of colors to signify a mood, next track or possible moment.

-          The paintings that merged ' showed depth in art direction and cinematography . whether it was Heer Ranjha, Radha Krishna, Madonna and Child, The tilt toy representing maze all formed a palette that was engrossing.

-          The onion skin type of storytelling ' with each layer you exposed, there was something more yet to  be discovered. There was a time when watching an episode once meant missing out on details and depth that was infused in it. Today, the story does not engage you enough to look at the finesse with which the story telling is done, if at all.



The characterization is inconsistent, lacks homework or thought process. They are like a one line characters as below

Adi ' man who stammers and laughs like hyena' but no explanation as to why he stammers only in front of Maan and laughs in nervousness. They have  a character and they could have built a back story for this but again not done.

Pinky ' the food fetish is suddenly missing. Looks like the detailing the earlier CVs had is totally gone. The current CVs have not done their homework and do not follow character consistency.

Tasha ' she plotted against Geet to create  MU with Annie, suddenly the henchmen of Sasha is left without a crutch so she conveniently becomes Geet's chaddi buddy.

Manishaa ' The gay guy '.is he really? Or is just effeminate.  He is not even loyal in his adulation. Kabhi Maan toh Kabhi Adi'kya will he finally fall for Pandeyji..the baal bramachari?

Romeo ' the potential character who seems a flirt but isn't actually. A sensitive man who has the hots for Tasha?

Pandeyji ' The shudh hindi speaking man. Really is there a need for him? If so give more to do. Propagating advantages of being a bramachari. If nothing, will keep the teeming population of India under check'really?

Even Maan seems to become the road side romeo one day and suddenly the CVs remember he is supposed to be the AYM persona. Would Maan really allow Manisha to touch his feet the way he did even if it is wedding? I think not, he would have cut him to size with a look before he let that happen.

Adi has lost his stammer around Maan finally?

Geet talks of Rajnikant? Wow when did she get into the email/sms circulation? She is after all one of Maan's phast phast girls?

The screenplay and story are lost and I have lost my interest in a serial that had held my attention for the longest time.

Happy viewing guys.

This is my honest opinion and no pussy footing around. I feel the GHSP had potential to become a pioneer in bringing in story that had cause as its foundation and romance that underlined the storytelling

I had felt it was a Woman of Substance in Indian context in the making..

Now only woman remains and it lacks substance.


 After thougt?

in the piece i wrote..

i deliberately left out the biggest screenplay/story error


i felt they missed the boat with creating a villain that would have been svaue and stylish, who made women swoon over his charm and good looks and his only aim in life is like the kingfisher

the king of good times..i would love to see that Dev...the Devil is his real name but he only goes by the first three letters...

i also did not focus on Naintara though i felt her character is fantastic but lately she has become delusional..

again i would have loved her to be pure evil who only wants everyone including her husband to dance to her tunes...
her husbands should be the one who wears the pants...and..she is the mastermind..they would have made a fantastic villains

phir na brij ki jaroorat na Arjun ki

but meri dilli tammanna adhoori reh gayee

kya aisa ho sakta hai ki..i see the first evil couple on TV where both employ seemingly opposite means to achieve the same goal...

of power and wealth...

ehhhhaaahhhhaaaa haaa! *the trademark evil laugh*

Will appreciate your views..!!

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Yasmeen786 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 1:51pm | IP Logged
phenomenal take on your exquisite journey of GHSP......I absolutely agree with you're views....I hope it regains it's momentum very soon......loved reading you're take....Awesome work man!!! xxxx (Accept a small ovation (token) on my behalfClap)

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-RushTrip- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 3:09pm | IP Logged
Thanks yasmeen!

means a lot..and i do hope the Geet Team brings back the magic that though not totally faded has surely dimmed!
Silentsoul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 3:18pm | IP Logged
very well said

but res.....
Geekgod IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 4:05pm | IP Logged
Awesome analysisClap Agree with you whole heartedly.

Dev was better when he was SMARMY,SLEAZY, SNEAKY,SELFISH.....he went BAD when he turned GOODLOL

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eminent IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 6:08pm | IP Logged
Wow! What an analysis!
I feel like I almost share the same sentiments!
Where has the clever yet subtle symbolism and foreshadowing gone??
Sometimes it seems like the team is getting drawn into a whirlpool.. Showing us all the glamor and leaving the story hollow..
I'm not complaining- like you mentioned, I guess I too have become the "sympathetic" viewer, just yearning for revivification... 

Edited by eminent - 15 January 2011 at 6:32pm

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Amiiish IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 7:54pm | IP Logged
Brilliant post Vrushali, hehe btw now I know thats your name.
And I agree with you. Before I used to watch it for the story, now I watch it for Maaneet, to bad, but Im obsessed with them, cant resist themLOL

But it would be great if they come back with a bang, in terms of story and screenplay. I still want to know, what the original creative teams vision was, maybe it would be better if they wrote a book instead then the TRPs wouldnt effect it, JK.

You should post this on FB tooWink

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priyachand IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 3:46am | IP Logged

what a detailed analysis! Hope Geet team gets to read this! i startd watching the serial from the office track! i did watch it for fun for i found it hilarious to see such eyelocks and falls in a tv serial! but slowly magic of Maaneet took over and i searched for the early episodes and watched the rest. Now ia m a regular watcher of this serial.

Even i could see the story line shifting so illogically and all the beautiful moments becoming silly and stupid. i don't know whether the new team is responsible or who else. But it is really sad to see a serial with such a great dream becoming a nightmare. Hope they buck up and make amends.

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