Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Ria Ka Adda *Final assessment & Verdict 15-17 Jan

adda-keepers Groupbie

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 11:25am | IP Logged

Hello Everyone Hug- Friends , Posters, Silent Readers, Like Hitters, Non like hitters, Stalkers etc. LOL

KMH2 has come to a juncture where there it undergoes a major twist .. .and so is Ria Ka Adda !!


Epilogue - After giving KMH-2 a lot of consideration and time, the moment has arrived for us to decide whether RKA should remain open at the KMH-2 Forum at IF.

We had given KMH-2 a fair chance and extended our original show review deadline from 2 weeks to 50 episodes. However, after careful introspection it is observed that most of the senior Adda-ians are not happy with the plot and episode packaging. As RKA is mainly about our friendships with each other, it is imperative we take a call on this now. KMH-2 has failed to impress a lot of us and we do not want to keep on writing just for the sake of it.


The time has come when we get to the fate of RKA with KMH2. Its time to vote.

Please vote below in this thread in the given format.

Vote - (Yes to continue RKA for KMH2, No to sink it.)

Reason - (justify ur vote)

Please do mention a reason for your vote.

Also that - people associated with RKA get to vote Only !!

  • People who open/post regularly.
  • People who post occasionally.
  • Those who hit like.
  • Those who have informed us earlier about their absence.
P.S - We wanted to keep it fair and acceptable. Hence it is an open voting. 

--Edited -- Voting closes Monday evening two hours before the Show airs ---


.:  Verdict  :.

Since most of the Addians voted "No", we wont be opening RKA in KMH2 forum anymore.

We wish the cast & crew of KMH2 team the best of luck in the future Smile

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adda-keepers Groupbie

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 11:26am | IP Logged

KMH2 TRPs analysis

Attention: This analysis does not have the objective of demeaning any actors or any other members associated with the show KMH2.

What are TRPs?

Television Rating Points - TRP is the criterion that indicates the popularity of a channel or programme and this data is very useful for the advertisers. Based on these points for a particular show ,they decide whether to sponsor the show or not.. If a show gets high TRPs, it gets huge number of sponsors and in return channel gets huge revenues from that show but if a show gets low TRPs, its sponsors reduce and so channel stops getting good revenues from that show. This is the reason why shows are pulled off air for low TRPs.

Presently, INTAM (Indian Television Audience Measurement) is the only electronic rating agency functioning in India.

KMH2 TRPs analysis

As you can see the table below, KMH2 was able to garner good TRPs (1.05) in the beginning because of the channel's reach & strong fan base from season 1. But after its 1st week, TRPs dipped to 0.9 and remained consistent (0.81-0.87) till the middle of December. From 3rd position KMH2 went down to 6th position on its own channel.

In the last two weeks of December, KMH2 was not in TAM's Top 100 serials. But in the first week of January, KMH2 came back in the top 100 shows with 0.79 rating. Even we Addians liked the episodes that week…(I remember a few of us gave 8/10 episode rating. I'm sure TRPs will increase or stay consistent in the 2nd week too due to the hype created by IF article "Arohi marrying Chikoo") 

According to serial ranking KMH dropped from 55th rank in the first week to 82nd rank on 6th Jan (55, 73, 82, 69, 78, 88, nil, nil, 82)

34702/11/2010Tue9:01 PMGUNAHO KA DEVTA1.17
45501/11/2010Mon8:00 PMKITANI MOHABBAT HAI1.05

37111/11/2010Thu9:02 PMGUNAHO KA DEVTA0.91
47309/11/2010Tue8:00 PMKITANI MOHABBAT HAI0.9

48218/11/2010Thu7:59 PMKITANI MOHABBAT HAI0.81

36924/11/2010Wed8:00 PMKITANI MOHABBAT HAI0.93
47325/11/2010Thu9:00 PMGUNAHO KA DEVTA0.91

37803/12/2010Fri8:00 PMKITANI MOHABBAT HAI0.8

48809/12/2010Thu8:00 PMKITANI MOHABBAT HAI0.87

68514/12/2010Tue8:00 PMKITANI MOHABBAT HAI0.87

For the week from 19/12/2010 to 25/12/2010 - Ratings not available

For the week from 26/12/2010 to 01/01/2011 - Ratings not available

48104/01/2011Tue10:00 PMRAKT SAMBANDH0.79
58206/01/2011Thu8:00 PMKITANI MOHABBAT HAI0.79

Can we blame the promotional strategies alone for low TRPs? Ermm I dont think so. According to me, they did a good job in promoting via their FB page, IF articles and KK2's FB profiles. KMH2 Team should sit and think why TRPs fell after the first two weeks. Why the viewers lost interest? Right now their priority should be to retain loyal fans first instead of attracting new viewers.

What has caused the sudden "downfall" of KMH2?

Although KMH2 have some good positive assets it has unfortunately more than one negative asset which is now contributing seriously to its downfall.

According to us, below is a list of the said  factors that has caused the sudden "downfall" of KMH2:

(1)   Story

First off, to make a show good, the episode needs to introduce something unique and innovative about the show. There needs to be elements or mysteries that recur often in a show to keep the viewers interested.

The Story is not at its best. It is not clear to the audience. Creatives are playing it safe by twisting the minds of the audience. It seems that they are building the story as it goes and do not know and are not aware of what the story line should be like. They get feedback from the audience and then work on the story. Most of the time there are no links between the scenes & viewers wonder wht is happening Confused

Moreover, the story had too much resemblance with that of KMH1. Viewers do not want a remake KMH. We want a good story around our favourite jodis.

What viewers want to see is some originality. Instead of lifting scenes from other serials/movies, KMH2 has to be distinguished from other shows and only then it will be able to attract viewers. 

(2)   Camera and Editing

 KMH2 looks like it is being rushed with. Camera angles are most of the time inappropriate Wacko and does not attract most of the viewers. We understand there is a deadline and that the whole crew is working day and night to please the viewers but that should not be an excuse for shoddy execution.

As far as editing is concerned, many a times the scenes dont flow properly. This makes the viewers feel like they are being taken for granted Unhappy The only impression we get is that BT's hands were forced to do KMH2 and does not care what it looks like.

(3)   Morals in KMH2

Yes KMH2 is a youth show at least that is what was promised by the Producers. Even if it's a youth show, morals, and values have to be protected and the right message should always be put across to the audience Approve Whilst Values are the rules by which we make decisions about right and wrong, should and shouldn't, good and bad, morals on the other hand  have a greater social element to values and tend to have a very broad acceptance. Morals are far more about good and bad than other values.

Some scenes were deemed to be immoral and have triggered resentment in viewers therefore resulting in many viewers dumping the show. Eg: Arjun's conversation with God.

(4)   Competition

KMH2 is seen to be at the bottom mainly because it is badly executed and wrongly portrayed. Viewers like a simple story nicely interlinked and produced rather than something which do not have a beginning, a middle and an end.

Done by: Shaheen & Mehr

P.S. @Sarab, Jyo & Nisha: Thanks for your help Hug

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Ayesha_gla Goldie

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 11:26am | IP Logged

Before Voting starts. There's this small note I would like you to read.



I was just another ordinary girl,going to an ordinary college,dissatisfied wit the way life treated me.. struggling wit my own self day to day - somehow to find the real me,to find wats lacking ???


Sometimes life takes weird turns and it happened one fine day ,when i was torturing my remote and swaping btw channels,I saw a guy confessing a girl .My wax made heart melted - after all I was born in the generation where girls thrived over Madam E shows for their Emotional Quotient !!.It lured me and thus I found something to divert my mind from the regular dissapointments that life gave me.


In no course of time i was deep into the KMH1 Ocean and hence switched to net and searched for little to  everything about it.Things wud have been usual if I wud have not come across the most beautiful group of people, who felt the same way i feel ,who think the way i think and yet are "Different" .

                              ----"Ria Ka Adda - Its Pure Magic" - is how Ria called it ; and it was indeed Magical.


I have never been an introvert, but dont know why writing at RKA was something i never dared easily , afterall wat i write will be read by people who are qualitatively far more superior than me.Later I realised that it wasnt not about intelligence its all about your feelings.


People around me always used to say I overdo things a bit. I never understood why they say so unless I found my dedication towards RKA. I realised I can goto extremes for things I care about - And so were RKAians. Weirdo's who can do anything for something they desire be it

               -sending a deo to an Actor,

               -spending hours to write,photoshop,manage creations related to KMH1,

               -declaring a war wit the CEO of a channel or,

               -arranging petitions,analysing trp's etc.

Its not what they did ,it was the way they did made me wonder.


With all this I felt different rather unsual. I knew I was not like the other girls of my age walking down the street.I knew some of the unique bunch of people from all over the world.I have such strong bonds wit frnds I wudnt have met otherwise. People who knew each other(from heart) - still didnt knew each other( literally ) [told to me by Natz].


Only a few people wud get to exprerience such vivid known/unknown relationships with depth.

My Life was strangely unusual coz of RKA, KMH1 and my Passion to exceed my own boundaries.





Times have changed now KMH has been a history, and so is my love for the show.. Shows come and go but people stay ,this is wat I had believed in coz I still have those "special" bonds wit me in my heart .

But now I m the same average girl again - with a mediocre life - without Passion - without Dreams

Thus Without RKA

                  I FEEL ORDINARY Again !!!


After saying all that above.. I would like you to reconsider your opinion.

What we were and wats it like today.


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Ayesha_gla Goldie

Joined: 07 June 2009
Posts: 2097

Posted: 15 January 2011 at 11:29am | IP Logged

It is very hard for me to see this juncture of my journey with KMH2 . After all considering what we put in to get it back.

VOTE - NO !!!

REASON -  KMH2 doesnt stands upto the mark of its own predeccesor.

And the worst part it when we tried to point out the flaws for its own good, We get to hear from everyone.RKA is not KMH's pet nor I am ready to consider anything against us.

So my vote goes for a NO !! 

  • 60% becoz of the copied storyline and shallow characterization
  • 40% because of the way people B*****D about my virtual family in my absence.(I was not around past 2 months ).

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secretkeeper IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 11:30am | IP Logged

@Adda-keepers: Hug

Vote:  I thought a lot...and i feel that RKA should shut shop

Reason: I'm not happy with the cliched plot & episode packaging (camerawork, editing & execution).  We gave the show enough time to improve but to no avail Disapprove Out of more than 180 senior Addians only 4 or 5 are participating now Ermm RKA is about a bunch of friends coming together to discuss their fav show, have fun and provide objective feedback Geek But if majority of our friends are not interested in this show then why drag RKA like this?

@Junior Addians: I'm sorry if you're hurt because of our decision, but we cannot keep the Adda rolling for the sake of it...That's not how RKA was..thats not how it should be!

Opening Adda or writing takes requires time, thought and patience which i dont have anymore.

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shaan17 Senior Member

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 11:31am | IP Logged

Vote: Yes to continue RKA for KMH2

Reason: Why i want RKA to remain open?

Although i have participated in writing the above report, I still believe in RKA, its work, KMH2 and its crew. Below are the reasons why I think RKA should remain open

(1)   Virtual Friends

-         Ive met the most amazing people through KMH2 and i owe this much to KMH2. Without KMH2 i would not have all these friends. Like ive said in my previous posts we are not BFFs, we do not know a lot of things about each other, but we trust, we care and we love deeply regardless of any difference in thoughts or any other characteristics. I myself do not know how to name or refer to such friendship...ive never seen or believed in something like this and today it is happening to me :D

-          Those things we cant share to anyone we can share. They are virtual till we dont meet them but they can become real after meeting them. Some can told false statements about them but feelings towards me is real that much i know. VFs have changed my thinking. Yes there are other means to keep in touch with you friends, but  most of us like some privacy and rightly so.

(2)   Show

-          I agree that the show has not been a total success. But i personally like it and look at the brighter sides of it. You will see in all my posts there is some aspects that I loved and other aspects that i hated. This is part and parcel of life ' life has never been all positive

-          The show is now running and all I wana do is have a good time analyzing and laughing at bloopers.

-             KMH is close to my heart... i fell in love... and cannot forget my first love.. that is why im sticking to KMH2


(3)   Stars of the Show

-          If it wasn't for the stars, I would have dumped KMH2! Arjun, Arohi and I have spent nights together and I am not willing to forget the moments I spent watching KMH1 and KMH2


(4)   "Can anything be sadder than work left unfinished? " Christina G. Rousetti

-          We've all gone into analysing KMH2... good or bad.. we've started and i think we need to finish it off... there is only 100 eps to go... and then we done...:D... so guys... "patience is a virtue"

-          I think the mistake we've all done is to compare.

(A)   Compare kmh1 and kmh2

(B)   Compare adda (old) with adda (new)

(C)   Compare old friends with new friends

People come and go. Changes are ongoing. Life is about making changes and taking chances.

I believe in ignoring the bad moments,

 I believe in dumping those who were disloyal,

 I believe in holding heads high,

 I believe in RKA!

Past, present and future, thank you all.

Love u all




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Nimz-KMH Senior Member

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 11:50am | IP Logged
RKA should not continue.
1. The cliched storyline - I kept thinking about it because I thought there was something wrong with the way I was seeing it so I decided to give it a fair chance but it failed to impress me. Many times the scenes and scenerios are taken from KMH1 and many other shows/movies, I thought we were getting "nayi love story". The CVs seem to be confused about their own work, to me they're trying a bunch of tracks to see which one works best (mainly on viewers approval), they have no concern as to what the fans criticise and suggest for the show.
2. Camera-work - This is a big deal, I don't know how many realise it. Sometimes I loose interest in the episode only because of bad camera work. Here at RKA, we've been complaining about it since the first episode but no one seems to care. It makes me wonder are the CVs even willing to improve?
3. Morals - I think this had made my desicion easier. Before the epi that aired on 14th Jan I was having a hard time deciding whether RKA should stay or not because I'm connected to it and those I found along the way but now I know what to do. I have my own personal reason attached to my vote. I chose not to write for KMH2 anymore because I felt it has offended my morals and beliefs. I felt extremely sick with what I saw in the recent episode. I'm certainly a loyal fan of KMH and Arjuhi from season 1 but I'm not going to give up my beliefs for neither of those two. I think the scriptwriter went too far with "complaining to God" and I can't allow myself to continue watching something which shakes me from the core just by listening to it. I can't imagine myself praising the people who react that way. Sorry.
Good luck to the show.
RKA is a very special place for me, infact it's the only place where I go to share my views and read what my fellow addains have to say. I feel like at home discussing with my family and friendsSmile. Eventhough I'm a seemingly new and young addain, I've been reading and appreciating old RKA threads since a long time. When I heard the news of KMH coming back, I was more excited to finally be a part of RKA and make amazing friends. I honestly want the old RKA back, the way I saw it, loud and happening, always exciting, interesting, fresh, filled with crazy thoughts and creative minds. The way it never failed to gave me a laugh and lighten up my day, the way I would always bookmark the pages to read later on no matter how lengthy they were, and yes I did this mainly at the time when we were campaigning for KMH2. I was amazed at how everyone came together and made it like home full of wonderful people. There was something magical I found, something that kept pulling me back to read more and more and moreSmile. I feel sad to see the look of RKA now, most senior addaian are gone, some for better things in life, some because the quality of KMH2 and some because they've been hurt and offended. I honestly do not want one person to open everyday and the rest follow, but the only problem is most of us are forced to open and write rather than willingly and happily write. RKA is more than just a daily discussion thread, it's our home and we should have a right to open, close or protect it for its own betterment. No matter what happens to it, it'll always have that special place in my heart.
@Mehr, Shaaheen, Jyo, Nisha, Sarab and others who helped with this, great job Smile I love you AllHug

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pavs IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 11:50am | IP Logged

RKA should shut shop

1)Extremely poor quality of episodes , packaging and execution. If 1 episode is good the next 10 are downers. No consistency in  acting or plot.
2)Characters are not etched properly. Kmh 2 has too many characters and subplots but not even 1 of them is gripping. The love story had potential but the creatives failed to exploit it.
3)KMH 2 in general lacks that charm which i was expecting from it.
4)My old adda friends lost interest and I cant blame them. As RKA has always been about friendship I dont find the same joy n interest tht i used to find in writing for my friends.
5)Comments made by the actor and his cronies hurt my sentiments and it was a direct insult to RKA. That stung bigtime and for a soap like this , I dnt wanna waste my time and energy coz ultimately we saw what we received after tremendous hard work and dedication.

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