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you are my most precious possession~~ an ARSH OS~~

FleetingWishes. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 8:21am | IP Logged
heyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa allllllllllllllllllllllll as you know im ur luvly chocolatefreak RIda
thankuuuuuuuuuuuu so much for  liking my 1st OS your comments meant alot to me
ok so here is my second OS on Arsh. so plzzzz do read and dont dont dont forget to comment ur comments really mean alot to me
and yes if u havent read my first OS so here it is plz do read nd comment

Knock Knock...
"Come in Martin" the boss ordered
"sir as you said ive collected each and every information about the girl, all is present in this file sir" martin completed
"thankyou martin you may place this file here and go" the boss finished
He opened the file and went through it and then he stopped at the picture, he took it in his hans and stared at it mesmerized, a big grin came on his face
"youre still the same, actually no ure more beautiful now, cant wait to see you, 8 years, im coming back, I promised you and now im coming back to take you to claim you,
Armaan malik is coming back to possess you miss Shilpa Malhotra !!" he relaxed back in his leather chair
"SHilpaaaaa Shilpaaaaaaaaaa" muskaan came running into the room
"di di what happened ??? Why r u getting so excited???" shilpa chuckled at her big sister
"shilpa he he armaan is coming back, he is coming back to take you omg shilpa armaan tumhaare liye aaraha hai" an excited muskaan narrated. Armaan had made his parents call this morning to her house to talk to her parents about armaan and shilpa. Their families were close friends as both of them were neighbors but the maliks had shifted to Mumbai from panchgini and now they were one of the most powerful rich family of India with armaan malik now the CEO of Malik enterprises. Rich and famous. Shashank and padma were also shocked as this was totally unexpected but they were extremely happy for shilpa and now everyone was preparing for their welcome as the maliks after 8 years were coming back to panchgini.
"shilpa shilpaaaaaaaaa" muskaaan finally shouted at not getting any response from her
"di di main di main who" shilpa was shocked beyond limits
"di you go down I will come in 10 minites okay" she told to muskaan as she wanted sometime alone
"ok come sooon haan" saying this muskaan went down
Shilpa couldn't believe her ears were he really coming back to to to take her to marry her????? He still remembers his promise
She still remember when she was 14 and armaan was 18, their families were very very close as they were each other's neighbours for more than 25 years shashank and billy were childhood friends. Armaan and shilpa were also best friends since their childhood, they were very close, closer than the closest! Armaan from always was mr possessive, he never let any boy come near shilpa, he always kept her away from the world, safe with him! She still remember how broken both of them were when they came to know about billy uncle's decision to move to Mumbai, armaan was very stubborn he was not ready to go but in the end he had to, he had no option. Shilpa was also really heartbroken but just to cheer up armaan on his last day in panchgini she decided to lighten his mood, she still remembers what had happened
"armaaan what are you doing here at the terrace, everyone is down na"
"I don't know, I just want to be alone in peace, come here" he called shilpa to come nd sit with him
"I don't want to go, I I don't want to leave you, I I cant live without you shilpa, I cant stay away from you" armaan spoke his heart out
Shilpa had tears in her eyes but she couldn't break right now she had to be strong for him.
"armaan really now, come on dude cheer up, you know what im really happy, finallyyyyyyy im getting free from you, I mean ab tum meri jaan to choddoge, and plz wahaan jaakar agar koi girlfriend banaao to mujhe zaroor bataana! I will pray for her safety and wellbeing" shilpa joked to lighten his mood but instead he grew angry and stood up to go down when shilpa held his hand to stop him
"armaan umm im sorry I was joking na, armaan I will miss u yaar ur my friend, but this is life u have to move on na, go to Mumbai make new friends, new GIRLFRIENDS but don't forget me and I will also make new boyfriends coz with u here I cant do that so once u go I will'.." she could never complete her sentence, he held her from her shoulders very aggressively and pulled her closer with anger and determination in his eyes and spoke to a startled shilpa
"you only and only belong to me!!! You from always were only mine and you will remain mine forever. Don't you dare shilpa don't you dare forget this, no boy has the right to even touch you or come near you, you are mine and yes im going, going away from you but that doesn't means I would never come back. Today I promise you that I armaan malik will definitely come back to take you, to possess you, to make you mine forever, you are here till the day I don't come back to take you away and this is a promise." With this he left her arms and went down
Shilpa was startled and shocked! His every sentence was again and again echoing in her ears, she has seen the determination and strength in his eyes, but she never knew he harbored such strong feelings for her.
But with the passing years she started to forget it, she started to take it as a joke, they never got the time to talk to each other, in the initial years the talked a bit but then from last 5 years they've not at all been in contact. She had seen armaan on tv magazines and interview. He was a rich and famous personality now and it was really obvious that he doesn't even remembers her now but no she was wrong armaan is coming back today to fulfill his promise !!!!!
Shivers ran through her whole body, those lines again echoed in her mind! Does he does he loves me??????? But how is that possible??? Weve been away for almost 8 years he still remembers me why he is such a big man he has everything, he can get any girl in this world then why is he coming back?????
But but do I love him?????
Yes her heart replied! She had always loved him! From their childhood his possessiveness his immense care, everything about him always attracted her towards him, but she was never ready to aceept it, being with him always made her happy, but when he left she first time realized how precious he was, the first whole year after he went she had only and only shed tears remembering him, shee felt incomplete without him, and why would she not her heart was with him but she was too stubbornd up to accept! With the passing years she pretended that she forgot him, she pretended to herself but her heart could never be fooled, it always screamed that she loves him. Armaan was the most powerful business tycoon then, his success always filled her heart with pride and happiness that she couldn't describe, but with this feeling came the feeling of disappointment that now maybe he doesn't even remembers her but she always shook it away. But today yes today she has finally realized that she is in love!! This is love her heartbeat increases just when she hears his name! She loves him yes she does
Tears of joy formed in her eyes today her heart won and killed her stubbornness "yes I love him, I love you armaan but do you love me???"
"OMG its almost 8 padma they must be reaching here any moment!" shashank exclaimed very worried. The maliks were directly coming here, to their house. Their house (malik house) was still being setup by the servants
"muskaan muskaaaan see if shilpa is ready they might be coming any moment" padma shouted
"yes mom your princess is ready" muskaan shouted from the room
"di shutup you will tear my eardrums" muskaan giggled hearing this " Shilpa you really look like a princess, your prince charming will faint seeing you today" muskaan commented making shilpa turn beetroot
She was wearing a pure white sari with its boders heavily embodied and the blouse made up of white beeds. She actually was looking stunning with her jetblack straight and thick hair kneeling down till her elbows. Her green emerald eyes outlined with kohl enhancing their beauty and her pure white milky skin complimented with little make up
"muskaaan bring her down theyre here" padma called her daughters
Muskaan placed the tray of tea in her hands and calmed her down as she was really nervous and told her to go as armaan has still not reached.
"shashank your daughter is a gem, she is so pretty, prettier than ever, and look how big she has grown time flies, I really am not shocked that armaan is still captured in her magic, she would be the best daughter in law ever" ananya malik armaan's mom exclaimed with happiness
" umm actually I have to go to to the washroom umm so I will join u all later" shilpa quickly excused herself  and ran to her room
The whole living area filled with laughter " I think she is eagerly waiting for armaan" billy spoke laughing
"mom dad im here! A guy in a black tuxedo his hair gelled properly his blue eyes sparkling and his dimples set looked more handsome than a prince
"armaaan!!" everyone stood up. He greeted everyone but his eyes were searching for only one person
"armaan if youre searching for shilpa then shez up in her room, wait let me call her" padma cheekily said
"No aunty I mean if you don't min can I go up and meet her" armaan asked
"Why not go and well the house is the same you know which room belongs to her" padma said
"anjali just shutup okay! Im hell nervous yaar I mean armaan all of a sudden, I really don't know what to do!! That moron ughhhhh you know what I hate himmmm seriously, I mean I exactly don't even know why is he back, no yaar thankgod hez not here uptill now, acha listen I wil talk to u later bubbbyee" shilpa cut the call
"Moron not bad haan" a manly voice boomed into her ears from behind
Shilpa stood rooted to her spot she very well knew who it was, listening to his voice she let out a gasp which made armaan smile. He closed the door behind when she turned around startled
He was even more mesmerized seeing her, she was looking just like a fairy who just came down from heaven. Beautiful was even not enough to describe her, he lost himself in her innocence and deep green eyes
He started to walk towards her, decreasing the gap between them and not at all breaking the eyelock. His piercing gaze was making her go crazy and when he started to come near her shivers ran down her spine, she started to move backwards. He took bigger steps moving towards her staring at her with so much intensity passion and love in his eyes. Her back hit the wall and now there was no space to move back, but armaan still was coming closer, he came more closer and now there was nomore space left between them, he pressed his body hard against her jamming her with the wall. Their faces just few inches away their warm breathes kissing each other sending sparkling sensations in their bodies. His eyes burning her down, she could not take it anymore and closed her eyes collecting herself she tried to move away when he placed his both hands on the opposite sides of the wall blocking her completely.they looked in eacothers eyes which were conveying all their emotions, words weren't needed their eyes spoke volumes. He placed his one hand on her bare waist making her gasp and pulled her closer jamming her hard against his hardcore body and his other hand below her ear near her neck pulling her face closer, she closed her eyes ready to get lost in the world of magic. He slowly brought his lips near her and brushed them with hers, she gasped even louder he then placed his lips on hers capturing them into a sweet passionate kiss, but after some time the kiss grew more passionate and he kissed her very hard, conveying his want need love for her. He probed her lips forcing her to open up and let him taste her, soon enough she did. He kissed her upper lip hard licking it sensually. He roamed his tongue in her mouth licking it tasting her completely and pulled her more closer deepening the kiss. He finally after a long time broke the kiss going out of breathe. Both of them inhaled fresh air breathing hard. Shilpa quickly tried to run out of the room when armaan grabbed her wrist and pulled her back, making her back slam against his hardrock chest. He again placed his hand on her bare stomach making her gasp again
"armaan please'" was all she could mutter at the moment, loosing her senses.
He brought his face closer and moved her hair to the otherside of her neck and coming closer to her ear he whispered
"shilpaaa I told you I will come back, now you cant run away anymore. Now armaan will make shilpa his forever and eternity. You know there was not a moment when my heart did not shouted your name, when my eyes didn't search you, when I WHEN I DIDN'T REALISE HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU!!" she shuddered at his sudden confession
" you look so beautiful, mesmerizing. He trailed his lips down her neck lining them all the way down to her collarbone, he placed soft burning kisses there. Shilpa closed her eyes tightly and turned her hands into a strong fist to control herself.
"youre driving me crazy shilpa, its very hard to control my demons and not claim you right here" armaan whispered huskily in her ears
"armaan please" she again tried to speak which she was not able to do
"I was waiting for this day from last 8 years and now I will not let you go away from me. Everyday I only and only dreamt about you, everyday I had dreamt to make you to make you my wife, and to spend my whole life with only you'.. I I REALLY LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU MS SHILPA MALHOTRA I ONLY LOVE YOU" he spoke biting her earlobe and licking it.
"armaan I"
"please say it, say what I am dying to hear from the last 8 years! Just say it!!" armaan pushed her to confess her feelings.
"I know you do! I know you love me as much I loe you, please Shilpa say it, im dying to hear those three words from you" he whispered turning her around and not leaving her waist, holding her tight from her waist bringing her closer
"armaan! She breathed heavily "armaan I I I Lo'" she could never complete her sentence as muskaan called her
She quickly withdrew herself from his hold from his hold and ran down making armaan bang his fist on the wall with frustration
"kab tak bhaagogi miss shilpa,???"
Everyone downstairs had their dinner and finally after much discussion their engagement and marriage date was fixed that was after 3 weeks becoz armaan malik couldn't wait more than this and finally the day came well shilpa hadn't yet confessed her feelings which pissed armaan badly, but wait is worth it he calmed himself. Armaan and shilpa finally after performing all their rituals and walking round the pure agony became man and wife
armaan entered his room where shilpa was seated on the bed. He settled near her. He slowly put off her veil and stared to take of all her jewels slowly. He undid all her jewels and kissed her forehead coming down he placed burning kisses on her eyelids then her cheeks nose kissing her all over her face but not her lips, he was teasing her badly. She looked into his blue mesmerizing eyes who were staring at her with so much love intensity and passion that she couldn't take it and hid her face in his ches wrapping her hands around his waist. Armaan chuckled and unclipped her hair. He then slowly slowly unzipped her blouse making her shiver and gasp.
He then moved her hair to the other side of her neck and pushed the blouse down from oneside kissing her bare neck and shoulders, he left  love bites on her neck and shoulder  making her moan in pleasure. He parted her and tilted her head he trailed his lips down her neck to her throat kissing biting and licking it making her groan. He then smacked his lips har upon hers kissing her hard and  passionately he maid her lay down and slowly undid her clothes and his, kissing her madly and passionately everywhere not leaving a single place. He again came near her lips and said
"say it shilpa today just say it. Say what im dying to hear, please say it" armaan whispered
"I I LOVE I LOVE YOU ARMAAN" she again whispered. This is what he wanted to hear , he was waiting for it since 8 years.
Today hi happiness knew no boundaries and he finally entered her making her completely and wholly his in every way by every mean. She was always his, |SHE BELONGED TO HIM and today he made love to her claiming her totally
They lost themselves into the sweet magic of love
do comment and criticism is always welcomed
luvv u all

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sweetdesire IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 8:37am | IP Logged
nice OS Dear......very well writtenClap........keep it up the good work.....If u don't mind could u plzzzzz PM the link of ur 1st OSEmbarrassed......plzzzzzz.....

take care

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Rapunzzel Goldie

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 9:09am | IP Logged

                                 gr8888888888 os.............

                   i   liked Armaans possesiveness.................
                  i loved your  way of writing.............
                   why did'nt you post it in fafiction forum

-GoogleWithMe- IF-Addictz

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 9:19am | IP Logged
wow mindblowing OS
really loved it a lot
u have a done a gr8 job rida
keep writing amazing os like these

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OkThanksBye IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 9:28am | IP Logged

it was awesome..Thumbs UpTongue

Keep u...Hug

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noseasync IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 10:44am | IP Logged
rida jaaniiiii,
Awsum os yaar....
Luvd it to d core....

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KaSh_luv IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 11:02am | IP Logged
awesome os!
luved it...
lukin forward to more os's frm u :)

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niki4life Senior Member

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 11:48am | IP Logged
WOW...loved it!!!!!!!!!!
that's all i could say..AWESOME =D

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