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Hiya Vrush, Welcome ! HugHug

Helloo Nissar, Maan Singh, Barry, CVs – good build up in tension but viewers patience on the wedding is running extremely low.  Look out ! Checking out the posts on FB and elsewhere, ur ears must be burning.  Don't drag it too far.

Dadi's advice


Geet unwilling to forget NT in hospital and the haadsa that took place earlier.  But loved the way Dadi shows them the logic behind NT's deed and encouraging Maaneet not to let NT win by stopping the wedding.  After talking to her Maaneet feel better and Maan tells Geet that the wedding will take place today with full rasmo-rivaaj.

Tasha, Pinki ready to take Geet to the parlor. But NE is lost in Arjun thots.  Dadi pushes them towards the parlor.  But NE becomes self centric and changes the parlor to Ragini Salon coz its close to the hospital and she'll have time to sneak out and check on Arjun. 
Maan becomes uncomfortable with the change in venue…coz the earlier plan was all ladki waale and  ladke waale would go together to the parlor.  Now only the girls will go…that goes against his norm of being with Geet all the time.  He tries to rationalize with Dadi but cannot make any headway.

Arjun tells NT that he's gonna be away for a while to keep his promise to her of destroying MSK.  He's now willing to go any length by any means.


Maaneet convo


Loved this scene :-D

Loved the way she called his bluff…jahan barf pad sakti hai wahan kuch bhi ho sakta hai.  But she finally tunes in to  his fear/discomfort.  Maaneet want to see each other happy for this wedding.  Yikes, Maan even got scared when Geet said, mein aapse shaadi nahi kar sakti..  So he confesses that in his life, sabse ehem for him is Geet, even above his personal happiness.

But Geet cant accept that coz she wants to see her Maan happy.  So he says he'll try to keep his happiness in mind.  But an unconvinced Geet asks him to promise that he will keep his happiness foremost. So he promises to try and Geet asks him to honestly keep his promise about his happiness. 

Maan happiness is Geet…his foremost happiness.  So his promise to Geet is just reiterating what he's already decided upon … Geet, his happiness, his koshish, his vaada….all rolled in one.  Am I stupid or did Maan spin his words so well (courtesy Barry) that he didn't really change his mission….lol … but it made Geet happy feeling that she got him to promise….lol .

I just melted when Maan said 'Geet, tum dono jaldi aa jaana' … aahhhhh !  And the hug…hayee mein mar jawaan !




Loved the banter between Tasha n Pinki.  NE slinks off to the hospital.  Who will take Geet back to the parlor ? Toss a coin.

Why is Geet alone at the most important rasm of her life – mehendi ?  Why was it at the parlor and not in the mansion ?

What am I missing here ?  Drawing a parallel with her first wedding ?




NE turns  selfish and heads straight to the hospital.  Arjun sees her and tries to avoid her.  But she catches up and asks abt NT.

So Arjun advises her to head back to the wedding.  He pushes her off saying NT needs him.  Once inside with NT his emotions are in a turmoil…shud he push off NE , did he do right, but NE is MSK's sister, but why is it so hard to push her off.

NE on the other hand wants to be near him to give him support.  But how can she desert her 'bhai' knowing fully well that Geet's life is in danger after multiple attempts and she cannot be alone.  D'uh NE, u've proven ur lack of intelligence.

Back at the mansion, Maan comes down the stairs looking sharp in his sherwani and touches Dadi's feet for her blessings.  Dadi is so happy to see her Prince pota…kisi ki nazar naa lage.

At the parlor Geet looks breath takingly resplendent in her bridal attire.   Even the parlor attendant is stunned by her beauty.  But Geet finds out that she's been deserted by NE, Tasha n Pinky and is stuck there.


Maan is shocked to see Tasha n Pinki back at the mansion….but is told that NE is bringing Geet.  It's past 5pm and the roads are blocked.  Maan tries to call Geet on her mobile …but the mobile is with Pinki.  Dadi advises him to call NE.  He calls NE to talk to Geet. NE  panicks and lies thru her teeth.  NE zimmedari naam ki koi cheez hoti hai….but NE has sold herself to the devil of selfishness. Arjun overhears.  Out  come the crocodile tears as Arjun says, NE don't go, don't leave me alone.

Arjun's turned into Jyo's Baazigar.

How long will Arjun's Baazigar last.  When the black queen arrived, the black knight attained his true colors (?)…and is now charging towards his white pawn, NE.  Will he be successful in his mission of checkmating the white king with his pawn or will his usool rear its head ?

Brij has entered the mansion, which tells us that Maan's security system and his security team are kaput !  One good thing is that at least Geet is far away at the parlor.  But what does this bode for the actual wedding ?

I want Brij to raise his gun and Dev to suddenly barge in and take the bullet.  I can't trust Arjun anymore.  His turn to eat crow will come later….if he decides to backtrack from his Baazigar role.

So now how will Maan reach Geet ?  Word's just come in that Maan and his ghodi have been taking lessons from the RCMP on how to cut thru traffic and blocked roads and reach Geet.

After Pari's exit, Maan had taunted Geet….if she believed in fairy tales, and expected her prince to come on horseback and ask for her hand in marriage.  Dream on, he'd said. Ain't gonna happen.  Oh, how the tables are turning.  Looks like the only way to get his princess in the shaadi ka mandap is to bring her back on his horse.

Maan Singh Khurana, Delhi's most eligible bachelor, riding out on his ghodi to bring back his bride.  A scene worth watching !  If this happens on Monday, TRPs will be hitting the roof.  Let's wait and watch…if our hypothesis holds any water.

Nissar – need u back in the driver's seat for this.

Gurmeet, Drashti – Fabulous performances.  You both look absolutely gorgeous in the wedding attire.

NE – u r oh so dead !

Arjun – no comment

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ok n tat makes me a rocker! n finally i am red!!LOL i tried all day to turn into t tomater i lov.. but was disappointed by a khali den... n how apt  tat i Res~ to bcom Red~ROFL

@Daaaruuuuuuuuu me ill wait for u...Hug

@Vrush... Welcom DevilHug

@Anj.. WB .. Hugn i tak it tat u r free.. n bk! so moi is gona thang u with tat request agn!Tongue

edit 2.

Vrushali.. i hav heard tat name b4 i was evn here.. n we r frenz at FB LOL but nvr read u b4.. toh..

 n today i read somthing tat wa just Apt!! Apt wrds.. everypoints taken into account was just apt .. loved wht u brought  out in those wrds of urs.. beautifully written.. well underlined with pun n irony whereever n whnevr needed! Perfect..

i wud never hav been able to say all tis in wrds without  a few red tomatoes thrown at em...

U r good!Thumbs Up


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Jaya Hug....awesome poem Clap Clap Clap
Vrush awesome post Clap Clap Clap Clap.....this is for you Hug

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Before talking about the episode..let me give a very warm welcome to one of the best writers of this forum VrushHugHug...What a wonderful peace of writingClapClap...Loved the way u hv divided the story/screenplay into different phases and explained them allClapClap...In terms of storytelling and screenplay..yes HP track was by far the bestThumbs Up....

Jaya awesome analysisClapClapClap..U nailed it with your last bit...yes the same flavour can be brought back if Dev goes back to grey mode and Geet finally gets her justiceThumbs Up
My Short take on today's Story/Screenplay theme...
I believe in a daily soap Storytelling and Screenplay  remains best in the first 100 episodes when the main plot soon as the main plot is over,what follows is an extention of the story with the existing characters but in a different dimension as per the liking of the viewers and thats where the storytelling and screenplay in any daily soap today falters badly after 100-150 episodes;Coming to Geet show right now what is working for the show is Maaneet Relationship because that was and will always remain the USP of this show  and what is not working for the show r the new parallel tracks which r introduced out of nowhere without a proper logical backstory Smile....
CVs can still bounce back with a strong storytelling and screenplay if they bring Dev back in the picture(Actor replacement can b done if AS has a problem) and complete the track of Geet's justice from where the story actually started...After that if CVs can use Arjun's character smartly then the story can get a new dimention post Maan-Geet marriageSmile...In short CVs still hv lots of strong tracks in hand ..they need to get a grip on those tracks which r still pending instead of introducing new unwanted characters like AnveshaOuch...Instead they need to introduce characters like Sameera and Vicky whose back story were already revealed way back in the screenplay and they can only  tighten up the storyline from here on ....Big smile
Today Episode Analysis
My Views on the episode..dunno if I m in minority but I enjoyed yesterday's episode more than today's episodeLOLLOL...I thought yesterday's episode even though lacked logic but had the drama element whereas today's episode for me lacked logic as well as drama elementOuch..only thing which I liked today was the curiosity element which is created towards the end by making Arjun look like a real psycho on a missionCool
Today I m impressed with Dadi for showing her optimistic nature and convincing Maan and Geet not to get bogged down with negativity and instead go ahead with the that the evil loses and the good one winsThumbs Up;This is what I told yesterday as well when all were busy shouting that its looking like a Ekta soap.LOL...Well if it was an Ekta soap then Maan or Geet would hv gone in coma and not the villain of the showBig smile...the fact that here the evil suffers and the positive ones r celebrating is a proof enough why we r still watching this show with hopesEmbarrassed..
Maan-Geet scene for me din't work today even though the scene keeps the viewers on tenderhooks with tension of marriage or no marriageLOL;Why it din't work...because dialogues from Geet were repitative and lacked logicOuch..MSK is making everything possible for Geet and here Geet instead of being optimistic about the marriage is acting like a pessimist here and then expecting MSK to b happy ??Stern Smile;MSK never said we cannot marry now because your life is in danger....instead he is making sure the marriage happens at any cost and they prove to the world that evil can never win but Geet seems to b hell bent on proving him otherwiseErmm;Mayb its the fault of the dialogue writer for giving the same old dialogues to Geet Ouch...even GC-DD looked bored of blabbbering the same dialogues nowLOL...This is proof enough that even the actors want to move on with the dreammm marriage nowLOL..
I liked the hug today because MSK's head was not hanging in the airLOL and it touched Geet's head todayEmbarrassed;Mayb credit goes to Jaya for making that hug picture post the other day showing the CVs how a hug should its a proof that CVs read the den..hmmmmEvil Smile..
Now MSK's security agency seems to create some sort of record for being awarded as the worst third class security of the countryROFL;How on Earth Brij so easily enters the house with other baraatis inspite of so many CCTV Cameras and Security guards aroundStern Smile;Also when the girls wanted to go to a parlour separately..why can't MSK send some bodyguards with the girls since they r going alone ??Confused...I know later MSK will do some herogiri with the horse maybROFL but at least they should hv shown some dialgoues like MSK wanting to send bodyguards but Geet refusing maybErmm...
Coming to Annie...what can I say about the intelligence of this girlROFLROFLROFL;She has bevome so blinded in love that she cares any damn about her own bhabhiOuch;Pinky-Tasha never bothers to see if Annie is there in the parlour or not and just comes back home leaving Geet aloneOuch...No wonder MSK's BP throughout this marriage kept rising and he might soon get some panic attack now seeing the dumbness of his family and office staff and not to forget the circus agency...I mean security agencyROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL.....
So whats coming next week:Dream Wedding of courseCoolLOL...Yes there is a reason why all this Curfew hungama will b that MSK becomes handicapped without any vehicles and then he will hv no option but to ride a horse all the way to the beauty parlour to get back his Gith and that will justify the horse promoCool;In between we might see Brij riding another horse behind MSK to kill this time we might hv horse+talwaar fightCoolLOL...Anyone who has seen the Imraan Khan movie Jaane tu ya Jaane na will remember its horse spl serial experience says we r going to witness something similar in the end Geet's dream of her spano ka rajkumar coming to take her riding a horse comes true and even Brij attacknig promo comes trueBig smile
Bridal Looks of Maan-Geet:DD looked gorgeous in the bridal outfitStarStarStarStarStar...about MSK..why green colour ??Confused...he looked better in Sangeet and they should hv gone with cream coloured Sherwani for himErmm...
Arjun:The new Psycho with a mission:I can see my Baazigar track coming nowEvil Smile...he has already started using Annie despite his feelings for her and he also doesn't want Maan-Geet marriage to happen..exactly what I had expected from this characterThumbs Up
Dream or Dramatic or Disaster Wedding:I will reserve my comments here and will only speak after watching the end result..that is Monday's episodeSmile
I will not rate today's episode because for me it looked incomplete and I can judge this episode only after seeing whether monday my horse prediction comes true or notErmm

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@Vrush welcomeeHug
Always Heard of how Amazing you are as a writer..And Its a pleasure reading your views about the screenplay..FantasticcClapStarClap
@Jaya Love your laast linessStarClap Hopee Devaa enters to spice it up..Big smile
PINK ka Zamaanaa:Brij's Pink Pagdi..Tongue& Manisha in PinkLOL&Tasha matching matching to ManishaLOL
Daadi doing OM SHANTI OM: I was shockeddd lol but after all she is da pendulum daadi who swings na so ryt now she is da sensible oneShocked..Loved her Advice to MaaneetStar
The Position of Happiness: Maan always puts her happiness over everything..Thanku Kurri for the advicee to him even tho I knw he won't follow it..I guess you knw it too..But The Scene was BoringggSleepy
Slight Modification: The hug was a bit different thoda sa lol atleast his chin wasn't touching her head, and his head high up in the airLOLI liked itBig smile
Geet's Bridal DressDay DreamingThe Sleeves Could have been shorter thoLOL
Maan's SherwaniOuch:Same as Old one..I don't like it for a shaadi OcassionDeadIts so Tight..his butt was like poppin out..
Err-Jun Singh Rathore's 1st Step for Badla:Err-Jun Playing His cards..Big smilethis will make the wedding exciting..Ki faayda if she reached the mandap and happy happy wedding..I like to see DifferentApprove
NE is Deva's Rishtedaar..She is not MSK ki BehenSleepy
Futuree Adchansss:
- Gith is stuck in the parlour and the roads are blockedd ermm so how is he gonna go get her..
*Ghodi(as per the promos)
Brij paaji has entered da mansion wid Pink pagdi and matching matching wid Maan so he wore Green KurtaLOLso this guys is gonna drop some Bomb..Excited to see what is it gonna beBig smile
I guess Everyone Gives up Tooo much Dramaa..Right now Geet hasn't even reached mandap there Brij is already ready to attack then there is Err-Jun..Everywhere Dushmani..
What did thiS 18-Year Old do to deserve all this pain?
Sachi Mein once they finish the 7th Phera I am off to Gangaaa for a peaceful dubki
...I am Tiredd Man
I knw why Tasha is trying to be Geet's BFF so she gets all this free parlour and stuff..Kutte KI doom Kabhi seedhi Nahi HotiLOL 
@CVz You are Torturing viewers by not replacing Nikunj..You think we will accept her..If she has no scop for improvement its not our problem..She is one of the main reasons why many ppl gave up wid da show..But you still think oen day audience will accept her..You are wrong and you are just counting your own loss by not replacing herStern Smile
 I think you guys promoted the shaadi stuff too early giving HIgh hopes to all audience.I know you mentioned there is Big up drama but audience thot we are up for it and ready to go thru da drama but now everyone is not even bothered..They have convinced themselves that shaadi is happening in 2012 or even 2050..There is sumthing wrong that you did..I know you wanted to get back your no.1 position as Big Bos is over and you can manage it..You are creating this suspense factor in every episode which I loveBig smilebut it ain't clicking to everyone..Now when Shaadi will Happen, everyone will not really give a damn..They will watch it for the sake of it and then that's itStern Smile..
You are messing with the most Crucial Bit of the Story..Your Loss..Sleepy

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-RushTrip- IF-Rockerz

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will write on episode as well today! hope i can cope up with you phast devils!

Already eleven i go again!...*folding sleeves..taking deep breaths for a long marathon*

playing catch with you all is one uphill task..

Thanks all for the comments and welcome..i am overwhelmed

about the episode another boring one..for me..

how can there be so much drama for a wedding?

i guess it all about being Dipharraant!!

hallelujah to that!

really felt the dynamics would have been fantastic if only there was not wedding in the offing..

the tangle with the angle and the now three villains.the plot thickens but...i feel wrong time wrong time wrong time

Geet ko khushiyan kabhi raas nahi aati!

her happiness is always overshadowed by load of pain and you know me thinks that might be the premise of this story after all

What say Jaya? did we find a premise after all?

 what a farce the whole wedding is..
i have never seen a wedding like this ever on TV and lets not think real life for this is beyond..reality..

hats off...Dev and Geet's wedding seemed real and people looked happy when compared to this one..

Murphy's law in full force...

Ha ha Arjun who was not going to use Annie will do so now... i donno what to say other thanShocked

yeah it does prove my theory that he is going to get really really deeply entrenched into the very hole he has dug up it is called REVENGE but it is so going to ruin him...

now yeah the girls did not want to go with the boys.. but what happened to security who could have gone with the girls..and waited outside the parlor..
lame lame lame

the whole plot is lame

if this is a dream wedding..
i will take nightmare anyday..

shayad woh itne daravne na ho!

hope is all gone
chilling me to the bone

when all is said and done
this is beyond revulsion

the story the plot is sitting on the gun
which has no trigger or even the ability to stun

a wedding like this is never spun
curiosity assuaged and having fun

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Mellowfellow IF-Dazzler

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Good topic everyone! 

Vrush that was very well done. And I just realized I posted my reservation before I read your words and now its just going to be an echo. :)


To me GHSP was about the story of this girl who wanted to fight for herself and her child against norms of the society and lead similar lives like the millions of us out there. Yes, it had its flavor of romance which did make me go "ooh and ahh" and drama which had me nailbiting, but the storytelling that had me hooked everyday promptly at 12.00pm/11.00am (EST) was "Will Geet be able to escape brij?", "How will Maan react when he finds out Geet is pregnant?", "What will happen when Geet finds out Dev is Maan's brother?" and "What will happen when Maan finds out Dev is the culprit?" and it stopped after that. 


My dearest friends, especially Marsha wants me back on the Den, writing and discussing the show. Personal issues aside I wonder, does the story have the same flavor to offer now that it did 5 months ago? Jaya has opened her views with the lines from "Finding Forrester", which are very apt. As much writing and re-writing that perhaps went into the show in the very beginning is obviously thought of as a waste of time now, for the story speaks for itself. 


When the show started, it offered us something different. Starone to the best of my knowledge has only taken bets with Youth based shows. This was the first time they began with a family oriented theme, but something for every youth to think about. It offered us glimpses of the world out there and how reality is not always about "Namesake doctors pretending to romance in stairwells". One could acknowledge the amount of effort and thought process that went into some classic scenes


Some classics that will stand out to me time immemorial


1)     Meeting Dev for the very first time'

2)     The conversation between Geet and her mother about how woman's duty is to get married and take care of her family

3)     The classic rescue from the river

4)     Revelation of Naintara and Dev's true colors

5)     Geet being abandoned at the airport and the following scenes of the painful reminders of the past

6)     The famous Oye's thirst of blood for "Purkhon ki izzat" and the cottage scene that followed

7)     The first time Maan and Geet meet as Boss and Secretary and Geet goes "Maan" before  correcting to "Maan Sir".

8)     Hum tum scenes

9)     The response from Geet looking for comfort post Kurbaan Hua sequence when she holds Maan's hand

10)  The rain hug scene

11)  The glimpses of Maan Singh Khurana's past in the darkroom

12)  Geet's remembrance of her family and hurt and Maan consoling her during her revisit to HP.


Actually as I write, I realize that there are innumerable times when I have loved this show for the way the screenplay etched out the details of human emotions, responses and behavior. I am not a screenplay writer, so my understanding and appreciation of this show is purely based on how well I can connect to what is being shown on screen. And I connected very well till the day Geet realized Dev is Maan's brother. I was able to put myself in Geet's shoes till that day and I could see myself behaving the way she behaved, which made me feel yes the story was very well written.


But like all good things come to an end, the story went down from then onwards. Vrush says the revelation of Dev's truth was impactful and rushed. I agree, it was rushed but I needed it to be much more impactful, considering the premise of the show was Dev cheating Geet. Maan's response to Dev's betrayal, very very indifferent and if anything aloof, something that feels very unrealistic. The flying in and out of all the different cameo roles, especially Yash, the one with a load of potential makes you wonder what runs in the mind of these writers? Do they have a story or do they just make it up some concoction along the way. The story moved from being about Geet to being about Maan Singh Khurana and how great, ruthless and passionate he is. It became about "Trips, falls, catch, eyelock and Mahiii". And today its about some wedding and the details of the wedding, which frankly I don't care much about.


I am not going to comment about how they could have modified the storyline or how they need to gather the much required TRPs, but I would just say this'a little bit of thought process on how the show managed attract the attention of everyone of us out there, would give the screenplay writers "food for thought" about what they delivered yesterday and what they are doling out today!

Ok just read; I am supposed to comment on possible storylines to focus: Quick thots:


1)     I agree, Geet wants to live a normal life, get married and have a family and all. But I would think that she would be at first interested in serving Dev and Naintara their desserts.

2)     What happened to Dev? Is he not more important in this story about Geet than Mr. Maan Singh Khurana?? You could always replace the actor and work on Dev and how he seeks revenge from the almighty Khurana.

3)     What about Vicky Khurana? Does he have no idea that the almighty is getting married or that the other Khurana is MIA?

4)     Why is Almighty Khurana being made an almightly when he is not one? Some mention of a Sameera keeps happening only to be shoved under the carpet again.

5)     Finally, you had some presence of mind bringing "Oye" back, but now you have made him a mere pawn to be thwarted by the almighty. "Oye" is capable of much more than that!!

6)     What about Mr. Daarji? Does he even have an idea what Oye is upto? And the rest of the family? Surely some path crossing would be more interesting that some "Shelia ki Jawani" performance!!


That said last but not the least, I have said this in the past in one of Bri's Halla Bol threads: When the show was being advertised they began with "Geet: someone whom every family would be proud to have as a daughter, every woman would aspire to be'.." and I am sorry that there has not been much justification for those tag lines!!


I got a whiff of freshness from the bakery

Walked up and eyed the creme brulle

But settled for a freshly brewed coffee

Got served dishwater with sugar in a cup and tray 

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Awesome Poem Jaya

Vrush, I've always admired ur writing...awesome writeup dear!

On to the episode shall we.

Much better episode then yesterday, yah it was a drag fest, but again its indian telly for one na!

Suspense factor is there today...where's the bride...dulhan kahan gayi hai!

Security loophole again, Brij in mansion!

NE more worried about her love life, well it runs in Khurana blood na!

Arjun's vow, the guy is just full of hot air, waiting for the day his balloon will burst!

Dadi, oh dadi she gave the best advise to Maneet!

Maan and baby scenes just tooo priceless!

Arjun Rathod let the games began....MSK vs ASR...hmmmmmmmmmmmm interesting!

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