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We Belong Together (Part - 31 - Page 143) (Page 97)

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waiting waitingDancingDancing

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Part – 24


Vicky and Misha stopped in their tracks they knew she way too angry to be handled. No wonder Maan Bhai left rather than facing her wrath. They were all responsible for this anger of hers. They shouldn't have hidden facts from her; after all she was part of family, their family.


She looked at them disgustedly and walked towards the classroom, meanwhile Vicky and Misha sat at the end of the classroom, discussing how to cool her temper. Vicky was sure that the only person who can cool her would be Maan Bhai. But after today's morning episode he was sure Maan Bhai wouldn't help him out, even he had fallen in the same pit.


Maan reached the office unsure what to do, he felt asking someone for help, but who he thought. There was no one who could help him out of this problem; he created it so he better solve it. Geet was nowhere near listening to him; she was no where near giving up. He made up his mind to surrender himself to her, and then it would be her choice what to do with him.


He removed his phone and quickly texted her


Baby I give up, I completely surrender myself to you, I don't care what you do to me but please forgive me. I am desperate to speak to you, desperate to hold you in my arms, desperate to feel you, desperate to share my feelings with you, desperate to finally blurt out everything. Yes your Maan Singh Khurana finally gives up, waiting for your reply.


She felt her phone vibrating, quietly she removed her phone and saw his message, she was happy finally her silent treatment was working. Maybe 1st time she felt Maan giving up so easily, he was accepting defeat. No problem she will make sure he remembers this throughout his life. He will have to work harder, she replied back.


I give you 1 last chance to fix back things between us; I want it to be done my way. Pick me up from university by 2.


Reading her message his eyes gleamed with happiness, finally she even thought of giving him a chance. Damn I should have thought of surrendering yesterday things wouldn't have been so complicated between us. He reached there sharp 1.45, 15 more minutes till she came. It was already 2.15 and she was no where to be seen, Geet could see him impatient she was busy enjoying her chocolate making him suffer. He would pick up his phone thinking of calling her but would defeatedly keep it back.


She made him wait until 2.30 and walked towards the car. She expected him to lose his temper on her. She sat in the car; Maan looked at her and kissed her cheek. 'Missed you baby'. She was shocked by this behavior of his, maybe he wants to play safe, how about I make this game dirty? She thought.


She looked at him grabbed his tie and cleaned her cheek with his tie. She just rubbed off my kiss, the kiss I gave her; he fumed and clutched the steering wheel hard. He couldn't say anything but he made up his mind to torture her twice than what she is doing. He smiled at her and rubbed his finger on her cheek the place where he kissed her. She looked at him and shoved his hand from her cheek; she then glared at him and said 'Mujhe mat chuvo'.


Geet asked him to drive to the hospital; he suddenly remembered her plaster was going to be removed. Shit he cursed the doctor, now she will be able handed ready to kill him with her 2 big huge hands. He was a Zinda Laash already; Geet smiled looking at his state.


They reached the hospital, Geet ran out of the car she was very excited to get the plaster removed from her arm. She barged in the doctors cabin and sat down, doctor looked at her and smiled, he was about to ask her about Maan when he entered. Maan looked pale, something was troubling him, and his face was evident with worry. Maan signaled him to not remove her plaster, the doctor didn't understand what he meant and spoke 'I am sure Mr. Khurana you must be waiting for this day since months' Maan shook his for a no.


Doctor: What do you mean Mr. Khurana you don't want your wifes plaster to be out?


Maan shook his head for a no again, but this time Geet saw him and shot him a very angry look. Maan gulped down his saliva and replied 'Of course doctor, you see without both her hands we can't do anything at night. Erm… you understand what I am trying to explain'


Doctor: Mrs. Khurana you husband really loves you a lot. Mr. Khurana there is no need to stammer of course I get what you are trying to explain.


Maan gave Geet a love sick puppy look. Geet understood what he was upto; the moment her plaster was off she kicked him so hard that he nearly fell down the chair. He was lucky the doctor was not there to witness his downfall. Geet looked at him almost falling out of the chair 'THUD' he fell down hard. She broke into a hysteric of laughter, she could control herself, she could see smoke coming out of Maan's ears. She stopped laughing and gave him the 'you are so dead' look. She got up and walked towards him with a bang she sat on his stomach.


Maan: Oww…. Geet please utto tum mujhe maar daalogi.


Geet: Abhi toh shuruwaat hai Mr. Khurana aage aage dekhiye mein aapka kya haal karti hu.


Meanwhile the doctor entered and gasped looking at them, he wondered 'this girl is too fast, only her plaster is off and she already pounced on him. God bless them they both love each other'. He cleared his throat Geet got up unwillinging, Maan thanked Geet's Babaji for sending the doctor on time or else he would have been converted into chutney. He was busy thinking 'Geet kitni moti hai, Babaji yeh kya khati hai, mera pet toot gaya. Jab yeh pregnant hogi toh mera kya haal hoga. Please Geet ke babaji mujhe bachalo'.


Geet saw him silently praying to her Babaji he did it the same way as she did, by looking up at the ceiling and praying. The doctor was busy taking some test on her hand, Maan would anywhere but not her face. Geet saw a long scale lying near by, she picked it up and whacked him hard on his butt.


Maan: Oww…. Stop it that hurts.


Doctor thought Maan lost it completely, since the time he came he was acting weirdly. He asked him 'Are you alright Mr. Khurana?' Maan shot the doctor a very annoyed, pissed look and replied hotly 'Yes doctor now would you get back to your work and get over with it fast'.

Geet wanted him to realize the meaning of putting his head in a sherni's mouth. She was going to teach him a very nice lesson, maybe he would relate this to their kids requesting them stay out of trouble. Kids she smiled, Maan and her kids, she had already figured out names for the boy and the girl. The boy would look just like Maan and the girl would be like her, she will have a boy 1st and then a girl. She was busy lost in her thoughts, Maan took advantage of this and slowly turned his back to her, he decided to wait in the doctor's cabin until her tests were done.


Geet snapped out of her thoughts and saw him slowly walking out, instantly she stretched her right leg and kicked his butt as hard as possible. Maan was thrown at the door; it took him a while to realize what happened. The doctor felt something was wrong between them, he understood Geet was angry at Maan. He acted ignorant and tried to finish the tests soon, he wanted them out of his cabin ASAP.


Geet was behaving like a wild cat on prowl, a wild cat that couldn't be controlled by anyone not even the Sher himself. The test were finally over, he adviced Geet to look after her arm for some more time, next he adviced Maan to make sure she doesn't stress her left arm. Maan shook his head and picked Geet up, last thing he expected was Geet running behind him with a 6 inch long injection in her hand. He cleared his thoughts and made his way out of the cabin.


Geet felt helpless she was in his arms, she couldn't do any nonsense and if she tried maybe they both will end up having a mishap. But her evil mind as always came up with something; she started pinching him as hard as possible.


Maan: Geet yeh sab karna band karo nahi toh mein tumhe neeche gira doonga.


Geet: Toh theek hai tumhe jo karna hai karo but usse pehle mujhe kuch karna hai.


With that she started screaming at the top of her lungs, everyone was looking at them, the patients were being disturbed and the doctors asked ran towards them. Maan saw them being cornered from all sides instantly he threw Geet on his shoulders and ran towards the car. Geet felt everything upside down she started tickling him, he ran twice the current speed and made her sit on the bonnet of the car.


Maan: Geet please yeh bache jaise harkate karna band karo. Tumhe jo chahiye mein tumhe doonga but please mujhe itna tang mat karo.


Geet: Hmmm…. Theek hai mein aapko aur pareshan nahi karoongi, aap mujhe ghar chod do, mujhe aaram karna hai.


Maan relieved hearing this 'Theek hai Geet jaisa tum chaho'.


But Geet and her never ending plans, she was happy to have a notorious and evil friend like Misha. Uski sangat me rehkar she was just like her. She planned out everything for evening, Mr. Maan Singh Khurana you will never make this mistake twice. They reached home, Geet leaned forward kissed his cheek and brushed her lips with his; she put on a sorry face and said 'I am sorry Maan, mujhe maaf kardo, mein kabhi aisa nahi karoongi'. Maan kissed her forehead and said 'Koi baat nahi Geet', with that she stepped out of the car and ran in the outhouse.


Maan drove back to the office, his phone vibrated he opened the message only to read:

Maan sham ko ghar jaldi aana, I want to make tonight's evening, infact dinner very special. Muwaah.


He smiled reading her message; she was too innocent he thought. Yeah she acted like kids but he was definitely special for her he thought. Meanwhile in the outhouse Geet started all her preparations, with both her hands in actions she called Nakul to get her different colors of wall paint.


She tied the handle of the buckets with the rope and then tied all the ropes together and tied those ropes with the door knob. She went in the room and tied the rope on the inside of the door knob; slowly she twisted the knob and experimented if the paint would fall. She was happy seeing it would fall, the paint were hanging midair and it would definitely splash his face.


Sharp 7pm Maan reached the outhouse; he called out for Geet several times. She quickly messaged him 'Maan stay there, don't move I am coming down'. Maan smiled thinking about his wife she had some surprise for him, the room was dark, he thought of switching on the lights. But then felt Geet would be angry on him; he stood there waiting for her to come down. Geet threw the door open 'SPLASH' 10 different colors of paint drenched him. The lights turned on and Geet took a snap of his, Maan ran upstairs to get hold of her. He came dangerously close to her but she threathened him 'Aagey mat aana Maan nahi toh aapke liye achaa nahi hoga'. He stood there not saying anything, Geet walked upto him and said 'Maan I want you to take me for a doggy ride round this house'.


Maan: Nahi Geet mein kabhi aisa nahi karunga.


Geet: Toh theek hai chale jaiye yaha se mujhe baat nahi karna aapse.


He gave up, he felt making the biggest mistake of my life by surrending himself to his Sherni. He sat down on the floor; Geet jumped on his back and screamed 'Yayyy!! Maanu jaldi chalo bahut mazaa aa raha hai'. The whole evening she troubled him, she forced him to cook dinner for her, plait her hair in a french braid; give her a nice pedicure and a manicure, she forced him to paint her nails. Her list was ongoing no where near stopping, it was a nice weather with cold breeze blowing outside but Maan was sweating, he was so tired maybe he never exercised the way Geet forced him to do.


Finally it was time to retire to bed, Geet felt bad about making Maan work like hell. He was her pati, pati parmeshwar, worshipping him meant worshipping God. She was sure Babaji will never forgive her for her doings, but anyways who cares, itna sab kiya toh aur kyun nahi. Maan changed his clothes his face was still smeared with paint, it seemed to tough to come out just like Geet.


Maan: Geet kya tumne mujhe maaf kiya?


Geet: Bas ek aur kaam Maan uske baad mein aapko maaf kar dungi.


Maan: Finally Geet chalo bolo kya karna hai, mein bahut thak gaya hu.


Geet: Maan mujhe sona hai, aur sone se pehle kuch entertainment chahiye.


Maan: Theek hai bolo kaunsi movie dekhni hai.


Geet: Maan dekhni nahi dekhna hai, do strip cum pole dancing for me.


Maan: Kya tumhara dimaag toh theek haina?


Geet: Achaa toh mat karo mujhe bhi aapse koi baat nahi karni.


Maan: Geet, ruko mein kar raha hu.


Maan started dancing for Geet just like Ranbir does in Anjaana Anjaani.

(Here is the video


Precap: No precaps




Hey guys hope you have enjoyed reading, sorry I have tried to combine 2 updates in 1. Hope it's long enough to satify your wait.


Oyee hello all my silent readers thoda kasht karke LIKE button press kardo.


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vow...... i am rolling on the floor laughing and visualising our sher doing all this.....
striptese and poll dance........ awesomeWink
enjoyed it thoroughly....LOLLOLLOL

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felicitysmoak. IF-Stunnerz

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me on the floor rolling with laugher
poor maan
man didn't know geet was that bad
even in the hospital at least wait till they're home
loved her
cant believe she told him to strip
cant wait 4 da next part
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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simi91 IF-Rockerz

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oh God laughing out now i'm having stomach ache      ROFLROFLROFLROFL ROFL oh Geet did good job let him learn the lesson not to repeat  again  hilarious part pls cont soonnnnnnnnnn asma
cyum321 IF-Dazzler

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That was grezt POOR Maan.
hinal_maaneet IF-Sizzlerz

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poor maan had to go through all this torture but he deserved it and now he will not allow geet to go near misha for sure
aksn Goldie

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Wow.. Geet too much.. Maan ka Hal bura hai..

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