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We Belong Together (Part - 31 - Page 143) (Page 80)

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hey asma

take care .. 

so sweet of you that ur updating in this condition also .... thanks alot yaar



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Part – 22

(This part is especially for the ones' who are confused and for those who aren't confused keep reading and commenting)

Geet's mind was still registering the Family Tree she was beyond shocked it felt as if someone gave her a heart attack. The first shock that came to her was 'Devendra Singh Khurana' he was the real brother of Maan. Secondly, 'Vicky' who just returned to London a day ago was again the real brother of Maan and Devendra. Thirdly, 'Adi Sir' (Aditya Singh Khurana) in Khurana Constructions was the cousin of Maan and the best part about it was he never boasted. Fourthly, 'Misha' was again the cousin of Maan, which means she was her cousin as well.

She looked back at the Family Tree only to find her name written below Maan's name. to the extent of her knowledge Maan had asked her to keep her new identity hidden 3 days after their wedding. Then how in the world her name is written below his, she looked around the library checking what others were upto. She felt satisfied seeing them busy in their work, once again she hacked in to the confidential admin files.

She opened the log file to find out when was the last time the Family Tree file was accessed and updated. The file opened she scroll down the page, the last entry was made a year ago when Parineeta Dobriyal married Yash Singh Khurana. So someone had been smart enough to delete the entry from the log, she removed a piece of paper and typed some commands in the software. A window popped up giving her the below information.

Last Login by Savitri Devi Khurana, IP Address: xxxxxx, Date: July 15, 2010, Time 17:09, Family Tree Updated: Maan Singh Khurana Married Geet Handa.

Dadimaa she gasped in shock, a lady at her age was way too smart to fiddle with the files. After all she had married a Khurana and for Khurana's smartness run in their veins. She deleted her recent entry from the log, closed the software, and gave printouts of Devendra Singh Khurana and the Family Tree. She couldn't bear any more shocks for the day. She had had just enough.


As Maan instructed, Vicky left for Khurana Mansion, the place where he had all his good and bad memories. The place where his family stayed together once under a single roof. The same place where things had changed due to his so called cousins, the place where his family was betrayed, the place where their trust was broken, the same place where his aged old Dadimaa bore a lot of pain and hardships. Too many things attached with one single place.

Taking a deep breath he entered the mansion, Dadimaa was over the phone chatting with Maan she wanted him to be back early from office so he could take both her and Geet out for shopping. And as usual Maan refused to come early due to his important meetings. But this time he lied to Dadimaa about being busy at office, he wanted Dadimaa to know his baby grandson was finally back home. He was relieved he just had to bring the other 2 back home; it wouldn't be as difficult as it was in Vicky's case.


Vicky saw his Dadimaa hanging the phone looking upset, she so wanted to go out shopping. He was standing at the doorway she was so lost she didn't see him there. She was carrying a photo frame in her hand, she looked at the person in the frame and said 'Agar aap hote toh hume abhi le jaate, aap kyun hume chod ke chale gaye baby? Bas ab bahut hogaya ab toh ghar aa javoo' She was on the verge of breaking down, her tears were about to fall from her face. Vicky couldn't stand the situation instead he replied back 'Mein aagaya Deej, aisa kabhi hua aapne yaad kiya aur mein nahi aaya. Bolo kaha jaana hai shopping karne?'

Dadimaa turned back and saw him smiling at her while standing at the doorway, she felt her sub conscious mind playing some trick on her again. She shook her head for a 'NO' not ready to accept the fact, meanwhile Nakul who was passing by saw him standing there and out of joy he screamt 'Chote baba ghar aa gaye, Dadimaa Chote Baba sach mein ghar aagaye'.

Vicky put his bags down walked up to her and hugged her tight. He could feel the warmth of a mother, he broke down and so did she, they both kept crying while hugging each other. Meanwhile Maan was standing at the doorway witnessing this special moment, he had his part of this special moment some hours ago. On the other hand Geet was asking the cabbie to drive extra fast, she had to go home and break the news of Vicky being in town to Dadimaa and Maan.

The cab stopped outside the mansion, Geet gave him some notes she was in such a hurry that she didn't bother to take the change. The security guard opened the door allowing her to enter. Geet ran as never before and entered the Mansion, she saw Dadimaa sitting on the sofa, she didn't bother looking around and blurted out 'Dadimaa Vicky………'.

Dadimaa smiled at her and asked 'Geet beta kya baat hai aap kyun bhaag rahi thi?'

Geet still didn't see Vicky and Maan next to Dadimaa, meanwhile Maan pulled Vicky's hand and they quietly walked off now standing directly behind her.

Geet: Dadimaa Vicky London mein hai, woh meri hi class mein parta hai.

Dadimaa pretended to be shocked with the news Geet gave and asked 'Aap kya bol rahi hai Geet humara Baby Vicky London mein hai, woh kab aaya aur woh kaha hai?'

Geet: Mujhe nahi pata Dadimaa per who iss baar sach mein London aaya hai.

Dadimaa: Toh chalo hum Maan ko kehke unhe dhoond ne jaate hai.

Vicky who was standing behind Geet all this while replied 'Uski koi zaroorat nahi hai Bhabi mein yaha hu aur woh bhi aapke peeche'. Geet turned around to see Maan and Vicky standing behind her laughing their heads off, she turned back to complain to Dadimaa but she stood rooted at her place, even Dadimaa joined their antic and was laughing at her. Geet felt very bad not about her being the laughing stock, but her feelings were laughed at.  The moment she realized Vicky is her Devar and that Dadimaa was missing him she ran from the university to the Mansion just to give the happy news. But today Dadimaa pretended to not know anything and they all ended up laughing at her.

She stood there with her head bent down, Dadimaa realized that they crossed their limits and hurt her feelings. She indicated them to stop laughing, Geet felt the hall go dead silent, she looked towards Vicky and said 'Welcome back home Vicky'. With that she picked up her books which she had thrown earlier and left for the Outhouse.

Dadimaa: I think Geet ko bahut bura laga, hume unpe aisa nahi hasna chahiye tha.

Vicky: Per deej Geet jo bura kyun laga?

Dadimaa: Yeh sawal ka jawab aapke bhai hi denge. Mein tum logo ko adhe ghante mein dinner table per dekhna chahti hu.

Geet changed in to her night dress and went to the kitchen to make some dinner. She picked the packet of Paneer from the fridge and decided to make Paneer Korma for dinner. 15 minutes later when the food was cooking on the stove she decided to call Misha. Seeing Geet's call Misha answered instantly she was scared since the time Vicky told her about Geet researching on Khurana's. Misha answered the call acting normal.

Geet: Misha mujhe kuch zaroori baat karni hai tujhse.

Misha: Geet relax, 1st things 1st tune khana khaya, kya hua sab theek haina? Achanak raat ko phone kiya?

Geet: Kyun mein apni dost ko ab phone bhi nahi kar sakti?

Misha: Nahi aisi koi baat nahi hai, mujhe laga kuch problem hoga.

Geet: Problem hai, but you answer my question 1st. How do you know Vicky?

Hearing Vicky's name Misha gulped down water, she didn't want to tell Geet the truth. Misha went back to Vicky's conversation and remembered Vicky telling her about Geet doing research on Khurana's. She reminded herself Khurana's the word was ringing in her ears. She was a Dobriyal so there was no chance of Geet tracing her down being a part of the family.

Misha: Geet, meine pehle bhi kaha Vicky is my childhood friend. Bas aur kuch nahi.

Geet: Are you sure Misha there is nothing else apart from him being your childhood friend?

Misha: Haan Geet bas aur kuch nahi, ab tu apna sau kilo ka dimaag istemaal karna band kar. Achaa sun mom khane ke liye bula rahi hai mein chalti hu.

With that she hanged up, Geet saw a message notification on her phone. She opened it only to find it's from Maan. It read:

To Love is nothing

To be Loved is something

To Love and be Loved is Everything…

I'm so Sorry for hurting you.

Waiting for you to join me at the Dinner table in 10 minutes. 

She switched the phone and kept it aside, still she couldn't figure out the reason behind Misha lying to her about Vicky. Why was everyone acting weird and hiding facts from her? She went around the house locking each and every entrance of the door; she even locked up the windows ensuring no way anyone would come here. Last thing she wanted was to see Maan, she was angry at everyone.

She quietly ate her dinner, washed the dishes and started with her assignments. She had to catch up on a lot of pending assignments.


Dadimaa: Maan beta Geet dinner ke liye nahi aayi?

Maan: Nahi Dadimaa lagta hai woh abhi bhi naraz hai.

Vicky: Deej aur Bhai yeh sab mujhpe chodo mein Bhabi ko manane jaata hu.

Maan: Rehne do Vicky woh nahi maanegi mein jaata hu.


10 Minutes Later

Maan: Aaj toh woh kuch zyaada hi naraz hai, Dadi Geet ne ghar mein jaane ke saare raste band kardiye, aur uska phone bhi switched off hai.

Dadimaa: Waise bhi galati aap dono ki hai, aisa koi Mazak karta hai kya?

Vicky: Yeh sab Paa ki galati hai Deej.

Maan: Ek minute iska matlab yeh nahi ki agar mein hasu toh aap logo ko bhi hasna chahiye.

Vicky: Bhai leave it aap over react kar rahe ho, mein Bhabi ko kal breakfast ke liye le aavoonga.

Maan: Theek hai mein bhi dekhta hu tum usse kaise laate ho?

Vicky: Mujhe challenge manzoor hai, Vicky Singh Khurana ko haarna achaa nahi lagta.


Precap: Vicky and Maan's challenge start. Will Vicky win?

                 Oops….. Geet fighting with Maan and Misha


Hey guys sorry am not feeling well so if you find the update boring spare me ;)

Oyee hello all my silent readers thoda kasht karke LIKE button press kardo. 

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Thanks for all those lovely comments keep them coming. As usual your opinions, comments, suggestions and likes are most welcome. Voice out if you unlike it am all ears to hear!! Shaba Khair – Goodnight!!

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Originally posted by sindu555

hey asma

take care .. 

so sweet of you that ur updating in this condition also .... thanks alot yaar



Thanks sana and you all. i have posted continue reading ;)

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DADI n VICKY were awesome............geet was so excited to tell dadi about i dont blame geet for being mad at vicky , dadima, maan, n even misha lied her tooAngry........poor maan messageEmbarrassed


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puth IF-Dazzler

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lovely update Asma....good that the story is slowly unfolding.......there is every reason for geet to be angryLOLLOLLOL
loved these lines
To Love is nothing......To be Loved is something.....To Love and be Loved is Everything…

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owsme update..

luved it...

continue soon...

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loved it
cont soon

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good one.....
geet actually needs to give a piece of mind to Maan............
i mean all the time he is taking her for granted.....he needs to understand that she is a part of family.....even she doesnt know about sasha playing dirty games along with the other  two....
she is kept ignorant even though she is one party amongst victims.......
good going....its getting intriguing..Big smile

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