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We Belong Together (Part - 31 - Page 143) (Page 119)

puth IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 February 2011 at 1:40pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by hansasma

5 mins 1st update coming up. sorry dont kill me its not a long update its around 2 and a quarter update in MS word and the rest 1 page is my personal story... lol

Waiting dear

hansasma Senior Member

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Posted: 04 February 2011 at 1:42pm | IP Logged

Part – 29




Geet was sobbing hard; it was Maan's dreadful past instead of him she was crying. Maan hugged her consoling her to stop crying. Geet cuped his face and said 'Maan aapko itna sab sehna para, mujhe yakeen nahi hota koi aapke saath itna bura kar sakta hai. I am very sorry Maan mujhe maaf kardo, aapni zid pe arr ke meine aapke purane zakham ko fir se tazaa kar diya'. Maan wiped her tears and replied back 'Geet meine pehle bhi tumse kaha ki woh mera guzra hua kal tha, bas aaj mein khush hu mere saath tum ho, Dadimaa hai aur Vicky bhi hai. Maafi toh mujhe maangni chahiye meine tumhe andhere mein rakha, tumse sab chupa. I am sorry'.


With that both hugged each other; Maan cleared his throat 'Geet I think hume ab chalna chahiye bahut raat hogayi hai, aur mein bahut thak bhi gaya hu. Waise bhi tumne meri halat ek kutte barabar kardi, aisa kutta jo na ghar ka na ghat ka'. Geet giggled and kissed his cheek 'I am sorry Maan meine aapko bahut pareshan kiya, koi baat nahi mein aapko aisa ek similar mauka dungi mujhe tang karne ka. Promise!!'


Maan: Toh kya tumne mujhe maaf kiya?


Geet: Haan Maanu!!!


They both stood up and left for home; it was around 2am in the morning when they finally hit bed. They both were in no mood to change; Geet placed her head on his shoulder and wrapped his hands around her waist. She hugged him, and pecked his lips 'Goodnight Maanu'. Maan: 'Goodnight Geet'.


Next Morning – Breakfast Table


Vicky: Deej Bhai aur Bhabi dono nazar nahi aa rahe hai? Woh log kaha hai, breakfast karna ka iraada nahi hai kya?


Dadimaa: Dekho aagaye mere dono bache.


Maan & Geet: Goodmorning Dadimaa.


Vicky: Goodmorning Bhai Bhabi.


Maan: Goodmorning Vicky.


Vicky: Bhabi kya aap ab bhi mujhe naraz ho. I am sorry Bhabi please mujhe maaf kardo.


Geet remained silent; she was giving her famous silent treatment. It worked well, Vicky was very nervous and so was Dadimaa. Maan sat there composed praying to Geet's Babaji making sure Vicky pays as hell as he paid just for her forgiveness.


Vicky: Bhabi please mujhe maaf kardo, aap jo kahogi mein wahi karunga.


Maan muttered 'Phas gaya jaal mein, ab Babaji tumhari raksha karenge'. Geet heard him and kicked him below the table and warned him with her eyes. Maan felt pain in the same place where she kicked him earlier in the doctor's cabin. Geet smiled at Vicky and said 'Theek hai Vicky per mujhe sochna hoga ki tumhari punishment kya hogi, agar tumne punishment ache se ki toh mein tumhe maaf karongi naho toh…'. Vicky interrupted her 'Aap jo kahogi mein wahi karunga'.


They quietly finished breakfast; Vicky stood up and announced 'Dadimaa aaj mein, Geet Bhabi aur Maan Bhai ek saath jayenge. We will drop Bhai first and then we will head for University. After all I want to spend some quality time with my Bhabi'. Maan thought 'Babaji tumhari raksha kare, tum apna quality time Misha ke saath bitavo kamse kam woh tumhe Geet ki tarah tang nahi karengi'. It was as if Geet understood what Maan thought, she smiled and replied back 'Of course kyun nahi'. With that they all kissed Dadimaa and left home to their respective directions.


They dropped Maan and headed for University, Misha was already waiting for them, she was pacing back and forth nervously, and she was hoping Geet would give them a chance to explain. She saw Vicky and Geet chatting quiet happily; she relaxed and walked forward to greet them. Geet moved back seeing her, tore a piece of paper and wrote a note and passed it on to Vicky. Vicky read it aloud 'Misha pehle Vicky ki baari, I am sure even you deserve some punishment for hiding secrets from me. Isliye pehle Vicky ko sazaa milengi aur fir tumhe. Jab tak Vicky ki sazaa khatam nahi hoti mein tumse baat nahi karongi, sirf notes likhungi. Bolo manzoor hai?'.


Misha went ga-ga over Geet and gave her a sisterly hug 'Mujhe manzoor hai'. The trio headed for their class. Throughout their class Vicky and Misha kept passing notes to each other. Geet grew suspicious; she felt something going on between both of them. She peeped from the corner of her eyes into the note which Vicky passed to Misha earlier. It said 'Bunny for old time's sake how about accompanying me for a candlenight dinner tonight. I want to see you dressed in all girly girly'.


Misha had turned red reading his note, he was right she never dressed up girly girly but for him she wouldn't mind doing it. She replied back 'I won't dress up all girly girly but am sure going to give you some company tonight'. 'Hmmm… toh theek hai dono candlenight dinner karege, ab mazaa aayega' Geet started using the wilder side of her evil brain, one could say she was upto some sort of mischief.


Their class for the day ended, they all sighed looking down at the load of assignments they had been assigned. This was the worst part of studying how the Professors could assign them with a load of assignments and all of them had to be submitted before the weekend. These oldies needed replacement – yes brain replacement. Their stupid brains worked as stupid as them. 'Idiots, morons, jerks, gadheys, ullu ke phates' muttered Geet.


Vicky and Misha laughed their heads off; Geet was like a small baby complaining every second. She glared at them and retorted back 'Listen if they keep giving me all these work how I am supposed to spend time with my hubby. I think even you both are planning to spend time tonight. Haina?' They eyed her curiously she bit her tongue and cursed herself. 'Sorry mera matlab tha maybe even you had some plan for the week. Haina?' they breathed relief if Geet knew what they were upto they were sure she was gonna spoil it for them. They nodded their head sideways and said 'Nah kuch personal plans nahi they, just some study related plans'.


Geet: Theek hai I'll leave Maan ke aane ka waqt hogaya hai.


Vicky: No wait Bhabi hum sab ek saath chalte hai


They walked upto the gate waiting for Maan to show up, he would always pick Geet once her classes were over. Misha was waiting for her Maan Bhai to come; once he was here she could leave on her bike. Geet's phone started ringing; she excused herself and answered the call. It was her Brij Veerji, Vicky and Misha noticed her very happy, she was animating her hands as per her talks. They both were so engrossed seeing her; they didn't notice a car coming at full speed towards them. Geet saw the window opening, next she saw a guy aiming a gun at them and 'BANG' the guy fired the gun. She stood numb unable to do anything except watch the bullet hit.




Precap: Someone is very critical.




Sorry, sorry, sorry I am very sorry to keep you all waiting since yesterday. I had left with my friends for Jabeel Hafeet yesterday. Well Jabeel Hafeet is a place where you have this big mountain; you drive to the extreme top and can watch almost the whole city as small as an ant. The temperature there was very cold and the best part was we kept having this weird 4 colored icecream. It was thoda khatta and thoda meetha. We had driven for almost 3 hours to reach there. It was already early morning when we decided to come back home.


We were almost 1 hour close to home when folks called me to inform that my cousins were coming and we had to pick them up. It wasn't that I wasn't informed about them coming but it was just shocking when they asked me to pick them up from the Airport. Ek toh I was so tired and then go and wait at the airport for them to come because everyone was sick at home. Just to avoid me catching cold, flu and fever again I had fled home. My friends dropped me to the parking lot near my house. I drove to the airport and waited around half an hour expecting them to come out. Phew!! Finally they were out and they both hugged me so tight I was wondering whats wrong with them.


Yeah you might be thinking its normal for them to hug me tight but let me tell you they were here around 2 months back. It's not like they seeing me after a long time nor it's not like we know each other since childhood. Well I discovered recently that they are my cousins thanks to my dad, he had this cousin brother studying with him back home in India who is now settled in Canada. I thought they would be tired after traveling for so long but my mistake they had all the energy in the world to keep blaberring on and on. Mera dimaag ek dum pak gaya, I felt blood draining out of my body and it felt as if they were some sort of VAMPIRES!! You know the other day I was doing some research on Vampires when 1 website told something like if you stand in front of a person and all of a sudden you feel blood draining out of your body then the person standing in front of you is a VAMPIRE!! Hahaha!!


I dropped them off to the hotel and reached home, it was early morning 6 and I was so sleepy. Around 10 I felt some pillows hitting my face, I opened my face and saw those 2 rascals at my place on my bed hitting me asking me to wake up. They demanded me to take them out, I mean which fool goes out of there houses at 10 am that too on a FRIDAY. I never go it's the official weekend here nor do my parents go out. But they didn't bother and they dragged me out of bed. From that time until an hour ago my life was hell. I am damn sleepy with a bad headache, thank god I have an off 2mrw or else my life would have been finished until now.


So am back to writing the last part 4 tonite and then gonna PM you all. Phew I will be free finally after that and am gonna hit the sack. Yayy!!!


Another thing just like the other FF writers who are complaining about you lot not liking or not commenting, even I want to complain but then leave it. I shouldn't bother you people much.


Hahaha!! Chalo enjoy reading this part and I will update the other part for 2nite soon.


Leave me all those good good goody comments and your love. By the way don't you people think you aren't giving me enough of hugs and kisses? Complaining right, nah!!


Muwaah!! Love you all and love all those lovely comments do keep them coming in…

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sanu3108 IF-Rockerz

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loved the update .... Geet is the mischeif queen...  LOL

precap is scary .. who is critical ... cant wait now ... 

jaldi update kero me waiting ... 

btw .. thanks a ton babes for giving us updates .. even when u're so tired and sleepy ... Hug

love ya


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komlika IF-Rockerz

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thanks for update............ i hope u had fun.....before ur cousins come over LOL............poor u Cry.......... enjoy ur day 2moro Big smile
puth IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 February 2011 at 1:58pm | IP Logged
lovely update asma.....
hmm stopped at cliffhanger naaCryCryCry
i guess the bullet might have either hit vicky or nisha
janu_2006 IF-Sizzlerz

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gr8 part..
cyum321 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 February 2011 at 2:11pm | IP Logged

loved it

but ending was scary and precap is damn scaryShocked

libra25 IF-Rockerz

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great part....
waiting for the next long will it take....

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