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We Belong Together (Part - 31 - Page 143) (Page 110)

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yippeee update time   Dancing

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Part ' 26


Maan retired to the outhouse, after what he had witnessed he couldn't bear to think about it. He felt like destroying everything but by doing so he won't be able to get anything. He wanted to ask her what was missing in him that she could see in Arjun. What was missing in their love that she was already carrying his child? He picked up the vase to throw it but he realized by doing so he won't reach anywhere. Because of them Vicky left, Dev was so mad in love he won't be able to bear anything. Annie was very vulnerable and Dadimaa what will pass over her heart after knowing all this.


He decided to sacrifice everything just to keep his family safe and intact, even if it meant going against their wishes or even going against their happiness. Vicky left under the impression that he was standing in between their happiness. How was he to explain everything to them, his children? They were so vulnerable to the world no one could advantage of them till the time he his alive, he will stand between them and any evil against them.


He will protect them from any danger as he had been doing since the time he was christened to be their parents. This time he won't listen to any of their demands, they had just seen love, love and only love; they didn't have an idea about the harsh reality of world. Vicky will come back, he has to come back but he needs time to heal his wounds, after him only Aditya Khurana or Ray can bring him back. There was no one competent to do this task, after him Vicky could trust only Dadimaa, Aditya and Ray.


He was totally different from Dev, Dev was a guy sick in love, but did he know the girl who he loved was going to break his heart. Meera was the right girl for him, how he wished if he could have been able to stop her from leaving maybe these problems could have been avoided. He picked up the phone and called his most trusted friend asking for his help.


Maan: Yeah Maan Singh Khurana here, is Ray there I need to speak to him urgently.


Person: Sir he is out of town for solving some case, but he promised to be back on time to attend your engagement.


Maan: Listen this is urgent if I could get his no. I would appreciate it.


Person: Hang on sir, I will connect your call to Jessica she will provide you his no.


Maan: Thanks.


Jessica: Maan this is Ray sirs no, here you go''. Xxxxxxxxxxx


Maan: Thanks Jessica.


He quickly fed the no. in his cell and called up Ray. Ray answered his phone instantly, he was busy on a case but he could not avoid Maan's phone. He was aware that Maan would never call and disturb him provided it wasn't urgent.


Ray: Maan, I hope everything is fine. Is something wrong?


Maan: Ray I need your help I want you to come back and meet me, I can't narrate you the whole story I doubt my phone being traced or my house being bugged. I want to meet you in person; I am desperate for your help.


Ray: Fine, I will fly down tonite lets meet up @ my place around 11pm.


Maan was his childhood friend and the only person who had been by his side when he needed someone. Ray owed his life to Maan, had it not been for Maan he would have given up the hope to live in the world, to fight back. He was 14 when he lost his family in a scandal; the scandal thay brought his family on the road. The same scandal which snatched his family away from him, he was on the verge of suciding when Maan rushed to him and beat him almost to death.


Maan gave him another chance to live, it was the same year when Maan lost his parents, but he protected all his siblings even him. From that day until today Ray would consider Maan as his elder brother and Maan would always be by his side. Ray smiled at his thoughts, those childhood memories, they seemed very special. But he was scared to know what would have happened, Maan sounded as if he lost everything. He took the next flight to London; Maan was pacing in his apartment, with worry written over his face.


Ray: Bro tell me what happened? Is everything fine? Is everyone fine? Why don't you say something?


Maan broke down, hugged him tight and let all the tears out. Ray allowed him to let all cry his heart out, there was no one who could understand him better, both of them passed the same situation at a very young age. They had been the support each other. Ray patted his back, made him sit and left to get him a glass of water.


He came back and made him drink water, Maan seemed very silent not saying anything. Ray panicked seeing him in this way, he asked him.


Ray: Maan please tell me is everyone fine?


Maan nodded to this question of his, Ray relaxed; he was ready to face any situation apart from this. He kept his hand on his shoulder and consoled him.


Ray: Maan speak up, I am sure we will be able to face anything now that I am aware that everyone is fine.


Maan looked up to see that confidence of Ray's face, it felt ages seeing that expression on his face. He gained some strength to face the situation and fight back. Keeping a hard expression on his face he related everything to him. Ray hugged him tight and gasped 'Thank God Maan atleast you figured out the truth before it was too late. But we will make sure to teach them a nice lesson'.


Maan realized that crying was not a thing to be done atleast not today and never, he will have to fight back to get back his family, his only happiness. He could not become weak, he has a lot of responsibilities to look after, if the sole strength of the family falls down who will look after the rest. Ray left to snatch some food; he came back with a bowl of noodles and some fresh juice.


Ray: Maan you need to have something I am sure you will be starving to death. Sorry but there is nothing in the house, I was away for a week. And don't worry I have arranged for some extra security outside your house and yes Dev is back home. My men are posted at the airport; his flight is about to land they will keep a track on him. Don't worry I think Vicky needs some time to stay alone and think about what has happened. From today the rest of the family is even my responsibility they are not for you alone. And Vicky is just my responsibility I will bring him back but he needs time and so do you.


Maan felt so relieved he couldn't take it all in a day he cried his heart out, he so wanted the motherly love, comfort and the fatherly hug and the security. He wanted this to get over as soon as possible; he still couldn't belive what had happened. But he had to make sure this was one last bad dream and he was never going to it again. They finished off the food and got back to business.


Maan: Ray I don't know what to do, I informed all of them about Dev marrying Naintara 4 days later. I want to call off this whole ceremony; I don't seem to get an idea.


Ray: Maan trust me, I have way much more better idea. Just trust me.



Person: Di I am soo happy, iska matlab we have double celebrations char din baad.


Naintara: Mujhe darr laga jab Maan pulled my arm but then he coolly replied about me getting married to Dev. I was shocked hearing it  but now I feel he wasn't joking with me, he is damn serious.


Person: Wow di. Kash humne yeh sab pehle socha hota, I am sure ab tak adha Khurana Constructions humara hota.


Naintara: Koi baat nahi abhi yeh sapna sach hojayega, waise bhi Dad ki aakhri kwaahish thi the Doom of Sumit Singh Khurana (Maan's father). But since he is no longer we have to make sure it's the doom of Maan Singh Khurana. Hahah!!





Geet was silently crying hearing all this she couldn't believe the man whom she was falling for faced a lot of difficulties in life. Yet he never gave up, she remembered him being so overprotective of Dadimaa whenever she tried getting closer to her. He had every reason to keep her away from himself and his family; a person who lost everything was vulnerable to everything else. She couldn't stop crying, Maan hugged her tight.


Maan: Geet tumhe fikar karne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai, woh mera ateet tha, ek bura sapna tha, per ab tum mere saath ho, Vicky mere saath hai, Dadimaa hai, bas Dev aur Annie ka intezaar hai.


Geet: Maan mein aapko kabhi bhi chodke nahi javoongi aur humesha aapki himaat aur taaqat bankar aapke saath khari rahongi.


Maan: Mein bhi tumhare saath kabhi nahi chodunga. Ek baar galti ki hai dobara aisa nahi honga.




Maan: What have you thought about? Do you have any plan to tackle this problem?


Ray: Maan I have hired some goons.


Maan shocked to hear him talk about goon.


Maan: Ray are you in your right sense of mind I mean what the hell are the goons going to do?


Ray: Maan you are too nave that's the problem. Don't you know what goons do?


Maan: Of course I do know Ray they are popular for all wrong things.


Ray: Glad you got it right Maan, so the goons should be able to help us to some extent.


Maan: Ray I still don't get the connection between them and our problem.


Ray: Well your house has been checked, your doubts were positive, your house particularly your room was bugged. No wonder chudailtara figured about those papers made in the name of Dev. How I pity the poor soul she doesn't know she yet has to face Detective Ray Singh Rathode. I am glad I have got a chance to settle my old scores with her, poor that Atul Singh Rathode never stayed back to see the Doom of his daughters.


Maan: Thanks Ray but you still haven't explained me the connection.


Ray: Maan'''. The groom has to be kidnapped. We will kidnap the groom.




Precap: The Groom kidnapped.




I need your help ASAP, I mean I tried to put the family tree but then it disappeared, I tried putting it back but it doesn't come. HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey guys sorry I have tried to combine 2 updates in 1. Hope it's long to keep reading.


Oyee hello all my silent readers thoda kasht karke LIKE button press kardo.


Oyee all you new interested readers add me in the buddy list and inform me. And to you all old readers let me know if you miss out on any PM from my side.


Thanks for all those lovely comments keep them coming. As usual your opinions, comments, suggestions and likes are most welcome. Voice out if you unlike it am all ears to hear!! Shaba Khair ' Goodnight!!



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Originally posted by simi91

i hope ur cooking something good that why ur late asma

haha hope its good enough. nahi toh am Dead for sure. and hey if its not good let me know in advance, i can pack up and run... LOL

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Originally posted by sindu555

yippeee update time   Dancing

yaay!!! yes it is 

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rsroopali IF-Sizzlerz

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so d groom is basically dev n he is 2 be kidnapped
sanu3108 IF-Rockerz

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haye such pain and misery our maan has went thru.... 

but now he has Geet   and Vicky and Dadima .. and am sure dev and annie will also be back Smile

thanks alot for the lovely update sweetheart

simi91 IF-Rockerz

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asma its really fascinating my dear i love it the present & the past pls update soonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
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lovely update Asma

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