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Dil Ne Mila Di Jodi : Maaneet FF (Page 90)

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Part 19

Maan wasn't ready for a lip kiss. Not only Geet, but also He got stunned. Maan thought Geet did it purposely.

Maan: So, she knew that night, she knew it wasn't a dream. That's why she paid me back'

Oh! Poor maan, he thinks Geet did it to pay him back for that kiss'

Rahul: Oye hoyee, Geet, we just asked for a simple cheek kiss.. and you got shied. But now it seems like you were waiting for that.

Dev: Wow Bro, u r so lucky' isne to ajtak muje '.

NT: Stop it Dev.. look, how she is blushing'

Sneha: Arre, look everyone, we should go now, bhidai ka rasam shuru hona wali hai..

Everyone was so touched with the bhidai.. But for everyone's surprise Geet didn't cry.

Geet: Oh MOM, Don't cry like a Television Mom.. First you are in a hurry to marry me, and when I am married, you guys started to cry' Now plz mom, don't cry..

Daadi: Han beti, don't cry, weise bhi Geet koi parayi gar nahi jane wali na, apni pathi ke saath hi nah' and Geet and Maan loves each other very much. I know Maan will take care of her very well.

By hearing this Maan looked @ Geet and she too looked @ him. For the first time in their story, they had a very deep eye lock, their eyes said many things.. but neither of them could understand what were they!

Maan sat in the front seat and Geet got in. Everyone wished them and they left. Behind them Daadi, Dev and NT'. Behind that car, Rahul, Ajey and Sneha.

Time left and now it's nearly midnight.

Maan was about to enter his room when he saw NT and Sneha blocking his way.

Sneha was shaking. She knew she can't do that,,, but NT asked her to come.

Sneha: Babiji, how am I gonna ask money from DD.

NT: You just wait here, I'll manage this..

Maan: Now what is this ha? NT? Let me go in.. I am damn so tried and sleepy. Tume jobhi karana hai Geet ke saath karo, I am tired to play with you..

NT: Gosh Maan bhayya, have you forgotten' This is not only you room,, Geet is also there' don't try to act smart. I know you are desperate to go in, but for that you'll have to pay us 5000 rupees or two gold bangles'

Maan: what's this, Geet is here?

NT: I know u r MSK and no one can fool you, but Bhayya, it's you SR and where else Geet can go. Now stop you bakwaas and give us money..

Maan suddenly realised that he no more the same MSK, now he has a wife who will fight with his day and night. OMG! That means I will not be able to sleep tonight.

Maan: What is the game ha?

NT: If u wanna go inside, give up money or the present, simple..

Maan: Gosh, u guys bhi nah,.. here you go,

NT: Wow Sneha, 10,000 Rupees. Not bad nah,,, look how eagerly he is waiting to see Geet.

Sneha: Couldn't say anything. She was frightened.

Maan: Oki now plz go'.

As soon they left Maan entered the room and closed the door.

He removed his turban and upper coat kurtha.

As soon he was going to remove his normal Kurtha he saw someone sitting on his bed.

Yes, it was the same angel he saw today, Geet, his wife, his sweet.. what maan, what are you thinking, this is Geet, his frustration, the one who irritates me, the one who annoys me, the one who challenged me..

Maan: Ok Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana, do you remember you told me you can answer my personal questions as you are my secretary, now, what do you?

Geet: Plz Maan, I am really sorry.

Maan: No Geet, you don't have to..

Geet: No Maan, I know you didn't expect that from me..

Maan: Oh god,,,, btw Geet.. that was really nice. He said in a very omg what do I say, romantic voice?

Yes, in a very romantic voice..

Geet: Kya??????

Maan: Han, agar tum phirse bhi who kari tho muje koi aitraz nahi..

Geet: Maan, r u serious?

Maan: Mh! Yah!

Geet: I though you must be very angry with me' I saw you leaving the office with a sudden anger and when I asked Adhi, he also said me that you were in angry'

Maan: What????? Mrs. Khurana, I am not talking about your stupid Office scene, I am talking about the surprise gift you just gave me..

Geet: A gift? Me? To you? Just?

Maan: Maan slowly pointed her lips'

She blushed, yes actually Geet blushed by his action and hide her face under the spread.

Maan: Hello'.. Madam, it's not time to hide your face..

Geet: Then, she slowly asked..

Maan: Now it comes to the rapid fire'

Geet: Rapid fire?

Maan: Han, hope you remember that dare, you were supposed to play the both..

Geet: But Maan, here?

Maan: here? Why? Do u have any other planes for tonight? Asked in a teasing voice.. If you have tell me, I think I will be able to help you'

Geet: Her checks went red after understanding the hidden meaning of his words..

Maan: You can blush some other time Mrs Khurana.

Geet: Feeling embarrassing, Maan I am sleepy''

and she was about to sleep when Maan grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him. His hands went around her waist.

Geet: M'm'maan?

Maan: M'M..M.. Maan nahi, Maan! Oki, now it's time for you 3 questions.

Geet: Maan, plz' let it go..

Maan: No ways, I need you to answer these 3 questions oki, first one is..

Geet's heart beat was 100kmph'. So was so frightened.

Maan: Why do you always try to run away from me?

Geet: woh woh' woh kya hai'.. woh..

Maan: Who who nahi, jawabh' this is a rapid fire Geet..

Geet: The thing is'''''

Maan slowly came near to her. Now she can feel his breaths'

Maan murmured to her ears in a deep voice : What, Geet, tell me? Why do you always run away from me?

Geet couldn't control this closeness jumped and turned towards Maan,

Geet: The thing is you always scolds me, always you are in angry, you reminds me I annoyes you' basically you make me feel that I am irritating you. So for your happiness I need to stay away from you'..

Maan felt very bad about his behaviour towards Geet,

Yes she was right.. he always shouts @ her and everything she said was true, but only he know the reason behind that, every time she comes I can't focus myself.

I can't control my feelings.. So shouting is the only thing I can do to save myself.

Maan: Ok, you second question'.

Geet: I have answered one nah, now plz..

Maan: Why is it so important for you? I mean my happiness? Ha??

Geet knew this time he tied her.

Maan: Geet? I need the answer?

Again his eyes was chasing her's. His hands tightened. His breath, oh she could feel it'

Maan in a very very what say, romantic voice: Answer mee Geet' it is very important for me to know the answer' Tell me'

He was so close to her.

Maan: Don't hesitate'

Geet: OMG! Geet, babji,,,,, agar mai isse yeh kahe toh ke I am feeling something for him he will surly laugh @ me and will start to ignore me' God, how can I '.

Maan: Stop thinking and answer me.

Geet: Actually Maan, if you are happy, the whole office is happy. If you are not, you will start shouting and everyone in office will be upset.. So behalf of them, I need to give importance to you happiness.

Maan: Wow this girl is very tactful. She is something more than I thought.. let's see..

Maan: Final question'. I need an answer for that question..

Geet: What?

Maan: Don't try to act smart, the question you left 3 days ago @ my office..

The question which made up apart for 3 days,

The question which is cause to you sleepless 2 nights,

The question which is cause for my restless nights'

I need an answer Geet, why you said, it is ok for me to act like that, with you @ home,,,,,,

What is the reason behind that'. I know you don't like no one to come close to you as you hate marriages and love..

So why me? Why so special? Tell me?????

Geet had the answer, it because I ''.. yet damn admit it Geet'

You love him' how hard you try to bury the truth, it will come out, very soon..

You no longer can hide your emotions'

Especially when you are sharing the same room, roof and office with him' tell him..

What? What should I tell him?

Tell him that you, you love him'

Noooooooooo I don't love him

Tell that his touch feels you heaven, tell him his presence make your day, tell him you love him..

Shut up''. Shut up will you'.. he heart was weeping' yes, now she know the answer for all those sleepless nights, restless days, yes that is true' Damn it..


God, I have fallen for my '. My Dhusht Dhanav' I have fallen for my Hitler' Omg! I love him'.

Maan: Geet? Are you alright?

Geet: (''..)

Maan: Geet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geet: han'..

Maan: Where were you'..

Geet: Actually who Maan mai who.. waha,, yeh' answer' Maan.. mai'

Maan: Chup' I know this is not the right time to answer that question'

Geet: Maan?

Maan: Han, Geet' I know as well as you, that what is the answer, but @ the moment,,,

If you answered that question, I will be blank..

So better no to answer it..

Geet: What do you mean by that?

Maan: Geet, I found a white rose and note on my bed..

Geet: OH! So did you read the note?

Maan: I read it and thought to give it a try.. You know Geet, how hard we tried' we can't stay ways from each other anymore, coz now we are married.

Geet: Han Maan, I know..

Maan: So we will have to live in a same roof, same room for the rest of our lives.

Geet: Ji han

Maan: So we can't fight like kids every time.

Geet: Han Maan, I know' even Daadi might think wrong.. We can't hurt her feelings..

Maan: Correct. That's why I thought to give it a try'

Geet: Mh! For what?

Maan: Geet, mh! Friends?

Geet: Felt happy as well as sad. She now knows that he doesn't love her back. But it's ok Geet. At least he wanted to be your friend.

Geet: Ok Maan Friends and grabbed his hand.

They had a long eye lock and felt happy.

Maan who still holding her hand, thought,

Geet, I know the answer for that question, you will definely say, it is coz u are wife,, so my touch will never effect you. But Geet, you touch does affect me.

I didn't know it until now' Now I know the reason behind all my uncontrolled feeling, why I had to spent sleepless nights, why you image kept haunting me'.

I know' Although I didn't admit, I have fallen for you from the day I saw you.

Your irritating words, your annoying behaviour, your non-stop bakwaas muje aur bhi thumari karrbh le aya.

I know Geet, you just feel nothing for me. That's why I asked you not to answer, coz I can't take that fact'.

Yes Geet, I LOVE YOU! I AM DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH YOU! I hope very soon you'll realise this feeling. I just hope'

They both fallen asleep. Geet holding his hand and resting her head on his chest. Both didn't know that coz both of them had sleepless nights. So both were very tired'

Finally both realised that they love each other, completely, madly in love with each other.. But still not prepare to confess!

Precap: TUM? Tum mere bathroom mei kya karthe ho?

Hope you loves this part.

Plz my dear reader, leave a comment and don't forget to hit the like button!

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Part 20 - Thread 2

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Radhika Shah IF-Sizzlerz
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Radhika Shah

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Great part!!!

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awesome update.. thanks for pm

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awesome update

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PLKG90 IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by Radhika Shah

Great part!!!

Originally posted by perfectflirt8

awesome update.. thanks for pm

Originally posted by puth

awesome update

thank you everyone!Big smile

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awsome update.
wow..they realize that they love each other but not ready to confess.
do continue plz.

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puth IF-Dazzler

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Nice update plsssssssssssss i hope they admit their feelings for each other.

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