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Dil Ne Mila Di Jodi : Maaneet FF (Page 81)

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Posted: 09 February 2011 at 7:12pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by divareena

Lool maan was not when he found out that geet is on leave. Love geet's response that her mother in law has approved the leave, now maan cannot do anything.LOLLOL

Maan don't be angry because she challenged you in front of adi. She loves you but just does not want to admit it.Smile

Sob sob geet is missing maan and I am sure he is missing her tooCryCry. I wonder what maan;s challenge is

Haaahaa! Maan will do something which Geet can't think of, lol

Haaahaaa, his anger is the most fantastic reason for me to attach to him, oh i love his anger!

hahahaa! let's see yaar, thanks for the sweet comment!

PLKG90 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 February 2011 at 7:12pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by maangeetcrazy

Awesomeeeee update
Loved it
Superb part
Lolz loved the maaneet convo..hehe
Ufff this maan and his anger na..
Awhh Geet missing maan..may be maan is also missing her awh
uf they both love each other but dont accept it cause of the ego..uf
WOW..Maan's revenge? cant wait
Continue soon
Thank u

Thanx yaar!

Glad u loved it! lol

haha! His anger will make u guys laugh or ......Embarrassed

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PLKG90 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 February 2011 at 8:11pm | IP Logged

Part 18

Wedding day

Geet was very upset. She thought,I am going to start a new life even though there is no word of love.

But Maan had a soft corner for me every time. But coz of your big mouth, you have ruined everything Geet.

He will never be the same. I should have thought about this.

Why did I tell those words. Why? Adhi sir was there too.

But he, he respected me. He didn't say anything. You deserve this pain Geet. You deserve it.

I am not sure whether Maan will come or not. If he didn't come, I will tell everyone about my stupid mistake.

On the other hand Maan was on his way back. Today, he will get the revenge he wanted.

He waited 3 days.

He thought: Aaje se pehele, koi muje aise baath nahi ki hai. Geet, how dare she talk to me like that in front of Adhi.

You'll have to pay a huge amount Geet. No one can tell anything as from today onwards, you belongs to me'

SAHUT UP MAAN! What is this, instead of being angry, you are happy? You are happy that she belongs to you?

She? Geet Handa? The one who ruined your reputation ??????????

Maan entered and Daadi who was wondering about him saw him entering,

Daadi: Maan, stop there.

Maan: Daadi?

Daadi: Where were you?

Maan: Yeh Adhi bhi nah, I asked him to inform you.

Daadi: Usne muje bataya, but I am asking you?

Maan: Actually Daadi, I needed some fresh air and weise bhi ajke baadh I will not be able to live my own.

I will have to take care of Geet and you know taking care of someone is a very hard thing, when it comes to Geet, it's really hard.

Maan said trying to be a adarsh Beta. Poor Daadi pasgya..

Daadi: Han, yeh bhi sach hai. Koi baat nahi, tum time pe aya, wohi kafee hai.. Jao jakar tayyar hoja. We will be leaving here within 2 hours.

Maan: Oki Daadi. Btw Daadi, Geet ne tume phone kiya?

Daadi: Han, bechari, phone pe har raath royeethi.. Did maan called, did he came, will he be ok' omg! Plz bte, first you should call her. She is really afraid.

Maan, what? She cares for me??? No no that can't be true. I am sure, Daadi is putting some from hand. But after hearing this he felt Happy.

Maan entered his room and saw the white rose on his bed.

Maan: Who could be. Mh!!! Dev? Nah' NT' mh! Nahi' Rahul? Sam? Daadi? Who could this be'.

Then he saw the little note.

"I am really sorry, please forgive me.. FRIENDS?"

Maan knew from this clue that it is none other than Geet.

No no Miss Geet Handa, I will not forgive you so easily. I am Maan, MSK, MSK kabhi kisiko ithene jaldi mafee nahi dete hai'

Time passed and both got ready for their most (un)awaited moment of their life. Maan was super-fast and only he could think was his '.. Revenge!

Daadi: Maan, r u ready?

Maan: Yeah Daadi, will come soon.

Dev: Gosh Bro, u don't need to be like the bride, come soon, you took almost 2 hours. The Great MSK is taking this much time to get ready,

NT: han dev, manna padenga, Geet babhi has changed him a lot nah!

Dev: Han bro'.. shaadi se pehele 2 hours, aur shaddi ke baadh, ;)

NT: OH for dev, shut up will you, can't u see Daadi is here. Maan bayya, come soon, we are getting lete.

Daadi: We will arrange the other thing until he gets ready. We can't stand in front of his door for the rest of the day..

Dev: han han, chalo chalo

NT: Btw dev, have u seen Sam?

Dev: Oh I forgot to tell you, Sam went to Mauritius for her latest shoot. It's for that Handa Company. Do you know, that Mr. Handa is none other than Briji..

NT: What? That's cool'.. So they must be having a very rough time there, oh poor sam, she was so eagerly waited for this moment.

Dev: Anyways, let's go. Otherwise Daadi will start her lecture.

@ Handa House:

Rajji: Wow Dhi, you are looking wow! Jeju will be lost when he sees you. You look so beautiful.

Geet: Thanx my sweet heart!

Simran: Geet, Daadi just phoned me and said they will be arriving within 30 mins. So plz get ready. Sneha, plz beti sabh samalo. I'll be in Kitchen if you need any help ok.

Sneha: Don't worry aunty, I will take care of Geet. Rajji is here too nah, so you go and do you work.

Simran: Thanx beti.

Geet, if they are coming, oh babiji, thank you thankyou. This means Maan is here. OH! What a relief.

Sneha: oh ho.. Geet, I still can't believe, my Geet is going to get married. Who bhi Love marriage. Wow! This was a dream come true isn't it Rajji?

Rajji: Han dhi, first I thought Geet dhi should be with me all the time, but Sameera dhi helped me to make my mind. Now I am very very happy for my lovely sis.

I love you didi!

Geet: Hugged her and I love you too. At first, a flashback of Maan was suddenly gone true her mind.

3 of them had very lovey chat when Simran Entered to Room.

Simran: Be quick, they are here. They are here, geet u r ready? Sneha is the looking good? Is everything ok? What else left? How's rajji?

Sneha: hold on you breaths aunty. Everything is just fine. No need to worry.

Simran: Oh I was really worried. Come you guys come and help me to welcome Grooms Party,

Rajji: han, let's go.. Geet dhi, you just stay there oki, we will come soon.

Sneha: Aunty, I think it's better for me to stay with Geet. Otherwise she'll feel bored.

Simran: han han, it's oki bte.

They left and grandly welcomed Maan, Daadi, Dev, NT, Rahul, Adhi, Pinky and some other friends.

Pandith: Mr. Handa, auspicious time is now on, ask groom to sit on the mandaph.

Daadi: Jao Maan,

Pandith: Abh kanya ko bulao.

Simran took Geet's hand and came down, Maan was lost and looed here and there, then he saw, yes, the most beautiful, gorgeous, mind-blowing, out of the world bride he has ever seen, yes it was none other than his own little wife, Geet, She looked OMG! Maan was lost in her site. He couldn't think or speak, he kept looking.

On the other hand,Geet was also lost in those blue eyes, at that moment Maan's face wasn't covered. She was out of control, Sneha slowly murmered,

Sneha: OMG! Geet, I feel like sitting on that Mandaph, llok @ him, he is so hot and wow! You are so damn lucky yaar' look @ him.. but u'll have be more careful with him ok,, u know any girl would fall for him, ever me! Oh DD...

Geet: Shut up will you'But she was sure, Sneha telling the truth.. he is marvelous:

Geet sat near him and Pandith started the rituals. Geet felt a little tear when Maan put sindoor and Maan saw it. He thougth , how pretty she is, now I will take my revenge any how!

As soon all the rituals finished,

Pandith: Now you are husband and wife'. Shubh shubh jiyo..

Both looked each other, a flashback of all the moments they has together went through their minds.

From the lake scene to last office scene.

Now it's time to celebrate'

Rahul and Dev have organised a very entertaining party and Maan, already given them their parts of this game party.

Rahul: Oki everyone, as this is all for youngers, elder people can go to upstairs and start their whatever thing' So plz people..

Dev: oki, now it's only us..

There was Rahul, Dev, NT, Rajji, Sneha, Ajey, Adhi, Pinky and our Mr and Mrs Khurana.

Ajey: Oki guys, let's play this game, this is a new game'..

Dev: Han, we all give you a dare to do'..

NT: han, and we will tell you whom should you play you dare on..

Geet: omg! Maan will definely take this as a chance to get that answer''

Sneha: What, no no.. ajey will drive me off then..

NT: No silly, partners can't give dare to each other.. So Rahul will be in charge of that'

Geet felt a relief' Thank you babaiji'

They started to play the game and 2nd time bottle choose Geet'.

Rahul: Oki Geet, it's ur turn now' mh!!!!! What should I give you'. Han, got it.. as you just got married' I will dare you to kiss Maan'

Geet: What?

Rahul: Han Simple'.. Kiss him yaar, he is your Husband'

Geet: OMG! And she looked @ Maan, oh! So this was your idea Mr MSK..

Geet stepped towards him and murmured: Maan, I can't do that,

Maan: Yes you have to, isn't it Rahul'?

Geet: Sabke samne?

Rahul: Oh Geet, don't be shy'. Just do as I say!

Geet: oh! Babiji yeh kya..

Maan: As you are my bride, I will give you a second option' isn't is Sneha?

Sneha: Han Geet' Your challenge will be a rapid fire' Maan will ask you 3 questions.. what say?

Geet: OMG! This is a joint plan isn't it?

Dev: Kinnda' Coz geet, we missed bro for 3 days,, so u know, u'll have to pay for it nah!

Adhi: Han Geet, you should..

Geet: oye babiji, I can't kiss him nor face that rapid fire'

Maan: You time is up Mrs Khurana, so now you have to do the both'.

Geet: What? That's unfair'

Rahul: Nop, we asked you guys to read the rule book, but you were lost @ that time.. now u can't do anything'

Maan: Come on geet, first do that dare then I'll ask you the questions..

Sneha: Geet, this is just a game yaar, go and kiss your husband!

Geet: Oh my god''

She then slowly went towards him.. He was facing Rahul.. Geet thought

Geet: I will go to him and kiss his cheeks and come back, he is facing @ Rahul so my work will be easy'.

She was about to press her lips on his cheeks when he turned, yes, instead of the cheek, she kissed his lips'

Precap: Maan: Btw Geet, that was really nice'

She blushed and hide her face under the spread'

Now it comes to the rapid fire'


Han' 1st question:

Lol hope you loved this part!

Plz don't forget to leave a comment and hit the like button!


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Great part..
Thanks for the pM..

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Nice part
G8 work
Thanks for the pm

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awww that was cute
but mann is taking revenge for such a small thing?? :(

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Loved it........ Awesome part.

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Love the update. What a dare! I didn't see that one coming. Thanks LOL

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