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Dil Ne Mila Di Jodi : Maaneet FF (Page 44)

PLKG90 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 January 2011 at 9:28pm | IP Logged
Where are all these Maaneet fans????

rsroopali IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 January 2011 at 9:30pm | IP Logged
hiiiiiii gud mrng waitingggggggggggggggg

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mallu.crowe20 Goldie

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Posted: 29 January 2011 at 9:31pm | IP Logged
waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting. update sooooooooooooooonSmile

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VSai2008 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 January 2011 at 9:37pm | IP Logged

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PLKG90 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 January 2011 at 9:39pm | IP Logged
I will update it 2morow for sure.... Smile

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divareena IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 January 2011 at 12:37pm | IP Logged

I agree that they love each other but just don't realise it.  Lool maan not wanting to let it go. Me want maan and geet's first kiss. ClapClapClapClapClap

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PLKG90 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 January 2011 at 8:52pm | IP Logged

Part 12

Rahul and Rajji are having a great time. Rajji is enjoying her trip.

Rahul: Btw, Rajji, I have a doubt, why you always calls me Bhai?

Rajji: Coz u are older than me. That's why.

Rahul: Oh for, that means all you friends are in the same age group?

Rajji: Nah! When it comes to friends, it is difficult. So I call them by their names.

Rahul: So you clearly said that I am not a friend. Ok, (Made a fake angry face)

Rajji: Arre, I didn't mean that.

Rahul: Oki, let's be friends, as you know my best friend is getting married and he no longer will be able to accompany me with my mischievous work. Sameera is also busy with her work. Geet ke baramei tho bhait hi nahi. So I desperately need a good friend now. So I was hopping whether u could me my friend.

Rajji: (thought: nice approach Rahul) Han, why not. Weise bhi, I also gonna need a god friend. Dhi is not with me anymore, she'll be busy with jijo. Bhai is useless when it comes to friendship. So,,,,, I will be really happy to have a new friend.

Rahul: So it's done then, but plz,,,, don't call me Rahul Bhai anymore. Oki? Just Rahul.

Rajji: Oki…. Rahul Bh………….. Rahul… it's done.

Rahul felt a sudden relief. Way to go Rahul bte. She is not a stupid village girl. it's Geet's sister. So your approach should be very careful.

Rajji also felt something different. She felt a shy when she took his name. Rahul! OMG! Rajji,, hosh mai ao….

Rahul: So tell me Rajji, which country are you planning to apply for you intern?

Rajji: Oh! Rahul bh…….. poz, sorry. Rahul, I haven't finished my studies yet. I haven't started my uni yet.. so how can I plan about my intern?

Rahul: I am very sure you'll gonna select for the medical and you'll gonna hit your target. I was just wondering if you have any plans to apply for Singapore I will be able to help you. My mom is working there. She is saying in a flat, alone by herself. So she will be happy to have you.

Rajji: Oh! How nice. But I need some time to think of it. Will let u know for sure. Anyways, we should do some mischievous thing for Dhi and Jijo. That will be our firth game..

Rahul: Han yar, what shall we do???

Rajji: We will play a prank on them. Mh!! What kind of a thing?????????

Rahul: Hey I think we better wait until the SR…

Rajji: Feeling shy, as you wish.


At KC:

Maan: Yeh Rahul… sala…. Bohuth aage nikala. Mujse pathaye bina tumari maa ko milne gaya, who bhi Sameera ke saath.

Geet: Han, Rajji bhi muje nahi bataya.

Maan: Tum kabh ayi?

Geet:  Mh, 15 or 20 mins before. Btw, yeh Rahul ka..

Maan: Don't u have any work to do?

Geet: I am here to do ur stuff. Dictating, projecting and managing you meetings. If you are here, sitting and thinking of Rahul, what else can I do? Han?

Maan: Shut up……. Oki, it's almost 6pm, I think we better leave now. Waise bhi aaji muje mere Independence Day bhi celebrate karna hai nah.

Geet: Oh! Aaj Independence Day hai? Muje patha bhi nahi chala.

Maan: India ki nahi, meri, not form the queen, but from you.

Geet understood what he was saying and got irritated.

Geet: Han han, let's go. I too need to enjoy my life without any devil.

Maan: Apna mu bandh karo aur chalo.

Both of them were about to leave when they saw Rahul's car.

Rahul: Chalo bhai, I will take both of you.

Maan: Daani ne muje kahata, so I will take them.

Rahul: You must be tired nah, it's ok. Go and rest. I will do this.

Maan: Rahul, plz can you come outside from your car. I need to talk to you about something.

Rahul: Kya hai?

Maan: Abhe sala, tune muje bhataye bhina Rajji ko milne gaya na?

Rahul: Arre yar, baat yahe kei and he explained everything to Maan.

Maan: Han, I am agree with you. Don't spoil her mind by putting you love pressure. Wait until she finishes her studies.

Rahul: That was I thought. Btw yarr, let's go in your car. I was just kidding. I know u are so desperate to say Bye to Geet,,

Maan: Abe shut up. But he knew he will not let Rahul to drop them. Something like jealousy ran through his body when Rahul said that.

Both Maan and Rahul were sitting on front seats. Maan was driving. Geet and Rajji were on back seats.

Rajji: Btw, Rahul, what is going on with your business?

Maan and Geet shocked by this. In the morning is was Rahul bhai and now, just Rahul…

Maan: Murmuring to Rahul: Wah! Eak din, ladki in?

Rahul: Nahi yaar, nothing like that.

Geet: Murmuring to Rajji: Rajji, what is going on? Just Rahul?

Rajji: Deko na Rahul, dhi ko mera Rahul kehenesai problem hai. Arre dhi, we are friends and I can't say bhai to a friend.

Geet: Achcha meri maa, I will see you some other time.

Maan: Han, Rahul bte, mei bhi….

They dropped Geet and Rajji. As it was late @ night, they didn't wait there. On the way,

Rahul: Oh! It's bored yar, without Geet and Rajji nah?

Maan: Mh!

Rahul: If they were here, they will tell something interesting nah?

Maan: Mh!

Rahul: Aunty was really happy to see Geet after a long time wasn't she?

Maan: Mh!

Rahul: Abey yeh kya, har saval ko "MH MH", tera bap owl that kya?

Maan: oh! Were you telling something?

Rahul: Oh! Ho…. Lost in Geet world. Oki oki, but be careful with your driving. Otherwise Geet will have to change her Red Sari into a white one. So if you really wanna dream, let me drive.

Maan: Nahi yar, I was just wondering about Rajji.

Rahul: Rajji? Plz yar, mere thali pe ungli mat daaldo. You have Geet, so plz let me have Rajji.

Maan: Ulluke paate, I was wondering how will she behave after the wedding. It seems like both of them are sharing a very good bond.

Rahul: Han, that's right. But what else can we do. You don't have to worry, Sameera explained her well. I don't think she will act silly, She is a very smart girl.

Maan: Oh! TAKE HER SMARTNESS WITH you, I am talking about her emotions.

Rahul: 9th world wonder, Maan Sigh Khurana is talking about EMOTIONS? Wow! Geet has changed you a lot.

Maan: Felt embarrassing, shut up yar.

Rahul: Btw Maan, you forgot to kiss her before you leave.

Maan: Who?

Rahul: Abye Geet ko.

Maan: Kya?

Rahul: U idiot, when u are leaving you fianc for a long time, it is your duty to give her a memorable gift like a kiss and comforting hug.  

Maan: Tune Rajji ko yeh sabh diya tha?

Rahul: As I am still in my learners licence, I only can drive in limited areas. So I only hugged her. But you have full licence to drive anywhere… But u idiot, you locked the car and came by public transport.

Maan: I can't understand you licence philosophy. Let's go home coz I have something important work due. OMG! Yaar, I forgot to ask that from Geet.

Rahul: What?

Maan: About the project file. And it is with her. I need it for 2morw. Plz yar, will you mind if I go back.

Rahul: (thinking) You don't have to make excuses to Kiss her and said, yeh, it's oki for me.

Maan: Thanks yar.


At Handa House:

Geet heard someone knocking her window. She slowly went there and opened a half. OMG! It was someone unexpected standing near her window. She was shocked by seeing Maan STANDING near her window.

Geet: Maan, what are u doing here? Why? You came back? Shall I open the door? Shall I call mom?

Maan: Jumped in to her room and covered her mouth form his hand.

Maan: Chup, bilkul chup. Itne sare saval….

Geet: Automatically she lost her control with his touch.  She felt the warmth of his hand. His eyes were sparkling, expressing something different. His eyes were lovely and dreamy. This is the first time she saw his eyes in that angle.

Maan: I came back coz I wanted something from you.

Geet: What? (She was shaking)

Maan: I forgot.

Geet: Mh!

Maan Slowly rubbed her lips by his thumb. He lot in her eyes, she was warring a white night gown. It was pure while and he could she every line of her body well in that. This was the first time he saw her in her night ware. Maan took her hands and pinned her in to the wall. His hands slowly tightening her hands and He no longer was able to control himself. She found her lips. Maan closed the gap between them by his lips. The kiss was not passionate, but a gentle one.

Geet couldn't control herself anymore and she began to respond to his kiss. As soon she started to respond, his kiss became more and more passionate, possessive and hot. Finally they found their tongue, playing with each other's.  They were unaware of the time, the world, and more than that, who are they. Suddenly both heard the Bang of 12am…. With a shock both slowly loosen the kiss.

Geet now can see his face, brightening. She was about to touch his face when she heard someone knocking her door.

Simran: Geet beti, plz open the door. I know you are sleeping, but plz open the door…

Geet : Omg! It's mom, if she sees you in my bed room, omg! What am I gonna do.

She was facing the door and she couldn't think of any way to get off from this. She was sure, if mom sees Maan, in her room, at 12am She will definely create a big scene. But what can she do.

She turned her head to saw nothing. Maan was not there. She searched him everywhere, but he was not there.

Geet: Oh! He must have gone from the way he came. Thank god.

Geet opened the door.

Geet: Mom, why are you screaming? I was in a sleep.

Simran: yeh loo bte, ask her. ( She was pointing someone)

Geet: Who is there and what am I supposed to answer?

Maan: Came in front of her and said, I need the project file. Sorry if I disturbed you.

Geet: Standing there with a shocking face and asked, Maan, you are here?????



I hope you will like this update. Sorry for the delay.

Plz, mind the spelling mistakes. I wrote this in a hurry.

But don't forget to hit the like button and commet!


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Radhika Shah IF-Sizzlerz
Radhika Shah
Radhika Shah

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Posted: 30 January 2011 at 9:01pm | IP Logged
Great part....

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