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Dil Ne Mila Di Jodi : Maaneet FF (Page 26)

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 2:11pm | IP Logged
all the updates r very gud.......
thanks for the pm Big smile

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 9:00pm | IP Logged
Hey all, will update very soon! Meanwhile ur suggestions and ideas are welcomed! 

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 5:54am | IP Logged
hey.....just came across ur ff..
its amazing.....Clap
phulan devi.......LOL
can u plz add me to ur pm list..

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Part 08:

On the way to HP:

Rahul: Thanks Sameera for joining me for this.

Sameera: Oh! That's what friends are for… Btw, do you think this is a best idea? Coz Simran Aunty will take us wrong.

Rahul: Only two of us know the real reason behind our visit. We will tell her we came to help her with the arrangements.

Sameera: I still got a doubt on this… anyways let's see. Do u think Rajii will accept u?

Rahul: Why? Am I that bad ha?

Sameera: No no yar, I was kidding… But I am feeling guilty, I feel like we are deceiving Maan and Geet by coming here without letting them …..

Rahul: What else can we do? I can't tell Geet that I love her sis without knowing what Rajii think about me.

Sameera: What about Maan? He is ur best friend right?

Rahul: He knows this. He knows very well that I am in love sister of the girl whom he saved from the river. Now he knows that it is Rajii. But I was frighten to tell him about this trip as he is going to marry Geet.

Sameera: Let's forget it yarr, just think of how u convince Rajii…… She might say no @ first….

Rahul: Let's hope she'll say Yes!

Both of them began to think about what will happen within 1hours of time. They arrived the destination.

Simran: OMG! Sameera beti and Rahul beta, what r u doing here…

Rahul: Hello aunty, we just thought of give u a surprize visit. I think it worked.

Sameera: Han Maa, we thought we will come and help u with preparations.

Simran: I am glad to see u both. I was in a big dilemma regarding Rajji.

Rahul, got a sudden shock by hearing Rajji's name.

Rahul: Kyun Aunty? Rahul was trying hard to hide his excitement.

Sameera: Is everything oki maa?

Simran: No no nothing serious. But beti, Rajji loves her sister a lot. She was very angry with us when we told her that Geet will staying @ KM. She can't live without her….. and when we informed her about the wedding she was furious with us.

Sameera: Now where is she?

Simran: She has gone to the river near the Mandir. (Turned towards Rahul and said) where u guys saved Geet.

Rahul: Oki Aunty we will go there and have a chat. I am sure Sameera will be able to make her mind.

Sameera: Yeah aunty, u don't have to worry.

Rahul and Sameera was on their way to the river when they heard a deep voice calling, You??

Rahul and Sameera turned to look for the owner of that voice.

Rahul: Oh! Hi Brijesh….. I thought u have gone to Manali, what a surprise? What are u doing here?

Brijesh: U are asking me the most siliest question…. My Badi behen is going to marry and what else can do rather than helping with the arrangements. Anyways what are u doing here?

Rahul: Behen, are u telling me that Geet is ur sister? So are u Briji?

Brijesh: Han han, mehi hun who briji and how do u know geet?

Rahul: Oh! Although we have met u so many times, we didn't know that it was you whom Geet always referring as Briji. I hope u remember my friend, who was with me, MK??? He is the one whom geet is going to marry..

Brijesh: Omg! So MK is Maan sigh Khurana…. I liked his attitude and the personality… Someone like him can turn down my silly sister's useless ego…

Rahul: And only someone like ur sister can tolerate a person like Maan.. and started to laugh.

While Rahul and Briji had their long conversation there was someone else, looking surprised by meeting Briji. It was Sameera. She couldn't take her eyes off from him. She was hopping to see a rude looking, pale smiling Briji as Geet always refer him to the Bheera in Raavan. But there she goes, seeing someone totally opposite than that. Although is not as smart and handsome as Maan, phir be… his smile is like a water running from a wonderful waterfall, his eyes is very captive and like shinning starts… and last but not least his firm and M shaped mouth gave her Goosebumps. He was extremely handsome. He only seconded to Maan. She kept looking @ him. She wanted to take her eyes off but she couldn't. She felt something is holding her. She could see all the lines in his eyes. She knew, this was not like the ordinary way she felt about guys. She knew there is something else between them.

Rahul: Sameera!!!! Have u been? I was trying to call u and but u were deeply in to something? Are u alright?

Sameera: Felt a little embarrassment. Yeah! Rahul I am ok.

Rahul: I forget to introduce Briji… Sameera this is Brijesh aka Briji, Geet's Bro… and Briji, this is Sameera, one of our closest friends…

Briji gave his hand and at the time he touched her hand she felt like she is in the heaven and someone from the heaven touched her. Rahul who stood there saw the sudden light in sameera's eyes and he knew, something will definitely gonna happen.

Briji: hey sameera, it's nice to know you. So so how are the things with Geet? Hope u have found her irritating ha?

Sameera: Just realised that she was staring at him and lowered her eyes. Oh no, she is very good, I really like her.

Rahul: It's a girl thing nah… but yeah Geet if in my Nice people list.

Briji: Thank god she has found some company where she is welcomed. Btw u guys were heading toward the river weren't u?

Rahul: Yeah! Aunty asked us to go and meet Rajii as she was bit upset about this marriage.

Briji: Oh! Yeah.. I can't believe her. Yeah yeah u guys can carry on, I got some work to do. C u next time…. Bye sameera….

Sameera: Bye… and there was a faint smile in her face when she said alvida!!!!

Rahul: Dhal mei toh kuch kala hai????? Han???? Kuyn dil gaya???

Sameera: Stop it yar,,,

Rahul: Oh ho.. blushing!!!!!!

Sameera: I told u nah, stop this nonsense. But she felt really happy inside her heart.

Rahul: Kept walking and started to murmur,,, tere pehili nazarne, meri chain churaya……. Ohhhhhhhh dil churaaaliya!!!!!!!

Sameera: Unable to hold her laugh burst in to laugh!!!!! But she didn't know that  Her laugh made someone's heart filled with happy! It was non other than Briji.

They came near the river and saw Rajji sitting near the steps.

Rahul: Hey grily…. How are you?

Rajji: Shocked with the sudden voice and looked around. She saw Rahul standing near. She was soo happy to see him. She ran towards him and with a blink of an eye, she hugged him tightly.

Sameera who stood there looking amused with what just happened.

Rahul who felt blank. Still unable to think, Rajii, are u oki?

Rajji: Move apart and blushed. Sorry bahiyya, I was really worried and wanted someone to tell this feelings. When I saw u standing near I couldn't help myself. Sorry..

Rahul: It's ok rajji. Btw, there is someone I would like you to introduce. This is Sameera di, she is one of the best friends of geet.

Rajji: Hi di, how are u? How is my di? Is she doing well? Oh! I can't live without her.. I want her to be my side!!!

Sameera: Took her hand said, sit down rajji… this is normal to a girl… agar ladki banke is duniya me ayi tho, yeah bhi karni padengi… Har ladki ka sapna yehi hai…. Aur har ma ka bhi… think when ur parents see u didi as a bride how happy will they be ah? And think how happy u can be? U can make ur mind that ur didi is not alone now, she got a loving life companion who will stand by her with every step she take. He will protect her, he will love her…. And many more.. as a girl what else we need… a loving pathi, pyarasa gar, nice sasural and that all we need….

Rajji:Hugged her and said, thanks di, u made me feel haapy… yeah Geet di will be happy with Maan jeejo. I am very happy for her. Now I can concentrate on my studies well…… Di u know I want to be a doctor. Aur mei apini ambition koibi tarase fulfil karoongi.. do u think I will be able to do that?

Sameera: Of course my dear…. U will be a very good doctor. My blessings are with u..

Rahul: Oki Rajii, we will take ur leave now. Will come again soon! Byee!!

Sameera: Rahul lekin, u said u have something to ….

Rahul: Sameera, I got an important meeting. Shall we???

Sameera: Oh oki,, bye rajji, it's nice to meet you.. will meet soon bye sweetheart!

Rahul hurried himself… Sameera who followed him was blank. He wanted to talk to rajji about themselves and now, he is hurrying him slef???

Sameera: Rahul, what is wrong with u ??? u are the one who wanted to talk to rajii and now?

Rahul: Have u seen her face sameera? She was really happy for her di and it was a relief for that her di will be oki. How innocent she was, I don't wanna spoil her innocent ambition by spreading my love over her. I love her more than anything and for that love, I can wait another 3 years. I don't wanna get love by shattering the dream of my lover.

Sameera: wow Rahul, hats off.. u r great. It's hard to find guys like u in this modern society. I agree with u. Rajii is still a child,,, she will not be able to handle two heavy things. I think it is better u wait until she finished her studies.

Both of them said bye and headed towards their residence.

Sameera: Who still couldn't take off Briji from her head and mind AND HEART!!!!! Began to think of him.. his dark eyes, thin M shaped lips, his masculine features and oh how lovely he looked…

Rahul, who was stunned my Rajji's hug! Dreaming about their future, While, Briji,

Yeah! He too got a sudden shock by seeing Sameera, she was the most lovely person he has seen in his entire life. He long dark hair, little eyes, think smiling lips and he little face, he was mesmerised by her looks……

Hope u will enjoy this part even there is no sign of Maaneet. Sorry no Precap for this part… Suggestions are welcome!

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nice ClapClapClapClap. no maneet but also its nice. powder qeen is falling for brij thats really niceSmileSmileSmileSmile. rahul's character is very niceSmileSmileSmile , he cares so much for rajji. great part keep going. waiting for more updates.

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Loved it.... But i want maneet moments...

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wow lovely update....lot of parallel love storiesEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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