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Dil Ne Mila Di Jodi : Maaneet FF (Page 22)

rsroopali IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 5:28pm | IP Logged
wowwwwwwww awesome update n add me 2 ur pm list
n precap is sooooooooo funny ROFL

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kirannaryani Senior Member

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 9:15pm | IP Logged
wow nice ff i read all parts in one go. really loved it .... can u plz add me in pm list ...Smile

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PLKG90 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 10:00pm | IP Logged

Part 07:


@ Khurana Contractions:

Geet: Many I coming Maan.. errrrrrr SIR?

Maan: Looked @ Geet, yeah come in. Is there any problem Geet?

This Marriage will be a great chance for me to ask for a promotion. I hate working as a secretary. I'll ask him, she thought.

Geet: Actually the thing is, do u want me to work as ur secretary after the wedding?

Maan: Y??? is there any unavailability?

Geet: No no, I am oki with anything, but just considering about urself.

Maan: Myself? I can't see any problem with me for u working as my secretary.

Geet: No, I was thinking, if I continue to work as the secretary it is not good for ur image. Think, Maan Sigh Khurana, a well-known business tycoon…. Aur unki bhiwi, just a secretary, I think that is not good for ur image. Well, if I will be an  assistant manager or something which is a good post no one can point a finger… (Geet said with an innocent smile on her face, she skew, it's hard to convince him, but he will never let his image to go down.. she thought… I hit the arrow)

But poor Geet, Maan is an exceptionally brainy person, no one can tie his knot….. Maan, stood up, came towards Geet where she was standing…  Stood right in front of her and said,

Maan: Miss. Geet Handa, who do u think I am?  u think all these business empires are just killona's? or else do u think I am a fool? U thought u will be able to convince me to give u a promotion on behalf of my respective image? Then u have mistaken…. It doesn't matter whether u r my wife, or mom or anyone…. The post u r holding in this company has nothing to do with ur personal affairs…

Geet: Got embarrassed by his behaviour… hey, I don't want any damn promotions, I just thought about u ok…. Don't try to show me ur attitude…..

Maan: Oh! I tried to explain this is a well behaved manner, but no…. thume tho har waqt jagarna hai…. U r such a pulan devi…. Always tries to start a new scene…… I think u r perfect for the movie industry…..

Geet: Stop teasing me, right now….. grrr I hate u….. mind ur tongue u devil…

Maan got angry this time by hearing her called him devil, he was about to punch her when he saw Daadi coming towards them. He didn't want to make any scene in front of Daadi, so he grabbed Geet's hands. Geet, who was thinking how to get rid of maan felt a current running through her body with his sudden touch.

Maan: Looked at Geet in a lovely way and said, oh my sweety…… (stop looking at me….geet….) I feel like killing u my darling………….

Geet: Got angry but she was not supposed to show her anger, so she said with a lovely evil smile,

Geet: Oh my smarty, stop screwing my head, coz I feel like eating ur head my sweet janoo…

Daadi who saw them holding hands and stood so close to them felt really happy. Finally both of them have cleared their misunderstandings and falling for each other. God, tumme lakh ;lakh shukkar hai… She knock the door,

Maan: Showed a surprised look, oh! Daadi, it's u.. tum kabh aye?

Daadi: I was here for about 2 or 3 mins, but two of u were busy, so I thought it is not good for me to disturb u..

Geet: Got blushed by hearing daadi, nahi daadi, aisi koi baat nahi,, we were just …… and turned her head.

Maan: So daadi, what brings u here at this time?

Daadi: Actually Maan is was thinking we should do the wedding very soon.

Maan: Daadi, u know I am really busy. I don't mind the date u are fixing, but my tight schedule…. Mh let me see… if u can inform the date before one week, I'll be able to make it for the wedding, otherwise… no chance…

Daadi: Oh! God, maan, it's not ur neighbour's wedding.. it's urs beta. Tode while keliye toh yeh business baat chodo nah..

Maad: Did I tell that it is not mine. But daadi, plz make sure u will inform me ok…… coz this is all a matter of me and my schedule….

Geet: Mr. Maan, if u have forgotten I will remind u, u r not gonna marry a chair or a desk in ur company. U r attending this wedding as the Groom, and don't forget that I am also attending that wedding AS THE BRIDE…. So my timing is also equally important as urs. Btw Daadi, in his life there are only two things, Meetings and Presentations… iss two ke siwa kuch aur nahi!!

Maan: Will u shut……  Oh! Ur timing? Have u forgotten that I am the boss?

Geet: I know u r the saddo boss… but what if I am not free the day u will be free ah?

Maan: Miss. Geet Handa, I am the boss and I am the one who approves leave forms of my employees. As far as u r concern, u r my employee and when daadi fix a date and after i finalize I,t u will have to submit a leave forma and I will approve it. That's it.. So stop making fuss about it.

Daadi: Maan???? Bte thum teekh to ho na??? u r only allow her a one day leave for the wedding? Bte, she at least needs a whole week to prepare herself.

Geet: Yeh ddadi, but look at him…. He will not give me permission to saty that long…. (making a baby face)

Maan: A whole week? Y?? is she gonna be the bride in another wedding???

Daadi: Nahi bte, she needs to prepare her bridal, do some shopping, select a ring.. wagera wagera…

Maan: So can't she do all the listed things after the work..

Geet; murmering… I can, but only if u let me leave @ 5, not @ 9…..

Maan: heard what she said, oki daadi.. I will give her 3 days off and that's it. No excuses… u will have to come to work for two day in this week. Understood?

Geet: Han Sir…. And gave him an annoying smile…

Daadi: oki bte, I will take ur leave now. I have so much to do….. take care geet beti…

Geet: oki daadi, c u @ night…

As soon daadi left, maan turned to geet and ask,

Maan: gosh u people.. a whole week just for a one day?????

Geet who was thinking about her lovely bridal and stuff couldn't not control herself, before she think of an answer, her mouth came out…

Geet: Kya karoon, Dashing Maan Singh Khurana ko shaddi karne jarahi hai na,,, wole india will look and I have to be elegant for u……

OMG Geet!!!!!!!!!!! What the hell was u talking….. U almost slipped… wow, did I just told him that I should prepare for him… oh yeah…. He is right… I got an uncontrolled mouth… She was really embarrassed and ran out of the room before maan say anything.

Maan, still echoing what he just heard. She told him that all her preparations are just for himself… I am feeling happy about it?? No way…. I am Maan, Maan Singh Khurana…. But I am pretty sure what I felt was not negative.. she is not as bad as I thought… pagli…. Did I just said that.. Maan.. what is going on… remember, u hate her…………………………………….. Concentrate on ur business maan, otherwise u'll be bankrupt very soon…. Remember, she is Geet, Geet Handa, the girl u hate most.. But he knew this time it sounded ridiculous…

While Maan was in a Dilemma Geet was shocked, omg geet, tume use yeh sabh kaha, are babaji, now he will think.. nahi nahi… but was that true? Am I preparing myself for him…. Geet! Grr, he is Maan, u hate him….. he who always annoys me, teas me, shout @ me and u, here thinking of him.. choodo…. I hate him and that's it!!!! But she couldn't help her self being excited.. She thought to phone Sneha and inform her about her marriage.

Geet: Can I speak to Sneha Plz?

Sneha: Yes, speaking… Geet, is that u?

Geet: Yeah! It's me.. how r u my sweet heart??

Sneha: How are u??? abh yadh aya? DD ke pass gaye aur hame bholadiya?

Geet: Arre nahi yar, aise oki baat nahi. Coz of ur DD, I was damn so busy… Btw I got something very important to tell u and I have an invitation for u..

Sneha: An invitation? Before u say ur story give me the invitation?

Geet: Oki then, Miss. Sneha Kapoor, u and ur hubby to be, Mr. Ajey Khanna are cordially invited to present in the wedding ceremony of Miss. Geet Handa on the ,yar I will inform u the date as soon it get fixed oki..

Sneha: Oki, now tell me, what's this.. I am sure it's not 1st of April, so?????? Is this a joke or what??

Geet: Nahi yar, that's was the story I was gonna tell u, but u wanted the invitation nah..

Sneha: Is this true??? U r telling me Geet Handa, who used to anything to get away from Marriage is going to marry?

Geet: Han yar, this is true…

Sneha: Unable to hold her breath…. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooooo happy for you Geet. Who is the lucky guy??? Rohit??

Geet: Rohit???? Hikz, no way…. I am out of his league yar, plz don't get a shock after hearing ur jeeja's name oki… I will be married to Mr. Maan Sigh Khura…..

Sneha: W….H…..A….T….????? U r going to marry DD???????? The one who hates marriages??? OMGH! What happened to u guys???? R u nuts?????

Geet: Take a chill pill my dear.. will tell u the whole story, r u free tonight???

Sneha: For a conversation like that, I am always free yar..

Geet: Oki then, I'll meet u @ 6 near the Khyber Caf…

Sneha: yeah, I'll come over there..

Geet: Oki yar will hang up now, c u!

Sneha: T.C.

As soon she hung the phone she dialled Ajey,

Sneha: Ajey, can u believe what I just heard??

Ajey: U seems to be very excited, y?????

Sneha, told him about the phone conversation,,,,,,

Ajey: Wow! Finally our Mr. I am allergy to MARRIAGE is gonna marry Miss. I would rather prefer death than Marriage! Until now I have heard about miracles, but now I can see, miracles does happen! I am very happy for them Sneha.

Sneha: Yeah me too! I will meet Geet tonight and know the exact thing.

Ajey: Oh! Btw, Sneha, I got something important too. I just got a call from Rahul that he is not his way to HP..

Sneha: What?

Ajey: Han, I was also shocked, but he said before he have a talk with Geet, it is a must to know about Rajji's feelings..

Sneha: but ajey, what will aunt Simran think of him… He alone came to meet Rajji.. oh! This guy is ruining his image by himself.

Ajey: nah nah, although is a madly in love, thank god he is not a fool. He told me that Sameera knows the story and she is accompanying him.

Sneha: Thank god, Sameera is there. Otherwise Briji bhai will kill Rahul.. I know him very well!

Ajey: We hope everything will go positively.

Sneha: Yeah!

Precap: Teri peheli nasarne, mera chain churaya, Dil churaaa liya!

O hope all of you will like this part. Sorry for the mistakes, specially in Hindi!

You lovely comments are welcome!!!!!

plz hit the like button, if u loved this part!!

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shah10 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 10:07pm | IP Logged
awsome update.
do continue plz.

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mallu.crowe20 Goldie

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 10:16pm | IP Logged
wow wonderful partClapClap and its very very funnySmileSmile. how many names will maan give to geet , now pulan devi LOLLOLLOL  . maan giving just 3 days leave for his bride, thats not fair. but deep inside they are liking each other, hope they admit it soon. awesome updateSmileSmile.

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kirannaryani Senior Member

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 10:17pm | IP Logged
wow that was nice update , thanks for pm ........ plz cont soon 

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ambbiha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 10:17pm | IP Logged
great update ROFL
continue soon

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namitasin Senior Member

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 10:22pm | IP Logged
Tussi Kamal kar ditta luved maan's dilemma n geet's murmering yaar cant wait for next plz continue soon.

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