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Dil Ne Mila Di Jodi : Maaneet FF (Page 16)

..shreyaa.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 4:51pm | IP Logged
Awesome Part
Loved it
Continue soon
Thank u!

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mallu.crowe20 Goldie

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 7:24pm | IP Logged
hey very nice part ClapClapClap. i feel sorry for sameera she is very good, hope dis powder queen also gets someone in the future. maan and geet  ready to get married really looking forward for the next update.

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desichick50 Newbie

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 7:26pm | IP Logged
Hey, it sounds really nice. can u add me to ur pm list?

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Audiwalia IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 8:38pm | IP Logged
What????? Ready 4r marriage but....... Wats wid dis precap yaar...

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PLKG90 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 9:59pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by aditiwalia56

What????? Ready 4r marriage but....... Wats wid dis precap yaar...

haha! wait and see yar!!

mrk-1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 10:07pm | IP Logged
lovely yaar.... precap s so interesting !! maan and geet are ready to get married ??? update soon

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PLKG90 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 10:17pm | IP Logged

Part 06:

Khurana Constructions:

Maan was working on an important project so he wasn't aware of the time. It was already 9pm. Everyone has gone and maan felt bit tired and decided to go home. He was about to pass Geet's cabin when he heard someone's voice. He got surprised by this:

Maan: Someone is in Geet's Cabin, @ this time? And pop his head and the scene he saw took him to another world. Geet was sleeping on her chair self-talking. He was mesmerised by her looks but took his eye off from her as soon he heard her voice.

Geet: Arre babaji, tum muje kaha fasa diya. Yeh Maan bhi nah, kabhi hbi apna galti nahi maante hai aur hamesha muje dat te hai. Dhusht Dhanav……. He always irritates me. I know I was bit harsh on him on that first day, but who koi tareeka hai eak ladki ko bachane ka. He threw me off like a junk. Kya karu mai iss Das sar wala raavan ko.. waise bhi he is not aas bad as I thought. But I still hate him… Kyun bhagwaan, isse ladkiyoke saath ithene gussa??? Binladan bushke picha nahi chod diyana, yeh me mere picha nahi chodenge.. Rude Binladan….

Maan couldn't stand anymore…

Maan: Geet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geet jumped out of her chair and ,

Geet: God, y??????? Can't u see I am working?

Maan: Working?? In dreams??? Oh! So ur work is to give me various names in ur dreams?

Geet: What?????????

Maan: Han han, Dhusht Dhanav, Das sar wala raavan, Binladan….. aur kya????? Hare I gave u this job coz my daadi asked ok? I am not so desperate oki….. Just mind ur tongue. Do u think I will tolerate this? Han?

Geet: Yeh kya baat hui,, if I was talking in my dreams I can't do anything… Y u always accuse me han? AUR KYA KAHA, u gave me this job coz of ur daadi? Are joot mat bolo, u gave me this job just coz to pass ur marriage…. U selfish….

Maan: Ah,,, and u… u joined this company to get experience ?????  u too joined this to pass ur marriage. Aur lucky guy,… he saved him self from the most cracking headache in this universe.

Geet: Aur, what do u think ? the girl u were going to marry is unlucky coz she couldn't marry u???? Hahahahha! She is the luckiest girl in this world. Tum jeise fish hook ko saadhi karke kooun kush rehe paye… She is sooo lucky. I am so jealous…  Sameera gayi geet ko fasake! Arre babaji,,,, jaldi se yeh contract katam karo aur muje free karo..

Maan: Kun, ah… uss Rohit, he might celebrating his independence day and here, I am with his supposed to be irritating wife…. God….. plz muje bachao….

Geet: Muje tumara bhakwaas nahi sunne hai… I wanna go home.

Maan: Toh jao, I am not holding u… go ahead.

Geet: I was here coz of u and u ask me to go by my self, no mr. Maan… u r the one who will take me…

Maan: Gosh, u r sooo annoying.. come meri maa…(But he felt happy that geet stayed for him) 

Both of them got in to the car. As soon they reach the house, Dev informed everyone that they are here.

Maan: Something is wrong. The whole house is in dark.

Geet: Hey, look, it's my dad's car. If it is not an emergency he will not come here without informing me.

Maan: Let's go..

Both of them forget about their fight and headed towards daadi's room. They heard several voices. They were about to step in to the room when they heard daadi talking about Him.

Daadi: Maan aur shaadi, kabhi nahi. I am pretty sure I will have to die without blessing my bahoon.

Mr. Handa: U r situation is same as mine Maa. Briji is useless, Rajji is still schooling. Geet is the only one who could make me happy, but she too is stubborn. I will not be able to have any daamagh before Rajji's wedding.

Daadi: Kya karu, I am feeling very dizzy and unsecure. I think these are the last days  of my life...

Mrs. Handa: If u want I will talk to maan.

Daadi: No use beite. He will not change his mind. It doesn't matter for him whether I died or not. He will not marry..

Maan was so upset and thought, shaadi mai kya burayi hai… Agar mere shadi can bring daadi a life, I will do it. He entered the room.

Maan: Daadi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daadi: Maan tum kabh ayi…

Geet: Daadi, r u oki.. what happened to u? kahatana mai tume apna khayal rakhneka?

Maan was shocked by this. Geet is looking after his daadi. May be she is not as bad as I think. Maan, what are u thinking, u'll have to think of daadi, not about this chipkali.

Maan: Daadi, what is wrong with u? Dev??? NT???? Tum kabh aye? Sameera daadi ko kya hua?

Hearing the name Sameera, Geet looked at her. Maan was right, she is a powder queen. But why did I felt something bad about her. She is not gonna marry him anymore. Geet!!! What are u thinking…….. but daadi will ask him to marry her and @ this stage, he'll accept. Geet felt sudden pain in her heart. Geet why are u feeling bad. It's his life… let it go…..

Dev: Sameera phoned us and informed that daadi's situation is not good. So we came….

NT: Han, jejeh, I was really worried over her. Sameera tried many times to contact u. But ur phone was switched off.

Sameera: Han Maan, I tried several times.

Geet: Mom and dad, tum logh kabh aye.

Simran: We were about to leave when v got a call from Sameera beite. So we couldn't inform u about our visit.

Maan: Daadi, how many times I have told u to take care of ur self.

Daadi: Maan, yeh abh medicine se nahi khushi se cure karaasakte hai. I am really worried over u beite. Plz mere baat maan aur shaadi se mana kardo…

Maan: Oki..

Everyone was shocked my hearing this. Maan agreed to marry without any problem. Geet, who stood there with her big eyes, So sameera, finally u won ur battle….

Geet; What am I thinking….. it is not my problem to think of that…. It doesn't matter for me whether maan marries or not.. But she felt same pain again..

Daadi: Maan beite, is this true?? R u really happy with this marriage?

Maan: Han, I promised u now…

Daadi: Jo ladki tume pasandh hai, batho.. I will let her marry u..

Maan: For instant Geet's image ran through his mind. No daadi, weise koi nahi hai, jise tum kaho, isse mai shaadi karron gi…

Daadi: Geet….

Maan: Kya???

Geet: Kyun daadi?

Daadi: I mean I want both of u to get married..

Maan: Geet ko?

Geet: Maan Ko????

Daadi: Han, I know u too like each other and for the first time maan agreed to get married, who bhi tere aneke baadh geet beiti!!

Maan: Geet, can u plz come with me?

Geet: Oh yeh,

Everyone was surprised by their direct  nature. Maan and Geet went out and Dev, who was unable to stop his laugh started to laugh …

Dev: Oh daadi, we should nominate u as the best actress. Ur acting is far better than anyone's.

NT and Sameera: Wow daadi, Hi5!!!

Mr. Handa: OMG! Maa, we were shocked…. And thank you for the rishta.

Simran: Han maa, I am very grateful to have a daamagh like maan.

Sameera who was smiling but inside her, she was burning. I am really happy for u maan. Al least one of us got a chance to marry the one whom we love….

Maan and Geet was standing near the garden;

Maan: Geet, Daadi is thinking we both like each other. She thinks u r the reason for me to say yes to the marriage.

Geet: Maan, I heard that and I too want an explanation….

Maan: Do u think that's true. U know we both hate each other. I agreed to get married just coz of daadi. If my marriage can give daadi another life, I am ready to marry anyone.. even YOU!

Geet: Felt sudden happy. Maan, if u can do a sacrifice on behalf of ur Daadi, y can't i. My papa always wanted me to get married.

Maan: I know we will not be a happy couple. But what else can we do….

Geet: Yeah! Even now we are ready the fight with each other. Try ur best to reduce ur anger and I will try my best too….

Maan: I am ready to marry u, but don't expect me to be a typical husband,….

Geet: I am also ready to get married to you and you too don't expect me to be a typical wife.

Maan held geet's hand and said, "Thank you"! Both of them looked @ each other. Their eyes said something totally different from what they discussed now. They had a long eye lock…

Maan and geet went to meet daadi, everyone was waiting for them and their answer…….. they we so desperate to know their answer,

Maan and Geet: Daadi, We are ready to marry!

Maan: U can decide a date and time, inform me, I'll be there.

Geet: Dad, hope u r happy now. Btw, I'll be there too for the wedding, but now I am sleepy, I am going… bye daadi, take care of ur self!

Maan: han, I am also very tired and wanna sleep. Take care daadi. Bye

Dev: Finally,,,,, bam bam bole!!!!!

NT: Sameera, let's go and decide about wedding dresses…..

Sameera: yeh! Come come…

Dev: Girls, wait a sec, I am coming too.. bye everyone!!

Daadi: Simran beite, I am soo happy.

Simran: I am happy too maa, finally I'll be able to see my beite as a bride..

Mr. Handa: Gosh, those two are so unbelievable…. But I am so happy and that's all coz of u maa.

Daadi: Now I am gonna live extra 100 years!

Mr. and Handa: We will take ur leave now maa, have to prepare for the wedding ..

Daadi: Han han….

Daadi, thank you god for letting my dreams come true!!!!


Precap: Oh my sweety, I feel like killing you…

                Oh my smarty, I feel like eating ur head…..

Sorry for the mistakes!!!!! Hope u'll love this.....

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very nice. plz continue :)

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