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Today's episode has a couple of scenes worth mentioning. Saxes plan to find a legal eagle. RED sets plans in motion to bury Kesar alive so YKW will then be KN's only wife. Prats warns Kesar about KN's plans to kill her. KN plans to make YKW his, even if she disapproves.

But it's not how it begins. You got it! The episode begins with the infamous sad sacks Saxsenas gathered around the dining table.  At Shamu's green house, it's the same old discussion.....their pareshaan lives. When one of the Saxes get into trouble the talk turns towards finding a lawyer to defend their plight followed by self-pitying talk about their ability to pay the legal fees. Last time they lucked out with SCAM's twisted legal brain that not only botched the case until Pratigya ban jayeeeeee happened. Only as a favor for letting him off the hook for poor representation, he cons them with his offer to marry their youngest daughter which brought them back to square one looking for another lawyer to defend her for her crime of impulsively marrying a married man and wanting to bail out against the Takurs's wishes. 

Shamu tells Adarsh to focus on his job while he finds a legal eagle to defend his twit daughter. Twit hasn't earned a penny to her name but has managed to squander a lot of the family's money in a bigamous marriage and now as a consequence trying to bail her out of the same illegal marriage.  For a family that barely spends a penny enjoying life and having fun, they sure bet all their money on the losing horse.

Following Prats's footsteps as the dutiful bahu of the Sax family, Komal offers a solution to Adarsh, the only one she knows growing up in the Takur Niwas. She asks Adarsh to beat her so she can call her bauji and say she's being mistreated at her sasural bec' he is mistreating Prat and Brat at the Niwas. But Adarsh reminds her he is not like the Takurs and would never hurt her, his wife.

We got a glimpse of the hero curious and furious at the laboring workers digging a a pit in his backyard. SS steps forward and takes responsibility for the order to dig a pit. He explains it away as his new project to build another bathroom for the family's use. Bhola Baba buys into this bakwas story and praises his bauji for taking care of the family's needs and takes off.

SS mocks his son's interest in the project under his breath before the nosy Takurain steps in next to query SS about the need for another bathroom when there were several in the house. SS clues his lifetime partner-in-crime about the pit being the final resting place for KesarOuch, the first bahu of the family. Takurain is pleased that her mard has a plan of action to make sure Project Potha is still on the drawing board.

Prats finds Kesar in the kitchen preparing for a meal.  She tells her jetani that she is very worried about KN's threat to kill her. Kesar brushes it off and tells Prats she knows her husband very well and they are just angry outburst over the years and he will not hurt her. Prats tells her she must file a report with the police regarding her husband's threat for her own protection but Kesar plays devoted wife and tells Prats that she has already sinned by turning her husband in once before and bringing police, court, etc. into family matters especially between meeya-biwi was not right.  She wants to help the twit but she has nothing, and even her life is not in her hands.  Prats, ask yourself. Who do you think is the real victim here and needs savingShocked? Your twit sister or this helpless woman who has no one, nowhere and nothing to call her own. Twit has wrecked havoc in Kesar's life and she's still acting like she is the victim. Ugh! Where is Docwa when you need one? Oh yeah! He bolted out of town after twit batted her eyes at him a couple of times. Must have been a good doctor to see twit needed medical help and took off for parts unknown.

Takurs sure have brainwashed Kesar over the years. What can one expect from the girl who has seen the four walls of her maike and the four walls of her sasural except for her husband forcing her to take a few trips to a doctor or hospital to abort his babies? Now that she is incapable of having a child, and the availability of an incubator on stand by, she is of no use to the Takurs. Looks like after the failed attempts on Prats's life they have decided they'd try their luck with the other bahu. Who cares if she is a pure bred Takur girl who has towed the line with dedication to this day? In return she was used and abused for years on end that she resigned to her plight reasoning it away that the Takurs have let her live under their roof even when she is no longer of any use to them.Ermm 

Piasiya enters the kitchen and informs Kesar there will be four extra mouths to feed for the day. Kesar is curious and nervous all at once until she is informed there are workers on the property.  She accepts the order with resignation. Who's the bahu and who's the helper here? Shocked

SS saunters into the kitchen and watches Kesar working at the countertop. His expressions said it all. There was a little bit of reflection, a little love for a loyal, dutiful and obedient bahu, a tinge of regret about his plans for her before he invites her to meet him in the situation room as he has something important to discuss with her. Kesar looked at SS with suspicious eyes even after telling Prats she was resigned to her fate. Is Kesar finally realizing that Prats for all her promises to support and fight by her side may not do it given her loyalties lie with her sister at the moment. Has she decided to fight for her own life in her own way?Ermm

The KN-YKW interaction is all about differences in acting calibre. KN with his rapidly nuanced expressions shows us what good acting is supposed to be, while his counterpart YKW fails to deliver on her performance. This scene is meant to snap KN out of his delusion that YKW is in love with himShocked. (Pardon me, but I refuse to dissect her dialogues) Instead the fire in her dialogue delivery is severely lacking, making this segment of the show even more painful to watchOuch. At moments it seems like she gets a grasp on what she needs to convey with her expressions and dialogues, but that is on for mere seconds before she slides into a performance that's flat, seriously lacking emotional intensity or expressions to match the pages of dialogue she recites. What a let down! Unhappy After a long contrasting exchange of challenges and a barrage of warnings and insults, YKW, the teeny twit, spits on KN's face riling him. Will a knock on the door save her in the nick of time or will KN finally snap and give twit one mega hand volley against her cheek?Wacko

Did YKW really think that screeching and yelling at KN was the way to deal with this situation?  She is riling the already vile man to the edge and his animal nature is coming to the fore in a hurry.  She messed up the situation without any forethought to the fallout for those in the Niwas.

By harping on the illegality of the marriage over and again to the Takurs, Prats has managed to leave Kesar vulnerable and without a back up plan. In her zest to get her sister out of the mess, she left Kesar sitting like a lame duckOuch.

A strange observation ...........YKW comes to Takur Niwas, begins wearing Takurain garb and acts like one too, all the time taking it out on her sister Prats in the name of revenge for her own folly. When she has a change of heart she flees to her maike and begins wearing her pre-marital garb and turns against the Takurs this time.  Put those potatoes and tomatoes away, I did say it was a strange observation.

PREVIEW:  SS tells a suspicious Kesar that he will let her go to her maike in a day as she has wanted to for a long time. He also gives her a piece of unsolicited advice "stay away from Prats".  Little did he know Prats was standing right above him listening to his warning to Kesar about her.   SS is a toothless tiger at best.Tongue

Please share your thoughts Ermmand commentsTongue, they are always welcome.Hug

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The episode that shud have been gripping seeing a teen immature kid growling on a tiger taking the form of a tigress....had ended as a thorn in the eyes! so pathetically delivered..another one to prove she jsut cant act!

I liked SS-Kesar scene! Despite of so much love n concern in SS voice, it was nice to see Kesar not being moved by this words..she just responded as she would have reacted in any other situation. she doesnt buy anything foolishly or act one!
Kudos to CVs for always showing her as a sensible woman..never she had acted a fool! I like her so much!

K ...wats is he doing in the show now-a-days?? but ..on the other side..are we gonna see a Krishna filled episodes soon once he coems to know about his parents true intentions.....!! how nice they wud be!

Arushi..if she has a heart should run away from the eyes of both the familise b4 she gives anymore pain to them..creating more n more confusions!!

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hi, merarai as usual wonderful post but my pov i dont know but i found

arushi she acted acc to her character where she has been brought in a secure

upbringing , a timid but impulsive.

but in yest episode d way she gave her dialogue deliver was really gud

scared nervous & soft tone not very screamy thats my pov

If A want prove herself she also has take lot of assignment then MKAP

she can be gud on Ramp lanky figure the more experience she gets she wil outshine

like P.

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excellent post meera Clap i loved k yesterday when he asked workers about hole digging and believed his bauji with such innocense talking to him like nothing happened last night he is really clean at heart.
kesar is always good emote everything wih her eyes brilliant
even i found komalvery god the way she wa saying adrsh to hit her was too cute she is a good actress .
ykw was pathetic asusaual u know na she said viewwers dont b judgemental so better not say anything about her but i wanted to meet her so called fans

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Thanks for your words of encouragement.

The best actors are those who make you think they are the character and not playing one. Case in point, Mr. Anupam Shyam as Sajjan Singh. Three factors go into making any actors performance believable.........body language, affect (emotions in speech) and dialogue delivery. All three must work in synchrony to click.  This is true in real life as well, those who can't get it clicking  are called "strange" or "weird"..

IMO, YKW can't click on all cylinders in her performance 95% of the time. She concentrates on one aspect while the other two take a back seat. In Indian drama a very important requirement is the ability to do a staring contest with the co-star. Most of the episode is often spent with actors staring at each other or showing us the reaction of every actor in the scene (I fail to understand the reason for doing that ).  In her case one eye(her right) often wanders away.

Yday's scene was supposed to be an emotional one but it fell way short in my book. In contrast, Jaswant nailed every expression, subtle at times in the blink of an eye. When paired with such good acting, a less than mediocre performance sticks out like a sore thumb, that too when the only two people in the room are KN and YKW.

The contrasts in performance is frustrating for me to watch and takes away from the scene  It's more like watching a ballet when one performer is brilliant and the other  stumbling on stage. Or a duet where one hits every note to perfection while his partner is singing out of key or hits a wrong note at random.  This is just my opinion. Either POPS should send her for more training on her days off or better yet when this track ends so the next time she is given a track she can execute well. Or if  this is the best she can do in front of the cameras, it may not be her cup of chai, she could always move behind the cameras, as she is said to be a smart woman. Big smile

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Originally posted by telstra

excellent post meera Clap i loved k yesterday when he asked workers about hole digging and believed his bauji with such innocense talking to him like nothing happened last night he is really clean at heart.
kesar is always good emote everything wih her eyes brilliant
even i found komalvery god the way she wa saying adrsh to hit her was too cute she is a good actress .
ykw was pathetic asusaual u know na she said viewwers dont b judgemental so better not say anything about her but i wanted to meet her so called fans


Glad you liked the post. Every time I see  YKW in the middle of high drama I can't help but wonder if that role would have been nailed had it been Parvati (Komal) performing it. Prats has come along a bit, she does better in easy going full, teasing role bec' it is part of her personality and it comes naturally. She still needs to work on high drama scenes. Like YKW as I mentioned in my previous post, she needs to get body language, affect and dialogue delivery in synch. Often she is seen  (don' know if she is directed to do so) with her arms by her side standing in attention while giving her baashan. The body language adds value to the scene for those who are visually drawn to a scene versus the auditory portion of it.

How many times have we read into the scene bec' of body language and tone of dialogue than just the words. Example: when Krishna asked Prats "why didn't you just leave me?" and fell to his knees after he learned about the kidnapping.Cry

I delve into the characterization and performance and critically evaluate but don't feel it's right to criticize the actor as a person, their personal life or their looks. Critical review of a performance can be constructive and useful in any field be it the arts or manufacturing, etc.  I say give us a performance that is good and I will be the first one to say "Lallantop".Clap

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thank you Mera!!!
isn't it pitiful, kesar, cooking for the men who are digging her cruel.

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That's terrible isn't it? But did you notice the look on her face when she was told the additional four were laborers on the property, there was a questioning look, a tad suspicious which resurfaced when SS came into the kitchen and asked to talk to her. With Prats's warning and what she heard with her own ears, she is not as laid back about it any more. Her eyes said it all. She knows something is up at the Niwas.

I think Prats with Krishna and her dewars will save KesarClap. There is no need for a promo otherwise.  The new Kesar when she surfaces may return with gloves off and Takurs will not know what hit them. It will unsettle them even more when KN is in jail and Kriya have moved out of the Niwas to survive on their own. It will be  nice to see mysterious happenings that spook Takurain for a change while Ganti Dadi is on to it and helping Kesar along in her plans to teach bauji and Takurain a lesson.

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