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same here ! will go email ma Course wrk n get some sleeep 
Love ya <3 

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TAYLOR FANS...IGNORE THIS. LOLI just needed to post it somewhere.

|| BC Mirchi Awards ||

The JASTR Team presents to you, the BC MIRCHI AWARDS!
*cool awards theme song starts in the back and the JASTR team walks on stage*

Welcome to the awards BC-ers! I am Ravjot, and this is Ami, Tanu, Jot and Shikha! And..we are..YOUR HOSTS for tonight! Cool
Tanu: Yeah. Yay. *rolls eyes* I still think that a live awards show would have been so much more fun but NOPE! Motty Jotty just has to go all hitler on me and take over the whole awards.
Ami: I agree. I was running around in circles when i heard it was going to be live but then, when i heard it wasn't going to be live anymore, i stopped. I STOPPED RUNNING IN CIRCLES! Shocked
Jot: *mumbles under her breath* Can we just get on with the awards? I'm sure more than half of BC is ready to kill us for making them wait for so long anyways.
Shikha: Yeah. Let's just do this. Please.
Ravjot: Alright kids! Sit back with your VIP passes and hubby's/wives, and let's start the show! Approve
Shikha: You get me rockin and reelin!! It's such a wonderful a' feelin!
Tanu: Love mera hit hit soniye! Tu..
Ravjot: That's a whole different song Tanu. Stern Smile
Ami: ..*shrugs* It is. Ravjot is right.
*lights turn off and Ravjot and Tanu walk in wearing security guard uniforms*
Ravjot: We're not here to sing Tanu. We're suppose to check for VIP passes to make sure that no one has crashed our awards. Wacko
*Tanu pulls out her gun*
My name is Robinhood. Robinhood Tanu Pandey. Cool
Ravjot: D'oh

*lights turn off*

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Jot: So we're gonna start with the most awesome award first!
Tanu: This person has an animal's eye! Shocked She doesn't have a normal human's eye. 
Jot: *rolls eyes* She has a normal eye. Tanu's just being the stupid person she is. *smiles at her sweetly* ...Did i justdefend my enemy? Shocked
Ami: *whistles* Yup. You said that she had a normal eye. *runs around in circles*
Ravjot: Wacko I'm stuck with three other lunatics. An awesome person like me shouldn't be here standing beside you three.*wrinkles nose fixing her dress*
Shikha: I swear i feel like the only sane one.
*Ravjot bursts into tears*
Ravjot: WHATT DID I DOOOO?? I'm NORMAL. I ammm! Stern Smile Ask anybody.
*throws the mic on the stage frustrated* 
Shikha: Ravjot, go get the mic now. Stern Smile
Ravjot: *sighs sitting on the floor cross legged* I can't.
Shikha: Why not? 
Ravjot: I have to get up for that, which takes about 30 seconds..maybe even 60, and then i have to walk like..2 steps..which is about 10 seconds. So, i would be wasting approximately 1 minute and 10 seconds of my precious life. 
Ami: ShockedShe's right. ...That's a real waste of your life for just a mic. 
Jot: Or, in more simple words, Ravjot is too lazy.
*Tanu walks and throws the mic near Ravjot's feet*
Tanu: You're making me mad Rar! Stern Smile In fact, i'm just really mad at everybody! I. WANTED. A. LIVE. SHOW! Stern Smile
Ami: Me toooo!! Disapprove
*Ravjot gets up*
Ravjot: The very first award of the night is.....

The Bird's Eye Award!

Ami: And it goes to someone who's the wife of a coolbie
Tanu: LIKE ME!! *jumps up and down excited* WHO IS IT? I WANNA MEET HER!
Shikha: TANU. Calm down. You've already met her. 
Tanu: I have? I don't remember! Shocked I just remember Bruno Mars. Embarrassed He's my new love.
Ravjot: *rolls eyes* Of course Tanu. Can you not be so annoying for once and just be normal? *takes a big bite out of her banana*
Jot: Why are you eating a banana right now?
Ravjot: Because i can! It says so in the Charter! And i bought the banana with my own money! So bug off Jot! Stern Smile
Ami: Bug off Jot. *smirks feeling strong* Can we announce the winner now? Ermm
Shikha: Uhh duh AMI! Wacko
Jot: I'm doing it. ....IT rival...J! As in.. the editor's new head Jennifer
*Ravjot and Tanu walk in carrying the sig* 
Shikha: How exactly do you carry a sig? You two are crazy.
Jot: No. They're just the next generation's Ekta Kapoor's. Approve
Ami: I thought Ekta Kapoor was dead. Shocked 
Ravjot: Where did you hear that? Wacko
Ami: NJ told me! 
Jot: And you believed her? Of all people... *sighs* Oh Ami.
Tanu: Can i unveil the sig now?? 
Ravjot: JUST DO IT!

*Jen walks up the stairs grinning*
Jen: Bhaiyon aur behenon. Itni shirdat se tumhe paane ki koshish ki hai. Ke har zare ne tumse milaane ki saazish ki hai.
Ravjot: OMG. I LOVE this speech. Day Dreaming
Tanu: Speech chor! Shocked That's from SRK's OSO.
Jen: Well, this is the BC Awards, so i can't be a bit filmi? Ermm
Tanu: .............
Jen: FINE! Anyway where was i? Oh yeah. Thank you all for voting for me and giving me this award. I would say more but all the good speeches have been used and Tanu will accuse me of stealing again. Stern Smile
*Jen walks of the stage and hugs Radz squealing*
Jot: And now..moving on to the next award.
Ami: *looks at her shoes* Yeah. My heel is going to break soon. I can tell. I ran in circles way too much.
Tanu: *smirks* I was smart. I wore flats. Approve
Ravjot: *bursts out laughing* Or more like, you can't walk in heels. 
Jot: Dungar shut up for a second! 
Shikha: *sighs* The next award is for someone who just comes in to the News Room for 2 seconds and then leaves.
Ravjot: She's like me. She's cool. Cool
Jot: I think she's better than you. 
Ravjot: think i'm better than you.
Jot: I think you're just delusional.
Ravjot: Why does everyone call me that? Disapprove 
*Ravjot backs up feeling hurt* 
Ami: You guys, be nice to Ravjot. Stern Smile She's a nice per---ahhh!
*Ami's heel breaks and Ravjot catches her and the two stare into each other's eyes*
Tanu: Tujh mein rab dikhta haai, yaara main kya karoon! Sajde sir ch-

*Gur runs up to the stage*
Gur: RAVJOTTTT!! You're cheating on me? How dare you?!
*Ravjot gets surprised and drops Ami on the floor*
Ravjot: Gur! My love! Ami's heel broke and i had to catch her! That's all! I promise! 
Ami: And i swear to Jay Bhanushali, my back hurts more than anything right now. Thanks Ravjot. 
Jot: *wipes tears* You've broken my heart once again Ami. I always knew you didn't love me. ALWAYS KNEW IT! 
Gur: Ravjot. I have decided to kick you out of BC. One, you're ALWAYS inactive. Two, you ALWAYS lie to me and not once have you ever bought me a gift! And now this! Shocked
Ravjot: Oh but i LOOVEEE YOUU!! I swear. I do Gur swami ji. I do. *bites tongue* I mean, Gur. Just..plain Gur. Ignore the Swami ji.
*Gur stomps off the stage ignoring poor Ravjot's calls*

Ravjot: Aaj main upar, asmaan neeche *dances*

Shikha: Pst Tanu! i think Ravz momma's lost itShocked
Tanu: When did she find itStern SmileROFL
Jot: What are you two going on aboutStern Smile Hurry up and announce the awards already! I wanna get this done and over with Stern Smile
Ami: We can't though. We have a bit of a problem....
Jot: Problem? What kind of problem?
Ami: Tanu and Shikha are running away with all the awards *points at a run away vehicle with Tanu in the driver's seat*
Ravjot: Since when can Tanu drive?Stern Smile
Jot: That's not important! Go stop them Angry
Ravjot: No! YOU go Angry
Ami: *shakes head* Why do I have to do everything. *Pulls out a gun and shoots the tires* There.Problem solved
Jot: TANUAngry SHIKHAAngry
Shikha: Uh-ohStern Smile Bhaagoooooooo!
*Tanu and Shikha run away with Jot running behind them with a danda*
Ami: And on that note, lets announce the next awardBig smile
Penned Buzzer
Ravjot: And the winner is........... I dunnoStern Smile
Ami: Did you lose the list with the winners' name?Stern Smile
Ravjot: Maybe....
Ami: Jot's gonna kill you *singsong voice*
Jot: Who am I gonna kill and why?
Ravjot: No oneBig smile It's nothingBig smile
Jot: *stares at Ravjot* Ok... oh penned buzzer! I know this oneApprove It's meCool

Ravjot: I knew thatBig smile
Ami: Sure you did *rolls eyes*
Jot: Anyway! Time for my awesome speechCool *ahem*
Ravjot: Yes yes you thank everyone who voted blah blah blah. Moving on
Jot: What about my speech? Angry
Ravjot: Too bad Angry
Ami: Why am I stuck with such immature people?
Ravjot: What?Stern Smile That's it! I'm taking a break! TANUUUUU! Cover for me *hmph*
Tanu: HiBig smile
Ami: ... this is gonna be a long day
Jot: *ignores Ami* Next award is
In Control Buzzer
Tanu: This person is bossyShocked
Shikha: She's hitlerStern Smile
Ravjot: Oye! Stop calling my hubby hitlerAngry
Tanu: I thought you were on breakStern Smile
Ravjot: I was but I came back for this award
Jot: Just get on with it! I have things to do, places to be
Ravjot: No you don't. Anyway, the award goes to, my hubby -
Shikha: HitlerBig smile I mean GurpritBig smile
Ravjot: I wanted to announce itUnhappy
Gurprit: I'm not hitlerStern Smile
Tanu: yes you areeeeeee!
Gurprit: No I'm not! Now hurry up and give me my award
Tanu: SeeShocked You're being bossyShocked
Gurprit: I'm only saying that cuz I see Shikha trying to sneak off with itErmm
Jot: ShikhaAngry What did I tell you about stealing?Angry *tackles her*
Shikha: That hurtOuch
Gurprit: Thanks for the award guysBig smile I'd say more but Shikha's nazar is on my award so I'm gonna goBig smile
Ami: Next up is
Graphic-y Buzzer
Tanu: It's a sheApprove
Jot: All the buzzers are girlsStern Smile 
Shikha: She's a viewbie!
Jot: You and I are both viewbies as wellStern Smile
Ami: And me!
Ravjot: She's in charge of graphics
Jot: Now that's what you call a hint Approve
Ravjot: I know I rockCool And  the winner is.......... FantaBig smile
Fatima: *runs up the stairs and grabs award* Thank you for the award and everyone who voted for me! I really appreciate itBig smile And if you'll excuse me, I have a date with FabregasCool *runs away*
Ravjot: .... FANTAAngry COME BACK HEREAngry He's MINE!Angry *runs*
Jot: *drags Ravjot back* We have work to doStern Smile
Ravjot: But I'm sad nowUnhappy I'm gonna go sit in that corner and cry *hmph*
Tanu: RarrrrrShocked ByeBig smile Have funBig smileROFL 
Ravjot: Stern Smile
Ami: Next is *scans list* Mujik addic
Mujik Addicted Buzzer
Shikha: It's meeeeeBig smile My first awardBig smile
Tanu: I want itShocked
Shikha: It's mine!
Tanu: No Angry
*Shikha and Tanu arm wrestle for it*
Jot: Idiots *shakes head*
Ami: I have no clue what's going on....
Jot: We have an award for that too.
Confuzzled Buzzer
Jot: And no Ami it's not you
Ami: It's not?Stern Smile Who's more confuzzled then me?Stern Smile
Jot: Well there is one person.
Ami: Oh! You mean her!
Jot: *nods* Come on up RoshniBig smile
Roshni: Yay I got an awardBig smile Everyone who voted for me, thank youBig smile But I'm not sure why I got itErmm
Ami: That's okBig smile CongratzBig smile
Jot: I think I'm gonna go find out where the idiots went

Ami: Did you find them?

Jot: No. They're too good at hiding =/
Ami: So now what? Awards canceled?Shocked
Jot: NO! We're gonna continue without them and when I see those three I'm going to slap them Approve
Ravjot: 3, 2, 1. NOW!
*Shikha and Tanu throw water balloons at Jot and Ami*
Shikha: Mission accomplishedCool
Ravjot: Uh-ohStern Smile *makes a run for it*
Ami: *looks at Tanu and Shikha* What do you two have to say for yourself?
Tanu: Oops?
Ami: I give up. I need a break
Tanu: And that leaves me and Shikhu to host the next set of awardsBig smile Isn't that exciting?Big smile
Ami: On second thought, I think I should stay here and superviseStern Smile
Shikha: Don't you have faith in us?Unhappy
Ami: Do you really want me to answer that?
Shikha: Uh... next awardBig smile It's
Picky Buzzer
Tanu: I think it suits the winnerStern Smile She's very pickyStern Smile
Shikha: Our very own NJ
NJ: How am I picky?Stern Smile *looks at Ami*
Ami: Um.... *gets scared*
NJ: Never mind. Better then nothing. Thank you voters for thinking that I'm deserving of this awardBig smile Really appreciate itBig smile
Jot: I couldn't find that khoti anywhereStern Smile
*Shikha sees Ravjot on the roof*
Shikha: Mommaaaaa!
Jot: Where?!
Ravjot: Shh!
Jot: What was that?
Shikha: It was a catStern Smile
Jot: We don't have a cat hereStern Smile
*Shikha points at Tanu*
Tanu: MeowBig smile
Jot: *slaps forehead* What am I gonna do with you guys
Ami: Can we please just get to the next award?
Attractive Buzzer
Ami: I dunno how she won it. Wait actually I do. Only she's capable of coming up with such outrageous ideas that somehow seem to workStern Smile Yes it's Shikha
Shikha: I just want to thank-
Tanu: I deserve thisAngry
Shikha: Stop trying to steal my awardsAngry
Tanu: I want itttttAngry
Ami: Chor *shakes head*
Tanu: Who you calling chor *trips Ami*
Ami: TanuAngry *throws pie at her but hits Jot instead* Oh crapStern Smile
*Jot looks at Ami in anger with smoke coming out of her ears*
Ami: Uh Jot? You know i love you right?Big smile Just remember that and calm down?Big smile
*Ravjot cracks up and loses her balance and ends up falling on Jot*
Ravjot: Uh...hi?Big smile
Jot: DungarAngry Where have you beenStern Smile
Ravjot: I'm not tellingApprove
Tanu: Rarrrr! Shikhu wont give me the awardUnhappy
Shikha: Ravz momma! Tanu keeps stealing my awards
Jot: While you guys sort out your little problem, I'll announce the next award
Most Shyest Buzzer
Ami: She's really shyShocked
Jot: Which is why she's getting this award
Ravjot: And I know herBig smile
Tanu: I do too!
Ravjot: She's part of my teamCool It's
Tanu: MahamBig smile
Maham: Really? I won? Thanks everyoneEmbarrassed
Shikha: I wanna announce an award tooUnhappy
Ami: Then announce one
Shikha: Next one's mine called it!
Tanu: Bhootni *hmph*
Shikha: I wanted to announce itAngry
Ghost Buzzer
Ravjot: I know herShocked
Tanu: Me toooShocked She rarely posts but you know she's thereStern Smile
Shikha: It's SanjanaShocked
Sanjana: *magically appears* Thanks for the award guysBig smile *disappears*
Ravjot: That was so coolStern Smile
Tanu: RarrShocked Where did Jot and Ami go?Shocked
Ravjot: We lost themStern Smile
Shikha: I see them! They fell asleepShocked
Ravjot: I guess they can't stay up. Which brings us to the next award
Raaton Ki Rani
Tanu: She's always hereShocked
Ravjot: Stalking your every moveStern Smile
Shikha: I'm not a stalkerStern Smile But I'll still take this award. Thank you and have a nice daysBig smile *runs away before Tanu can grab it*

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Tanu: The next award is the...


 Jot: And the award goes to..a...viewbie! 
Tanu: Who pops in!  Big smile
Ravjot: No duh idiot. She's not gonna jump in as you can tell from the title of the award. *grabs a piece of paper and starts drawing a heart on it*
Shikha: Why are you sitting on the floor Ravjot? 
Ami: And why are you drawing a heart? ...Colouring it get the point.
Ravjot: I can't draw/colour a heart standing up so i have to sit here. And it's for my hubbster. Gur. She may be a hitler but she has a heart and she loves me. Approve
Jot: The winner is...SOURPUSS. My buddy Bhav who moderates The Vampire Diaries section!

*Bhav walks on stage panting*
Bhav: Those stairs are tiring. But people. *stops to grin* Thank you for being so awesome and voting for me so that i could get this...award? Where's the award?

*Ravjot gets up from the floor sighing*
Tanu: When you get up, hold your dress down. I don't think anyone would want you to flash them.
Ravjot: Blushing ..I'll go get the award.
*Ravjot and Shikha walk in holding the sig*
*Bhav takes it and smiles at everybody then runs off stage*

Shikha: No more wasting time. Stern Smile Let's move on to the next sig.
Tanu: Fun fun fun fun!!
Ravjot: Friday friday friday!
Ami: Yesterday was Thursday [thursday], today is Friday [friday], tomorrow is Saturday-
Tanu: But singing is fun! Jot, you're not fun.
Ami: I think she's super cool and awesome.
Jot: Only because you feel guilty for cheating on me with RAVJOT!
Ravjot: She's my triplet. I can't date her. The next award is....

Crazzy Buzzer!

Tanu: And the winner is me. Cool
Ravjot: And that's only because she has a big mouth. Approve
*Tanu slaps Ravjot* 
Ravjot: OUCH! You can't slap me! 
Tanu: I just did! Go get my award!
Ami: I'll go with you Ravjot.

*Ami and Ravjot bring the sig*
*Tanu grabs it violently*

Tanu: I won't say i'm extremely happy because i am not. I wanted a live show but...thanks for the award. *sighs*


Ravjot: After wasting some time..we move on to our next award.
Tanu: Let's just not waste time. It's the.... 

Shpammer Award

It goes to me once again. Cool I didn't know you guys loved me this much. *wipes tear*
Ravjot: She's really annoying, isn't she? 
Jot: Go get the award Ravjot.
Ravjot: Well, you gotta come with me then! 

*Jot and Ravjot go get the award*

Tanu:And thanks once again everybody. Approve *Tanu does the happy dance*

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Jot: Alright! The next award!
Ravjot: Wooooo!! But before we do that, lemme just give my heart to Gur.*
*Ravjot runs off the stage and hands the heart over to Gur*
*Gur takes it blushing and everyone starts cheering
Ravjot: Well, that's done.
Shikha: I'm getting tired of the nonsense.
Ami: Me too Shikhu.
Jot: Oh shut it you two!
Tanu: Yeah. Just be quiet. *Tanu kisses her awards*
Circly Buzzer

Jot: And this award goes to a cute little bachi. She's annoying at times but...OH WHAT THE HECK! Everyone knows who this is!
Ami: Meeeeee!! Well...i just wanna thank everybody for you know, voting for me. And i swear to Jay Bhanushali, i am EXTREMELY happy. I mean, i got awarded for running in circles!! ROFL This is awesome!!

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Jot: The next award *ignores the grinning Ami*
is for someone who-
Ravjot: There's a butterfly in here!! *jumps around screaming*
Tanu: You're flashing me! Your underwear is BLUE Ravjot! QUIT jumping around!
Shikha: CALM DOWN EVERYONE! RAVJOT. STOP IT. STOP JUMPING. Sheesh. Such a dramaqueen. 
Jot: Yes! That's the next award! *lets out a sigh of relief*
Dramaqueens Of BC

Shikha: And the winners are...
They're social networkers!
Tanu: *grins* LIKE ME!! *poses like a model*
Ami: ...They're like..the heads of that team.
Jot: *glares* You just gave it away Apricot. You're not giving out hints no more!
Ami: I tried!
Ravjot: Wait a minute! Heads of the social network team! THAT'S VARSHA AND ME!! Shocked
Jot: Can i just say that it'd be a miracle if we announce at least one award without any interruption.
Ravjot: I'm the winner so chup Jot! Stern Smile *turns to the audience* Oh my god. People. *wipes her tears* Kids. Thank you. *starts crying* I wonnn! Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Awwwww.... *clutches Chotu Motu [her teddy bear]* First of all, i'd like to dedicate this award to hawai hawai and Basanti. I love you two!Blushing You know when i first joined BC, i knew this was the place for me. I just did. Everyday, i'd log into IF and come to the news room just because i love it so much. And then one day, *wipes tears* CC came along and i became so busy that-
Jot: No one cares Ravjot. VARSHA! You're the winner too. Get up here!
Ami: Umm..Jot? There are two Varsha's. Which Varsha do you mean?
Shikha: Umm...didn't you just say that they were heads of the social network team?
Ami: Oh yeah! D'oh Nevermind.

*Varsha walks on stage shaking her head*
*Tanu and Ami carry the award*

Varsha: Well. I am the awesome Varsha. The head of the social network team. Yup. The head of the amazing team. But i won this magnificent award because of you all. *wipes tears* Thank you everybody. Thank you. This means soo much to me. *runs off stage crying*
Shikha: *looks concerned* I hope Varsha's Ok. She was crying a lot.
Tanu: She'll be fine. You're always worried Shikhu. Take a chill pill.
Shikha: Oh but...
Ravjot: The next award is for someone who loves to just, get things done right away. She's always ready. Always ready to get started.
Ami: Did you know that she got started with her job the moment she entered BC?
Jot: Like mee! I even remember my first article. It was the friendships in Bollywood one. Approve
Ravjot: Yeah. Whatever. No one cares.
Jot: I don't know what the heck you're talking about Ravjot because everyone cares. Stern Smile
Tanu: No one cares about either of you. Everyone cares about me.
Ami: But unlike you three, i don't annoy everybody so i'm gonna argue that everyone cares about me.
Shikha: And this is why no one cares about you guys. The next award is....


And this award is for someone that i really love. She's my favourite editor because she loves me. Approve
Ami: She's my triplet.
Ami: Well..too bad! Angry
Ravjot: Both of you need to shut up. Wacko
Shikha: The winner is...Gunia! luvyaforever!

*Ami and Ravjot carry in the award*

*Gunia walks up on stage with NJ, and Nabz by her side*

Welcome you illegal threesome! Wacko
Gunia: I just wanna thank all the BC-ers. You guys are amazing. I love you all. My editors team, the social networkers, the creatives, the writers and the graphics team! I love you all. Hug And this award is really important for me.
*lights go off and the spotlight shines on the illegal threesome and Ravjot*
Ravjot: Lehrakay, bal kakay, lehrakay. Aag lagake, dilon ko jhalakhay, karun main ishaara... Sharara, Sharara! Sharara sharara! Main hoon ek sharara!!
Gunia: Um, thank you Ravjot. Blushing

*The illegal threesome walk off the stage with Nabz and NJ glaring at Ravjot*
The next on the list of awards is, for someone who's just like a teddy bear.
She's really adorable like my Chotu Motu and i wanna hug her all the time. AND..pinch her cheeks. Big smile

Jot:HEY! Lay off my hubby Ravjot! Stern Smile
You wanna pinch my cheeks and hug me all the time Ravjot? Blushing
Ravjot: I can't help it. Blushing
Jot: *stomps off* I'M NOT COMING BACK!
Tanu: Finally. I thought she was never gonna leave.
Ravjot: The awards name is..

Cutest Bachi Award

Ravjot: And it goes to the cutest bachi of all. -Ami-. Amisha! Big smile
Ami: Aww. Well, where's my award?

*Tanu and Shikha carry it in*

Ami: Awww, if Jot was here, she would have been squealing because Shahid is in it. But she's not here. She's mad at me. Unhappy I'm gonna go manao her.
Shikha: You're gonna do what to her? Shocked
Ravjot: She's gonna manao her idiot. As know...sing for to her..whatever makes her happy. Manao her.
Tanu: You mean apologize to her idiot.
Ravjot: Not exactly. Ermm

*Ami runs away*

The next award is actually really random.

*Jot and Ami run in panting*

Why are you yelling? Stern Smile

You guys can hear me? Shocked

*raises eyebrow amused* You have a mic in your hand.
Jot: Well..i just thought that..maybe...*sighs* Whatever.
Ami: Actually, this our way of thanking her for hurting her brain for us. She converted the times for us when we were figuring out what time the live show should be.
Tanu: Which didn't happen because of someone. Angry
Jot: *hides behind Ravjot from Tanu* It'sHershi!
Yeah idiot but you didn't mention the award. The award is....

Converter Award

*Hershi runs up the stairs as Jot and Ami get the award*

Hershi: Oh my god! It's Hrithik! My hubby! I other hubby. I love you Lola! Embarrassed I can't believe i'm getting an award! Hah. A newbie among the oldies. This is so awesome! Approve Thank you for letting me convert the times so i could recieve this award. Thank you soooo-
Ravjot: OK. That's enough. Bye bye Hershi. This is a random award so you don't have say so much. *pushes Hershi off the stage*
Tanu: Ohhhh....main toh ainvayi ainvayi ainvayi lut gaya! Haayye! Hatt re nagora, neem ki pakore, picha kyun na chore, khoomai-
Ravjot: Main toh lut gayi! Shocked
Shikha: Kyun? What happened? Shocked
Ravjot: I left my pant and suit backstage and someone choried it! Stern Smile
Ami: Oh you mean this? *holds up ripped pants and a paint covered coat.
Ravjot: ShockedWhat did you do to it? Shocked
Ami: It was a suit? Shocked I couldn't tell. So i used it to paint the mural that's hanging outside. Ermm
Jot: How do you paint with a pant and coat? Ermm
Ami: I didn't paint with it. I put the canvas on top the pant and coat so i wouldn't get any paint on the floor. Ermm

*Ravjot dials a tuxedo shop*
Ravjot: Hello? I would like you to send me a tux immediately to the News Room. What? What do you mean you don't deliver tuxes? Listen Mr.! You don't know who you're talking to! Didn't you read the Valentines edition of Coffee with the Crazies? I'm Mrs. Chadda! Stern Smile ..Er. No. Mrs. Gurprit! Stern Smile My hubby is a Hitler. You wanna get killed? ...........Please?....I'm begging you. Just send it. Plleeeaaseee...with a cherry on top? With chocolate syrup and chocolate chips and all good things on top? I'll pay extra. Like..extra extra. How much is it originally? $200.00? No worries. I'll pay you 400.00 dollars.
Okay. Thannkk youu!

*Ravjot turns to Tanu*
Ravjot: I need to borrow money from you!
Tanu: I live in India. Do you need rupees? Ermm
Ravjot: I need dollars. *turns to Ami*
Ami: need American dollars?
Ravjot: No no no! I need Canadian dollars.
*Jot hides*

JOOTT! Gimme 200.00 dollars.

Jot: Gimme gimme never gets. Don't you know your manners yet?
Ravjot: You're horrible.
Jot: I know you are, but what am i?
Ravjot: I would tell you but then you'd cry. Approve
Jot: Oh, so you don't need the money?
Ravjot: No. I do!
Jot: Then why are you being so rude?
Ravjot: Because! ...I'm sorry. Unhappy
*Tanu pushes Jot and Ravjot to the back*
Tanu: They can go handle their issues over there. Let's move on to the next award.
Shikha: It's for someone who hardly comes to the News room.
Ami: It's the.....

Most Inactive Buzzer Award

*Ravjot comes on stage wearing a suit with a tie*
I will announce. This person, the winner's name starts with a M.
Jot: It's Mansi. Wacko

*Ami and Shikha carry in the award*

Tanu: Mansi unfortunately, could not make it to the awards so she sent a video of herself thanking everybody.

Mansi: Thank you everybody! I'm really inactive, i know. And i'm so happy you guys voted for me. Because you all, i got this award! Welcome to the newbies!! And i'm so sad i couldn't make it but thanks once again!

Shikha: The next award is for someone who's crazy.
Ami: And a fan all at the same time!
Tanu: And she's getting married on the 30th!
Ravjot: Tanu, that wasn't a hint. That was a giveaway.
Jot: The award is.....

Fan Crazzy Buzzer

Ravjot: And Tanu already gave away the winner. *sighs.* It's -Nadii-!

*Mango escorts Nadii to the stage*
*Nadii takes the award smiling shyly and then walks off stage turning red*


Tanu: Aww..she was too shy to say anything. Big smile
Ravjot: Everybody knows that Tanu.
Shikha: Ok. Ladies [and gentlemen because some of us are hubbies tonight], we are now doing our last 5 awards! The most, prestigious, most...i dunno..they're just the last set of awards. *shrugs*

Jot: The first one from those last set of awards, is for someone who can't walk 2 steps. But wait. Ravjot. I LOVE YOU!!
Crying emoticon Please make me the JS sig. You're my life. My love. You rock. And you're an amazing person. You just are. Pleeeasee? I loveeee youuuuu!! Hug
Tanu: *rolls eyes* Such a user Jot. The award is...

Laziest Buzzer Award

And the winner is...

The person Jot was crying for a minute ago...Ravjot!

Ravjot: Oh wow. Another award? YAYY!! Ok. Umm. Tanu? Hand the sig in my hand. I can't walk all the way over there to take it from you.
I'm standing right beside you.
Tanu: *sighs* You're so stupid Rar. Angry
*Shikha and Ami take over this part*

Everyone, please hold your applause until the end. Just let us name all of them first and then they can stand in a line together on stage and we can give them their awards.
Shikha: First award is for The Best Editing Fresher which goes to Andhara13 aka Radz!

Ami: The next award is for The Best Writing Fresher and that goes to Black_Haze!

Shikha: And then, the last one is The Best Graphics Fresher and that goes to -Zunni-!

Ami: Can we have a large round of applause for these bakre's!..err...newbies! Congratulations girls! Approve

*Ravjot, Jot and Tanu come back*

And now, we have 3 more awards to present and then this awards night shall be over!
Jot: *jumps up and down* The next award is for someone who loves to push posts!
Tanu: She's a push buzzer! That's the next award!

Push Buzzer Award

Ami: Who is obviously this person. *pokes Shikhu*
Shikhu: LOL Pushing posts are so much fun. But thank you everyonee!! I woonnn!! Oh my god. "Love mera hit hit"....oh wait...i sang that before didn't i? Or was that Tanu? Oh well. Thanks everyone!!

And that brings us to our 2nd last award.
This award is for the queens of the news room!
Like Kareena Kapoor, Aishwariya Rai, Katrina Kaif and the other actresses that are queens of Bollywood!! Big smile
They're elegant, amazing members of BC.
The award is called....

Buzzer Shehzaadis!

Ami: This award goes to the heads of one team!
Ravjot: The writers team.
Jot: The winners are..the heads of the writers team, Gur and Nuttie!

*Gur and Nabz walk up the stairs holding their dresses*

Nabz: Hmm..queens. We like the sound of that.
Gur: We do.
Nabz: See? I always knew that the writers team was the best team of all.
Gur: Who didn't know?
Nabz: But anyways, thank you BC-ers! And our lovely writers that work under us. Thank you for voting for us and giving us this award.
Gur: Thanks guys.

*Gur and Nabz walk off stage*

Ravjot: *rubs her hands gleefully* The very last award of the night!!
Ami: Initially, we were only going to have one pair win this award but there was a tie! Shocked
Tanu: I was surprised. I mean. Jotty and Ami are best friends? What? They sound more like enemies to me.
Shut up Tanu! You ruined the best award of the night!
Since she already has... the last award of the night is...

The Best Friends Award

Ravjot: And the winners are....
Tanu: Motty Jotty+ Plastic Bucket!

Ravjot: And the extraordinary jodi of...
Shikha: NJ and Nabz!!


And we're going to end the awards with an award that we added at last minute!
It's the bakre award!!
Tanu: For all the newbies!

And on this note...the JASTR team signs off!

-Jot, Ami, Shikhu, Tanu and Ravjot!

Edited by Angel-Jot. - 25 March 2011 at 4:45pm

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Mona1993 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 March 2011 at 12:22am | IP Logged
@Jot and Manal was reading ur convo, wat happened, kuch tha hi naiLOLI miss talking 2 u guysHugwill be back soonTongue

@Jot wat was that u postedStern Smile

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.YixingsManal. IF-Addictz

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hey Mona Hug
na we were tawkin abt grey's anatomy LOL

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