Saath Nibhaana Saathiya


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

short os Gopi leaves pt 7page 6 last chapter (Page 6)

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 8:33pm | IP Logged
Love your quick updates! Such a treat to read

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suk my heart was beating tak tak tak till i finished the chapters. wow three chapters so soon, great. i m struggling to write even one,
roseflower_07 IF-Rockerz

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very nice...continue soon
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Kokila  Mota Bhabi its time  time to bring Gopi vahu back home , Hetal replies are  you sure kokila, ji i am very sure.  I will pack Ahams clothes you  and chirag bhai also pack we are leaving.  Kokila what about Rashi? Hetal asks, kokila says to her tell her we are going on a holiday to pack Jigars clothes.  He will meet us there.  Kokila Rashi i think we should leave her and jigar here, no mota bhabi  i want her there  with us so we can keep a eye on her. If she stays here then  her and her mother will  cause mischief when we get back.  Hetal nodds her head.

jigar in the car driving back, bhai we will find Gopi bhabi, Aham in deep thought doesnt answer, aham bhai,   the phone rings its the investigator again Aham sahb your wife has been seen leaving on a flight to Goa, she wasnt travelling alone.  Aham tells Jigar go to the airport we are going to Goa.  jigar confused why bhai  because Gopi is going to goa to meet Baa.  Aham is nervous.
jigar drives towards the airport, but bhai  plse call  home to  let them know, Aham nodds his head he calls no one answers, thinking it is strange let me call kinjal phone he calls no answer.  Aham says  to jigar no one is answering bhai i think we should go home first, aham agrees to see what is going on.  They reach the house and the security guard tells Aham that the family have left, he asks where i dont know chota sahb they did not tell me.  Aham ask Jigar to call Rashi, again no answer.  Jigar shows concern. 
Ahams phone rings its kokila Aham Baa is sick we are all going to her, you know her health is not as good as it use to be.  Our flight  is leaving in 5 minutes.    Aham you and jigar take care of yourselves, Aham says to kokila mom we shall be coming as well.   she replies that is up to you.  ok jigar knows the address shall see you there.
Kokila and family arrive in Goa, Rashi is wondering why they are there she could not even speak to her mum  to let her know where they were going and on top of that she left her phoneSmile.
She decides to have fun as they are there for a couple of days, Hetal looks at kokila  who knows  Rashi too well.  mota bhabi we will be staying at a hotel near the Ashram, i tried to get some rooms at the Ashram but they told me that they were full.  once at the hotel they all went to there rooms hetal chirag kokila and parag leave there bags in their rooms and say to rashi that we are all going to see Baa, Rashi replies no she tells them that she will unpack and wait for jigar and Aham bhai.  Hetal and kokila look at each other smiling.  Hetal tells Rashi that as the rooms are joining the only phone that works is in their room.  Also in the hotel rates are high not to drink the drinks in the fridge as they will get some from the store later on.  Rashi says ji. 
At the Ashram Baa is in good spirits  her and kokilas mother are laughing as soon as hetal, kokila parag and chirag see them they all have tears in there eyes.  They all hug each other.  Kokila looks round Baa  where is Gopi?  Kokila modi she is ok she has gone to the beach.   we shall go and meet her, kokila is excited she has missed Gopi soo much.  They see Gopi  all excited they run up and hug her she is in tears, Maji i have missed you all soo much.  Dikra you dont know what hell you left us with but we knew if we did not do this then Aham would never have realised his feelings for you. 
kinjal and Dana also arrive at the hotel, she  tells Dana to get dressed in the Green sari.  She does they both go to the Ashram as well, Gopi  meets kinjal bhabi  shouts kinjal oh its been so long since i have seen or spoken to you.  They hug.  Bhabi this is Dana Gopi you know the plan. you are not to be seen, Rashi is also at the hotel, gopi looks worried but kinjalben dont worry ma has a full proof plan.

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Rafeal. IF-Sizzlerz

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Gud one suk.. Hope Ahem doesnt fall in love with Dana..
And my poor Rashi.. It hurts!

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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 6:16am | IP Logged
That was a nice chapter :) cont sooon!
-tellyaddict- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 6:38am | IP Logged
sorry for late reply suk...
but its a fab OS...loved it and how all are confusing Aham...m loving it...
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Kinjal tells Dana to leave for the airport as Bhai n jigar bhai should be coming soon,  Dana gives kinjal and Gopi a big hug, in her american accent i hope all goes well you Gopi. Gopi gives a smile nervously.   Dana leaves kinjal grabs Gopi Bhabi beauty palour ma has given me money for you to go and get makeup and everything done. 
At the airport  Aham n jigar   are in customs,  they can see everyone on the other side of the dark window, jigar gets his passport n waits for Aham, Aham looks out  whilst the customs officer checks his passport,  he sees Gopi walking past.  He shouts Gopi jigar turns round, Bhai get ur passport i will go after her.   Jigar runs  he goes to where dana is going  he tells her hurry up and thank you soo much for this.  she starts to walk towards her gate Aham is running , jigar has tears in his eyes Bhai bhabi refused to see you, she said that you cant change.  Aham sees Gopi in the distant, he shouts Gopi I LOVE YOU she turns round he can see she is crying she shakes her head and continues.  Aham totally devastated  i have lost her jigar i have lost her.  Aham goes to the immigration sir where is this flight going,  the officer replies there are four flights at this gate one is going to the united states the other  england and one to new zealand , last one goes to malaysia.  Aham looks at jigar crying, bhai she said she cannot  have her heart broken she needs to go and make a life for herself.  Aham  in shock i have done this.  jigar says bhai everyone is waiting at the ashram Baa, Ahams says no i cant face Baa she will ask where Gopi is what shall i say to her. 
Jigar says no bhai the next flight is not until tomorrow we shall go over and tell baa that gopi offered to stay behind.    Aham reluctantly agrees.  They take a taxi to the Ashram. 
At the Ashram everyone is laughing n joking, kokila is looking nervous i hope all turns out ok.    Baa says to kokila dont worry  kanaji will help us.  Jigar and Aham arrive, Aham looking sad  he sees the beach  decides to go for a walk, jigar calls him he tells him tell everyone i shall meet them shortly i need some time to be alone. 
jigar smiles then goes over to the family, everything went according to our plan, is Gopi ready.  Aham has gone for a walk.  Kinjal says Gopi is ready.  Everyone lets go we shall see more from our hotel room. 
Gopi sitting on the beach her eyes closed, in deep thought kanaji up to now you have help me now i need you help again.  She opens her eyes gets up and starts to walk.  Aham is right behind her he does not see her.  She is wearing a green salwar kamazze with gold embrodiery  her hair is loose.  Aham looks at the sea its calm, he thinks to himself i will find Gopi.   He looks ahead  the sun is in his eyes he sees this girl walking she turns her head to the right, he stands still  Gopi.  it cant be, then she turns her head again  the sun is in eyes.  That is Gopi his heart starts to race his hand is sweating, oh god what do i say to her?  He keeps walking towards her he wants to run but his legs are weak.
All the family are in Kokilas room except Rashi  and all are getting excited, yes he has seen her they are smiling.
Aham goes nearer and nearer to Gopi he is nervous, he says Gopi, she turns round n smiles. ji    He cant speak he grabs her to hug  her where have you been?  i have been looking for you everywhere, but you are here you left to go at the airport?  Aham ji in a soothing voice  calm down.  He looks at her and smiles  Hi i am Aham parag modi i have been a complete idiot. Gopi looks at him  and says i completely agree with you.  Aham laughs n hugs her..

Aham  asks gopi to forgive him and will you become my wife my soulmate, she looks at him n tells him one minute, she makes a phone call the person answers, Maji Aham ji would like me to be his wife do i have your blessing, Aham is smiling kokila says to Gopi look up towards the hotel  Gopi points up and there everyone is standing n smiling kokila you have everyones blessing dikra.   they all scream loudly, Aham is surprised he realised he has been set up.  He looks at Gopi smiles hold her hand  they go for a walk.
That evening everyone is going for dinner, kokila tells Aham and Gopi to come after 10 minutes  Baa and kokilas mother are first at the dinner table they are happily talking about the events that happened. Jigar and Rashi come down rashi sees Baa at the table,  jai shree krishna Baa, Baa i thought you were sick, Baa looks at Rashi do i look sick i am feeling like i am on top of the world.  Rashi sits down, jigar goes to Baa hugs n kisses her.  Baa says to Rashi this is kokilas mother, jigar goes over Nanima its been a while.  Dikra it has (he winks at her),  then everyone else comes all sit down.  Baa asks where is Aham n Gopi?  Aham is coming, rashi jumps in Gopi did not come Baa she was not well thinking she was  saving the family from too many questions.    Hetal looks at Rashi your mother called 3 times  here is your phone, But mom i left my phone home no dikra you didnt i had it all along.  Rashi looks at Hetal confused.  Hetal sees Aham, Aham dikra she says smiling everyone looks round  Aham wearing his bronze sherwani walking down smiling,  behind him Gopi Rashi turns back round and raises her eye brows, Hetal  sees this and frowns.  Jai shree krishna  Aham says then Gopi speaks  jai shree krishna  Rashi turns round.  Gopi looking stunning in a  silver n parrot green sari,
Rashi stands up with her mouth wide open.  Gopi goes to Baa to get blessing n hugs her.
  Baa says to Gopi  i understand  you are not feeling very well Gopi, Gopi looks confused rashi said that you were not here as you were back home, Gopi smiles baa why would i be back home.  Rashi  you said the gopi was not here Baa asks, Rashi stutters she does not know what to say.
 Rashi then goes to Gopi this is kakiji mother Gopi says Nanima  dikra  happy, ji nani ma , aham behind  Gopi  then goes over to Nanima, Nanima gives him blessing he says to her you were in this as well she smiles not saying anything n hugs him.  Gopi goes to get blessing from kokila parag n chirag and hetal.   Kinjal comes down, Rashi face is ready to explode. 
Aham  pulls the chair  for Gopi to sit he sits right next to her. Hetal looks at kokila our dikra face has changed completely he is full of happiness, kokila you were right we were all very worried that this plan may not have worked but it did.  Bhai kinjal speaks  how did you like maas plan?  Aham looks at kokila you know me more  than i know myself  thanks mom.  He looks at Gopi  n holds her hand. 
Rashis phone rings Jigar tells Rashi to be quiet  he puts the speaker on, so everyone can hear.  Urmillas mouth runs Rashi where are you i have been calling you all day? any news on kargri, is she still looking for that unpar gawar, what about your buddu sass?  Rashi is just about to say something then Hetal  lifts her hand to stop Rashi.  Hetal answers yes her buddu sass is here but she has become wise to Rashi, Kokila says Kargri has also found her unpar gawar.  Gopi ji mahmi ji this unpar gawar is back and jai shree krishna. Jigar puts the phone down,  Urmilla  mouth opens wide she sits down in shock.  Hetal speaks to Rashi i forgave you once but now  you better listen to me from now on you will not interfere  with goham kokila or me.    If anything goes  wrong in the house you will be blamed for it.  Jigar says to her you have caused enough problems if you want to stay with me you will have to change otherwise get out of my life.  Rashi in shock. Chirag says to Rashi we gave you love you took us for granted no more. is that understood.  Hetal says you will visit your mother once a month for one day, she is no longer welcomed in our house is that understood.  Rashi nods her head.
Baa continues Gopi  for this week i dont want you  to think of anyone else but yourself, be selfish.  for the past 3 to 4 wks you have looked after me  and Nanima.  You and Aham will stay at this resort in the penthouse for one week,  we will all be going back  tomorrow enjoy.  But Baa gopi replies i cant live without you I have just seen everyone today if you go back we all go back.  Aham smiles.  Kokila it is our wish that you two spend some time together because when you get back we have a wedding to plan, Gopi and aham look confused Ji bhai kinjal answers Bhai you know Dana she is Eleshji cousin  she got us together whilst i was in the states.  He came over we spent a lot of time talking.  Dana was here so she could convince Elesh's mom and dad.  They also have accepted me.   Just then Elesh ,his mom and dad walk in kinjal goes to get blessing.    Kokila ben marriages are made in heaven so who am i to object.  they all hug.  Kokila kektki ben where are you staying she smiles we are staying here as Dana was here  but she left to see kinjal.  so we thought before we get busy we will stay here a couple of days.  Will you all be staying here, kokila looks at Baa,  Baa replies ji we will stay here for 2 days.  She looks over to Gopi kush, ji Baa.  Rashi looks at Gopi in self thought what happened all my plans failed i was to be the top bahu of modi kandan.
The two days went by fast everyone had fun including Rashi,  then it was time for them to leave as Goham needed time together as husband and wife.  Rashi thought she would try her luck mummy ji  is it ok for jigar and i to stay, Hetal looks at her tells her to get ready they are all leaving.  Rashi frowns.  Baa goes up to Gopi gives her a kiss n hug she whispers in her ear, before kanaji takes me make me a great grandmother.  Gopi blushes n smiles.  Everyone leaves, leaving Aham and Gopi Embarrassed..

I think this is my last chapter i hoped you all  enjoyed

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