Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

14/01.:Ria Ka Adda:.Conversation with God

shaan17 Senior Member

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 1:15pm | IP Logged

Hello addatius,


Hope all of u had a fab week and is gearing up for the weekend!!I had a fantastic week trying to catch up with all the eps :D'

You will need:

1.      Yes, tissues' again'yes' this time adda tissues'freely provided by adda' since there'll be loads of crying'. I cried' CryCryCryCry

2.      We've been using so many tissues this week that we've decided to open adda factory and start producing tissues'isn't that great :D' (OKKK bkwaas mat karo shaan' guys Friday night isse liye ROFL)


1.      Arjun's ActingStarStarStarStar

2.      Arjun's ActingStarStarStar

3.      Arjun's Acting andStarStar

4.      Arjun's ActingStar

Man' Your scenes were throat grabbing' amazing' I kept singing your praises these days' that is because you were fab' you were able to:

(a)  Move me

(b)  Make me Feel sad

(c)   Pity you and your plight

(d)  Feel for you

(e)  Derive a lot of sympathy in me for you

(f)    Make me hate Alhuwalia's

(g)  Make my heart skip a beat

(h)  I was able to feel you sadness and how disappointed you were

(i)    Show me how betrayed you are by God

(j)    I know you are the protagonist Arohi, but today Arjun's acting made me hate you'

All in all you were just wow'the only thing is that the "KYUN" in the middle of your conversation with God came out to be slightly "funny" the rest was FAB 'Congrats' you were slow to start and Arohi was the one stealing the show mostly at the beginning of the series but now you are well ahead and is proving yourself'.Im very impressed


1.      The first 1min and 30 secs of the episode' it should be really hard having the alhuwalia's around and threatening them :D'really good scene'I loved it '

2.      Your beginning conversation with Arohi, how Arjun threatened her and the rest of the family

3.      Gauri is unaware that she is digging her own grave ROFL

4.      Loved the conversation with God

5.      Loved the end scene'

6.      Loved the expressions in daddu's eyes'you could read how he knows the death of the baby has caused a turmoil. I could see that he was feeling for Arjun

7.      Loved Arohi's make up and dress'much better than yesterday'which was to my opinion weird'

8.      Although Gauri is the villain I should admit that she was looking really pretty wasn't she?that red lipstick really suit her.


1.      Apart from Arjun nobody impressed me today

2.      I hate the Alhuwalia's ' I think they are too concentrated around themselves and their own happiness'Someone has just been hospitalized' a life has been snatched'and is this the way you all behave?

3.      I have a problem with Arohi's dad'ive been having one since the beginning of KMH2'Uncle jee: may be you are not to be blamed'but you do not fit in the role of Arohi's dad' guys did you see how he reacted when Arjun said he was going to snatch from them the most important thing they loved' and he replied back'that was a lame reply' and lame reaction' I think you forgot to react as a father rofl'LOLLOL

4.      I hated how the wedding took place and that nobody seems to be sad for what happened to RasheeDead

5.      I hated the way Arohi came up to Arjun and threatened him'hello girl uve just seen the most horrendous scene and you are telling the poor thing to speak properly'do you know how he is feeling??are you aware of what he is going through?? DISLIKE dislike d i s l i k eDisapproveDisapproveDisapproveDisapproveDisapprove

6.      I hate the way Arohi looked in the mirror and decided to stop thinking about Arjun'If I were you I would blame myself for what happened'I would even refuse to look at myself in the mirror.. I would hate myself'I know she is not aware of the love of Arjun for her'but atleast for the 2 people for which you've caused pain (Rashee and the baby)

7.      The last scene' the alhuwalias hugging each other was pathetic'what kind of family are you'I condemn such reaction' have you all forgotten that someone is in pain at the moment??

8.      The alhuwalias are a police family right??how come nobody mentioned about opening a case. They've been seen as being a fair family who likes to see justice being done'how come nobody inquired into the matter?is it because it is in their own house??rofl'I hope none of you lose your job as police officers ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL



1.      Arjun: "Pyar aur nafrat ek hi sikke ke do pehloo hote hain.. Bina nafrat kiye pyar nahi hota.. Aur bina pyaar kiye..... n a f r a t ghaadi nahi hotee!!! Mein pehle bhi sirf tumhare baare mein sochta tha..... Aur abh bhi... sirf tumhaare baare mein sochoonga!!"

2.      Arjun: "Sabse pyari cheez main tum longo chinuga"

3.      Arjun: i will give away thepunishment... there will not be any space for anything...only hatred " and the whole convo with GOD


  1. Of the many contradictions that exist in the world, the contrast between love and hate is perhaps the starkest. It is one that helps us value true love while understanding the ramifications of hatred.
  2. Meaning of hatred is a feeling of intense dislike and enmity - free online di

  3. Meaning of love is the emotion of strong affection and personal attachment - free online dic
  4. Hate is everywhere, but the fundamental question of why one person can hate another? Why does Arjun hates Arohi?


  1. The only factor that has triggered the Hatred in Arjun for Arohi is the fact that Arjun feels betrayed. His speech to Arohi is self explanatory. He explained how he once loved her'how he changed for her and this is the way she is repaying things back to him


  1. Arjun does not only feel betrayed by Arohi and her family but also by God and life itself. He changed himself and all he got was sadness. If I was him I would probably be thinking I should have remained the gangster that I was'I was a happier person doing revolting acts'


  1. Love and hate as mentioned is a behavioral pattern both of which walks hand in hand' Arjun was right in his speech' taaliyan to the creatives for having done some research!!!ROFLROFLROFLROFL


  1. Is not hate caused by too much love? If you did not love someone and only like that person would you feel the same amount of hatred towards the person' I think the answers to these questions are a NO' Hence KITANI MOHABBAT HAI' Arjun loves Arohi so much that the hate we are going to see in him for her will be proportionate to that love'


  1. At this stage, Arjun does not feel hatred for Arohi' he hates her for what he thinks she did (push Rashee)
    This is how a man ends up killing his wife of 20 years; he loves her, but is angry at something she did such as cheating on him. An example of the love hate relationship in the extreme.

    Another example, is a child that screams at a parent," I hate you." They don't mean it, but they think they do, because they feel angry at what the parent said or did. At this point, they feel hate and love at the same time.


  1. But there is a point at which you can "hate" a person so much, that you "love" them. And yet, "love" them so much that you "hate" them. Needless to say, this is a difficult situation. It looks like this is what Arjun will be going through!


  1. In your younger days in school, how many times does it happened that someone hated you so much ended as boyfriend/girlfriend of yours. How many time does it happened to you that you go back to a relationship to someone you hated because of their history of cheating to you. In politics, How many times does it happen that a person hated by many won a position in an election?


  1. I conclude by saying that there is a fine line between love and hatred ' such fine line is easily broken. It is hard to love someone but easy to hate that person'only a matter of seconds are enough. ' and "the opposite of love is not hate but indifference" ' elie weisel'that is why we are going to see Arjun and Arohi back together.



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shaan17 Senior Member

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to all: sorry for numberings Wacko

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Nimz-KMH Senior Member

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Nice post ShaaheenSmile 
Ahluwalia's have gone mad, seriouslyConfused
Not in a mood to analyse each and everything.
1. Arjun's encounter with the Ahluwalia's in the beginning. Yes, sometimes you have to remind people what you have been doing even your loved ones because they forget. It was a good reminder for the Ahluwalia's but no use because they're all senseless.
1.  Ahluwalia's are ruthless, selfish beings. No one cares what happened in their house.
2.  What's wrong with Arohi? One instance, she's thinking of all the "beautiful" moments she had with Arjun and next, she's deciding to move on and get married to that "langoor"Angry, (yes he's a langoor for sure).
3.  I did say that Aro won't be marrying cheeku after Rashi's tragedy (because I thought she might get her senses back but i was wrong) - unless the track goes totally illogical and they continue with the wedding but even then I expected this next week and not right after the incident but who cares in Ahluwalia's family.
4.  Baraat coming to Arohi's house. Langoor on the gora.....Aro's tayo ji and chachu guarding the horse like it's some VIP parade. Their expressions were laugh-worthy.
5.  "Pheron main 5 minute baki hain" and the langoor goes for his last minute beauty tip!......the Ahluwalia's are getting their daughter married to such joker,...........tch tch tch, how sad!Ouch This is how much they love their Arohi.SleepySleepy
6.  Arohi's final goodbye to Arjun. Really Aro? this is what you call "LOVE" ConfusedConfusedConfused God forbid, if such a tragedy happened in my house and someone lost their baby, I would be having nightmares for days to come!....but this is just a show, I forgot.
What's gonna happen now? Arjun abducting Arohi? Dulha swap since langoor is gone and won't be back until after the wedding? Forceful marriage? threathening the Ahluwalia's and then marrying Arohi?............I don't care neither I want to know.
Arjun's conversation with God, the one who created him and gave him life:
I saved this for last because I wanted to finish off my take with it.
Ok so he goes upto some building with daaru ki bottle all in devdas form because he's hurt, shattered, broken, and disappointed. The scene started off with him gulping down the daaru and some flashbacks - Nusrat Sahib's song in the background, seriously?Confused ok Fine.
"kyoun kiya aapne mere saath aesa? Arjun's first complaint to God. We all ask that question. It's normal when you want to know the answers to your questions. When you feel like life's unfair to you, and your prayers are not being heard, you ask this to God. I didn't find that weird, I've seen too many people do thatSmile.
And he goes on with why has God forgotten him and why does HE not want to see him happy in life? and why HE gave him so much pain even though he always loved his family? Then he goes on with what he's been doing to become a better person or someone God wanted him to be but God didn't help him in return. How he has now lost all trust in God and won't listen to him anymore.
The moment he said " iss baar aapne saari haddain tor deen, aapne mere sapnay jala diye"........"who will punish YOU for what YOU have done" then stood up and said " I will" heart sank because I couldn't believe people can go that far with offending God when they lose something in life. I was in total shock. It made me sick..........
I'm sorry but I'm not gonna kill me morals and beliefs for KMH & the people who act in it and say how perfectly he complained to God.
I know it's just a show but we surely do treat it more than just a show because we spend our precious time writing and analysing it everyday.
Who is the script writer?? Let me see.......Divy Nidhi Sharma and Aparajita Sharma, please fix the dialogues you give them. I don't care what he meant when he said those dialogues but everything is crystal clear and there's no "another" meaning to it. "Disappointed" is a small word.......I'm sickened from inside after hearing something like this coming from KMH.
What's next CVs? First you butchered all the beautiful relationships....then you're letting Arjun marry Arohi for revenge and now offending God's existance? Comparing HIM to manly powers?? 
I tried to get a hold of KMH2 because I thought maybe something's wrong with the way i'm seeing bad can it be so I decided to watch it and see how it turns up. I gave it a fair chance and since last week I'm trying to properly analyse and explain where it needs improvement but I feel like quitting today, completely.
I know it shouldn't affect me, but I can't bear to watch such a show where they've no respect for God. It's nothing new, all Ekta shows have people first praising God and then losing trust on HIM when something bad happens. Am I from a different world? because I've seen so many people who've been in pain all their life. You go out nowadays and everyone has a story of their own but I've never witnessed a single person act that way. Or maybe I've never been to places where people do act that way.
Looking at the recent photo on Karan's wall and the caption: I am my own God.
All I wanna say is, just because there's nothing between you and the sky does not mean that you have the power to rule the worldSmile. Please come back to earth.
I should conclude my take here before I go too far and lose my cool.
Good thing it's weekend and I won't have to think about KMH for a few days but I doubt that I'll be writing for it anymore.
Sorry adda buddies if I'm being too objective but I'm really sad for what I've seen.
@Shaaheen, I will comment on your love/hate analysis, but laterSmile

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Angad_Kripa_200 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 1:32pm | IP Logged
Acting-wise Kritika and Karan simply rocked...

Story-wise... I have nothing to say... It not fresh... Its not new... Im tired of the same old story lines esp tracks which include marrying someone to take revenge and make their lives hell... Seems like KMH is going KYPH style where Kripa got married to Angad to take revenge on him and vice versa,,,

Great post Shaheen... Always love what you have to say... You're a star :D

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BheegiBasanti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 2:11pm | IP Logged
Shaheen...awesome take! Loved it!

Sam...welcome back!

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SobtiObsession IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 2:14pm | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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shaan17 Senior Member

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@jaya: have u watched the ep..?? come on adda...ive got pancakes for u :D

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Du_Nish Goldie

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 3:12pm | IP Logged
Guys did not watch the episode I guess if I have tostart watch KMH2 again,it will be on tuesday - busy with Arjuhi wedding virtual celebrationROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL virtual toh sehi it seems that i was having my own wedding preparation ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
Luckily mummy is not here,or if she knows her beti has written such a post ROFLROFL I am done on my justification of 'there is time for me to marry' ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
I will sum on the read posts and I have to say again Shaan and Nimz -beautiful post.
On the love vs hate analysis,then dear,this was beautifully summarise in KMH1 in the words of badima about :
Love and hate are 2 sides of the same coin. At times you say you hate someone but it is more a concern that you refuse to accept yourself and at times from hate love can bloom. Hatredness is such  a strong word that at times it can snatched the one you love most from you and can not be amended.
These are so beautiful lines for me that I still remember. I thought on myself - is it true?
I got the answer yeah, not on me, but on a friend's experience.
Now on the way you said you are hating Arohi this is justified as the viewer you know how much she is hurting him and let's wait to turn now.
@ Sam - mentioned on KYPH - I read this show and actually it seems a little on this one and a little on KavyaAnjali.
Anyway let's see - the fusion she is doing - is she able to create something vibrant.
rest to go guys
c u

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