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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

CrazyIncredibles-thank god for the precap!!! (Page 6)

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 11:26am | IP Logged
dee looks like no one is really in a mood today ... none of the crazies ... me  2 ...

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Originally posted by sptrno

Hi my lovely craziesHug
hi spee.....i need ur positivity today yaar...thanks for the hug n smile in the pmSmile
Good/Positive vs. Evil/Negative
Geet-NT phone conversation

NT called Geet and threatened her about Maan's life...........Here NT tried to use Geet thinking she is still a sehmi sehmi dari dari hui lakdi jo har baat pe roti hai par kuch kar nahi sakti.............but seeing Geet today i was proud of her to see how this girl turned from a very sensitive and emotional girl to someone who stands up for what is right, who has become very strong, who can still think rationally even in a dreadful situation...........two instances prove this...........firstly eventhough when NT tries to scare her saying she would kill Maan-Geet's life, dream, happiness, saviour, angel, sunshine, Geet is still in a position to call Maan first instead of just going to where NT has instructed her to do so..................Hats off to Geet today i admire and respect her even moreClapClapClapClapClap..................secondly even when NT is almost about to shoot her, Geet replies courageously to what NT said...........I was so proud of Geet when she told NT that u r alone today bcuz of ur own evil deeds, even if ur husband has left u its' bcuz of ur own kartoot and it's only bcuz of ur evil plan that ur husband committed those sins along with u.............I was so touched how Geet told NT that i became victim for no fault of mine bcuz of ur evil sinsCryCryCry.........awwwwww Geet ke liye HugHugHug........usually for normal people when they r almost so close to death people become weak and they wud plead for their life if someone is trying to kill them..............but our strong Geet today wanted to show NT reality even if it meant NT killing her the next second................I really salute Geet how she has transformed herself and now can face situations with full courage and my cute angel my sherniHeartHeart

...i disagree...i expected sab to usne KBM ke time bhi kiya tha na spee....????
Maan coming to know that NT is back from Adi sir and Romeo-i was so glad that they showed this otherwise it wud again be a big blooper............but one thing i don't get how NT got Maan's phoneLOL tooo......think that she took it while maan was ...........err bath se i got a fantastic picture in my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedWinkWinkWinkWinkWink spee help going to hot picture!!!!!!1
Arjun accepting Anni's proposal......this shows Arjun if he thinks something is right he will do it even if his own sis NT is against a plus point for MAANEET in the futureSmile
...agree....i wud luv to see arjuns dilemmna.brain vs heart fight
When Romeo told Arjun that NT in Khurana mansion, Arjun was surprised meaning he was unaware of his sis' plans...he didnt...he wanted to stop Nt himself i think.....

NT-i feel sorry for people like NT seriously...............they r not bothered if they r happy or not......if they r alive or not...........if they r peaceful or not.................but they only want to take away happiness, peace and life of others............NT if u had spent atleast some of ur life, time and energy on ur own life, u wud have had ur share of happiness, love, peace, family but some people r always blind deaf and dumb..............they never want to see reality and if someone like Geet try to show them a mirror they can't accept it.........they cannot accept defeat...............NT wants Geet to lose everything in life but NT forgets that she herself is the one who has already lost everything in life..............pity her

...well said......i hate negative ppl.whoalwaz look out for the negativity....cant stand them,,,,
When NT was on the terrace i was so scared for Geet i felt like i'm seeing someone so close to me whose life is in dangerCryCryCry..........i love Geet soooooooooo muchHeart now u can imagine my halat when i told u aboutthat FF i was reading......

Finally when Maan came and saved his Mishti that hug eventhough for few seconds but it was special and touchyCrySmile.......Maan was so happy that his life still has a life and Geet in Maan's arms just for those few seconds but still all her fears vanished.........she felt so secure in his armsSmileSmile..........before they could treasure this moment they saw NT fighting for her life................NT-someone who wanted to take someone's life a few seconds ago now her own life is in i really want to believe that what goes around comes around...........................fear on NT's face.........i wish someone wud have showed NT her own face in the mirror at that point then she might have realized how someone feels when u try to ruin someone' life or when u try to take away someone' life

...all her talks of i dont care what happens to me came out!!!!!!
MAANEET-how noble, how can anyone have such a golden heart, how can someone have such high principles and morals that seeing the one who was about to take away all their happiness, joy and dreams-seeing NT's life in danger they try to save her from this noble act of their' it shows that MAANEET r people who can actually forgive the culprit who have ruined their lives.......they wud want to punish the culprit but they wud never stoop so low that they wud take a sinner/criminal's life like NT's............jaan lene se bada jaan dene wala hai and today MAANEET proved it love this case NT tried to take away Geet's life but Geet and Maan wanted to give NT life by saving my admiration, respect and love for MAANEET has reached such a high level to's divine................lovely

Unfortunately MAANEET could not save NT or it can be said even destiny did not want NT to be saved..............may be even it wanted NT to pay a price for her crimes

Arjun coming there at the wrong time and just seeing the half picture and now his sis in coma..........Now he is in a very emotional state so said he will forget all his principles and love.......the only aim now is to destroy Maan Singh Khurana.............i know v all r so worried to what wud happen next but u know yest v saw Arjun is a man of he is just an emotional now let's see whether his emotional weakness wins or his principles and rationality........... this is for us to wait and watch...............also today the way Geet (someone whom his own sis NT tried to kill few minutes ago) tried to comfort him saying now he is like a friend and even Maan, Geet and Anni will be there for him if he ever needs them................i guess this wud have a positive effect later on as they a sweet gesture by someone can take away bitterness in life and that gav dene wala se bada uspe malam lagane wala haiSmileSmileSmile

...he is a man of principles n beliefs.interesting scenario coming up....
about sbs news today about Maan or Geet going to jail, may be the cvs r trying to scare Arjun might try to punish MAANEET seeing his condition today but may be he will come to know the whole truth from someone (plz don't ask me howLOL) before he sends Maan or Geet to such a case no one goes to jailSmileSmile.....MAANEET's marriage will happen for sureSmileSmile
...GC on holiday dear....BD going to jail pakka......!!!!!!1
Precap-we again have our Dream scene............this means even after many troubles, hurdles, problems, pain, tears, thorns, nightmares in life still one day MAANEET who are so pure, truthful, honest, right, just, divine, lovely, dreamy can a have a life full of joy, happiness, love, peace, care, roses and that one day in their life reality would be more blissful and more beautiful than any dreamSmileSmileSmileDay DreamingDay Dreaming
...cudnt have said it better myself... but their one day is shadoewed not likey!!!!!!



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Originally posted by nanditasingh

hi guys


Depressing - Too Predictable - New opening for future track

Annie - Arjun

Arjun dropped his defenses & accepted Annie into his life. May be was to share with her his bit of the story & if had done it Annie could have helped him with the whole truth.
But nothing such happened & again he learns only half truth that accuses Maan for NT's state.....Arjun  to be getting undue importance owing to this new turn of events & Brij now has chances to find a partner not prey in Arjun who is now not going to abide by right - wrong & letting go of his principles too.

Annie saw oasis of happiness & now has a long desert to cross.


NT... cheat that she is she lies & forces Geet to step out  from Maan's protective shield ....& blames Geet for her present lonely state ... Again she underestimates Maan Singh Khurana & suffers the consequences of her own  wrong doing ...She is put in comma .. given break but still she remains as the major player controlling Arjun's emotions & future events

KC Boys

Thankfully they did their job well & so Maan though late but reaches Geet in time.

MAAN & Maan ki GEET

Geet having heard threat to Maan's life agrees to meet NT ..but knowing her she wisely tries to contact Maan but bad luck.
She again corrects NT to stop falsely accuse her for her condition & rather start seeing the truth that she herself is the  one who has been messing with everyones esp. Geet's life .When NT resolves to shoot her & taunts her to remember the face of one person she wants to prizes for guessing...Maan not just comes as her plea for his safety, cry in fear but as answer to her prayers .. her Saviour.
Maan steps in & the whole picture changes .... Geet is saved & NT gets a taste of her punishment.

Being a noble soul & family man Maan makes every attempt to save NT & later on to clear facts & console Arjun. Love this man, Maan.


For the CVs

Plz do not give Arjun - Annie too much undue importance than needed...
they were introduced as 'Supporting Cast' NOT PARALLEL LEADS
be it negative or positive so maintain that or God Bless this Show



Yeah Nandita this was really depressing.

Thanks for the message to the CV's, the earlier they realize this the better it will be for the show and for us. I'm too depressed today.

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craziekudi IF-Sizzlerz

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even i dont know what to comment!!!!!
tom will we have shaadi track or jail track!!!! l;ets see...
no in a mood rt!!!!
good night all crazies

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--aarthi-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 11:28am | IP Logged
di and frnds... i have huge dbt tat the scenes being edited wic we love shown is SBS is because... r they trying toincrease the TRP's and actually they do is edit we ahve to be contentd with wat we saw in SBS tho seg mite be onscreen like hug wala scene in SKJ...and Manishji's scene in haldi...if they r not going to be correct y mention MC track wic we totally were against...may CV's take a look at the forum and FB as it is flooded with wat they want and dnt want and really considering in the matter 

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drdee142 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 11:29am | IP Logged
[QUOTE=rajeev the best]

today's episode has many loopholes....i am really disappointed again.....cvs can we have peaceful wedding at least...enough of drama....

not in a mood for analysis today....
nt is god she blames geet ...where as she is only one respossible for her plight.....
how can nt got maan's cell i don't understand....what about the maan i love ringtone..
yesterday only i said...arjun's character i don't's high time he use his own brain...
just beause he saw his sister lying down he is ready to use annie...what happended to asool?
i guess everbody is unhappy with geet or msk's jail yatra.......lets see how the cvs play this one out..
i have only one complain.....when dev and nt should be in jail they are sending msk or geet to prison....

Samata......they've got all of us depressed & it's not so easy to get us crazies all feeling low, all we wanted was a peaceful and happy weddingConfused

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Originally posted by dewdropred

dee looks like no one is really in a mood today ... none of the crazies ... me  2 ...
di me totally off today

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@ AAsh only two days vacation . I saw one post vaccation for 15 to 25 days . Do din ke liye YE jail yatra track amazing .

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