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CrazyIncredibles-thank god for the precap!!! (Page 3)

Loquacious_Aash IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 10:52am | IP Logged
Originally posted by nanditasingh

Originally posted by aashluvsmaan

@nandu.....grt post.....
agree with u girl......... seems no one is in mood to write guesses why.....
brij n arjun can never join hands dear.coz if brij does that...arjun will be in inkling of doubt...why bro wants to kill sis...after seeing brij ki psychogiri...
somehow dont see that happening.....

Arjun now is beyond thinking logic all he cares for is revenge & if he cared for truth then he sure could have / should be shown thinking why NT went there...sure she dint go to wish MaanEet.
i agree.....arjun is in the chain of his emotions.he is hot headed n right now he cant see beyond his guilt n revenge......but still i somehow dont see brij n arjun gelling............
brijs target is geets death......
arjun wants destruction not death.woh bhi maan ka....
lets see...

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Loquacious_Aash IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 10:53am | IP Logged
Originally posted by aarthirajendran

aashu how did u knw tat Guru is on Holiday... 
someone wrote on the forum that she-who-shall-not-be-named is coming back on 15th so he is taking day off....also 11th feb is wedding so shopping....dont kno whateher its true....Confused

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--aarthi-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 10:55am | IP Logged
@dew di, aashu, nandy nice not in a mood to comment as im all sad coz CV's said dream wedding and here we have dream shattered wedding...

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Hey crazies....and my sweet sweet evil sistersTongueWink

how are u there.. hope all are well and ready for weekend!!!!!!

what a epiosde guys!!!!!!! Ouch

marjaanie ka patch up ho gaya.... did u see their hud.. copied Maaneet.. wohi arjun ke sir upar.. koi aur dekh raha tha similar to what maan does!!!Angryyeh arjun bhi na!!!! koi aur angle mein hug nahi kar sakthe the!!!!Confused
NT was good!!! DeadDeadmaan ko maarne ki dhamki... geet fell into the trap... maan ke phone churana....ClapClap( kaise karthe hain)

yeh kis type ke security camera lagathe hain zalim singh khuranaAngryOuch kuch kaam ka nahi hain... yeh kya chaltha nahi hai... either kuch dikhtha nahi hain ya.. maan cameras lagakar.. dekhna bhool jathe hain!!!!!

hey did u see the top terrace... why werent there any railings.... yeh KC bhi na!!! kya kya golmal karthe karthe hain.. unko bhi nahi pata!!!

ek side mein railings the.. doosre saide mein nahi hain...ConfusedConfusedConfused( kaun hai unke architect.. shasha hogi...Ouch)

wow maan was a hero in saving geet... eisa dhaka diya NT ko ki... woh to fly karke... niiche gir gayi!!!!ClapClapClapClapClapStarStarStarStar

ARJUN bad timing yaar.ConfusedCry.. kuch der pehle aatha tho jo dekhna tha woh to dekh letha!!!!!AngryAngry

now what will arjun do.. i think he will try to ruin annie!!!!! or MSK..ko bankrupt kar dega!!!!!!

actually not a good episode when we are all waiting for the shaadi .. and the written promo they show before 'geet' starts said.. aayie maan geet ko badhai de de shaadi main'.. somthing like that!!!!CryConfused

In the end... not a good episode.... sadness.. geet was so scared for maan at first!!! and then for herself, then for NT!!! poor girl kya kya sochegi!!!!

but i feel they will show shaadi tomorow.. what do u think....

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--aarthi-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by aashluvsmaan

Originally posted by aarthirajendran

aashu how did u knw tat Guru is on Holiday... 
someone wrote on the forum that she-who-shall-not-be-named is coming back on 15th so he is taking day off....also 11th feb is wedding so shopping....dont kno whateher its true....Confused
feb his wedding i knw tat he itself said it... but i dnt think she is back yet hve to see wen Jail yatra starts and we have to bear with BD's... better Maan stay in jail till Guru cmes bck from vacation... coz no maaneet romance tat too after shaadi...defo no.... BD will be great in jail tan romancing with Geet... better BD b in shouting tat last line in blue on top of ma voice

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Loquacious_Aash IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by dewdropred

Originally posted by aashluvsmaan

@dew---- mom de yaad aaya..................

today i planned such that my mom is not at home.coz poor lil me was expecting SR today..........
ironically mom also absent n SR ka door door tak koi pata nahi dikh raha hai!!!!!!!!Cry


LOLpagli ... pehle shadi tho hone de ...LOLi think shadi next week hogi & arjun will not bring police ... reason will b diff ... brij ...
U know remember tht day i told u i thought mom did not mind SKJ ... oh my ... my mom does hate that song ...
she was cursing it today & i was laughing ...thinking thnk god u slept whn it came in geet  ...&
mom showed me in news paper thy said the kites of SKJ were selling for rs. 350 ... in mumbai ... & at the same time some one was playing tht song on terrace while flying kites ...LOL
are yaar mujhe laga itna prachaar kar rahe to shaadi hohi!!!!!!!!!
didnt we all agree??? ke shaadi to hogi till tuesday???
naseeb hi kharrabb hai!!!!!!11
mumbai is crazy yaar....yaha kuch bhi hota hai!!!!!!1
SKJ is playing everyehre nowadays........
my mom i told u still singing that till now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 even though she hates it!!!!!1
arrrrrreeeeeeeee i forgot to tell u guys..........
yest while watching geet....something something my mom was saying about serials then achanak se she is like "in dono(meaning gurti) ki shaadi to ho gayi hai na......" i was like what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ROFL then i told her about gurbina!!!!!!!!

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sptrno IF-Sizzlerz

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Hi my lovely craziesHug
Good/Positive vs. Evil/Negative
Geet-NT phone conversation

NT called Geet and threatened her about Maan's life...........Here NT tried to use Geet thinking she is still a sehmi sehmi dari dari hui lakdi jo har baat pe roti hai par kuch kar nahi sakti.............but seeing Geet today i was proud of her to see how this girl turned from a very sensitive and emotional girl to someone who stands up for what is right, who has become very strong, who can still think rationally even in a dreadful situation...........two instances prove this...........firstly eventhough when NT tries to scare her saying she would kill Maan-Geet's life, dream, happiness, saviour, angel, sunshine, Geet is still in a position to call Maan first instead of just going to where NT has instructed her to do so..................Hats off to Geet today i admire and respect her even moreClapClapClapClapClap..................secondly even when NT is almost about to shoot her, Geet replies courageously to what NT said...........I was so proud of Geet when she told NT that u r alone today bcuz of ur own evil deeds, even if ur husband has left u its' bcuz of ur own kartoot and it's only bcuz of ur evil plan that ur husband committed those sins along with u.............I was so touched how Geet told NT that i became victim for no fault of mine bcuz of ur evil sinsCryCryCry.........awwwwww Geet ke liye HugHugHug........usually for normal people when they r almost so close to death people become weak and they wud plead for their life if someone is trying to kill them..............but our strong Geet today wanted to show NT reality even if it meant NT killing her the next second................I really salute Geet how she has transformed herself and now can face situations with full courage and my cute angel my sherniHeartHeart

Maan coming to know that NT is back from Adi sir and Romeo-i was so glad that they showed this otherwise it wud again be a big blooper............but one thing i don't get how NT got Maan's phoneLOL

Arjun accepting Anni's proposal......this shows Arjun if he thinks something is right he will do it even if his own sis NT is against a plus point for MAANEET in the futureSmile

When Romeo told Arjun that NT in Khurana mansion, Arjun was surprised meaning he was unaware of his sis' plans

NT-i feel sorry for people like NT seriously...............they r not bothered if they r happy or not......if they r alive or not...........if they r peaceful or not.................but they only want to take away happiness, peace and life of others............NT if u had spent atleast some of ur life, time and energy on ur own life, u wud have had ur share of happiness, love, peace, family but some people r always blind deaf and dumb..............they never want to see reality and if someone like Geet try to show them a mirror they can't accept it.........they cannot accept defeat...............NT wants Geet to lose everything in life but NT forgets that she herself is the one who has already lost everything in life..............pity her

When NT was on the terrace i was so scared for Geet i felt like i'm seeing someone so close to me whose life is in dangerCryCryCry..........i love Geet soooooooooo muchHeart

Finally when Maan came and saved his Mishti that hug eventhough for few seconds but it was special and touchyCrySmile.......Maan was so happy that his life still has a life and Geet in Maan's arms just for those few seconds but still all her fears vanished.........she felt so secure in his armsSmileSmile..........before they could treasure this moment they saw NT fighting for her life................NT-someone who wanted to take someone's life a few seconds ago now her own life is in i really want to believe that what goes around comes around...........................fear on NT's face.........i wish someone wud have showed NT her own face in the mirror at that point then she might have realized how someone feels when u try to ruin someone' life or when u try to take away someone' life

MAANEET-how noble, how can anyone have such a golden heart, how can someone have such high principles and morals that seeing the one who was about to take away all their happiness, joy and dreams-seeing NT's life in danger they try to save her from this noble act of their' it shows that MAANEET r people who can actually forgive the culprit who have ruined their lives.......they wud want to punish the culprit but they wud never stoop so low that they wud take a sinner/criminal's life like NT's............jaan lene se bada jaan dene wala hai and today MAANEET proved it love this case NT tried to take away Geet's life but Geet and Maan wanted to give NT life by saving my admiration, respect and love for MAANEET has reached such a high level to's divine.............

Unfortunately MAANEET could not save NT or it can be said even destiny did not want NT to be saved..............may be even it wanted NT to pay a price for her crimes

Arjun coming there at the wrong time and just seeing the half picture and now his sis in coma..........Now he is in a very emotional state so said he will forget all his principles and love.......the only aim now is to destroy Maan Singh Khurana.............i know v all r so worried to what wud happen next but u know yest v saw Arjun is a man of he is just an emotional now let's see whether his emotional weakness wins or his principles and rationality........... this is for us to wait and watch...............also today the way Geet (someone whom his own sis NT tried to kill few minutes ago) tried to comfort him saying now he is like a friend and even Maan, Geet and Anni will be there for him if he ever needs them................i guess this wud have a positive effect later on as they a sweet gesture by someone can take away bitterness in life and that gav dene wala se bada uspe malam lagane wala haiSmileSmileSmile

about sbs news today about Maan or Geet going to jail, may be the cvs r trying to scare Arjun might try to punish MAANEET seeing his condition today but may be he will come to know the whole truth from someone (plz don't ask me howLOL) before he sends Maan or Geet to such a case no one goes to jailSmileSmile.....MAANEET's marriage will happen for sureSmileSmile

Precap-we again have our Dream scene............this means even after many troubles, hurdles, problems, pain, tears, thorns, nightmares in life still one day MAANEET who are so pure, truthful, honest, right, just, divine, lovely, dreamy can a have a life full of joy, happiness, love, peace, care, roses and that one day in their life reality would be more blissful and more beautiful than any dreamSmileSmileSmileDay DreamingDay Dreaming




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drdee142 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by aashluvsmaan

Hi crazies''.Cry


anyone smiling out there?????CryCryCry
Kya bolu mai??? Sapne to sapne hote hai!!!!!!!!!!!the DDLJ dialogue comes to mind "sapne dekho lekin unke pura hone ki shart mat rakho"'''Cry

 Why cant our maaneet have a little bit of happiness??? Kyu unhe khushi ki jhalak dikhti hai aur wo chin jati hai???? Kya maanga unhone??? Bas ek dusre ka saath''aur kuch nahi'..par ye bhi kismet ko gawara nahi'''..Cry

CVs we have been waiting for this day since 19th april 2010.....and u messed it up!!!!!!!!!Cry

Me crying too......Cry
Sorry guys but todays aash's analysis will be sadu sadu'..(not in mood to appreciate anything today) Next time I will make up'pakka promise'..Smile
sorry DEE'..wont make u laugh today'..IXU,DEEPS n SPEE will have to make up my quota''..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz my sisters n soutans???? Today u guys have to search for some light moments!!!!Smile

Ash I really needed your humour today, girls help please get us out of this depressionCry








Where did brij disappear???????? Shoot to who karne wala than a????AngryAngryAngrywhats the logic here??? OuchOuchOuchWhy characters re playing hide n seek??? Jab jo free hai'chalo uska csene daal dete hai!!!!Shocked



CVs answered a few questions like how NT got geets no(but how did she get maans cell??Confused)and when it rang why not "i love u maan????" maan ne change kar diya????AngryAngry geet tereko pitegi!!!!AngryAngryAngry/why geet didn't call maan(here geet cud have called home noConfused)/why Nts arrival went unreported by immigration'.CCTV kya blue film banana ke liye lagaya tha???Dead Usme kyu nahi dekha ke geet kaha hai'..!!! Angrybut panic me kuch samajh ta nahi hai so excused......So next time guys lets give them some leevay n not start bashing themmm'.

NT ko Maan ka mobile mila kaise??????

Geets fear was palpable''when the life of the person we love is threatened then hume aur kuch nahi dikhta'bas ek junoon sa cha jata hai'.use dekhne ka'geet reacted the same way'''ClapClap

Thank you CVs for not showing Geet begging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cud not have digested such a scene''not evr''Clap

I guess this was just a filler episode since GC is on holiday''DeadDeadDead

So I guess the invitation was for all the rasams n not shaadi per se'..shaadi to ho jayegi'SR ke liye wapsas ek intezaar'''..Crylets see if maaneet ki SR pehle hoti hai ya GurB*** ki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CryCryCry

Tab tak IXU aur DEW ke SR scene ko rat lo''.LOL

We'll be reading both these takes for a long time cause it doesn't look like the CV's are going to give us the SR soon

NTs bade bade ankhiya n her expressions were fab'..geet was so bechari..why???? Shockedcudnt she have come forward n fought for the gun??? Why is she still the helpless maiden waiting for her savior??? We kno maan will come'but the tremendous groW*H of geets character justified a bettere fight'..Angry

As expected maan came to save the day' the cost of what?? Lets find out tom'.Ouch

Arjun nahi ho sakta tha because then no villain left' take story forward'someone is needed'..i guessed that this is gonna happen kyuki aage aur kuch baca nahi tha in the current scenario'''



So finally we getting some action here''''..CVs heve decided to go back to revenge track bcoz marjanie romance is unpalatable'''.wud love to see arjuns dilemmna while nibhaoing his kasam'.him fighting his personal demons his love n his principles vs his love for his sis n his burn for revenge'..

Me looking forward to see this script'provided they stick to it n come out with decent storyline''.

Arjun not trusting maan was expected'.how can a brother mistrust his own eyes'.arjun is now burning with revenge ki bhaavna'''..interestingly he is saying MAAN whereas NT keeps saying GEET''.why so??? I kno NT bhadkaoed arjun against maan n not geet but still why????

Ok guys what happened to gun???? Nts fingerprints essential for maan to be proven innocent'.plz koi use sambhaal ke rakho'.Now again here'I think maan shud have called police immediately n given statement b4 someone maroes ulta patta!!!!Angry

Ashwe should know by now logic and CV's not happening, hopefully they'll wake up form their trance and give us something appropriate tomorrow.

In this context I don't mind seeing marjanies so-called0romance'..

I've got to agree with a very painful expression on my face


Cvs u promised us a dream wedding with lots of this what u call a dream???? More like a nightmare'.Cry

They ruined my whole mood......

how cud u ruin the most imp day of maaneets life with the spectre of NT hanging over them like a death gong????? Why cudnt this drama have happened after the wedding'.????Cry

I so wanted a peaceful wedding'with happiness evident in their eyes n love n only love shining on them'''.

If this is not gonna happen then let it be a dramatic wedding wherein they take their pheras in front of everyone b4 police takes away maan or something'...i alwaz pictured maan grabbing geets hands n taking the pheras like the KBM seq........there has to be some dramatic element if threre is no love.....i cudnt bear a sad sad wedding''''..plz plz plz''''..CryCryCry

so for the repercussions keep watching GEET HUI SABSE PARAYI....SOMWAR SE SHANIWAR RAAT SADHE NAU BAJE.....Smile 


Ash my comments in purple too in a sadu mood

Ok my dear crazies now that Arjun has turned negative does that mean our lady NT will wake up from the coma and turn positive........well with our CV's you never know

Hey was this really just cause of GC's holiday as a filler or was it a part of the original planConfused Me sad can't say anything moreConfused

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