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#Devil's Den# Kisko lagi Goli..kaun hua ghayal (Page 2)

49erFan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 9:11am | IP Logged
I havent watched today's show yet, let me just say a few things from the update!

Guys I feel like laughing today...I so knew this would happen....never fails in hindi serials!  Serial experience I tell u! Really sad!  Never watch serial expecting logic!

How does NT enter Khurana mansion with such tight security????  Hello creatives!  How does she get MSK's cell phone???

What happened to restraining order!  Lots of loop holes, that will save MSK and Geet from the accusations!

Will Arjun fall for Geet, my answer is no!

Arjun won't fall for Geet, but he will get to know the truth from NE and develop a soft spot for her!  Yah he will go negative, only for a short time though!  Remember the promo...Annie is in the middle of the villian and bhaiya and bhabhi! 

I dont understand why CV's dragging the wedding, what is suppose to come out of this!  Maybe NT's truth exposed to Arjun, who doesn't know shit about what his sister has done!  It was beginning of December that Maan proposed to Geet and Sangeet practice dance was on 21st of December I think and here we are 14th of January and nothing happened!  A big yawn for me!  LOL

I loved Geet's assurance to Arjun, they are his friends and here to help him! HugHug This is why I say Arjun will see the light soon!

So MSK goes to jail, here comes the CCTV footage to save him from this!

@ All relax, yah Maan will go to jail and be charged with violence, but again that doesn't mean he will spend time there!  Trust me he will out in no time, so relax guys!  This jail thing is more hyped then the wedding itself! 

What did I say celebrations = disaster in hindi serials...this has been my slogan for past two weeks!

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MarshP IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 9:12am | IP Logged

I decided that I will only write when I'm inspired and today I sure was inspired.WackoSo here you go, this is me writing. ROFL

NT/Geet: NT sure knows how to press Geet's buttons. The biggest button- Maan! And how the heck did she get Maan's phone. Either way she is a smart cookie. And the ring tone was changed back to the normal one. Now the question is who changed it? Maan or NT ErmmLOL

Maan/Adi/Romeo: So Maan's people aren't completely incompetent. Congratulations!! Clap Romeo found out that Naintara is back in India.  So Maan puts his grey cells to use and figures out that NT is after Geet. Now, that is some fab brain activity. How ishmart!  LOL So yeah he wants Adi, Romeo and himself to hurry up and look for Geet.  PS: Maan looked Hot! Embarrassed

Arjun/Annie: The only thing I recall is that I seriously thought Arjun was going to strangle Annie. ROFLOh yeah Arjun is also a "I hug, look at the sky and pray to god that I can hug like a normal person" hugger.ROFL

Romeo/Arjun: Arjun's brain is functioning, Yay! He finally remembers that Maan doesn't like NT.LOL

Geet/NT: Ok so NT wants to shoot Geet from across the pool with a handgun. It is a possible shot is you are any good but I doubt NT has shot people before. Ermm Anyway, the terrace scene  was dramatic. NT gives a speech much like every other villain in the history of villains. So she is jealous that Geet is living what NTs life used to be and she is angry because Geet ruined her life. Ok lady you plotted to get your darn hubby married to another girl for money. I say you were kind of asking for this "ruined life" ROFL

Maan/Geet/NT: did we even doubt for a second that Maan wouldn't come to the rescue? No right? Anyway NT falling scene was funny but realistic. Love the way she says Maan Veerji, talk about a patronizing tone.LOL I liked Piyush's acting in the scene where he picked up NT from the ground. Smile

Hospital: This scene was great if you flush logic down the toilet. So many bloopers! SleepyFor one NT is in the operating room with glass doors where the family members are watching the "surgery". That is great, because if I my loved one is having surgery the last thing I want to see is the doctor cutting her up. Then again, that's just me. ConfusedROFL Also, NT is still wearing the sari. D'ohI guess the Sari Pallu will come in handy if they run out of gauze in the OR. Now that is foreseeing future at its best. ROFL Anyway, I liked the convo. The only person Arjun tolerated was Geet. He sure does have a soft spot for her. And yeah NT is in a coma. Now Dev should come back and nurse her back to health Big smileROFL

The episode was good in a "holy crap I don't know what just happened"  way ROFL

Ok that's it! C ya wouldn't wanna B ya! EmbarrassedROFLROFL

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starlite7 Goldie

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 9:33am | IP Logged
Nissar, CVs, Barry, friends et al - A very interesting twist !

NT at her classic emotional atyaachaar best. One smart criminal, snitches Maan's mobile b4 calling Geet. Geet's moment of weakness – when NT threatens to take Maan's life. Geet calls Maan to warn him and NT picks up. If Geet was more cool headed (very few people can be in that situation) but she wud have questioned herself how NT could have held Maan down. Is Maan that weak or NT that strong...physically ?

Well, atleast CVs used some logic….Adi/Romeo tell Maan the bad news from immigration abt NT. At least they followed logic in that Maan realizes his mobile is missing b4 they dash out of the room to look for Geet.

Make amends. Arjun accepts NE's ring.

Mein agar tumse door bhaagne ki koshish kar raha tha to uski koi wajah thi. Magar mein khud tumse door hokar nahi reh sakta. Koi bhi kadam uthaane se pehle hum dono ka baat karna bahut zaroori hai, kyunki bahut saari aisi baatein hai jo tum nahi jaanti.

With this Arjun has begun a parallel thread of his own. Interesting.

Just then Romeo walks in and takes Arjun away to find NT. First intro to Arjun – why are Maan and his staff looking for NT ? Why is NT in the Khurana Mansion ? His logical brain should question that and realize that where his sis is concerned, all that glitters is not gold.

NT calls Geet out to the pool. Aims her gun but with Geet moving around looking for Maan is not able to hit her target. As Geet runs upstairs to the terrace, NT follows. As usual, NT blaming Geet for all her misfortunes. Even in this dire situation, Geet fights back saying NT is herself to blame for NT's current situation.

Just as NT is about to pull the trigger on Geet, Maan steps in, pushes NT n gun away and rushes to Geet. Unfortunately, Maaneet hear a scream and find NT hanging for dear life on the other side of the railing. Inspite of Maan trying to help, NT slips and falls. Arjun arrives just then and see her fallen.

One stark difference between Maan and Arjun –
• Earlier,when Maan realizes it is Brij who is trying to kill Geet and is in the mansion, he immediately accuses Arjun.
• Today, when Arjun sees NT fallen and Maaneet on the terrace looking down at her, he does accuse Maan

Maan immediately tells Arjun that NT had come to harm Geet and ….

@ the hospital
Arjun looking anxiously into the Op Theater (aaj kal Op theaters ko bhi huge windows with blinds hote hai ?)

NE and Maaneet reach the hospital. Doc walks by …says unable to diagnose until surgery….bahut oonchaayi se giri hai…really?

Maan says NT fell accidently, Maan did not do it on purpose, he was just saving Geet…and whatever happened is NT's fault. Arjun does not say a word, just looks at him. NE tells Arjun that he is not alone, they are all with him. Arjun retorts, that he does not need anyone and he does not wanna talk to anyone and asks to be left alone.

Geet moves forward. Barry v nice dialogue. Arjun, I know NT is ur sis. Her coming here has not changed the relations between him and Khurana family. In the past few days, aap hamaare bahut kareeb aa gaye. Arjun pls consider us ur friend. If u need any help pls don't hesitate to tell us. Arjun, I'm really sad that without any fault of yours u have to bear so much. Geet makes a chink in Arjun's armour when she says, apna khyaal rakhiyega. Sorry.

Arjun at this moment is analyzing what he has seen and heard. He is too busy internalizing his pain which bursts forth into Arjun- the temporary villain?

Precap – Arjun's kasam…mujhe kasam hai apni behen ki MSK mein tumhari zindagi ko barbaad kar doonga. Watch out Arjun, get ur facts straight before u attack else u will be the one hurt. Play ur cards well.

CVs have brought together an interesting twist into the story…converting Arjun –the Loverboy to Arjun – the Avenger. This thread has a lot of potential. Pls, pls do your ur homework. Don't dilute MSK or Geet to build up Arjun.

Nissar, CVs - There's been enuff of interruptions in Maanet shaadi. Don't shoot yourselves in the foot by dragging it further. No more negativity in Maaneet wedding. Let the wedding take place. No unnecessary, clichd turns to send Maan to jail. This will totally defeat ur theme by punishing the good guys whilst the bad guys either end up in coma or go scot free.

So watch out ! Don't lose TRPs and fans.

Gurmeet, Drashti, Karishma, Piyush ----Great job !!
NE - u r improving….keep at it…practice, practice, practice.

Nissar – BG was crappy in places. Execution was shaky. Editing seemed rushed. Is this due to the media fiasco yesterday ? Hold ur marketing team's feet to the fire. Let no one interfere in ur daily deadlines.

Looking forward to tomorrow's epi….
• Will Brij arrive or has he been sent to the back burner?
• Will Brij try to kill Geet ?
• Will Arjun save Geet ?
• Or, will Dev make an entry and take the bullet ?
• Don't want jailhouse rock for Maan
• U already screwed up the engagement….dont screw up the wedding…too much negativity will turn off viewers….after all the hype about the wedding

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Lip-a-Licious IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 9:39am | IP Logged

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TSharan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 9:40am | IP Logged

I am really not sure what happened today!!!! Need to watch to understand! So Arjun on revenge mission now....they needed a twist to create a new enemy which they did today!

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mi7chimes IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 9:42am | IP Logged


Ouch bumm bumm
there falls the bumm'ROFL
from the terrace..
to the terrace..D'oh
Humans brk their legs..
NT broke her head/brainsStern Smile
Ouch bumm bumm'
there she fell on her bumm'

n there Ne dedicates her song to NT!!


I fell on toes into a small dig
blood/ red paint drained from my wig
In my glittery attire i lay in the theatre
and Doc enters in Green unsterile matter
operates on my bandaged head
and announces i am yet not brain dead! *sigh*



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shadowstreet Goldie

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 9:42am | IP Logged
I reserved after ages. no I reserved day b4 yesterday but I lost net so dint write.
So what happened today?
Drama. yes drama is the word need for any daily soap. It is very much needed word & element. to some extent it is the TRP rising factor.
I dnt mind Drama but NT-Geet-MSK was repeative. We hav Brij in scene. I wont question anything cause I know now that these are useless questions I ask everytime. So I wont. But I need the Drama action suspence with new villians. Not that old track & same saviour. NT ll attack Geet & nobody can touch or save her instead of MSKLOL sounds old. Wine tastes better with time but tht shud b kept in bottle. just few days ago NT tried to kill Geet & MSK saved her. this time again.LOL may b thats the reason I dint feel any tenssion caose I knew the same old saviour will appear last minute.LOL May be thats the reason I dint find fear in Geet & Msk's expression, hatred in NT's.LOL
will write some more later.Tongue

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49erFan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 9:43am | IP Logged
@Anshu, I never expect logic in a serial yaar!

Jyoti, Bri, where r u guys!  Did we not call this two weeks ago!!!!LOL

Celebrations = Disaster!LOL

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