Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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HEllo everyone!

Today- Let's look at the significance of the wedding rituals for Maan and Geet.

HEre is my perspective on it!

Please contribute!

You're all invited to the most Hatke wedding this year

 Geet- Miss Hoshiyarpur Express-Mishti-shona-No HAnda


Maan-Sir- Dusht Danav-Das Sir wala Raavan-Singh-Khurana

Yes- A wedding- a grand celebration of a bond of Love

 Note- I might have missed some significant rituals and ceremonies'apologies..but do add!

 The love of Maan and Geet

A beautiful relation shown in a slow progression

From two people who disliked each other- they have come to be two who are enclosed in a world of their own.

We have all seen that journey- rolled our eyes, laughed, cried with them and now we join them as they are joined in matrimony.

Weddings have a special place in our lives because they celebrate two lives coming together and it's a communal celebration.

The title of the show is Geet- Hui Sabse Parayi. She was isolated from society and community..just like Maan was too..she was because of her circumstances, and Maan because he created walls around him.

Now- those walls down- they are in the middle of community and the middle of people and not lost..because they have each other.

I have always seen in weddings- when a couple is sitting together..they are the ones who stick together in the midst of all activity and merry-making..they are the observers- in the middle and yet detached.

Wedding and it's significance for Maan and Geet

Geet and Maan are united in mind and soul. They love each other and grow with each other. They wish to grow together in life. Marriage for them, as Maan says is a journey..a new step in their life- a step towards a beautiful future where they will live TOGETHER..will be seen as TOGETHER..MAan ki Geet and Geet ka Maan.

There is a deep spiritual aspect to their love and marriage adds to it

Of course- one may or may not agree with this but this is a subjective reading

 Let's look at a few wedding rituals before THE wedding rituals and what they have meant for Maan and Geet.


Songs are a perfect way of celebrating..singing of their love.

Geet has been the song of Maan's life.

This was shown in a deep personal way as well when Geet alleviated MAan's suffering and reassured him that he'd be a very good father.

Geet told Maan-using the word Papa..she related the child, to the father.

She made them into a family.

And she brought him back from the deep abyss of guilt he was sinking into.

She raised him to Life..and he saw the beauty in her eyes..he saw the love'he saw Life reflected there and he realized it was okay.

He had called her the sunshine of his life.

Sunshine is the life-giving light- and for him- Geet gave him a new life and made him appreciate it.

This was their Sangeet.


Maan wanted to put Haldi on Geet's face first.

You color my life with your love.

You have made my life Technicolor from the monochromatic it was.

I want to color you with my love.

His love brings out the beauty in her.

IT is he that makes her luminous as he can see the beauty- inside and out.

And with that special haldi ritual- he brought out that inner beauty with his love so that when anyone else put haldi on Geet- she was already shining with the inner beauty that Maan's touch had brought out.

Geet brings out the best In him.

Geet touched her MAAN and colored him with her love'the fire of happiness glowed bright and she brought that glow out'it was in his eyes..shining bright..


So- Although Haldi is a ritual that is used to bring out the beauty in both the bride and the groom..Maneet did it by bringing out merely the beautiful glow of their love.

It didn't matter if he wiped it off from Geet's cheek..what he wanted to do had been done.

She tells Maan to keep the color on his cheek because it would continue to remind him of her touch'keep him Maan and not MSK for some time at this happy time- a man just happy 'of course..manisha ke time pe no one can not be happy so'.


It is said that it is to deepen the bond of love an dis a traditional part of weddings'

The darker the mehendi- the better it is seen to be!

Of course- For Maneet- the mehendi is going to be dark! :P


 White and Red 'purity with passion..

Of course- Maneet have had a pure passion in their relationship.

A love which is spiritual as well as sensual.

White and Red is the color of the chuda too.


Well..Geet has made some girl friends too haina?

It is said that the girl on whom the kalirein falls is the next in line to be married-AKA-ANNIE here..HAHA


Usually, the male family member of the bride does the kanyadaan'

But in Geet's case'either dadi or annie or the pandit will do it perhaps..

Maybe pinky's dad? Or the adi or family representatives?

 Anyway- while giving the bride's hand to the groom, a promise is asked of the groom to assist his wife in realizing her dharma,artha,kama'basically spiritual fulfillment in life

She is to be protected by him and she is to be loved by him'just like he will be loved by her and they will grow together to get spiritual fulfillment.

 The Vows

In the presence of the Fire God- these are the seven promises the couple gives to each other

 1. To nourish each other.


When Maan made Pasta and Geet was sad-

He says the way I have saved you from all troubles till now- I will also save you from this problem of humger

 Maan has ensured Geet had food to eat..LOL

The episode where Maan ensured Geet got food to eat but nakewl gave his raaz away. Geet and Maan ate for the first time together from the same thali

 Geet fed Maan chocolate mousse.

Maan has made mushroom omlette for Geet

 And so on'

 2. To grow together in strength

 From the first- Maneet have helped each other grow in strength.

Maan has given important lessons to Geet and inspired her to stand for herself.

Geet has taught Maan to open up to Life and to Love..

They are strong as individuals as well as united.

Maneet personify mutual love and strength

 3. Preserve material wealth

Well..Geet got a job as Maan's secretary..

Money hasn't been a part in their life..but as together- now post marriage- Can be shown!

 But they have other kinds of wealth- of their moments together and they preserve it to the full!

 4. TO share each others' sorrows and joys

 They have been together in the sharing of each others' sorrows and have promised to give each other all happiness

 In Office during hum-tum

In Outhouse Maan's pain came out in an outburst

Geet and Maan in the dargah scene- are bound in a bond of pain and relief.

Pain with the realization that they are soul-bound. Relief that they have found each other.

In HP Maan shares Geet's pain

And so on'

Maan shared his sadness in the sangeet episode recently

 They have found moments to be together-staying together even in the worst of times-being a part of each other..that that thread that binds them tugs at their heart strings when either is in pain

 5. To care and be responsible for their children

Maan loved Geet and when they get back together- he promised to take care of her and their baby.

When he felt he failed by choosing Geet and not the baby'he felt guilt ridden and was in anguish..but Geet assured him that he will be a great papa!

Well- we need to be shown this post-marriage :P

 6. To be together for lifetimes to come

"zindagi ki har subha tumse shuru ho aur har raat tum se khatam"

 Main Stalking Karta and Miss Hoshiyarpur can do anything but stay apart from each other'

No matter what- after wedding, MSK and Geet will remain together- in heart,soul, mind and body.

Physical separation mustn't be for long'provided there's a new track doing the rounds'

 7. Soulmates forever..part of a whole..HUM

 Maan and Geet have become from You and Me to Hum'and this is a symbolic and holy unification of that HUM.

Their love has welded them together as individuals, made them grow as individuals and now'they are ready to embark on their journey HUM..:)

As a family..with the baby..facing problems TOGETHER; their love helping them withstand all that they face

 The mangalsutra and Sindoor

Geet has put the Tabeez around maan's neck already.

MAan will put the mangalsutra on Geet


KBM..he has filled her maang with his blood already..culminating their bond of blood'they are bound by it..have always been shown to be..

 Maan and Geet- an intense love story- it's made us cry,made us laugh, made us FEEL what they were going through each moment.

It has made us understand the dilemmas, and the pain, the anger and the joy, the nok-jhoks and the fights, the passion and the tenderness.

 Completed by the bond of marriage-

Maan and Geet will emerge stronger- with promises given- some realized and some to be realized'but not broken.

 They will face all things together..all joys and all calamities

 If msk goes to jail- it will be after this marriage.he will go as Geet ka Maan- stronger..leaving her sad..but as a woman who will fight for her husband's rights!

As being Maan's strength and not his weakness.

Helping each other when they stumble- their relationship after marriage will definitely be filled with moments of all kinds..let's see and travel with them on their journey'post marriage

 Post Marriage

 All these vows need to be realized once more'after marriage..a fulfillment of those promises taken in front of the Fire.

Give their marriage a hatke-feel!

This will give some dynamic to their relationship too- I know marriages are tough and not just a bed of roses'show the their journey

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Previous DENS with THEMES


Potential Plot lines (MB)



Aesthetics (make up etc)


Brij and Yash








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Hi everyone!

I guess I'll be in the minority when I say I liked the episode.

Well- It entertained me.
I had no idea what to expect because I didn't make predictions out of speculationsLOL

Arjun was converted today..he's going into extremes-
From Annie's hubby to be to Naintara's Bhaiya ji
 who said wedding is happening today?It says clearly FROM ..not ON

i hope none were expecting it today at all??

And btw-the same day is going our Tomorrow is still TODAY in the show...

I think they have created suspense so that we can still keep on predicting if anyone will go to jail or not...

Coma might be dramatic..from a first floor..but that's the highest they got that her head is really thin..

I saw the episode and i liked it..

The woman had so much lotion on that his hand kept what?
didn't mean he didn't want to save her?

About how and why he goes to jail( IF he does)
I don't have much knowledge in the area but MSK might be framed by Arjun for Brij or something..Brij is still is Dev..

NT perhaps came back..and made Arjun go to another extreme so that we can have Maan-Arjun track
The guy is getting good in acting
Even Nikunj was acting in her scenes

I'm positive if given a chance- they'll definitely improve

Arjun said he will avenge NT and destroy msk...even if it means going against his usool...

Well- Karna did the same thing..didn't he...he could use Annie now..

what I loved in today's episode is 
Geet calling arjun a friend of the family
I feel it is Geet who can make him feel guilty  for using this to his advantage.
Geet treated him as a friend, and said if he needed anything they were there..
I think it really touched him..and I also think he might like her..HAHA

MSk perhaps will apologize once more to Arjun for what he Arjun might be sly n overtly forgive him or he might outrightly say he will destroy msk.

Brij ka koi ata pata nahi..where is he now?
HE will definitely come back..and perhaps he will be used by Arjun..

The CV's opened up some good possibilities and I wonder how the confusion etc will be resolvedEmbarrassed

Then the thing is that we don't know for sure if anyone is going to might just be a rumor or a wrong thing reported

IF it will be after the wedding so sit back and enjoy!

Wedding couldn't have been shown as it is considered inauspicious to show any during this time.LOLDoesn't mean it won't happen at all you know

The foundation is being laid for future track.

Geet didn't get justice?
NT is in COMA..ZINDA LAASH- uhh...half done.
Dev will come back and we'll say alvida to him- FuLL justice.

I'm eager to see how MSK( who by the way was SO SO scared today- his nightmare- someone trying to kill Geet and him not being there- Check!) and GEEt face all of this post wedding!

DREAM wedding-
A definition- A wedding you have OVERRIDING ALL difficulties..when things go BAD and there's no HOPE..

"yeh mera sapna hai,sach kaise ho sakta hai"

A girl who has faced mostly problems...will face them too..but STILL MSK will fulfill ALL her dreams

That was what the DREAM wedding promo was 

Love to all!

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Why I think today's turn of events hv potential for future strong storyline is because

  • Arjun has comne out of love sick puppy mode and is back in revenge mode and this time with full vengence -CheckCool
  • Arjun has certain weakness for Geet which is good for future track-CheckCool
  • Precap clearly suggests dream wedding will come from tomorrow..they dragged it because as per hindu rituals during the period of sakranti ,weddings r considered ashubh..even though its a daily soap many PHs believe in all the sankaranti period is over marriage coming tomorrow-CheckCool
  • Brij part is not over and we will hv Brij-MSK confrontation during the wedding as per the promo but Brij will not die..because as per the old article one villain will pay the price and that villain has already paid the price by going in coma..which means Brij will stay alive and might maximum go to jail only to return back later with the help of Arjun..why Arjun-Brij will come together is because Brij will fail in his mission to kill Geet and then Arjun can take him in his side for further revenge-CheckCool 
  • NT has not died which means she too can b back in the future to add more masala-CheckCool..
  • Marriage is happening and MSK might go to jail for few hours but will b bailed out because he has not murdered anyone and Geet was a eye-witness of the whole incident which took place in the terrace-CheckCool
  • Geet gets half justice with the help of Almighty since NT goes in comaSmile..her full justice will b over if Dev dies on the wedding dayErmm -CheckCool
There r two choices for wedding...

Choice 1

Marriage happens and after that MSK is arrested and then how he proves himself innocent and how Geet fights for him -CheckCool

Choice  2

Before marriage,MSK is arrested because Arjun files a complaint..then we see MSK taking 12 day ka promise as per article and he will challenge that he will b out of this mess in 12 days time to marry his Gith-CheckCool

In both cases Marriage remains to b seen it hapepns sooner or with that 12 day deadlineBig smile
Point to b noted
Arjun yesterday in the end said he will destroy MSK even if it means going against his principle and sacrificing his loveErmm
So this means,he will not use Annie becuase he talked about sacrificing his love which is Annie at the moment...
I get a feeling his target will b Geet nowEvil Smile....

Random Analysis

 For me today's episode worked because of above reasons as it  lays a strong foundation for future storyline post-marriageSmile...yes logically if a person falls from first floor,he/she doesn't go in coma instantly but then this is not the first time we r witnessing such things in a daily soap lets learn to deal with these issuesLOL...

Errrrrrrr...if I keep logic aside I enjoyed today's episodeROFLROFLROFL...I m used to watching so many nonsense shows that I don't really mind logic missing once in a whileLOLLOLLOL

About CCTV cameras not capturing NT..mayb they captured her and if tomorrow MSK gets blamed by Arjun...the CCTV cameras can prove him innocentErmm...I hv noticed that in this show,they always reveal some parts in the next for eg:In one episode we saw MSK seeing Brij's back and we wondered whats the purpose of that scene..we got reply in the next episode when MSK connects the dots regarding BrijLOL...then we wondered yesterday, how come Adi and Romeo din't get the info regarding NT's return and today we got that reply the whole CCTV camera might come into play when MSK gets accusedEvil Smile...CVs hv kept stressing on this CCTV cameras in every they do hv some use I feelErmm

About Arjun...I feel for him..the guy has no clue about the real facts and he blindly loves his sisterOuch..he reminds me of Karan of with principles but he sided with the wrong because of his loyalty and also he was not aware of certain factsOuch...We can argue that why can't he ask for clarifications..But  I think the time was not right..more than clarifications ,he was worried seeing his sister fighting with deathOuch...and he saw with his own eyes,NT he assumed that its deliberately done by MSK....your mind stops working when u see your own family members battling with their life..

Coming to the NT-Geet scene,Dialgoues were repitative there but not the end early KBM episode when NT attacked Geet, its Geet who was about to fall but MSK saves NT falls and MSK is not able to save her despite trying..its called for me that worked in today's episode if I combine both of these episodesErmm... Scene execution could hv been better mayb if Nissar was directing it....but I don't see anything wrong in MSK trying to save NT but failing there.....they showed two things here....MSK saving Geet but MSK unable to save NT...its a way of showing that a man can go to any extreme to save his loved ones but he will not use his full strength when it comes to saving an outsider or someone with whom u r not that MSK failed to save NT there....mayb the message could hv been conveyed in a better way if the execution would hv been more powerful..instead of using repitative dialogues there,they could hv concentrated more on the action partErmm
Coming to Annie-Arjun confession scene in the beginning,it lacked the emotional punchErmm;Piyush too hugs Annie with his head in the airLOL...So I guess its the director who asks their actors to hug in that manner...cannot blame GC or Piyush here because both can't hv same hugging style unless the CVs ask them to hug in that particular style onlyErmmLOL

Episode Rating:7/10...There were silly bloopers like how Arjun can peep inside operation theatre or how doctors were operating NT without removing her sareeLOL or  how so easily NT can steal MSK's mobile from his own room..even if he was in bathroom that time,W*H were the security doing thereAngryLOL ..and so for these silly things ,Episode lacked logic but again I repeat ,it does lay a solid foundation for future trackCool
PS:Geetu u did a brilliant job with today's Marriage themeClapClap and I hope CVs read it and implement it whenever they show the dream weddingLOLEmbarrassed

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mechantefille IF-Rockerz

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reserved!! forever

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Faltu Security Kuttas&Cameras: Wow she entered The KM so easily with a gun in her purse..Without any issues she has the phone in her hand..WAT was the point of all those Cameras,the security PeopleeStern Smile
Devaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-Your Wife is in ICU second time after falling off from FIRST floor onlyShocked..Very Delicate wifee...and you are not handling her with careOuch and you still under meera bai's pallu..
Behti Hawa Sa tha Woh
Badal Awaraa Tha woh
King Con Hamara tha Woh
Kiske Bed Mein Hai Usko Dhoondho
Execution of the Terrace Scene, that should have been powerful to leave an impact on the viewers, it was Horrible..Angrythe way she flipped I mean he didn't even push her tht hardConfused
Everyonee is Confused everywheree...ConfusedLOL
Everyone is Crying coz Maan is going JailROFLROFLROFL
Toh Bachas
Cry cry itna cry karte hain kaaye ko
Itna darrte hain kaaye ko
Pal pal marrte kaaye ko
Why why aisa why waisa kyun hota
Yun hota toh kya hota
Jo hota hai woh hota
Fly fly baby fly dekhein aa udh ke
Dekhein baadal se judh ke
Dekhein phir na mudh mudh ke
Rotey kaaye ko hum hain, rotey kaaye ko hum
Hona hai jo ho, sad hote kaaye ko hum
Haan raaton ko na sotey kaaye ko
Cry cry itna cry karte hain kaaye ko
Itna darrte hain kaaye ko
Pal pal marrte kaaye ko

Don't know wat more to write because its just too funny baazigar ka haal UFF I am enjoying da tamashaaROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
Let Me Visualise what Star One Office might be going through Lots&lots of phone calls giving dhamkis.."We want maaneet wedding, we want brij & NT killed or we QUIT..You won't get ur TRPS"
A Girl stands in front of Geet sets at 11 in the night and screamss
"Geet Hi sabse Parayi ke Creatives..If Maan & Geet are not married. I will do SUICIDEEEE..And you guys are planning to send Maan to Jail in the virtual world...All of you will Sadoofy in jail..
If you want send Maan to Jail first you will have to go through my Laashhh"

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I am short on words today. After reading the negativity about today's episode, I had almost decided not to watch but then could not resistLOL  so finally did....

Well, I was pleasantly surprised and the episode worked for me in most parts! Leave the medical, legal, logical issues aside cozz they get twisted as per convenience in every show.
One reason the episode worked for me was Maaneet are together fighting the enemy. As long as theere is no MU between them I am fine with it.
However the most absurd thing was the way NT fell down. That just did not make any sense!
The situation was created to turn Arjun against Maan which it has successfully done. However I feel it won't be for long.
This has put breaks in NE-Arjun love story....and now Arjun is gonna try to use NE.
So the question is will marriage happen???? Yes it will for sure.
But where is Brij???? Is he saved for later or are we gonna see another attempt from him???? If CVs work the guy for later. Do not show another attack. Today's attack was enough to put breaks in wedding celebration.
Why are the CVs not bringing back Dev?????Angry He is a bigger villian and deserves punishment. Why should only NT pay for her sins...why not Dev???? If the actor has issues, why can't he be replaced. That track needs closure too
Ever since the show became 6days...we have consistently had very good saturday episodes.Big smile  Will tomorrow be any different or wil lthe CVs manage to put a smile back on the audience face??? Waiting to see what happens tomorrow.

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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