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One Question-Looking for Honest & sincere Answer (Page 9)

111priyan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 10:09pm | IP Logged
i think manneet are not losing charm but the story line is just being dragged
hope it gets back on track soon

-honeydew- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 6:14am | IP Logged
Originally posted by rickks

Originally posted by --Nargis--

I feel that there such a STARK difference between yesterday's (1/12) episode and today's episode.(1/13)Ouch
I agree.....The Change was very Much PalpableOuch
especially when the episode ends on a note and starts with something else, thats what happened between 12th and 13th .. but there is no use talking about whats over, but they should make sure they dont repeat it again ...Ouch ( oops .. maine dekha aap dono ne kaaley aankh waala icon use kia toh mujhe bhi use karna tha Wink)

Yesterday was a LOT content wise...but if was delivered FLAWLESSLY...a very COHESIVE delivery.....made me want to watch the show with the same enthusiasm of course i was so thrilled to watch the episode today.....but what a let down.
I assume you are talking about 12th January as the more Flawlessly delivered Episode to which i agree wholeheartedly and 13th January which was the Major Let Down
ditto (YPD style Wink)

Today's episode was missing the DHASU delivery that i was looking for.   Haldi scene was good....but not GREAT as I had expected it to be.  I don't think its the actor's fault...i blame the DIRECTOR.  It his job to demand...and persuade the best out of the actors.....and that is where the lack is.
Yes the scene was tanda...Not that Maaneet did not do their part well, there could have been differently and brilliantly portrayed and executed which was entirely Missing.....
the actors seem to have become careless, atleast some of them .. there is this gross, i know it all attitude i see on their faces ..thats not good. cos for every actor, the character they play shd take over their real self as long as the show is on .. look at ronit roy, though he played bajaj and mihir at the same time, one couldnt say there was an over lap ever, today people know him as DM, and also the lawyer on sony .. 

This serial is missing a GRIPPING storyline....plz..isse jaldi waapis lao.  The MOMENTS have brought it this far....but it cannot continue for long.
Like the age old major aspect that adds to the success of the show is when there are moments in a story and not moments which are created for a story....what happens with the latter is it eventually dies outDead
my POV is, since there is no story there are moments as a compensation the absence of these moments the show would fall like a pack of cards, there is a section of fans that still watches the show and thrives on dreamy MSK,  though he may not be as dreamy as he once was ...

Phele yeh moments Nissar package karke brilliantly deliver karta tha....and that was enough to keep us temped and attached to the screen.  But now, without Nissar, these moments are but a TEPID rendition of the same moments again and again.....causing me excessive BOREDOM!!

Nags i agree the Midas Touch one could see in the scenes/Seq which screamed out that it was Nissar's work is Missing....But at last the show is a team work and 1 person should not be held responsible for what happens.....I just wish that a story and screenplay had something to offer so that even if the direction went for a Toss WE COULD IGNORE IT

Recently ...the episodes are missing the NISSAR charm...and today was definitely not a  Nissar delivery at all.

nani ... u make him sound more like a hospital nurse ... ROFL

NT was good....but again the delivery of the content was should have made more of an impact....and it did not.
NT is one of the most classiest Vamp i have ever seen in Tellyworld....A mind-boggling character to be created ever in recent times, but what she did yesterday did nothing....i could not believe that this was the same character whom we used to rave about and consider an almost perfect Opponent to MAAN

Her threat to Geet on killing Maan.....that should have chilled my bones...but it didn' felt blah!!

Nags my editions in Green and sweets you know that i feel the same, and this si the very reason i had to vent it out....The Post being a source

Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 6:53am | IP Logged
thanks sindu1231,iqbal-pallavi,ArmaanBabii, swan20 for agree with my post.

LavZ IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 8:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by rickks

Hey Guys.....Today i am making an unusual Post....Its a Question thats been in my head for the last few days....and what better place to share this thought other than the Geet ForumSmile
Hi Viju meri Parii.....u always make unusual posts....u n Nihu r well known fr des....well darling des r questn which hav been playin on everyonz head.....good goin....

Do you feel the show is losing its Charm???
well it is surly loosin its charm coz dey demself hav set a standrd n due to sum reason(which dey noe betterConfused) dey cnt fulfil dat ven v say GHSP we hav sum ideaologies n hopes n sum ver sumhow da CVs hav failed to gv us DAT.....da storyline was raw n new den....nw da tracks look familiar to us n da execution level has droppd n hence we feel dat its losin its charm.....
as of now i feel abt da show is - u noe dat song naa....."kabie naye packet mei bechey thumko cheez puranaani...phir bhi dil hai hindusthani" - aisa kuch hi hai.....old wine in a new still v love it coz its bcum a part of our lyf.....Ouch

Do you feel that a Gripping Story/Screenplay is Missing???

hmmp......tell me da last tym u felt dat the story n screenplay was grippinConfused....dey hav a new track...v get all geard up....all supportiv towrds wid da execution dey KILL da storylineOuch......kabie kabar dey r confused demself as to wat dey wnt....shd dey go wid wat dey hav decided?or shd dey go wid wat da fans want?Ouch.......dey shd STOP takin in wat da fans wnt n gv us wat dey hav decided......
bt fr dat dey shd get Mr. Nissar Parvej backSmile......he is da one person who can deliver exactly wat v r lookin fr.....even if da storyline is grt n da screenplay is good....if da way it is directed is horrible den da whole thing looks rubbish......Maan Singh mite b good bt he cannot replace Nissar coz Nissar well is Nissar da way he looks at each scene is different.....his signature is inscribed into every episod he does n v get da feelin its done by him......Embarrassed

Do you feel all the Maaneet moments that have been shown recently looks lifeless and repetitive in terms of Direction and Execution??? fr Guru....he is a dirctrs actor.....he needs to b told wat to do n how den he delivers exactly lik dat....mayb he doesnt get dat now......DD is alwas grt....she has alwas been dat - grt......Maan looks lost sumtyms even ven Geet is right der....n so Maaneet looks LOST!!!!!....Ouch
ver is dat Maan Singh Khurana who used to kill us wid his one expression....his eyes spoke....all Maaneet momnets r about expressions.....da spark was alwas felt due to da way it was dircted....veneva Maan lookd at Geet wid his killing expressns v feel da intensity....y??coz its dirctd lyk dat.......sach bato tho da execution n directions go fr a toss now n episod v feel yes v hav got our show bck n den da next episod we will b lyk - wat da heck jst happend??ConfusedOuch sumtyms v feel dat da episods n scenes dnt hav any link btw each odr.....y is dat happenin??ShockedConfused
Guys as loyal Viewers of GHSP, who has been watching this show religiously..... honestly batao do u still see that Spark, that Magic, that Brilliance which has always been associated with GHSP???

Koi shakk??ShockedOuchofcorz i feel da spark...da magic n da brillianz is to y? well i feel sumver dwn da line da real purpose of y GHSP started has been lost.....rember da grippin storyline dat dis serial had durin its HP tyms n ven Geet reachd Delhi.....
da promos of dis serial alwas said - Geet was a girl who was loved by everyone coz she stood up fr HER wishes, HER ideas n HER principles......sumver v hav been side trackd to only Maaneet....i agree dat Maaneet relation n chemistry is da backbone of da shw bt v shdnt frget dat its Geets story ver Maaneet cum as a bonus package....
v really felt fr Geet ven she was torturd by her family.....v felt lyk gettin hold of Dev n rippin him apart fr wat he did to Geet...v felt lyk burnin NT alive jst lyk dey used to do to witches in ancient tymsLOLWink......all da Maaneet momnts - be it HP or in Delhi ver mindblowin.....i used to feel fr each it anger,hatred,pity,love.....sumver da magic is lost......sumver i hav stopd feelin fr da charctrs.....not in every episod bt in most of da episod i fail to connect wid da charctrs....i feel da serial has becum mor predictble......which GHSP was neva......v neva cd predict dis serial......dey need to get DAT GHSP back.....
i hav stopped expectin anythin frm da show....which is defntly not a good sign....Ouch

Hope you guys will pour in your Answers....Do Comment Smile

i jst did dat Pariii......i hav tried to write wateva i feel....hope i hav made myself clear n dnt conphuse nyone.....LOLWink
let me put it in a nut shell: fr da CVs:
1) TO get da charm bck .... Get Mr. Nissar Parvej bck or atleat sumone who can deliver wat Nissar has in mind or wat he wnts fr each scene....even if da storylin is FAB da way its dirctd has an impact......coz sori to say bt Maan Singh is killin wateva NP had done fr da show....Ouch
2) if u hav decided on a particular storyline....go ahead wid it......da fans wd hav hundrds of wishes u cnt cater to ALL of dem.....gv us a grt storyline n execute it with perfection da fans wd accept it jst lyk dey had befr.....
3) Pleasee STOP givin us da saamme old repetv hug,holdin hand,eyelocks n liftin chin wala romance....please kuch naya karo......"rishtha wohi soch nayi"...woh wali tag line use karo....LOL
4) As Loyal fans v can neva hate da please dnt take us fr grantd....v vil alwas support da v wd apprect a bit of logic filled in wid da drama....

Note: Please do not take this as an offensive post.....I have no intentions of hurting the sentiments any of the viewers/audience/fans.
ofocrz nt.....i LOVE u fr dis post Parriii....Hug
Loads of luv,

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artisticrafia Goldie

Joined: 19 February 2010
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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 8:57am | IP Logged
firstly nice postThumbs Up
yar i also think that the show has lost its charm n spark .A month or two
earlier i was so excited for the episodes that i couldn,t concentrate on
a single thing and all day think abt maan and geet n wat would come
next.But now i have to say sadly that i lost ma interest a bit and can afford
to loose a week or so epi Unhappy

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rickks IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 8:57am | IP Logged
Originally posted by PrithviSanyo1

 nice post.

 first it's about 50-50 , some times some dragging part may be like lost the track but some time it's back in the track.
I agree, but in recent times i see logic and execution majorly flawed for most of the timeOuch

actually it's daily we cannot expect every day they will deliver  awesome epi but still they need to improve in some departments.
A daily soap is a team effect...every department should equally contribute, to the finesse of the episode/ show.....I dont think anybody would question if 30% logic is missing, or any technical errors are there....But the rest 70 % must be delivered flawlessly right???

after 6 days schedule they kind of lost some portion of the track.still have many chances to bring the magic back.if cvs want  their show will be no .1 again.
The word is IF.....2 alphabets is all it takes to make IF....but one word that has loads of layers to it....

my kind request to dear cvs ,
 1.pls stop  showing too much negativity.
2. give some happiness to lead couple maaneet.
3.pls bring back dev- meera and show give dev punishment.
4.if u want to continue anni - arjun track, fine no problem, then pls help the actor who played annie in her acting department or  replace her.
I agree, but all i wanna ask to the CV's is when they new with the 6 days a week schedule, the opening of a Parallel track was inevitable, shouldnt they have considered roping in a better actress then itself....Even if they wanna continue with Nikunj as Ani, i hope the realize that she cannot emote and express 1% and help her improve
5. pls bring back geet's family and show them how geet manage to create her own world and happy there.
6.pls give justice to geet.
7. the show is about geet and her journey and where she met her friend ,philosophers , guide and soul mate maan and show their journey together.if u want trp then  keep maaneet together.
I dont think that the makers even realize and know of it anymoreConfused

8. don't think about mc .audience r very much connected to this baby. this soul of the show.
9. think new scene for maaneet.
10. improve editing department.
11. improve marketing strategy
12. don't give too much information to sbb, sbs, or any news mainly off screen interview or masti.
13.don't let nt , brij or any villain win against maaneet.
Well it should be a game of Chess , would like to see times when the Villains get their share of Happiness, only to be dissapointed at Maaneet's Final Victory

14.most important show us maaneet marriage, don't drag it too much.
15.if cvs want to show twist then it'll be after marriage, are maaneet needs some happiness .
it's my personal point of view.
will be add more soon.

but one thing sure we  the audience are still attract to this show cause of out lovely jodi maaneet and they still sizzle the show.

PrithviSanyo1 i really enjoyed reading your post....and agree to majority of what you have said+i have given my additions in Green......Smile
Bharathi_gurti IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 10:57am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mysterygurl1427
here viji beta shush and sign it lolz....
i really made a petition today...i think you can open a new posts and enable this address so that we can show our support and our views to them...i think it will work to some extent dearTongueTongueTongue...
MishtyShona IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 12:34pm | IP Logged
yes, will post my views in detail a little latter as am busy now...

Riccks thanks for the topic... very much needed...

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