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One Question-Looking for Honest & sincere Answer (Page 7)

-Yaz- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 1:04pm | IP Logged
I agree with PrithviSanyo1, sometimes it really drags and the other times i really like it, it isn't like before where each episode was worth waiting for, now we can hardly tell what the upcoming episodes will be like, good/bad, boring/interesting Ouch 
I still like the acting of the main leads and the other side roles (except for Nikunj), i still like the direction, i still like the dialouges, it's just the story i think that is going bit up and down Confused they should also make sure not to be too repetitive, some scenes are nice to watch again like the lap scene, or even the bath tub scene, but the whole staring off into eachothers eyes is getting bit boring, sometimes i feel as if that's the only thing they ever do Ouch
The other thing i dislike is how some of the other characters are not getting a good screen space, in the initial days every character had good scenes on every episode, be it Adi, Pinky, Sasha, Tasha, but now it's as if they all have been sidelined, isn't that why Dev and Meera left, because they saw their characters going nowhere Disapprove I don't understand why the CVs are bringing in so many Actors in, if they are not give them a good meaty role, like Romeo, Manisha, and Pandey Ji Confused
Why have they bought Annie in? she wasn't ever mentioned and all of a sudden she pops up out of nowhere, why couldn't they bring in Vicky instead, which is logical and to be honest would have been much more interesting.
What happened to Dev and Meera? What happened to the case, did they close it or is it still on? Will Dev get his punishment or not.
What happened to Sasha? where is she?
They are so many things the CVs have left unanswered, and it seems as if they have totally forgotton about it.
And another thing like PrithviSanyo1 said, theres too much negitivity, first Arjun, then Brij, then NT, and now the whole thing about Maan going to Jail, it's getting bit too much to handle, they should learn how to balance it out.
This is a story about Geet and Maan, but these days it seems as if they are getting overshadowed by Annie and Arjun, which quite frankly is getting really annoying Dead and then theres the whole illogical thing, it's one thing having a small blooper and another to make a stupid mistake, (i'm talking about the hospital scene, where Maan had to choose between the child and the mother)
The CVs are doing a great job with other things like the direction and the dialouges, but they should stop and think about where the story is heading Confused I still love Geet, and i am still going to watch it, but the CVs really have to sort some things out.

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ibelieveinpink IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 1:14pm | IP Logged
Awesome POST!!! So thought-provoking...well done!!! 

Do you feel the show is losing its Charm???
I don't think Maneet are losing their magic, charm, or chemistry, but YES I do think the show is losing it's original charm!! The scenes aren't as gripping as they were in HP, the characters aren't as strong (excluding Maneet) and the storyline lacks the appeal that it once had!! I don't know if it's the writers of the channel, but I'm getting disappointed! 

Do you feel that a Gripping Story/Screenplay is Missing???
Yep!!!! Barring from the Maneet the scenes, the rest is disappointing! AA scenes are just horrible! Brij and NT scenes are really good b/c the actors are top-notch! Even today, I didn't think it was a bad episode, but the guy who plays Arjun isn't as powerful as the actor who plays Brij! Arjun (from my understanding) is suppose to be like Maan in principles and attitude...a little bit of a flawed MSK, but very MSK-esque in terms of personality and aura, but the actor is pulling off character completely wrong! And the whole one will go to jail....sounds too stupid! I don't mind giving the CVs a chance b/c I'm sure the courtroom drama will be nicely written! But this idea isn't appealing! The show def ins't as interesting as it used to be from GC's sickness the show has either been a miss or HIT....before it always used to be a HIT!

Do you feel all the Maaneet moments that have been shown recently looks lifeless and repetitive in terms of Direction and Execution???
NOPE! Def not!! The hugs..the whole chin to head is getting old! I think the Disco hug was the best b/c there seemed to be more passion! But the scenes are so mind blowing and fantastic! IMO the maneet scenes are the best part of the show! I love them!! Direction is really good, especially the Mahi mahi dance and the recently haldi scene! Personally, the nok jhoks are getting better and better!

Guys as loyal Viewers of GHSP, who has been watching this show religiously..... honestly batao do u still see that Spark, that Magic, that Brilliance which has always been associated with GHSP???
Nope....the spark is def disappearing! I think bring back the gripping storyline and maybe the original writers b/c these new writers are giving us fantastic Maneet moments, but dull everyone else moments! AA scenes are such a drag! And def hire better actors! I also think this whole wedding thing has been going on for over a month and both are still not married....NOT GOOD! I loved how fast pace the story used to be, and now it's slowed down like no one's business! Also, I think it's time to re-explore HP, Sameera, Vicky, Dev-Maan's actually relationship and the whole Canada family! Plus, how many months preggers is geet and maan's BG and family history! Maybe the story should also explore Maneet in the work environment post-marriage! I would love to see the balance of professional and personal!

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ishpreet Goldie

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 1:19pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by rickks

Hey Guys.....Today i am making an unusual Post....Its a Question thats been in my head for the last few days....and what better place to share this thought other than the Geet ForumSmile

Do you feel the show is losing its Charm???

Do you feel that a Gripping Story/Screenplay is Missing???

Do you feel all the Maaneet moments that have been shown recently looks lifeless and repetitive in terms of Direction and Execution???

Guys as loyal Viewers of GHSP, who has been watching this show religiously..... honestly batao do u still see that Spark, that Magic, that Brilliance which has always been associated with GHSP???

Hope you guys will pour in your Answers....Do Comment Smile

Note: Please do not take this as an offensive post.....I have no intentions of hurting the sentiments any of the viewers/audience/fans.

i m telling u this very sincerely
i miss the old geet days when everything and anything was around maan and geet
their tiffs,falling in love and the fresh scenes. but now annie and arjun bakwaas lifeless scesn too much dragging is talking away the charm.
pehle the story changed every single days 2 to 3 promos were released in a single week
it was so much fun
but i have still faith in godBig smile
--Nargis-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 1:49pm | IP Logged
Nihu...if it is still Nissar....then why such a dichotomy from the earlier deliveries?   What in him has changes that his presentation and delivery have diminished so badly??

Originally posted by -honeydew-

nani, Nissar is brilliant at his work, but i personally feel if things are going bad, its also reflects badly on the fact that the entire team is pinning their hopes on one person, who by the way another human being ...
yes, he owes something to this show, and he needs to give his bit as well, but if Nissar does everything, what the hell are others doing?
i cant feel GC emote anymore the way he did ...
DD is the only other person who has been consistent right from day one ...
last night when NT spoke i was like .. oh shut up you woman ...
Annie and Arjun are just about okay at the moment ...
the show Geet was not made just by Nissar right ? there were so many others ... now suddenly whats going so wrong that, we cant feel the same way about the show ..
and what if Nissar is actually doing his bit, and we expect too much outta him ..LOLLOL

Originally posted by --Nargis--

Originally posted by -pixie-

Do you feel the show is losing its Charm???
>> Yup, the show has been losing its charm for me. For quite some time I have been feeling that something has been amiss. The story has been meandering- its almost as if the writers also dont know what to do with the show.

Do you feel that a Gripping Story/Screenplay is Missing???
>> The biggest problem is that the story/screenplay just went haywire after the engagement fiasco...They do have decent threads of a story running now...but the execution is seriously flawed. If I were to forget the scene and think of it from a story PoV- many of the recent twists sound really interesting- but the execution on screen has absolutely no dum! The only grouse I have with the writers is that they clearly have not watched the old episodes of GHSP- and hence we have new unanncounced tracks rather than closing out of old loops. The twists are interesting from a drama perspective- but the strongest point of the show was the Maan and Geet chemistry. Even their funny scenes come out looking unfunny. I don't know who is to blame-but something is missing.

Do you feel all the Maaneet moments that have been shown recently looks lifeless and repetitive in terms of Direction and Execution???
>>For that I think the blame rests with the director- who despite excellent actors, makings of a half decent story and loyal viewers- is failing to deliver again and again. Romance is not all about eyelocks and caresses. Even the actors look bored in some of the scenes. They can do so much more.All they have to do is read some of the OS/FF posted on the forum- the writers are far more original/innovative and creative in portraying romance than the current set of writers that the PH has hired.

The SOMETHING that is missing is NISSAR!!  Maan Singh (the director) cannot deliver like Nissar can...its the plain ugly truth!!

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--Nargis-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 1:52pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ruslana

the think is we  know what is happening tomorrow like yesterday we knew last night what is going to happen thats y

Ruslana...If this is the ONLY problem...then i think there is rather quick  Stop SBB abd SBS....and then all will be golden?  I don't think so!!  I agree that this is one factor contributing to the diminishing TRPs...but certainly not the only problem.
bahane Goldie

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 2:19pm | IP Logged
dear viji
thank you for your post

i like maneet so much but as a answer to your question ,yes unfortunately they are many issue in current episodes!!!!!!!!!D'oh
my main problem is dv and his story Ouch
i wish they have paid attention to the quality much more than quantity ................Confused
i think, if we have just 2 or 3 epi each week then we could have a better show...........

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Tiharika Goldie

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 2:34pm | IP Logged
I personally think this show is not loosing its charm, it has the same magic and charm which it had from the beginning, love Maneet scenes a lot and i also dont think the present track is bad, iam loving all the marriage preprations of Maneet, i dont think the Maneet scenes are repetitive, they r day by day rocking and giving brilliant performances,Gurti rocks and will continue to rock and cvs are also not ruining this show, and i have full faith in cvs that cvs will not let us down, they will surely bring Geet back to its no. 1 position :)
ArmaanBabii Senior Member

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 2:42pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by PrithviSanyo1

 nice post.

 first it's about 50-50 , some times some dragging part may be like lost the track but some time it's back in the track.

actually it's daily we cannot expect every day they will deliver  awesome epi but still they need to imporve in some departments.

after 6 days schedule they kind of lost some portion of the track.still have many chances to bring the magic back.if cvs want  their show will be no .1 again.

my kind request to dear cvs ,
 1.pls stop  showing too much negativity.
2. give some happiness to lead couple maaneet.
3.pls bring back dev- meera and show give dev punishment.
4.if u want to continue anni - arjun track, fine no problem, then pls help the actor who played annie in her acting department or  replace her.
5. pls bring back geet's family and show them how geet manage to create her own world and happy there.
6.pls give justice to geet.
7. the show is about geet and her journey and where she met her friend ,philosophers , guide and soul mate maan and show their journey together.if u want trp then  keep maaneet together.
8. don't think about mc .audience r very much connected to this baby. this soul of the show.
9. think new scene for maaneet.
10. improve editing department.
11. improve marketing strategy
12. don't give too much information to sbb, sbs, or any news mainly off screen interview or masti.
13.don't let nt , brij or any villain win against maaneet.
14.most important show us maaneet marriage, don't drag it too much.
15.if cvs want to show twist then it'll be after marriage, are maaneet needs some happiness .
it's my personal point of view.
will be add more soon.

but one thing sure we  the audience are still attract to this show cause of out lovely jodi maaneet and they still sizzle the show.

aBSOLUTELY AGREE WID U 100%%% IM 50-50 too but MAANEET are just so addictiv!

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