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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 10:49am | IP Logged
yah its lost charm ,i m watching it bcoz only of maneet as i m addicted to watch them daily....they become part of my life but these days when things should be so magistic the whle charm was lost bcoz of unnecessary stretching of scenes and AA track,,,,,,,but i always luv maneet

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Originally posted by livelygal

Truthfully Viji.....

Firstly owing to time constraints and hectic life I cudn't watch Geet.....But from like the past one and half months...I have been not interested in catching up with Geet.

Agreed MAANEET burn da screen...but is OMG OMG HAWT HAWT enuff to sustain a show???
Exactly....In the long run it would remain just another show even if it has the makings of a Classic

I personally loved the beginning HP track....
Even the early Delhi days...(KURABAAN HUA times) was mesmerizing.....I wud catch all da repeats of the episodes....
Same here....

We lacked a proper villian....Dev turned into a wannabe monk was chucked out....

Characters were meaninglessly added and chucked out without ne proper usage- Yash, Meera, Pindi Queen...

BRIJ was da strongest character on the show according to me....followed by NT!!!

Both of them are brought back and still I feel no interest...which is SHOCKIN' coz I love BRIJJY BOY to bits!!!!

I feel the CVs have weakened Brij's character...Da actor is giving his 100% due...but sumwhere the fanatical essence of MA BRIJ is missing!!!


PS- And ma feelings have nuthing to do with the recent marriage drag...These thoughts have been tucked away in ma mind  from earlier!

PPS- Viji sorry haven't been able to comment on yer VMs and posts.Lyfz tight....Miss you.

You have put everything in short simple words....I always enjoyed reading your Posts.....Me miss you too
rickks IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by -honeydew-

Originally posted by rickks

Hey Guys.....Today i am making an unusual Post....Its a Question thats been in my head for the last few days....and what better place to share this thought other than the Geet ForumSmile

Do you feel the show is losing its Charm???
i feel the show is where it was when it started, its just that we now want more than what we get, and thats why we are unhappy .. this is what happens ..when you had no expectations whatever you saw appealed to you, now that the standard has been set, whatever we see looks less !!! galti bas waqt ki hai ...having said that if they infused a new flavor into the existing story, i would certainly think people would complain less.. 

Do you feel that a Gripping Story/Screenplay is Missing???

it has been for a while, but then again whats Geets story been anyway .. the whole broad story was what we all knew and the screenplay and direction is what made the show what it was .. both of which have taken a major toll... the lesser we talk about this the better !!! sometimes there is no link between episodes ... there is no continuity .. and when two actors emote, you dont feel the emotion ... even playing maahi doesnt help!!!

Do you feel all the Maaneet moments that have been shown recently looks lifeless and repetitive in terms of Direction and Execution???

yes they feel very been there done that !!! its not about touching .. it never was .. even when Maan and Geet look into each others eyes the situations and emotions can be different, sometimes that changes the scenario..Maan doesnt always have to get hold of Geet to tell her he has her on his mind .. remember the sequence during kehna hi kya, when he tells her it doesnt matter what their personal equation is, but he cant take another person humiliating her .. he doesnt hold her by her shoulders or touch her, but he has still touched her by his gesture .. where is that Maan Singh Khurana .. today he has geared up security and he wants to protect her, he jumps the window ( something that most ppl swore he wud never do) .. just for her, but it evoked a thanda response .. are we getting too much of Maaneet ? have we had enough? having said this, if there is any lesser people will stick daggers at the makers so that option is ruled out as well...

Guys as loyal Viewers of GHSP, who has been watching this show religiously..... honestly batao do u still see that Spark, that Magic, that Brilliance which has always been associated with GHSP???

what i feel about GEET is only the connect i first established with the show and the characters that evolved over a period of time.. i cried when Geet broke down after she first realised her feelings for Maan in the courtyard, i wanted her to live for herself .. and give her life a chance, when she broke the news of her marriage to Maan, i wanted to slap Maan for giving the most human man like answer ..i had goosebumps during peeloon, i felt Geet's pain when she came face to face with Dev on her engagement day .. and cursed fate along with her about how a person never can get what he/she wants no matter how much he is true to herself at times .. and then i eventually was happy when she stood up for herself after the so called MU and decided to do something for herself, and later when she slapped Maan galti se i knew she was not wrong .. and then i dont know what happened, i dont remember which other emotion of Geet's i could sense or feel, cos she became his subservient better half all ready to get married to him ... the romance took over, it was all good, but when i looked back after a month there is nothing that i could say happened .. infact even when NT tried to attack her, i was sitting there blank in my room without a reaction ... the moments occasionally brought a smile on my face, but i knew this was not what i had first started watching the show for .. but so much time had passed, i didnt even remember what it once felt like when i first fell in love with GEET .. you could call me crazy for being this passionate about a television show, when i myself have been on the other side of the fence ... but thats what the show was .. it was real .. and it was so true to life .. and then one day i woke up and i had to say ... oh! so after much ado, it is a television show after all.. that trust me doesnt feel good !!Smile

Hope you guys will pour in your Answers....Do Comment Smile

i have tried to justify every action of the maker cos i have tried and thought about different scenarios from their side, whether it was the actors falling sick or the change in the creative team, ignoring of certain technical errors ... it has always been a two sided story .. and i have also tried to tell most people around me why certain things could be the way they are sometimes .. but there then comes a point when you sit to think, are you a viewer or more than that? then you realise, you are another viewer like million others, its just that you have a computer and the access to internet and you get to share what you feel with another ... at times that has gone over board as well, with my expectations taking a unrealistic turn .. but then i have been disappointed when i have asked for nothing as well... i had to break .. and that time has perhaps come .. from now, i am numb and it doesnt matter .. i only hope things get better .. what else can i say but that?

Note: Please do not take this as an offensive post.....I have no intentions of hurting the sentiments any of the viewers/audience/fans.

baby i am glad you made this post, and like always proved to be my JKB-PKS partner ... Hug
honestly i dont know what it is like right now .. but there is perhaps still a flicker of hope that things will get better, and i would be happy if they did ... but then i guess at times, its better to let go than hang on ... the makers and the audience have done equal amount of damage to the show, though it may not have been intentional, and any effort for either side now would mean having unrealistic expectations .. Maan and Geet are almost getting married, Arjun and Annie may not be able to pull the story forward, wonder what the deal with the baby is .. and NT and Brij cant run the show .. where is the scope unless they are planning to bring in newer people and open an all new angle to the storyline .. i am ready to welcome changes .. and embrace them .. you dont abandon something you love just cos it is crippled ... you know how you and i watched DMG till the last day !! haha !! we are mad ... but thats why we never give up dont we ...



Pehle ithni lambi reply uspe emotional attyachar...Sweetu i know what your exact sentiments are coz i share the same about this show.....The show has the making of  a CLASSIC lest it be made a CRAP
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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 11:05am | IP Logged
Thankyou for openly pointing it out that the actors have also had their share of Flaws, blame them or the director....Its affecting the show big timeCry

Originally posted by -honeydew-

nani, Nissar is brilliant at his work, but i personally feel if things are going bad, its also reflects badly on the fact that the entire team is pinning their hopes on one person, who by the way another human being ...
yes, he owes something to this show, and he needs to give his bit as well, but if Nissar does everything, what the hell are others doing?
i cant feel GC emote anymore the way he did ...
DD is the only other person who has been consistent right from day one ...
last night when NT spoke i was like .. oh shut up you woman ...
Annie and Arjun are just about okay at the moment ...
the show Geet was not made just by Nissar right ? there were so many others ... now suddenly whats going so wrong that, we cant feel the same way about the show ..
and what if Nissar is actually doing his bit, and we expect too much outta him ..LOLLOL

Originally posted by --Nargis--

Originally posted by -pixie-

Do you feel the show is losing its Charm???
>> Yup, the show has been losing its charm for me. For quite some time I have been feeling that something has been amiss. The story has been meandering- its almost as if the writers also dont know what to do with the show.

Do you feel that a Gripping Story/Screenplay is Missing???
>> The biggest problem is that the story/screenplay just went haywire after the engagement fiasco...They do have decent threads of a story running now...but the execution is seriously flawed. If I were to forget the scene and think of it from a story PoV- many of the recent twists sound really interesting- but the execution on screen has absolutely no dum! The only grouse I have with the writers is that they clearly have not watched the old episodes of GHSP- and hence we have new unanncounced tracks rather than closing out of old loops. The twists are interesting from a drama perspective- but the strongest point of the show was the Maan and Geet chemistry. Even their funny scenes come out looking unfunny. I don't know who is to blame-but something is missing.

Do you feel all the Maaneet moments that have been shown recently looks lifeless and repetitive in terms of Direction and Execution???
>>For that I think the blame rests with the director- who despite excellent actors, makings of a half decent story and loyal viewers- is failing to deliver again and again. Romance is not all about eyelocks and caresses. Even the actors look bored in some of the scenes. They can do so much more.All they have to do is read some of the OS/FF posted on the forum- the writers are far more original/innovative and creative in portraying romance than the current set of writers that the PH has hired.

The SOMETHING that is missing is NISSAR!!  Maan Singh (the director) cannot deliver like Nissar can...its the plain ugly truth!!
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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 11:07am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -honeydew-

i totally agree with you ... even a bag of crap gift wrapped well is taken in nicely when presented well .. today there are so many things that are missing on the show, we cant help but blaming makers ...cos we dont know what could actually be wrong ...

Originally posted by -pixie-

Nargis: I wasnt sure about the time Nissar is spending on Geet vis-a-vis his other commitments hence did not take his name directly...but the execution of the story is so linear that it ends up looking illogical/stupid. Earlier also we have had tracks which required suspension of disbelief but execution was so good that we overlooked the logical inconsistencies. Now since logic and execution are both bad...everyone is gunning after the Creative team  

Nihu Its a team work Babes....everybody has to do their share of work else it would show in the show, glaringly looking at usOuch
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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 11:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by lovetheserial

TongueViji, love you for the post that made my brain work overtime.

Thanks Yaar.....Har koi mujhse yehi kehtha hai.....Looks like i am the culprit??? do u think i should stop making the brains work over timeWink

Do you feel the show is losing its Charm???

Personally, the Charm has always been Maan and Geet.

To each their own...For me its always been the way the Director had a Vision to showcase a social Issue(the plight of a woman/her journey) interspersed with a passionate Lovestory....

The story telling was amazing...

The symbolism's glaring at us from within the screen....

To add to  the Beauty, the way Maan and Geet the two poignant characters that was sketched were so much detailed and a treat to watch as the story unfoldedSmile

Because of their superb acting skills and pat on expressive faces, the story of their love spoke volumes.  Starting with Geets innocence to Maan's underlying aggressive nature, Geet's tremendous strength and will to survive with Maan's underlying confidence to be her protector;  all expressed thru their eyes, lips, smiles, toned face muscles aggravating or subtly playing the expressions, his body language, not stumbling or guessing his way, the story line clinched top rating.  This was a telling story of an aspiring Indian woman who hunted for safety & justice, and there were these two lead stunners, and their versatility created magic.  And if either of them disappeared the show lost life.


Do you feel that a Gripping Story/Screenplay is Missing???
There are the spell binding episodes and the lesser intensity ones.  I have this time of day where I watch Geet from pre-Maan time to his first encounter with Geet, to her journey to Delhi and her Maan encounters and then the hillarious and heart-warming office nok-jhoks to teary clientele episodes.  They used to fascinate me and do so even now.

Tell me about it......Those episodes are examples of Classic Story Telling and sheer acting Brilliance and flawless executionOuch

Then on came the much-hyped engagement, the misunderstanding episodes to Maan buying off the paint co. to his farm house ranting, to forgiveness in the office and then  hot-on romance all leading to the upcoming marriage.  These really have been gripping story lines.  But what is really missing is coordination of a month's episodes to later episodes.

I really feel that even during the engagement time and the Hospital seq....were quite nicely done....But then on that is from the Dev-Maan-Geet confrontation to the MU(Which i like but only qualm was about execution) and there on hell broke looseAngry Ouch Confused

Fusion of characters in episodes should allow a connecting factor of one episode with the other.  Characters sidelined are to be given a good story to leave the serial for good.  When something new is being created by way of a new direction to the story, the old and redundant ones need to be taken off the shelf very carefully without reducing the subtle embossment it has created in the hearts and minds of viewers. 

Driving and directing episodes to make sense with characters and story that seem rather loosely woven and are diverted from actual facts or core theme of the story - Geet, her struggles, Maan empowering her for the challenges ahead, need to be dealt with cohesive intelligence. -Geet becoming a woman of the world with her modest power and trained acumen and how she aids Maan to build a better and futuristic empire (after all she wanted a strong and intelligent baby) and through all this should be woven the hot scenes, the romantic interludes frequently and the gripping mystery occasionally.  After all, we have seen Geet take over projects, fight clients for Maan and step in his shoes in a way when she had to run the paint co.  Through all this she knows her subservient place in Maan's life and she adds a lovely freshness into his life.  She becomes the sherni for Maan.

The part underlined well saidClap This is one thing Missing now...Where is the Tigress????

Do you feel all the Maaneet moments that have been shown recently looks lifeless and repetitive in terms of Direction and Execution???

Yes.  There seem to be less flavor in the ingredients used in enacting scenes.  Gurti movements, even repetitive ones are worth a lifetimes watch, but somehow they are becoming monotonous. There is a subtle interplay of action, romance, aggression, shrewd abilities, and a worldly chess game of sorts for achievements and power that can be experimented with.  The Director and his team have to ensure that for a serial that has done tremendously well at the ratings game, the intoxicating thought of being able to create limitless realities should stand afront. 


The principle for a successful fusion of storyline/concept, acting and the projection of reality,   is that one must have a good knowledge of its ingredients, their flavor and taste.  It must hit people's intellect and mind.  The concept must look good and intelligent fans need to savour it well.  For this an important ingredient is consistency in the work of Director, Producer and CVs, the flavor and taste to be provided by the actors. This is a modern story set in the reality of the world today, unjust marriages for buying a girls security, to honor killings, forced abortions to infanticide, are rampant in India.

U have put it so well that i dont think i should spoil it by adding anything moreClap

As loyal Viewers of GHSP, who has been watching this show religiously..... honestly batao do u still see that Spark, that Magic, that Brilliance which has always been associated with GHSP???

Yes, the magic and that brilliance are missing because of the monotonous action and replay. Today, one has to touch the hearts of a young generation who have to intelligently focus on changing history and excess baggage in tradition.

Exactly, the audience have grown Intelligent, they dont take anything and everything that comes their way, and when such a Scenario Prevails anything less than the already set standard becomes unacceptableConfused

These should be stories of ambitious young Indians who struggle and sacrifice to chase their dreams in the new age. Geet is one such character.  And Maan another.  There are also sidies who leave lasting impressions. 

But I won't speak much, because we have been promised a completely mind-blowing storyline after marriage, So reservation till then.




I just loved your write-up and always enjoy reading them.....I dont think there was anything for me to add....Yet i have given my additions in PinkSmile

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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 12:01pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by k_anjali12

Firstly Let Me Wish U Yaar ... Belated Happy Birthday ... I Was Not Around On IF Thts Why Not WIshed U At The Right TimeEmbarrassed

Thanku thanku thankuBig smile

Hmmm Yeah A Perfect Post ... As A Regular Viewer Can Definetely Say .. The Show Lost Its Charm ... At The Start It Always Reg. The Story Which The Creatives Showed ... But These Days .. They Left The Story Aside ... Though Its A Regular Show ... A 0.1 Logic Has To Be There Na' .. Esp. Showing Geet As A Pregnant Woman n Not Showing Dev Presence .. He HAS 2 Be Shown In The Story More Thn Nayantara N All Other PPL .

I so agreeClap

I Even Remember The 1st Episode Of The Show 2Day ... They Showed Like Geet Is  A Woman ... Who Stood As An Example To All The Ppl Of Present Socitey N In Their Village ... But By The Way The Show Is Going On ... I Almost Lost Interest To Wait For Tht Moment.

Today we have only Moments, and who better than us to know that when there is simply moments with no proper track that it will lose its charm and stand in the raceSmile

I Wish The Show Gets It Charm Back .

P:S:Thnks For The PM.

Anytime yaar....Thanks for your Inputs
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To be completely honest i have not watched the show since 2 months because it dragged too much... i just can believe the directors made such a good show into crap.. everytime i try to catch up i feel like the show is just plain annoying..and i swear this was my favorite show a couple months ago

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